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  1. And here is Chapter 2! Hello everyone, and welcome to Chapter Two of Dark Revelations. I apologize once more that I wasn't able to get this out to you on time. Though, hopefully, you all enjoy the story regardless. Let me know what you guys thought about it. :) Any constructive criticism is welcome here! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Castle Krakenburg Location: 5 days walk from the Northern Fortress 5 days ride to the Ice Tribe 7 days ride to Macarath Established under King Xander I in the era before the Great Schism This castle was built as a testament to the battles fought here by the Ancient Dragon, Tenebris against the remaining forces of the Daemons. The battle had raged on for several days and nights until they forced the Daemons to retreat further southward. The city itself is embedded on a mountain summit, with its inhabitants all living in colonized and well-structured housing arranged in a circular format. The region experiences wild temperature shifts and can range from abysmally hot summers to freezing winters. Currently serves as the capital of Nohr and the prime living quarters of the royalty that leads the nation of Nohr. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "How disappointing sister. Where did all that apparent growth run off to? A fight must be won with more than a few inches and a smile after all." Xander had asked as he positioned himself to face the young dragoness. Corrin had breathed heavily to herself, on her knees and rubbing her arm. That had been the third solid strike she received from Xander, the former of which she had received on her back and on her left leg. Granted, she was nearing the point where she would begin to swing desperately, and any semblance of control she had in the fight had waned faster than her endurance. To the sidelines had stood Jakob, Flora, and Leo, all of which had looked at the fight in a mixture of dismay and disappointment. "Come now Lady Corrin! You can't let him best you again!" Flora called out to Corrin, obviously trying her best to cheer for them. "Oh how I've come to despise these training sessions. I fear it may take some time before the end result changes….I'm not one to enjoy seeing my lady getting pushed around by our Crown Prince." Jakob said with as sign as Leo had put a hand to his chin. "It's not that she's inherently weak...No. It's how she fights. Naturally, she has much more mobility and is lighter on her feet. That being said, she lacks the ability and skill to break through Xander's defenses." Leo said as Flora had raised an eyebrow. "I take it your speaking from experience Milord?" She asked as Leo had nodded his head in confirmation. "You would be half correct on that. Those….are days better left in the past. That being said...Corrin will never be able to defeat Xander at this rate. Not with all of the novice mistakes she's making." Leo said, giving both the butler and maid to mull over. "I know you can perform better than this Corrin. You've had multiple opportunities to turn the tide on me, and yet you haven't taken a single chance. If you aspire to defeat me, then I suggest you show it, Little Princess." Xander said as he raised his blade once more. Corrin had slowly stood up as, hearing a crack as she placed a hand on her hip. "Well that doesn't sound good…." She whispered to herself as she raised her blade once more, taking her offensive stance. "Don't you think you could take it….a little easier on me Xander? *huff* I'm...sorta running out of juice here." Corrin said nearly breathlessly as Xander had let out a small chuckle. "The break will come to those who deserve it little sister, and I'm afraid you're far deserving of it. Even if you're winded." He said as he raised his blade once more, it being but a dulled Bronze Sword. "Besides. It would be remiss of me to hold back any further. Every battle is a fight for one's life, no matter the difficulty. I exhibit this amount of control over the battle because of your refusal to adapt." He said as Corrin had tilted her head to the side in confusion. "Adapt? But how? I can barely keep up with any of your movements, and I STILL end up on my butt in front of everyone." Corrin said with a pout as Xander had nodded his head. "I beg to differ Little Princess. Instead of worrying about the gap in skill and efficiency between us, focus on what you can do to oppose that. Think of your strengths and my weaknesses." Xander said as Corrin had groaned. "Not to sound bratty here….but you make it sound like it's easy to do so. I can't really find any fault with your fighting style." Corrin said as Xander had shaken his head and smirk. "Oh really….? Well, let's go over them then. A faulty strike, a dependence on my left arm for strikes, and overreliance on overhead swings decreased mobility, and relying on blocking full force blows rather than deflecting them. Just to name a few…..But of course...knowing is only half the battle." Xander said as he then charged towards Corrin once more, the young dragoness being caught off guard by his sudden movements. "You must know how to use them to truly be a deadly opponent in combat." He said as he raised his blade for a strike towards Corrin's midsection, which she had just barely managed to sidestep. The blade had veered back around after sending a whoosh of air from its initial swing, as it had been forced towards Corrin's shoulder. The wooden blade had made contact with her shoulder, causing her to be put off balance for a moment. At that, Xander had swiftly lowered his leg to perform a leg sweep, causing Corrin to fall to the ground once more. Eventually, the young dragon princess had tried to get up before feeling something on the tip of her nose. At that, she had opened her eyes and rubbed the back of her head, seeing Xander with his "blade extended towards her". "To analyze the opponent's moves, find their strengths and weakness, and use that to your advantage….Those are the lessons that Sir Gunter have placed with you, as have I at this point. Take them to heart sister, for they will serve you well." He said as Xander had offered a hand up to Xander. Corrin had simply sighed, looking down in a bit of shame as she took hold of Xander and used him to get her footing back. "Will do...will do. If it means that I get thrashed less in the future, then I'm all for it." She chuckled, rubbing her tailbone. "I'm surprised that you lasted as long as you did though. You are, despite that last battle, quite agile. Perhaps I'll instruct Gunter to work with you more on that aspect of your fighting." Xander said as he brushed off his armguard. Eventually, Leo, Flora, and Jakob had walked over to join Corrin and Xander as Flora had placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You did your best milady. Trust me, it can...only get better from here!" She said, struggling to find something positive to say about her performance. "Ah yes. With time does come experience milady. These training sessions only point towards the fact that you're improving and will continue to do so." Jakob said in encouragement with a small bow. Leo then cleared his throat as he actually offered a smile to Corrin. "I have to admit...You've gotten a bit better…." Leo said, trailing off for a bit as Corrin had smiled brightly up to him. "Aww! Thanks Leo. It actually does make me feel a bit better-" She began to say before Leo had sighed. "...But Xander's points do hold merit, however. Even in aspects that aren't swordplay, it's obvious to see that strategy is key in winning a fight. After all, without your strategy, you're essentially charging in blind. And no good tactician fights like Effie." Leo said as he crossed his arms. "Whatever happened to those lessons of yours seem to be going one ear and out the other." Leo began to say with a teasing smile as he booped Corrin on the nose again, much to her chagrin. "Wow….That had the makings of such a sweet comment...and then you ruined it." Corrin sighed as Leo's smirk had only grown wider. "You actually expected me to give out a compliment for that? I think you're starting to confuse me for Camilla. You and I both know I like to tell the truth and only the truth." "Oh hardy-har-har Leo. I'd like to see you step out there with nothing but a wooden stick and no Brynhildr." Corrin said with a pout, placing her hands on her hips while pursing her lips. "Oh...It seems I've ruffled your feathers a bit...I suppose I better leave before I end up paying for it~" "I understand that they have opposing ideologies milord, but do they really-?" Jakob began to say as Xander had placed his head in his hands. "Unfortunately Jakob, they do. Every single time we come here in fact. It's as if Leo is the core central for bickering in this family. His older sister and younger sister can have debates for nearly a day and a half before quitting…." Xander had said in response. "You would think they almost don't love each other….I wonder what keeps them from going at each other's throats?" Flora said with a sigh of her own as Xander had looked up at the bickering Leo and Corrin. "Despite their incessant bickering, they are probably much closer and closer around one another much more so than Corrin and I are." Xander said as he placed his hands behind his back and brushed off his buckler. "Would you stop teasing me already Leo! How are you gonna treat me like a kid when I'm older than you?" She asked, pouting once again. "Not when you make that adorable face like that~! You're just asking to get ridiculed." He said with a slight chuckle before Xander had placed a hand on both of their shoulders. "Please, you two….We don't have all day at this point…" He said in exhaustion, only causing Corrin to Leo to slowly comply with his demand. "Sorry Big Brother…." Corrin said softly, her voice sounding more like a mutter than an actual apology. "I apologize as well Xander…." Leo said in a sheepish voice, a bit embarrassed of having to be corraled in by his brother. "Good. Now...since we're done with our training, we should head back downstairs. After all, I bet you would desire some time to rest and recuperate, right Little Princess?" Xander had asked as Corrin had nodded up at Xander. "Trust me...That isn't really an option anymore...Heheheh…" Corrin said before laughing nervously. "Well, I'm going to return back to the rooms that Flora had provided us with." Xander had said before he looked down to Leo. "Which reminds me…..Leo. I'm going to need to speak with you on a few matters concerning Father and his new plan. If you have the time of course." Xander had said as Leo's expression had sobered up for a moment. "Ah...I understand Xander. I'll be there momentarily." He said in response before turning back to join up with Xander. At that, it had just left Corrin, Jakob, and Flora on the rooftop of the castle, a soft wind blowing between them. "Shall I go run a bath for you again milady? Or get you a new set of day clothes for you to wear?" Jakob had asked as Corrin had looked up to him. "You're a lifesaver Jakob! I could go for a bath right now. I feel like I'm a soggy wet piece of failure right now…. Eventually, Corrin had sat down in a small chair that had been facing opposite to both Leo and Elise, now feeling refreshed after a nice long bath. Strangely enough, both had seemed vibrant, despite Leo being the one to scold others for their unrivaled happiness. "Well, I'm surprised you showed up Corrin. After all, I thought you would have been a bit sour after what happened on the rooftop." Leo said in mock surprise as he leaned forward a bit, resting his chin on his hand. "Well….even if I shouldn't come here because of Mr. Sarcasm….I still owe it to Elise that I come here. Besides...any moment with my family is still fun." Corrin said, her smirk turning back into a smile as Elise had waved happily up at her. "That's the spirit Corrin! Don't let Old Man Leo get you down!" Elise had said as Leo had simply sighed. "I see I'm a man of many names…" He said with a sigh as he sat back in his chair, opening his book open as he grabbed a map from the corner. "It isn't the wisest decision to insult your instructor. Especially when he is one of your only ways of learning about the outside world...being that your library is absolutely atrocious in terms of diversity." Leo had said before he placed a small book beside Corrin and Elise. "...Anyways….Let's move onto the actual lesson. That being the usage of tomes...and the effect they have on the body and their wielder. Turn to page 31, and then we can begin." Leo said as he placed his hands behind his back. Corrin and Elise had quickly flipped to the page, as both of them had marveled at the exquisite language and pictures within it. Words that had little meaning to the two, but seemed to come alive with the calligraphy and complexity of it all. "Now...as we know with magic...It is within every person. It is a source of energy that is theorized to represent our very soul and essence. That being said….Every person has a slight aptitude for magic, though for most...it is quite miniscule. As such, many cannot or choose not to pursue the arts and focus on the arts of physical weapons. Take Xander for example." Leo said. "However, a chosen few among the population do have an aptitude for magic, and thus are much more gifted in being able to cast it. These people often dedicate themselves to becoming Dark Mages in our society, and are responsible for much of Nohr's survival in harsh conditions." Leo had stated as Corrin had tilted her head. "So how do you know that you have the aptitude…? Does it just happen randomly?" She asked as Leo had nodded in confirmation. "One can never truly tell until the person's early childhood. Typically, in times of war like these, during a youth's training academy...they wil often test them in their magical abilities." Leo said as he pointed to a passage in Elise's book. "Often, they would be asked to study and memorize this passage, and then see if they could create the most basic form of a spell. And that would be called Ember." Leo said as he picked up the tome, as he closed his eyes and focused himself. In a matter of seconds,a small wisp of a flame had appeared in his unoccupied hand as Elise and Corrin had both stared in awe. "Woah…...That's so cool! So you're saying that kids all around tried to do the same thing, right?" Elise asked as Leo had nodded his head yes. "Precisely…. Magic is the lifeforce behind every human being. We as humans were created with it flowing through our veins. Tapping into that power can allow us to access new forms of technology and an age of prosperity. It can give the power to change this world, far more than any simple sword or shouting barbarian can do." Leo said as Elise had looked up at him with a smirk of her own. "That almost sounds like you don't like swords, Leo." Elise said as Leo had sighed. "I'm not one to give them and their wielders the respect they have. The magic arts are often cast aside and are often demonized by those who refuse to understand it. Praise the valiant warrior, and let the younger mage be cast off into the shadows….It never changes from day to-" Leo began to say before he stopped himself, looking down to the ground before cautiously clearing his throat. "Forgive me...I went off on a bit of a tangent there." Leo said as he turned to face the other way. "Alright then….." Corrin had said with a raised eyebrow before turning back towards Elise who had worn the very same expression. "Now...as I was saying...Magic can also be used to mend the hearts and bodies of the weary and provide them a serene grace and quick recovery. Had it not been for the evolutions of healing magic in the past, Nohrians would have...again...perished." Leo said as Corrin had looked in awe. "I knew that magic was powerful….But I never knew that it amounted to so much! That's...really cool actually!" Corrin said enthusiastically as Leo had simply chuckled. "You're exactly correct. Magic is the cornerstone of both humanity's knowledge and ingenuity. With it, we as a race are capable of great change." He said as he placed his fist in the air. "However...as you know….Magic itself can come at a g "Now….onto the lesson itself. Last week, you both were coming close to forming the spark of an ember, that namely being you Elise. So I want both of you to close your eyes, focus, and ready your spell." He instructed. Soon, the two of them had closed their eyes as they took hold of their tomes, focusing their energy towards the palm of their unoccupied hand. "That's right you two. Feel that wave of energy and guide it to where you want it to manifest. And then once you have it there, shape it to your will and release." Leo said. Both girls had closed her eyes, feeling the exact same process that Leo had described. The feeling of that energy within the base of their stomach traveling through their veins, eventually feeling it starting to pool within the palms of their hands. "Now...do you feel that energy moving through your body?" Leo asked as Elise and Corrin had both nodded, their eyes clamped shut. "Good...Now take that energy and shape it into whatever you see fit. And since it is a spell such as Ember, you'll have to concentrating that energy into a small space." Leo instructed as he placed his hands behind his back once more, walking by the two as they began to do just as he instructed. Corrin could feel that energy start to well up within her hand once more as she tried to force and contain it into the form of the Ember spell. Ever so slowly did it fill up, though the task itself had started to leave her a bit winded. "Come on….focus….You've got this…." She whispered to herself as she took a deep breath and began to concentrate even harder than before, desperately trying to push the energy into the form of an Ember. …. "I….I got it! How's that for delicate!?" The cheerful and boasting voice of Elise had cheered. And that had single-handedly been enough to knock Corrin out of her concentrated state as she quickly looked up at Elise. Sure enough, the flame had been there within her hand. A small blue wisp that had slightly illuminated her palm and had created a slight shadow in the dimly lit room. Elise had proudly held out her hand for both Leo and Corrin to see, a proud and happy smile on her face. Leo had walked up to it, his eyes scanning over the flame with the curiosity and contentment that a professor would have upon seeing his students flourish. "That is indeed the spell. Well done Elise. I can now state with certainty that you can wield magic, though this is to be expected after all. Being that you're a healer of course." Leo said as Elise had winked at him. "That means I can fight on the front lines like you and Big Sis can. Right?" Elise said, her eyes practically like stars as she nearly jumped out of her seat, snuffing out the flame as she did. "Not...quite yet I'm afraid. We don't need you charging into battle all willy-nilly. Camilla, Sir Rudy, and even I often use careful discretion on when we choose to engage in combat with the enemy, and that is with multiple upon multiple years of training and dedication to the arcane." Leo said as he crossed his arms. Elise had only pouted in response, crossing her arms as she let out a childish: "Why?" All of that while Corrin had only looked down at the ground, a look of frustration and jealousy accompanied by pride in Elise. Choosing to refocus her efforts on her task, and partially to show that she could do it as well, she had closed her eyes and began to focus her magical energy into her palm again. Once again had she sent the energy into her palm, but the very same roadblock had come up for her. Absolutely nothing had formed in her other hand, causing frustration to build up inside of her. "Oh come on Leo….I want to help you guys….It feels sort of weird sitting on the sidelines…" Elise said as Leo had sighed and tapped her forehead, pushing it back a bit with a small smirk on his face. "In due time sister. Try to be a little patient though." He chuckled as Elise had only pouted in mild frustration. Both of them had directed their attention towards Corrin, with Elise looking over at her palm in a bit of confusion. "So….when are you going to make your spell Big Sister?" She asked as she tilted her head to the side as Corrin had groaned and placed the hand on her forehead. "In...a minute Elise. But I'm really glad that you could get the spell to work." Corrin said, smiling down at her. However, she had looked down towards the ground immediately afterward, a look of disappointment slowly etching across her face. Leo had taken note of this as he raised an eyebrow before looking back to Elise. "Ah….I see what's going on here…" He whispered to himself before he had placed his hand on Elise's shoulder. "You know….You should show Xander and Camilla what you just made. I'm sure they'd be delighted to see how you're progressing in the arcane." Leo said with a small smile as Elise's expression had immediately brightened upon hearing that. "Sure! Be back in a sec then!" Elise said as she excitedly opened the door and made her way out of the room, leaving just Corrin and Leo standing there. The room seemed to be filled with any other sound, such as the beating of Corrin's heart and the occasional tap of her foot as she stood there. Even the sounds from above, most likely from their other guests. For a moment, they had stood there silently, until Corrin had spoken up once more. "So...did you want to give me a private lesson or something? I guess I need that much help….huh?" Leo had nodded his head no as he took a step towards Corrin and sighed. "You know….I'm starting to worry that what I said was a bit too far. I noticed that you were getting quite...frustrated when you couldn't get your spell to work." Leo said as he sat in the seat that Elise had sat in before. "And don't you dare tell me that you weren't the least bit jealous. It was completely evident on your face." Leo said with a slight chuckle as Corrin had looked down to the ground. "...Jeez...I thought I was at least being more stealthy with it...You read me like a book. Or...Tome I guess." Corrin said as she crossed her arms as she chuckled herself, though hers sounded more spiteful and citric. This only accentuated by her rolling her eyes and turning away from Leo. "Corrin…." He said as he placed a hand on her shoulder, looking up at her with an empathetic expression, one that had rarely come out to anyone but her. "Maybe you need to talk about what you felt back there? I saw the exact same thing after your practice with Xander. Is something upsetting you?" Leo asked as Corrin had nodded her head no. "What? Oh come on Leo, I'm completely fine. I'm just a little sore that things aren't going my way today. Trust me!" Corrin said, faking a smile as she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. Leo once again had sighed and placed a hand on his head to massage his temples. "Well, that settles it then. You're in complete denial of what you're feeling…...I suppose Camilla stating that we had certain aspects in common was more true than I thought." Leo said as he placed his other hand behind his back. Corrin had been slightly shocked, her confident smile fading away as she slowly sunk on the desk, resting her head and arms on it. "..Okay...fine. It's….hard to move past the fact that I'm pretty much….Weak. I feel like I can't fight, I can't command people, and I can't even make and Ember. Let alone know how to heal other people. It's a bit disheartening to see you all just excel at nearly everything while I'm just struggling to do even the basic things." Corrin said as she looked down at the ground. She then began to rub her arm nervously, her eyes refusing to meet Leo's as he simply stared at her for a moment. "I know….It's probably a stupid feeling. And it's probably pretty petty of me, but-" She began to say before Leo had simply chuckled as he placed a hand on her hair as he rustled it. "So….that's what's been bothering you all this time? I had thought it to be what you said. But I frankly wanted you to bring it up. Now that I know it's that, I can at least assure you that you're wrong." Leo had said, which had caused Corrin to tilt her head. "Wait….what do you mean I'm wrong?" She asked. The younger mage had smiled up at her, something that had been rare to see. At least, a genuine one rather than a smirk or chuckle at her expense. "What you're feeling by no means is terrible. Nor is it uncommon. Many people feel the exact same thing that you're feeling and keep it bottled inside just like you." Leo said as Corrin had simply rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms. "I bet you're just saying that because I'm the one with the problem. All of you are just so...amazing….But I'm still stuck in this castle. I'm still not strong enough to fight. Or well versed enough to cast a single spell." Corrin muttered under her breath as Leo had sighed. "As you say….But what you don't realize is that you don't have to excel in those categories exactly. Skill comes in time and it will often supersede any sort of natural born talent. And if fate has made its voice clear, then defy it and choose a new path." Leo said as he placed his hand on his chin. "Challenge my fate? But what could I possibly do?" Corrin asked as Leo had looked back with a bit of irritation. "Gods, you're hopelessly hard to cheer up…. A bright ball of energy at one moment and a storm cloud that makes Nohr look as bright as Hoshido…." He muttered to himself as he placed a hand on his forehead. "That's up to you in truth Corrin. I don't have all the answers necessarily, and I most likely never will. But know that paving your own path will often yield more results and growth than you choosing to stay in another's shadow. The road….can be tough. Grueling even. But you persevere and make your way through." Leo said as he placed his hand on Corrin's shoulder. "You and I both know that you can make it through something like that. Either by sheer will or by pure luck." Leo chuckled as Corrin had pouted at him. "You know...that was almost really sweet! Until you just ruined it-" Corrin said as she crossed her arms. "But…..thanks Leo. I….really needed it." She said as she slowly looked up at him, a fond smile appearing on her face. "No problem. I know that I can be quite difficult at times, and my teasing is relentless. But know that I'm still here to talk when you need it, especially if those are your concerns." Leo said as he made his way towards the door. "I'll….remember that Leo. Thanks." Corrin said as she rubbed her arm a bit in a sheepish manner before one final question had struck her mind. "Wait...what do you mean…" especially if those are your concerns…?"" She asked as Leo had looked up to the ceiling for a moment before responding to her. "Well….I would say I'm fairly knowledgeable on the topic from personal experience, but that's a personal story for a later date. And one that isn't today." He said as he opened the door. This had left Corrin to sit alone in that room, her mind pouring over what Leo had said, not to mention why her mind and heart were going at a million miles per hour. Once again, you could hear the sound of an occasional drip of water towards the ground, which had formed a tiny puddle of it, and the small rustling of wind outside. "You know….I guess he does have a heart…." Corrin said to herself as she placed a hand over her heart. Elise had happily skipped down the halls of the fortress, trying to find where Camilla and Xander had disappeared to. After all, she desperately wanted to show them what she had just learned after all. "Xander? Camilla?" She called out happily as she continued down the hall, until she could hear a small pair of voices. Sure enough, it had been the sound of Xander and Camilla talking with someone. The door had been slightly cracked open, but it seemed that they wanted some kind of privacy. While she would have been content to leave them be and ask them later on or even interrupt them now, she could easily tell that they were discussing certain things about the war. "It may be boring...But I'm never allowed to go to those war council meetings anyway. I might as well see what's going on." Elise said as she edged herself on the door, placing her ear to it. "The decision was a rash one to be sure, but nearly the entire council agrees upon it. And because your search over the mystic realm people described had yielded nothing, we have no reliable way to gain any more resources. We must subjugate Cheve and make plans to declare war on Hoshido." A commanding voice had said, most likely belonging to Xander. "That I do regret milord. But they were only rumors based off the long-abandoned texts that the Ice Tribe used long ago, so it was expected to see them fall short. But….speaking of the Ice Tribe…" A more elderly voice had said, that most likely belonging to Gunter. "Yes...the tribe grows more troublesome to this day. What shall we do? If they desert our nation, then the Hoshidans have a passageway into our nation from the north. Not to mention that if their so-called daughter joins their side, it can bolster their effectiveness with their usage of weather warfare." A velvety woman-like voice had said, that belongs only to Camilla. "Are they….blaming Corrin's maid? She didn't seem that untrustworthy to me." Elise said to herself before she pursed her lips and continued to look. "Are you accusing Flora? She has more since made her loyalty clear, and to assume her to having sinister intentions is rather bold of you milady. I can assure you that she will offer us no harm." Gunter said. "Indeed, that may be the case. But how would you know of such information?" He asked as Elise could hear his chair slide up a bit. "Milord, I swear upon my honor that she will offer no injury to you or others. If she so much as threatens to betray us, I will do my honor as High General and vanquish her. Any sort of repercussions will be visited upon me." He said as he placed his hand on his chest. The room had been completely silent for a moment, with Xander and Camilla seemingly pondering over Gunter's words. "You make a very good point Gunter. I apologize if we have offended her character by bringing up these circumstances. If you put her in such a high faith, then we shall too." Xander said as the sound of his chair scooting and footsteps had caused Elise to panic. "Ah! I gotta hide!" She yelped as she quickly ducked behind a ranornamentalntal piece of armor, using it to hide her from plain sight. She hadn't dared to peek out as she heard the musings of another conversation, though the it sounded a bit muffled due to the walking away from her. Eventually, that had left just Elise there, pondering over what they had said. "Should I...go tell Flora? I mean, they would want me to keep it a secret, but I know that she deserves to know…." She began to say to herself before she closed her eyes in thought. "Maybe I should talk to Corrin about all of this…." She said as she began to walk down the halls of the fortress. To Elise, it had been nothing too special, but she could scarce imagine that this place felt like home to Corrin. Why had she even been sent here? Did the people not like her? "All I know is that she was Hoshidan. Was that….really that bad..?" She asked as she began to walk, or rather, skip her way down the hall towards Corrin's room. Eventually, Elise had made her way towards Corrin's room, seeing that the door was already open. She could hear the distant sound of singing from the room. To her surprise, it sounded rather lovely to hear rather than Corrin's rather average sounding voice. Not only that, but she could barely understood any of what the voice had sung, as if it was in some kind of foreign tongue. "A rege solennes Casus fortuitus vinculum A proditione nefaria A dispersus Scissa gaudens vadit populum nostrum Sanctificetur nomen tuum Xoranos… Quod est, rex magnus, Et duces prodeunt vúlneris Ipsum mitte gloriam nomini eius Auctor vitae roboris virtutisque…" Curiously, she poked her head through the door, making her presence known as she spoke up to the figure. "Wow Big is, I never knew you could sing like that! You've got to teach me sometime how to-" She began before she opened her eyes, seeing that it was in fact, not Corrin. Rather, it was a mildly surprised Flora whom had held Corrin's bedsheet in her hand. Most likely to fold it up, seeing as she was her maid. "Oh….I...didn't see you there Flora. Sorry about the mix-up." Elise said sheepishly as Flora had chuckled in a slightly wistful manner before returning back to her work. "It's alright Lady Elise. You did right in coming over to her room though, but I'm afraid you just missed her. If you're looking to pass a message onto her, I'd be happy to tell her for you." Flora said as she moved on to the pillow, fluffing it up a bit. "Well….I guess it was going to be on something else, but wow Flora! I didn't know you could sing like that! You're always so quiet when we come over to visit!" Elise complimented with a bright smile as Flora had looked downward. "I appreciate the comment milady, but it's average at best. You compliment me too easily…" Flora sai as she awkwardly tried to return to her work, looking away from her for a moment. "Are you kidding me? That was great! And I've never heard anybody sing a song like that! It sounded sad almost…." She said as she placed a hand on her heart. Once again Flora had hesitated to give her an answer. She had only looked down to the ground once more before she finally muttered. "Forgive me milady….But I cannot explain the story behind those words. It is far beyond my status as a royal maid." "I don't see why you can't say it. What, is it something that makes fun of something? If it's mocking one of my siblings, I won't tell. Especially if its Leo!" Elise said with a wink, which had only caused Flora to sigh in exasperation. "No my Lady, I'm afraid it's not something that could jest over our political stance. It has something to do with a long since abandoned policy of my tribe. One that had been pushed away by the lager force at the time." Flora said as she clenched her fists. Elise hadn't taken note of this as she looked up at Flora in confusion, wondering what could have caused the tribe to abandon this tradition. "Wait….who forced it to abandon that tradition? Was it some kind of big meanie or something? Some bandits?" "The most simple answer to say….would be you milady." Flora said as she got up from where she was sitting, her eyes now looking at the door. Her expression seemed to radiate anger, yet a sense of bitterness as well. "Wait...you mean us?" Elise once again asked her, still confused on the matter. "Well….I cannot say that it was merely just an effort by this kingdom. It was spearheaded by the Izumites, and then passed on as the mandate of the other nations." Flora had said before looking back at Elise. "The religion of the Daemons…..A long since form of practice that praised the worship and fellowship of the being who bestowed upon us the element of ice and designed the water that we drink." She said as Elise stared in awe. "So wait….why would that be so bad to tell me then? I mean, that sorta sounds like what Father believes in. Where all the dragons came together to make the world." Elise asked. "If only it were that simple….But I'm afraid that I divulge anything else to you. I am forbidden, as is the law of this country, to reinstate the foundations that come with the practice of the faith of the Dragons. Any other forms of it or ulterior faiths are to be silenced and hidden from the public eye." Flora said as she placed her hands in her lap. "In other words, if anyone were to even hear me speaking of this prospect right now, they have the right to imprison me," Flora said as Elise had gasped. "So they just throw you in prison for speaking your mind? That's horrible!" Elise said as she pouted and crossed her arms. "So even you know how wrong that sounds….Which means that you're already miles above in thinking compared to the rest of your people…." She muttered to herself. "The rest of my people? Have the commoners treated you differently?" She asked as Flora had tightly clenched her outfit. "They learned the skill well from nobility. As such, my tribe and I are subject to the whims those with power. Your nation holds that power." Flora sighed as she looked out the large window, looking down towards the barren fields that surrounded the castle. "...I have said too much already though. Any more, and I'll find my head lopped off like any other "base born" criminal. I must go…" Flora said as she turned towards the door and stood up, only for Elise to quickly grab her arm. "Wait! Flora! You don't need to go! So what if some stupid rule says you have to not talk about it? That's just crazy! I mean, nobody gets mad if you don't believe in the Dragons or if you do. So what does it matter that you believe in….what did you call them? The Demo-" She began to say before Flora had stood there for a moment, shocked for a moment. For a few seconds, she had mulled over what Elise had said, before finally smiling down at Elise. "Perhaps you're right Lady Elise…..I just wish that a woman or man with a heart like yours was ruling this country. Maybe this place would be thriving…." She said before she reached for the door handle. "Maybe….I could return as a princess of the Ice Tribe, and not as the shame of the backwater savages. Perhaps I could break the shackles that bind me to this wretched castle….." Flora thought to herself before she looked down at her own hand. "But then where would I be? A princess of a tribe that looks at me like a failure for my missteps? Or worse…?" Flora had then reached for the door as she turned back to Elise. "Thank you Lady Elise…." She said softly before turning back towards the door and closed it behind her, leaving Elise in the room alone. "That….was weird…." She said as she raised her eyebrow and shrugged. Corrin had finally made her way down towards the main foyer, her mind still wandering to what Leo had said earlier about her own progress and mindset. However, a voice had broken her concentration. That, and an incessant knocking at the large doors that had fortified and protected the fortress from bandits. "Hm….?" she asked with a raised eyebrow as she walked towards it, not thinking of the potential danger that it could harbor. With some difficulty, she pulled the great door open, the doors making the same large and imposing sound as they had when her siblings had arrived. The first thing she could see was the shape of a woman running in. Or at least, what she presumed to be a woman, due to the fact that she adorned armor that had covered her face. She seemed to be panting a bit, already on her knees and wheezing over as she shakingly looked up at Corrin. "Ah! My….Lady. Forgive me for the interruption. I come bearing a message straight from King Garon to the High Prince himself!" She said through gasps and sputters. At this, Corrin's eyes had widened considerably in surprise, as she took the small piece of parchment and resisted the urge to open it right then and there. "Really….?! A message from Father? I have to tell the others! Thank you!" She yelled out as she began running towards the others, trying to search for them. Much to the dismay of the Wyvern Knight, who had collapsed onto the floor from pure exhaustion. Corrin had quickly made her way down the hall, seeing that Xander and Camilla had been sitting down at the mess hall table once more, with Jakob not too far behind. Though his back was turned, and one could tell that he was washing the dishes from the clittering and clattering of china. "Everyone! Come quick! There's a message from Father to us!" Corrin yelled out as she made her way over to her other siblings, both of whom had turned around in a slight surprise. "A message from Father? And so quickly after we had departed for Castle Krakenburg? How odd…." Xander said as he placed a hand on his chin as he looked over to Camilla. "I agree. I suppose it must have been something important and sudden since he easily could have told us beforehand." Camilla said as she placed a hand on her hip before outstretching her arm to take the piece of parchment into her hands. Camilla had cleared her throat and placed the letter in between her and Xander so that the both of them could see, with Corrin wedging herself in between them so that she could see the message herself. "It reads…... 'This message is to be received by the royal envoys of castle Krakenburg that are being hosted within Fortress _. Upon your return to the castle, you are being ordered to bring along your sibling Corrin and 3 retainers of her choice. The mandate that has been placed on her has been lifted, and she is now to be welcomed by the citizens of Nohr and their royalty alike. Seeing as such, you are all expected to arrive in 5 days time, where we will be having a celebration on the day following. Other than that, I expect a full report on our status with Cheve and Izumo. And be sure to remind Gunter to report on his findings in the Meridian of Flame. Camilla, Xander, Jakob, and Corrin had all been equally surprised. But it had been Corrin who was the first to react. "Wait….does that mean I get to come with you guys? Oh my gosh! This is the best thing ever!" Corrin said, her eyes shining with excitement as she looked back to Xander and Camilla. "That's...amazing darling! Oh, how I've waited for this moment!" Camilla said, acting equally as surprised as she was pleased to see that Corrin had been invited. "I concur milady. I'm glad to see that our King is allowing back into the normal estate. In fact, I can go ahead and prepare your steeds. It begs to reason that the stable girl might be off duty." Jakob said with a small bow as he looked towards Xander. His expression was a bit more shadowed and unsure though. He had placed a hand on his chin, his eyes showing how disapproving of it he was. "I wouldn't call it amazing in the normal sense of the words. I'm more than glad to have our Little Princess with us, but I cannot understand why he would ask to pull you now. It seems rather odd, since a war is coming upon us." Xander said as he took a look at Corrin. "I'm not overly suspicious of him. He has my utmost faith in every decision he makes….. But is this truly the right call?" Xander mused to himself as Camilla had placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure he might have just wanted to see her again. After all, though she might not be ready for intense missions….Father might see it as a way to improve her. In the midst of combat it seems." Camilla said as Xander had sighed, placing a hand on his head. "And that is the entire reason I volunteered to train her. I was hoping this conflict would give me a few more years thoug-" He began to say before Corrin walked up to him and crossed her arms. "Well, if father wants me to fight for Nohr, then I'll do it. Besides, you said it yourself that I'm getting stronger. So it makes sense why he would call me back all of a sudden." Corrin said as Jakob had nodded. "I can see what you mean milady….But Lord Xander has a point. It could be too soon for you to be accepted into the manor. While it will allow you to spend more time with your siblings, it comes with the responsibilities of a royal as well." Jakob said as Corrin had pumped her fist in confidence. "It can't be that hard, right?" She asked with a shrug as the room had collectively sighed in exhaustion. "This is something I suppose we'll have to ask Father when he gets home. The prospect of our poor little sister does worry me though." Camilla said softly as Xander had nodded his head. "You do have a point though. Father is a man that I can look up to and respect. If he has a reason, then it must be just." He said as he dusted his shoulder pad a bit before making his way towards the main hall. "Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to go gather Elise and Leo and let them know the news. Since Father said we needed to be back in a relatively short amount of time, so I suggest we all leave out in the morning." "That sounds like a good idea to me. The journey shouldn't take more than a day or two at best, so we'll arrive well before Father requires us to. And that means it gives us a bit more time to rest and recuperate and for me to show you around~" Camilla said with a small chuckle at Corrin as she simply chuckled along with her. "As long as there's no cheek pinching. I don't know how much that Steel Axe weighs….But it's doing something to strengthen your fingers. I nearly lost my skin last time….." Corrin said with a small pout as she rubbed her cheek. "No promises~" She teased, which had caused Corrin to groan. "Great….I'm liking Krakenburg already…." She said in a monotone voice before she looked to Jakob. "While our High Prince is collecting those two, I shall see if I relay the message to Flora and that pack of dust and bones." He said as he placed his hands around him before walking down the main hall as well. "Thanks, Jakob! *Yawn* I think I'm gonna….get a little shut-eye…" Corrin had muttered as she rubbed her eyes sleepily. Her eyes had shifted towards the outside window, which had shown the sky as a pitch black. "It is already quite late, now isn't it? Well then, I might as well retire as well….Besides, we already have our plan to set out tomorrow morning. There's no use in forcing our bodies to make the venture while sleep deprived." Camilla said as Corrin nodded in agreement. "Good point…..Well, I'm gonna head back to my room. Night Camilla…." She said in a sleepy manner. Camilla had bent down a bit to give her a quick hug before taking the steps towards where she was staying. Corrin had sighed as she shed off the armor, leaving her in just her night clothes. These had consisted of a simple undershirt that left her midsection exposed and a bottom that went down to her feet. Her hair had already been frayed from the long day, her body hunched over in exhaustion. The room had been completely silent, with the moonlight from above had filtered into her room through her slightly ajar window. She had climbed into the bed, pulling her sheet up to her body to cuddle herself in warmth. This had eventually turned into her forming a cocoon with her blanket, with only her head and her long silver hair poking out of it. Surely enough, the woman began to slowly fall into the sweet and embracing arms of sleep, and she began to drift off into the night. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you guys for reading the next chapter of Dark Revelations. I had some fun writing this chapter as well, especially with that Flora and Elise convo. So yeah, as you guys can see, Corrin is a major screw up when it comes to well….everything. Course, that isn't going to be the case forever, but it will take her a while before she gets gud. Also, I'm hyping up the Ice Tribe Rebellion, as it will probably be a major turning point in the story. Next chapter is where things start getting a bit less campy and more plot heavy. Plus, we get introduced to King Groans of Discomfort and his retainer Rudy. So that's going to be a delight. Or curse.
  2. Hey there you guys! Hope you all are having a great day today! So, for a while, I really haven't had the courage to do this…..Or patience. But I'm gonna at least try. So yeah! I'm here to announce the new Dark Revelations story, with a chapter by chapter format. And complete with new twists and a hopefully fleshed out story, I'm hoping that this will entertain you as much as more edg-... *Ahem* Exciting chapters. For those of you who don't know, this is the fic related to the post I made on FE Fanfic Central a while back. Anyways, hope you enjoy! And let me know what you thought of it. I'll be posting the other chapters fairly soon. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Northern Fortress Location: 5 days walk from Castle Krakenburg 2 day ride to Castle Krakenburg In place since King Xander the III (out of the 10 that have existed in history). Since its inception, the large fortress has been used to house people who could not pay out to debtors in time. Many who are sent here are often stated to not come out for years at a time due to the vicious cycle of debt. However, after the prosperous actions of King Marx prior to the Regalia War, it was made a meeting ground for all Nohrian assemblies if the throne room were to be assailed. It would also house those who have been ousted by the Nohrian court or those placed in contempt. Many of the previous Kings of Nohr placed unworthy or unfit brothers in these halls, deeming them against the crown or a moral liability. It now houses Princess Corrin, who is often a heavily debated subject of whether she deserves the right to hold as much sovereignty as Princess Camilla, due to her being older than Lady Elise and claimed by King Garon. Though due to the common people of the region and the royal family, the nobles and senators were forced to welcome her into their nation. She currently resides here until she can better improve her health and her contributions to the Nohrian army. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Well….you seem to be keeping yourself busy, now aren't you Corrin…?" "Yeah! I've been out playing with Hinoka and Wil all day! We even went over to go play in the garden fields! You should have been there Big Brother!" "I honestly wish I could. Father seems to be getting a bit more rigorous with his training, and even Master Asami is cranking down on me." Ryoma had said with a sigh as he rubbed the back of his head. "Aww….Can't you ask them to let you play once and awhile? Besides, it gets boring when you aren't playing with us…" Corrin said with a slight pout, crossing her arms as her cheeks had puffed out. In response, the prince had simply chuckled before placing a hand on her head and rustled her hair. "I'm afraid that my Father wouldn't let me do so so easily. After all, I'm the apparent "heir" to the crown. As such, there's no reason for me to keep "playing" like a child." Ryoma said with a sad sigh as Corrin frowned up at him. "Well that's no fair! You should be able to play as long as you want!" She spouted out, Ryoma only chuckling as he stood back up to his full height. "Trust me….I honestly wish that I could relax along with you guys….But things are...starting to become dangerous around here. They want me to make sure I can wield Father's blade in 3 years time. And because of that, my time is becoming a bit more strained than I thought it would." Ryoma said as Corrin looked down to the ground and pouted once more. "So does that mean you can't spend with us anymore?" She asked as Ryoma had only bent down to her level once more before putting a hand on her shoulder. "Hey...I'm not saying that now. I'll always make sure to make time with all of you. It's just going to be a bit less often. That's all." Ryoma said, trying to console the young girl the best he could. "...Alright...If you say so Big Brother… But you've got to promise!" She said as Ryoma had raised an eyebrow. "I promise Corr-" He began to say before Corrin nodded her head no. "I mean it Ryoma. I want you to pinkie swear me, alright? That way you can't break it." Corrin said, only causing Ryoma to give her a sideways glance. "Corrin, even that sounds a little-" He began to say before he was interrupted once more. Corrin had simply given him the biggest puppy dog eyes that she could, which had eventually had its effect on the prince. Soon enough, he had raised his pinkie finger to wrap it around Corrin, albeit while rolling his eyes in annoyance. "Ugh...Alright. I promise to never break this pinkie swear, for as long as I live." He said as Corrin had cheered happily before she wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him into a hug. At this, Ryoma couldn't help but wrap his arms back and smile down at her. "And I meant what I said. Even though things might get busy, I'll always be there for you three. I swear it." It had been a calm and cold day at the Northern Fortress. The soft array of bleak and dark colors had only added to the icy yet dulled attitude that came with the place. Snow had covered the rooftops of the massive fortress, capping the top of the ramparts with a fresh layer of snow. Snowflakes had fallen from said rooftops and from the sky, painting the landscape in a dazzling white. Inside the fortress had been a young woman that had been tightly wrapped within her cover. Her body had been cocooned in the thin sheet, most likely trying to conserve what warmth she had received. Beside her and at her bedside had been her two most loyal servants, Jakob and Flora. Both had been adorned with their typical work outfits. Two people, and two of the few people she could call her allies and friends. "Milady…." "Mmmm...Come on you two...Give me five more minutes…" She muttered as she burrowed herself deeper into her covers. At this, both Flora and Jakob had sighed as they exchanged a brief look of annoyance before Jakob nodded his head towards her. Flora acknowledged his nod with one of her own as she raised her hand towards Corrin. "Well….you do know how we wake up slugabeds in the Ice Tribe, now don't you Milady?" Flora teased as Corrin had simply burrowed even deeper in her cover. "Do your worst!" She sleepily called, her voice being a bit muffled by the cover. "Well….She certainly did ask for it." Flora said as she raised her hand near Corrin's shoulder before closing her eyes. In not time flat, her hand had begun to propel a cold mist that began to hit Corrin's unfortunately exposed head. And in seconds, the young dragoness had sprung awake, her eyes wide with her body shivering a bit. "Alright, alright! I'm up you two." She called out as Jakob and Flora had both stifled a giggle to avoid displeasing her further. "Sorry milady. You left me with little option at that point. Besides, you wouldn't want to miss your meeting with your siblings today, now would you?" Flora asked as Corrin's eyes widened in shock. "Oh gods! That's TODAY!? Oh man, I completely forgot! I have to get ready!" She exclaimed as she sprung out of bed and began to make her way to the closest to pull out her signature outfit and armor. "No need to find your way to the closet milady. Your outfit is already been cleaned and shined for your meeting with your siblings. We've also managed to set up your meal for this morning as well before you meet up with Gunter." Jakob said with a smile and a bow as Corrin had smiled up at him. "Thanks you two! You guys are the best!" Corrin said as she hugged the both of them tightly, her infectious smile even causing Flora to crack one. Jakob, however, was in awe as he placed a hand on his chest. "Thank you milady! Your words do give me the strength to go on! I barely deserve the affection!" He said with a flair of over-exaggeration as he bowed once more. Flora, however, had simply sighed and rolled her eyes at Jakob's words before smiling and handing Corrin a towel. "And here's the towel for the bath. We don't exactly have the luxury of warm water today milady. Sorry milady…" She apologised as Corrin waved her hand nonchalantly. "It's fine you two. After all, you can't just make it appear for me instantly. I really appreciate both of you helping me out." Corrin said with a smile as she began to grab the outfit that Jakob had set out for her. It was a beautiful array of silver plated armor that had been mainly focused on the protection of her torso and pelvis. Alongside it had been a pair of gauntlets that came up to her elbows, as well as plated leggings that extended down to her feet. It was a wonder for whichever blacksmith had crafted this armor, but she was nonetheless lucky to have something at least half as extravagant as what Leo or Camilla wore. She the began to make her way towards the bathroom, closing the door behind her while she prepared to strip herself and enter the bath. Flora had simply watched the young dragoness close the door to the shower before she slumped down to the bed in a bit of exhaustion. "My...She certainly seems spirited today, now doesn't she?" She giggled to herself as before she dustedoff her skirt and turned to Jakob. "How could she not? Being kept within this fortress is enough to make the notion of leaving it seem like a grand occasion. Besides, we both know how much she yearns to be with her siblings. They are the light in her life after all." Jakob said as he began to make his way down towards the main foyer. "I suppose so…" Flora said as she looked out the window for a brief moment, her mind and sight wandering to the distant snowflakes that fell outside. "Well, I'm off to help the stable girl welcome our esteemed guests. I'm guessing I can trust you to gather Gunter from his training so that he can escort Corrin to them...right?" Jakob asked as he placed a finger on his chin. "Oh! Yes! Forgive me Jakob. I was just….thinking to myself for a momen-" Flora said as she stood back up to her full height and rubbed her arm sheepishly. "It's quite alright. No need to explain any further though. Now...shall we?" He asked as he moved towards the stairs that led to the lower level. "Of course." Flora said as she began to descend down the stairs with Jakob following close behind. As the two had walked, Flora had kept her gaze down at the floor, her thoughts once again consuming her. Jakob had taken note of this as he let out a long sigh. "Gods Flora. If you want to state it already, then state it. What's been bothering you as of late to where it makes you look so dejected?" Jakob demanded as Flora had sighed as well. "It's….concerning my home tribe. I'm concerned about returning to them after this year. After all, my purpose for being here could spell some...complications. Even though I've done it every year since my arrival, I fear it won't be as simple as before." Flora said as Jakob had raised an eyebrow. "Ah yes. The Ice Tribe has gotten a bit more passionate in their distaste of Nohr, haven't they? Indeed, a bold action to be sure. And being that you serve Nohrian nobility while being the chieftain's daughter no less…." Jakob said as he stroked his chin and closed his eyes while he spoke. "It sickens me to this day that I've just become a prize to taunt the Ice Tribe with. Now it feels like my own people have somewhat ostracized me. It was my father that was the one to reach out to me and sit down with me during my annual return last year." Flora muttered as she clenched her fists. "And just for that reason alone they abandon you? I wish I could act surprised, but it still seems like a bit much." Jakob scoffed as Flora had simply clenched her fists. "Well, it certainly does go a bit deeper than that. But I can tell you're already starting to grow vexed because my mouth keeps running...right?" Flora said as Jakob had only given her a satisfactory smile. "My Flora, you really are starting to understand me!" Jakob said before he looked up to the see that their pathway had divulged. "Well, I'm off to Lilith. Oh, be a dear and mess with that pack of dust and bones now will you? He still has yet to get off from that snide remark of his." Jakob said as Flora had simply rolled her eyes again. Corrin had been laying in the bath, looking up at the ceiling of the bathroom. The cool water had been rather comfortable, despite what Flora had said earlier. It provided Corrin a brief moment to think about what would come to pass. Even if Xander's training had been incredibly hard on her and a full day of it would probably make her muscles scream….It was still time that she could spend with her family. Even though Leo and her got on each other's nerves at every moment, she still felt that she could learn a lot by reading alongside him. They even seemed to share the same interest in romantic comedies, but he didn't like to make that similarity very common….funnily enough at least. Or even a rousing game of chess could be entertaining for her...Granted if Leo made a wrong move on purpose once and awhile. And whenever she got to help Elise with playing any sort of game with her, it was a delight. It was pure insanity for any grow man or woman to still end up feeling angry or hateful after talking 5 minutes with the young Nohrian princess. Their visits had been the highlight of her life in all honesty, and she loved every moment of their stays. Even with all the tiny caveats within them. Eventually, Corrin had gotten out of the bath, grabbing a rag to dry off the water that had still clung to her body. After a few moments, Corrin reached for her undergarments, bra, and the undershirt and pants. Funnily enough, all four of them had been colored a dark black. After placing those on various parts of her body, she grabbed her gauntlets, metal leggings, and body armor. While it had been a bit of a tight squeeze compared to to the last time she had worn it, it still fit well enough with her figure. "Ugh...I definitely need to let Jakob know that this should be resized. I guess I could put an order in if I have the time later on I guess." She said as she finally put on the rest of her accesories, all finishing up with her signature cape that came down to her upper back. She then stood up to her full height, admiring herself in the mirror as her eyes scanned over her image for anything that looked out of place. "Alright….That was the easy part of today though. Too bad that all of this prep is going to be ruined by the time I'm done training with Xander though." She said to herself with a sigh before she took a moment to look at the mirror once more. Yet...as she stared at it...there was this faint image in her head that appeared. "We'll always be together...Right?" At that, Corrin couldn't tell why, but a small tear had run down her face. She slowly raised her hand to wipe it away, completely surprised by the sudden appearance of it. "Huh? Did I just….cry now?" She asked herself before she held her head. "Who was that person I was talking to in that dream…? Ryoma?" These visions had been coming more and more for her. With each passing day, they would come in sporadic bursts during her dreams. At times, she could feel little to no connection to them whatsoever. Yet there would be times, like just then, that she would begin to feel this longing sense of remorse or sadness. After a few moments though, she quickly shook her head and began to put the rest of her attire on. Soon enough, she was out of the door and heading down to the mess hall to go ahead and greet Gunter and Flora. After a bit, she had finally made her way down two flights of stairs to see both Flora and Gunter standing at the entrance to the Fortress, as they both were talking with one another over something. "Ah, so you're due back in a few days, are you not? Shame on you Flora, leaving all the work on that boy and I." Gunter chuckled as Flora had crossed her arms. "Are you stating that I have to handle everything around here? Now I know you're hoping that Jakob is within earshot." She replied back with a coy smile as Gunter had simply smirked. "It is amusing to go at each other like so. A verbal debate with him can entertain me for an hour rather than waiting on a command from the nobility. " "That's right….They shifted you to under Lord Xander's command last year, didn't they? As his guide of sorts rather than trainer, no?" Flora askedas Gunter had nodded his head in conformation. "I would hardly say that I'm needed for the position. I'm a capable fighter and leader, but he far outshines I in the knowledge of combat and discipline. In my own words, he shall make a fine King when the time comes for him to ascend…..Certainly better than his Father no doubt." Gunter said as Flora had crossed her arms. "We'll just have to see if he actually acknowledges his people….I highly doubt that he can be anything more superior than his Father." Flora said in a dismissive manner. "That is the question, yes. But I believe for what little time they had, he's been raised well enough by Katarina. I believe he has the opportunity to swing either way…" He mused to himself before he turned around to see Corrin approaching where they stood. "Gunter!" Corrin said with a happy smile as she ran up to the old man, wrapping her arms around him as a daughter would to her Father. "My, my….It's been a few weeks since I've seen you. How have things been holding up for you my lady?" Gunter asked as the two parted, with Corrin standing beside Flora. "It's the same old-same old over here. But that's not what's most important though. I want to hear about what happened with you though!" Corrin said, her eyes practically stars at that moment. Gunter and Flora had both chuckled at this, as Flora had took a step backwards towards where the stable girl was waiting. "I suppose I should leave you tow to our own devices. Your siblings should be arriving fairly soon." She said as Gunter had nodded his head to show thanks. "Well...if you wanted a good tale, then I suppose you came to the right place. You might want to listen a bit closer though." He said as he hefted his Steel Lance off of his back and on the floor before he began. "Our company had made it to the outer reaches of the Nohrian landscape, as we were tasked with uncovering a few strange phenomenon occuring with the sightings of strange beasts that resembled the Daemons from yonder lore. We heard the stories of a not only a river...but a sea of fire and molten lava that separated their domain from ours." "The Daemons…? I've read about them in the Nohrian textbooks Leo sends to me! Aren't they some kind of evil race that turned on humanity a long time ago?" Corrin asked as Gunter had nodded his head in confirmation. "Many in Nohr would agree with your sentiments My Lady. That being said, the subject of our kinsmen, those being the Daemons and the Dragonborn are controversial subjects. More so here than in any other nation due to Nohr's inherent distrust of the entities." Gunter explained before he cleared his throat. "But regardless….onto my tale. The company had stumbled upon an area that had overlooked this supposed "sea of fire". Yet, before we could investigate, we were intercepted by a loud voice that spoke with a presence that was twice as commanding as King Garon." Gunter before as Corrin's mouth went wide in awe. "Wait, who was it who commanded you all to leave?" Corrin asked as Gunter simply smiled down at her. "Well...I suppose we'll have to save that for later My Lady." Gunter said with a small smile as he looked to see that the door to the mess hall was opening once more. "It seems that they arrived. We'll have to delay that ravishing and possibly exaggerated tale for later." Flora said as she placed her hands behind her back in a formal manner as Corrin's eyes had lit up once more. The huge doors that had been encrusted with multiple tattered forms of tapestry had slowly swung open, their impact with the walls behind it resounding throughout the entire room. And soon enough, the sound of hooves could be heard before chattering to a stop, a few familiar neighs being heard. "They're here!" Corrin said with a bright smile as Gunter had simply chuckled while placing his hands behind his back in his typical stoic pose. In a matter of a minute, the four royals had all appeared in their signature outfits. The first two had been a tall young man that looked to be in his late twenties, as shown by his stern demeanor and expression, as well as the expression on his face. At his side had been the ethereal blade Siegfried, a weapon that had been feared throughout the Nohrian empire as the blade that cut down many a fool. To his side had been a woman adorned with brilliant and revealing dark black armor with a similar color scheme to the young man. Whilst the man had seemed quite exasperated on his entry, the woman seemed to be quite content with it all. Even chuckling could be seen. A bit behind the two had been her other two younger siblings, the both of them bickering with one another over some trivial matter. "I swear sister, you have more pestering questions than kids half your age! I've already given you a novel depicting how the process of the weather works." The young man that had spoken out first had been clad in a dark armor similar to Xander, albeit with less enthusiasm and change in color. He also had adorned a cowl around the nape of his neck, with his blonde hair being cut in a bowlish shape. His expression had noticeably showed irritation, a look that Corrin had known all too well. "Well at least I ask them! Besides, you're supposed to be the brainiac of the family Big Brother!" The young girl had said back at him, a cute pout causing her cheeks to puff up in frustration. "I'm always eager to help you Elise….But even I have my limits if you manage to ask me a question every 5 minutes. I'm your Big Brother. Not an encyclopedia." He said with a sigh as he Elise had only crossed her arms. Corrin had only chuckled at the antics of the two as they all had walked in, a smile forming on her face as she stood beside Gunter and Flora. "Things never change, now do they?" "Please you two...Let's not try and do this here. Not to say we have to make impressions, but try to uphold a little dignity." "But Big Broth-!" "But Xande-!" "I swear you two. For all the bickering you both get into, you make me feel like we're a band of performers." Xander said with a sigh before showing a wistful smile. He had then only looked up at Camilla, with the young woman expressing an expression of pity back towards the High Prince. Eventually though, they had taken notice of Corrin, Flora, and Gunter, as Elise had rushed over to embrace her older sister. "Big Sister!" She called out, causing Corrin to open her arms, ready to receive her hug. Soon enough, the young princess had wrapped her arms in a rather violent hug, practically spinning Corrin in circles from her momentum alone. Eventually, Elise had stopped spinning and had simply settled with wrapping her arms around Corrin with a bright smile on her face. "H-Hey Elise! It's good to see you!" Corrin said, albeit with a little difficulty due to the fact that her head was still spinning. Despite the fact that she had tried to physically and mentally prepared herself for "Snug-A-Hug" Attack, there was practically no way for any person of her size not to be caught off guard by it. "And she's still the same sweet Elise." Corrin thought to herself as a smile had formed on her face too as she finally regained her balance. "I missed you soooo much! We have so much to do and catch up on! I even figured out this really fun game that we can do together! Plus then we can take out to eat and then-" Elise said, practically jumping with excitement before Camilla had placed a hand on her shoulder. "Perhaps you should give your older sister a chance to process it all…?" She suggested before Elise looked back up at Corrin and realized that she might have overwhelmed her. "Oh...right….I'm sorry. It's just been a long time since we could visit her here." She said sheepishly as Corrin had rubbed the back of her head. "It's fine Camilla. Really. I was just caught off guard for a moment. But from what I heard, it sounds like today is gonna be a blast!" Corrin said with a bright smile of her own, which could only be matched with Elise's growing one. At that, Leo had finally walked over and chuckled to himself before he dusted off his outfit. "It's shocking how similar you two are. Especially with that goofy grin of yours." Leo teased with a small smirk as Corrin and Elise had both pouted. "What's wrong with being happy sometimes Mr. Doom and Gloom?" Corrin asked as Leo had simply looked up at her. "A difference in irritation is certainly present. That can be proven without any evidence whatsoever." Leo replied back before chuckling at Corrin's adorable perturbed expression. He then placed his hand atop her head and ruffled it, causing Corrin to blush a mixture of embarrassment and anger. "I missed you too Big Sister. And that expression most of all." Leo teased before he went off to join Xander and Gunter, whom were conversing. Camilla had then turned to Flora, placing a hand on her hip. "I see that you've been caring for our adorable little sister quite well in her absence. I can thank you for that, and for your continued service in the future." She said with a docile smile on her face, as Flora had managed to smile at her as well. "Why thank you Milady. Your pr-" She began to say before Camilla cut her off completely. "Don't get used to it though." She said, her demeanor instantly turning sour, and eerie and unsettling shadow being cast over her eyes. Not to mention that her eyes had shown with this sense of concealed anger and insanity. Flora had only nodded in response, practically sweating bullets in response as she gulped audibly. "Excellent~...Now, shall we make our way to the dinner table? I'm a bit famished from the journey, and I suppose we should let the others have their time together. I just know she's dying to catch up with her brother and sister." Camilla chuckled as she began to saunter over to the kitchen, Flora reluctantly following close behind with a look of both surprise and dismay. "So Sir Gunter. I heard of your recent findings in the Aisle of Fire. I would say that they are fairly concerning. Almost as concerning as how dreary our situation on the people seems." Xander said with a slight sigh. Gunter had looked towards Xander as he chuckled, though the latter part of his sentence had turned his expression grim. "My Lord, you honor me too much with a title as that. Sir was what I would be addressed by my combatants and allies. You are my superior now as the High Prince. But on that matter My Lord, I take it that the meeting with your father and his retainers didn't go well, presumably that is." He said as Xander had given a solemn nod. "Our resources are dwindling Gunter. The people are content to starve, and soon the nobles will follow. That is, to say the people will simply lie down and wait for death to come at their door. In a year's time, we could face the spark of rebellion if conditions cannot continue." Xander said as he clenched his fist before walking over to the window, beckoning Gunter over with him. Eventually, the two had looked out the large window, with the looming presence of the Krakenburg Mountains ever present. And in those mountains was the distant Castle Krakenburg and the city surrounding it. Even from a distance, it seemed dreary and bleak, the plains surrounding it making it even more so. "And our situation cannot improve at this rate. Our mages can manipulate the land, but only with what is actually present. We will run out of semi-fertile ground eventually. Crykensia, Cheve, and Izumo can afford to only send supplies in limited quantities. I suppose that would be the reason why you and your elder siblings were called in." Gunter said as Xander had placed a finger to his chin. "To my Father, there is only one option to keep our nation and people alive… We have to go to war against the nation of Hoshido….But we're going to need the manpower and strategic positions to do so. And there are few ways to gain these….than the eventual takeover of Cheve. So too, has Father declared." Xander said as Gunter had let out a sigh of his own. "I had thought that Cheve was going to be assimilated soon...But why such a rush? Has something come up with Chancellor Eindenburg?" He asked as Xander had cleared his throat. "A revolution, I fear. And led by-" He began before he turned to see Corrin, Leo, and Elise approaching them. "So that's where you two are! We were wondering why you had disappeared so suddenly." Corrin said as she looked up at Xander. To her, it had actually been a bit surreal standing next to him. His last visit, she had apparently been 2 inches shorter due to some freak growth spurt she had. Now she even stood on equal footing with Camilla...without her heeled boots on that is. "My! It seems our little princess has grown over since our last visit. One day, you might even surpass me in height." He said with a small smile, his expression brightening upon the sight of his family. "I know right? And I LOVE her new outfit! Who made you it?" Elise asked, her eyes turning to sparkles as she zoomed about Corrin, touching various parts of her armor with a look of fascination. "Well, I have to give credit to-" She began to say before she could hear a voice from the main door. "Ah! Forgive me my Lords and Ladies for the wait. Your dinner awaits you in the room over to your left. The stable girl will watch over your precious steeds." Jakob had said, a tray in his hand and that courteous smile plastered on his face. "You can tell us later I suppose. Shall we make our way over to the dinner table? I suppose that's where your servant and Camilla have run off to." Leo said as the group had nodded in response, following Jakob towards where the food had been stationed. Eventually, all five royals and the three servants had finally made their way towards the main table. The hall itself was just as massive as the greeting hall, but boasted a large table with tapestry ordaining the windows and drapes. Not only that, but the insignia on the bottom had given it a more regal feel as well, not discounting its actual meaning of course. The table had been packed with several food items, all donated by the royal family to be able to cook a successful meal for them. While they may have been meek and meager to some of the nobility, Jakob and Flora knew how to properly make any dish as exquisite as a royally prepared one. As such, the entire group had been thoroughly surprised to see these basic dishes come to life in such a way. "Might I say...You're two retainers are excellent cooks. I wouldn't have thought that they could make dishes like these this delectable!" Leo said as he raised his soup spoon to his mouth and took another sip. "And these biscuits are simply to die for. I wish I could cook anything this delicious." Camilla agreed before she grabbed another one to add on to her plate. "I concur. Thank you both for making such a wonderful meal. You have the Nohrian crown's thanks." Xander said with a smile of his own and a quick bow of his head. At this, the two butlers had completely different reactions. Jakob had accepted the praise with a smile, bowing his head in respect as well, all the while Flora had looked towards the ground in a mixture of uncomfort and surprise of her own. "Thank you all. Your words far exceed the amount of effort we put in. We are just glad that we could provide a meal to your standards." Jakob had said, speaking up for the both of them as Flora quickly nodded in agreement. "Are you kidding me? This meal is the best I've ever had in a long time! It's incredible!" Elise said out before finishing her last muffin. "Oh? And the bruschetta I cooked for you last night wasn't worth merit then?" Leo asked as Elise's eyes had went to the floor. "Well...uh...It wasn't bad! It was great even! It just wasn't that….memorable?" Elise stammered as she desperately looked over to Camilla and Xander for a bit of assistance. "It certainly wasn't that bad actually. It just lacked a little panash in all honesty." Xander said, hoping to make it seem less average than normal. "It was a bit bland, that I do remember darling. Sorry to say, but it was." Camilla said as she took another sip of her tea, which had only caused Leo to sink in his seat further. Xander and Elise had simply shot daggers at Camilla, to which the aloof second eldest sibling had shrugged her shoulders. "What? I was merely telling him the facts. No reason to sugar code everything I say." Camilla said as she placed down her tea cup. "Well so much for cooking for you all. I suppose you can enjoy the chef's cooking more than mine back at the castle." Leo said as he crossed his arms and finished the rest of the soup with a sour expression on his face. Of course, Corrin had leaned over a bit and placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled up at him. "You know….Leo….For what it's worth… I don't think your cooking is all that bad. Just….not so good." Corrin said with a small smirk of triumph, which had only caused Leo to scowl at her. "Oh, I see a petty streak here. What ever did I do to offend you Big Sister?" Leo asked as Corrin had rustled the top of his head. "Nothing too major Leo." Corrin said with a shrug as she grabbed her plate, preparing to put it where the other royals had stashed their plates and dirty china. At that, Xander had finally stood up along with Gunter, as both exchanged a nod before Xander had smiled. "While this has been a wonderful dinner...I believe we should move onto the next event. After all, I'm eager to see this growth that Gunter has praised you for. I would hope it's more than growth." Xander said as Corrin had pumped her fist in the air. "Fine then Big Brother! I'm going to come at you with everything I've got!" She announced with a proud and goofish smile, something that both Leo, Jakob, and Flora had sighed about. Camilla then gently walked over to the three as she bent down to whisper something into Flora's and Jakob's ears. "Very well milady...Staves on standby are going to be necessary in Lord Xander's training exercise.." Flora said with a nervous laugh, recalling the last practice session and how poorly it had ended for her liege. She had come back with bruises all over her arm and completely exhausted to boot. Xander might have been holding back with his Bronze Sword, but there was no amount of depowering that could close the gap between the two in skill. "Well….Let's hope for the best at least…." —_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So yeah….that was Chapter One you guys. I honestly had a lot of fun writing this, and i have a lot of plans for this series. New events, villains, twists, and yes….even ships. As you can see, Twisted Truths will hopefully make the canon characters besides Corrin and Azura relevant. Some small things to mention though about this, as you've probably seen from this beginning. Felicia isn't gonna be in the story.....Yeah. Sorry about that Felicia fans... This story is actually going to start from the beginning rather than after chapter 6. Character relationships/personalities are going to be a tad different. Ex: Corrin and Leo get on each other's nerves, Camilla is a bit more...sassy is the way to put it, Flora is a bit more sarcastic. Hopefully, these aren't too drastic. Gunter in general and the lore behind him. So...yeah. Gunter is going to be much more respected in the Nohrian army, which will come into place later. Anyways, thanks for the read everybody. Chapter 2 is on the way….probably in 2 or 3 week's time. Expect a lot of Corrin's pain and Leo disappearing to fix his cowl-
  3. Hi there everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on a little project I’m making. I thought that for the most part, my rp for FE Fates: A Dark Path went well. So, I thought, hey? Why not make it into a fanfic? So, I decided to pool all of my ideas on to this post, and ask you guys whether they sound like good ideas to you all. I'm a fairly experienced fanfic writer in general, but I've really only done small-scale projects that go on for 15 or so chapters with 3000 words each. But never before have I truly delved into world-building, and I figured that now would be the time to do so. I do enjoy me some Fire Emblem. Credit goes to NekoKnight for the original format of this questionnaire. Anyways 1. What routes are you working on? Is it an amalgamation of all three? Is it an alternate universe style retelling? It is an AU of the Revelations plot. It will go through a total of 2 to 3 arcs. 2. What notable changes would you make to the plot? Essentially, there will be major changes to the villains mostly, and who sides with who. The most obvious one is that Azura is going to be a major antagonist this time around, and directly serving Anankos. There is also going to be a brief period of peace, with the majority of battles ending after a massacre in Crykensia. From then on, the story would establish its own canon, with multiple things ending up differently and with certain characters taking a much darker route. Are problematic elements (the curse, the magic throne, the crystal ball, operation tears, Nohr and Hoshido being too black and white, everything Aqua does) going to be addressed? The issues of the Vallite curse are going to be reworked this time around. In this fic, I’m going to have it that King Cadros, in a desperate attempt to seal Anankos, had gathered his most powerful mages to cast a seal upon Anankos. Until the end of time would Anankos be sealed in Valla, as would the kingdom be sealed as well. The only people that could enter were Vallites themselves, and thus, only the royal family could unlock the bonds on Anankos. Not only must they have royal blood, but they also must obtain a large amount of quintessence, the cultivation of every being. You see, when a person dies, their quintessence is released back into the world. (Like in Fe7) Anankos, (like Nergal in some ways), requires more quintessence to receive his full power and break the chains that restrict him to Valla, and with someone one of royal blood helping him to do so. Iago’s personality is going to be shifted just a tad bit to make him seem more humane. He will be a radical advocate for the people, rationalizing that the only way to keep them alive is to invade the surrounding neutral countries. Thus, the people will begin to emphasize with him. In this fic, he desires to be king himself, and despises the Nohrian children who seem to be in the way of the throne. This will come at a head during Arc2, and during Xander’s succession to Garon, who is more focused on reestablishing stable political connections with the surrounding nations, and thus would gain support from them in due time. The throne is well, being thrown out. I think its purpose is rather stupid in all honesty. -Nohr and Hoshido are going to be more balanced out, with Nohr having legitimate reasons for doing what they did, and adding a few more corrupted Hoshidans and highlighting their selfish and racist tendencies. Are there any themes to be communicated over each route? If there were to be an overarching theme in the story, it would be the struggle of doing the “right” thing, even if the right thing may seem demonic by nature. Another theme I plan to tackle is whether emotions are necessary to humans, and whether they cause more harm or good. Whether we would accomplish more if we shed what made us “human”. What is the overall direction and "point" of each route? There are going to be a total of 2 arcs, with a possible third arc. Arc 1 is going to be about drawing the war to a close and bringing peace between the nations, who have sworn that they fight for their own version of justice. Corrin would venture across Nohr and Hoshido trying to quell the rage of both nations. The second arc is going to mainly focus on both kingdom's efforts to stop the new, emerging threat of Anankos, while dealing with the radical changes of leadership in the countries, as well the coups staged in both struggling nations. 3. What notable changes would you make to the characters? What is Kamui all about (background, personality, abilities)? Kamui is going to start out as a relatively naive character. Extremely upbeat and positive, brimming with energy, and has a bit of sass to her as well. In fact, she really won’t have any fantastic abilities in combat to start with either. She’ll be a mediocre leader as well. So in general, she starts out like the regular Kamui in a lot of ways. However, as time passes throughout the story, she will generally begin to mature and grow into her role as leader of the effort for peace. She’ll become a bit more modest and focused on her efforts, though she’ll still manage to keep that bit of sass and childlike vibrancy in her personality. Things are pretty similar to the games at this point. Until she ages to 11, she closely bonds with her Hoshidan family and becomes a part of the royal family, but she is kidnapped by Garon and taken to Nohr. There, Garon orders Iago to remove her memories of Hoshido, which is a long and painful process for Corrin. For 10 days did she spend in that dark dungeon, her mind feeling splintered afterward. She forgot the procedure though, and what had happened to her father on that day she was captured as well. She was naught but a shell of herself afterward, her eyes glassy, and her body unmoving. Out of concern and pity, the Nohrian family had started to care for her and spend time with her. Eventually, Kamui grew out of her tortured mind state as she began to bond with them, forming an especially close relationship with Leo, Elise, and her butler Jakob. From there, things would progress normally through the plot, until she reached the age of 17. As time had passed in her time throughout Nohr, Kamui had been having strange dreams about her time in Hoshido. However, no one would give her an answer for why she was having such dreams. Not her brothers and sisters, nor her butler would give her a straight answer. This egged her on even further, and soon she began to remember. Remember her time at Hoshido, remember her father's death, and remember the torture Garon and Iago put her through. She becomes angry at those who had kept such secrets from her, and demanded answers from her siblings, now stating that they had betrayed her trust. She even had the audacity to challenge Garon, stating that what he had done was wrong and immoral. For that, he had lashed out at her, slapping her face hard as he reminded him of her place to him. This had been the final straw for Kamui. She had eventually given in to her curiosity, and ventured to Hoshido. And that is where our journey begins. What is Aqua all about (personality, role in the plot)? Now, I would suppose it would be time to bring up the major difference in the room. That being Azura. Though I would be remiss if I started discussing her, without describing a new OC that would be very important to her backstory. Dylan was but a simple boy in a local village near Krakenburg. King Garon’s harsh rule and desperate attempts to have everyone conform to his new will had gone poorly, and the people revolted. Thus, he ordered a squadron of his knights to raid the village and kill all of the men, leaving the women and children to be taken to his castle. Garon, however, only brought them in as test subjects, now realizing that a war with Hoshido was imminent. He wanted to assure his victory in the war...He wanted to breed a powerful weapon he could use. And the blood that was gifted to him from the “Great Dragon” was sure to make his weapon. He then placed the people in his dungeons, and tasked Iago with experimenting on them with the dragon’s blood. Some, had horrible results. They died, screaming in utter agony. All but one boy survived the experiments. A young boy named Dylan. He himself had finally become what Iago and Garon desired, the first manufactured dragon. Though, his form was different. His body had become warped in several places, and his mind had refused to progress past that of his younger years. His transformations would grant him a large sum of strength, and yet they would deteriorate his mind until he regressed into a savage beast. He was erased from Nohrian records, and promptly moved out of Nohr, abandoned and alone. He had eventually made his way to Hoshido, where he was able to live his days in a relative exile, though he still bore the Hoshidans rumors about him day after day. He would be ignored and mistreated by the Hoshidans, who would see him as a strange boy with even stranger powers. And this is how he came across someone that would change his life forever. And thus, he finds a blue haired girl, crying to herself on the side of a ditch, with multiple injuries and a few scattered stones around her. This girl is Azura. Azura in this fic, would have been separated from her mother, who died during the defense of Valla after suddenly leaving Nohr to protect her birthplace. Thus, Azura is left in the only nation that would accept her, which is the kingdom of Nohr. Though, Azura begins to realize that the people had always hated her mother. The countless concubines that Garon had all held contempt and hatred for Arete, who had been the second queen after Katarina. Essentially in this story, Azura would have been never treated well by the Nohrians or Hoshidans, their citizens treating her like she was a bane on the world itself. Her Nohrian siblings had ignored her, due to the general hatred Arete people had, due to her marrying Garon but returning to Valla soon afterward. Thus, they labeled her a demon spawn, and the concubines of this era saw her as a threat to the throne. So, they told their sons and daughters, like Leo, Camilla, and Xander to ignore her completely and not socialize with her under any circumstances. For 9 years, Azura lived a life of pain and sadness. This is only accentuated when Corrin is brought into Nohr. Those small months before Azura was taken away to Hoshido, she sees the Nohrian siblings open up to Corrin, but not to her. They once again ignore her, and there were no search parties made for her when she disappeared into Hoshido. And her time in Hoshido was no different. Only at the age of 11, she is subjected to such torture. While her Hoshido siblings certainly were less cruel in that regard, the people were not. They labeled her as Nohrian Scum, calling her terrible things like... "Nohrian slut...Wench...." The insults were endless. They never stopped coming, and in Azura's mind, her siblings never stopped the citizens either. They would always make an excuse of some kind. Azura had finally had enough one day. When a soldier kicked her to the ground, she retaliated. There were reports of numerous stab wounds on the man, even past his death. The kind warm stares she received from Hinoka and Ryoma abruptly ended as they heard of what she did, and they had banished her to a remote shrine near a lake, and away from the people. Abandoned and forgotten, she is forced to live a life of despair. Thus, dark feelings start to take root in her heart. She slowly begins to curse and hate those that have abandoned her, and she begins to despise the very world itself. Though she does find one kind soul, one person that might change that. His name was Dylan. He felt Azura's pain and knew what she was going through, to an extent. He merely just wanted to make her feel better, so he hung out with her every day to make sure she wasn't lonely. Thus, they developed a close relationship, though that relationship started to crack after a few years. Dylan was a pacifist and never believed in vengeance and such. He and Azuar would argue about these subjects often. Though as time went on, the fights turned from small to big, and often ended with Azura leaving the shrine screaming at Dylan, saying that he was "siding with them", or that he was "weak". Eventually, after a huge argument, Azura comes across the spring near her shrine. She is now 17 years old. She is despairing over the fact that Dylan doesn't see her point of view. She sees a ripple in the water, getting into it for a moment. She recalls a song she used to hear her mother sing, and a gate to Valla opens up. She walks through it and manages to be contacted by Anankos. Anankos then proclaims himself as Azura's true father and manipulates her into joining him. He plays her like a violin, using her dark feelings and already growing insanity against her. Thus, she begins to serve him and only him, out of her "love" for her father. Azura then is given a choice by Anankos. He knows of a way for Dylan to see her way, and for him to not be eliminated. Azura readily agrees, and she heads over to Dylan. She then tells him that... "We'll be together soon, I promise. You don't need to worry about anything else darling...." "It might be scary now...But soon it will all be over, and we can come back together again..." A lance then goes through his heart as he crumples to the floor, and soon is reanimated as one of Anankos's soldiers. What are the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings all about (personalities, roles in the plot)? Ryoma Ryoma would play out a similar way to most of the Royals, being the main leader of the Hoshidan forces. While he himself is not outright racist towards Nohrians, he still contains a deep hatred for them. He often will blame them, as many Hoshidans do, for the calamity that befalls them and the world. He does label them as Nohrian beasts or dogs, stating that all they know is war and violence. However, he is not completely resistant to change, and is willing to put aside his hatred for the greater good. However, Ryoma’s importance will greatly differ in Arc 2, where he will have to deal with an uprising of the citizens of Hoshido for his hastiness in agreeing to peace with the Nohrians rather than engaging in the war and finishing them off. Though in all honesty, there will be little difference between his canon version and this version though. Xander Xander will play a similar role to Ryoma, and holds a deep-seated hatred for the Hoshidans greed and vanity. Thus, he has no qualms about the tasks that Garon had him perform, for a while at least. Though Xander does have his limits, and he will resist some of the orders his Father will give if they disregard basic human rights. (Just like our favorite blonde Karl Marx in his OG game.) Like Ryoma, he does not wish to see more bloodshed. And after the events of the massacre of Crykensia, he agrees with Ryoma to still hostilities. This is a brief period of happiness for Nohr, and they slowly start to receive trades from the nations again. But the toll the war took on the people was too great. The nation’s already dwindling food supply is weakening, and the people are starving just as bad as they were before. This is only amplified in Arc 2, when king Garon is assassinated, and King Xander rises to the throne, only to be challenged to the throne by Iago. Camilla In this fic, while the character might be the same, I am planning to put a bit more emphasis on the female royal units. Camilla, will of course, still be obsessive about keeping stability and order within her family, taking the role of the overbearing mother. Obviously, like many good FE theorists say, Camilla obviously does this to make up for the fact that her mother had only used her as a pawn to get closer to King Garon. However, when Kamui begins to act out more, asking question after question about her life in Hoshido, Camilla tries to shut down her questions. She wants to keep that stability going, as it is the only thing keeping HER stability going. Things only escalate when Kamui starts to hound her father, and eventually gets put down by it. And eventually, when Kamui escapes to Hoshido, Camilla begins to lose her grip on her sanity. Her own guilt crashes in on herself, drowning her in depression. She blames herself for why Kamui had turned against them, choosing to side with nobody. Leo Leo himself will have an interesting relationship with Kamui. The two would often disagree a lot on how one would wish to rule a kingdom. Leo prefers a ruling system that gets results and is stable, and Kamui prefers one were the people are happy. Often, though Leo is the younger of the two, he often teases and makes snide remarks about Kamui’s relatively naive nature and childish antics. Kamui gets upset at this, but she typically lets it go after a few seconds. Though they bicker at times, Leo and Corrin hold the strongest bond with one another, just as they both do with Elise. I suppose you could say that they as younger siblings are closer than with Camilla and Xander. Takumi Takumi would play a role similarly to his old one, with him completely being driven by his hatred. He would, of course, be heavily skeptical of Corrin’s arriving, and often has arguments about his elder sibling’s reliance on peace tactics. This comes to a head on the Plains of Hoshido, where the two sides meet. Corrin manages to negotiate between the two to lower their weapons, and Ryoma and Xander agree. And just as things are going to end favorably, Takumi let’s loose an arrow at Elise, claiming that she was just a Nohrian snake, this all being against Ryoma’s orders. This cancels any compassion Nohr had for Hoshido, as it now reignites the battle they had begun long ago. After the initial fight, Ryoma and Hinoka are angered by his tactics. Takumi is hereby banished from the royal throne, and thus he feels betrayed by his family. He feels that HE is more Hoshidan than any of his brother’s or sisters. He thinks that they should be fighting Bohr his way. This only accelerates during Arc 2, during Ryoma’s ascension to the king of Hoshido. Ryoma agreed with Xander and Corrin to cease hostilities. However, not only was Takumi angered by this...but so were the people. They wanted revenge for the murder of their king and queen, and yet the king would agree to a draw that would have them SHARING resources with the ENEMY!? Takumi too desired this. He had eventually started to gain support, delivering speeches in direct opposition to his elder brother and sister. He slowly became the favored king of Hoshido, rather than Ryoma. And so this would start a new revolution within Hoshido. What is Garon, Mikoto, Lilith or any other important character all about? Garon will largely play the same role as the canon game, however, he is the one true Garon still. And though he still comes off as cold to his children, he is sympathetic to all of his children aside from Corrin, of whom he perceives as unworthy of his family name. He has ties to Anankos, though he tries to sever those ties at the end of Arc 1. This backfires though and leads to his own demise at the hands of Iago and Azura. When he is assassinated in Arc 2, he thus passes all the hatred tied to his name onto Xander, something the crown prince struggles to amend. What is Hydra all about (role in the plot)? Anankos is still the major boss and puppet master of the events. His goal is to release the binds that have been placed on him, and the only way to do that is with quintessence, and a Vallite royal, which he already has in the form of Azura. That is why he subtly influences others to further the war efforts and make it continue, rather than stop. What changes will be made to minor characters I plan on bringing more significance to the Hoshidan characters like Hana, perhaps having all people in Hoshido under a certain class have the same master. Like perhaps Ryoma and Hana trained under the same man or woman? 4. What notable changes would you make to the setting? What ideas do you have for world building? I intend to have more emphasis on the middle kingdoms, such as Izumo, Mokushu, Cykrensia, and Nestra. They will play into the politics of the countries heavily, with some allying with a nation, and some banding together to fight both. What kind of history does this continent have? The history and lore of the game will also largely be the same. I am also naming the world of Fates Dividire, which means “to force apart, cleave, or distribute”. What is the balance of natural and supernatural elements? The world of fates will rely heavily on magical elements, though I hope to bring out the gritty and hell like life that one would suffer on the battlefield. As such, the initial war will last for nearly 3 years until the massacre of Crykensia would stop it. Are the Faceless and invisible enemies in your story? The Faceless are being edited out of the story, but invisible enemies are going to continue throughout it as parts of Anankos forces. 5. Do any characters die? Actually yes, a lot frankly. While in the first Arc, character death will be at a minimum, aside from possibly one person, the second Arc is a whole different story. All in all, it will take a much darker tone, and as such, the ending will have multiple...and possibly all the main units dying. Only a few may end up surviving against Anankos. Some examples will be of course Mikoto, Juliana, Dylan, some of the retainers, and possibly some of the royal units. 6. Do you introduce any new characters? Yes. There are going to be a total of 4 new characters. 3 are Hoshidan characters, and 1 is a new villain. Kaguya- Samurai A close confidant and trusted friend to Ryoma. Both have trained under Asami, along with Hana as well during their younger years. She is loyal to a fault, stubborn, and dedicated but easily flustered. She is also fierce rivals with Hana, whom she has held a grudge with for many years. Asami- Swordmaster A quiet and strict master of the sword. Hailing from the destroyed village of Kohga, Asami is a feared and renowned swordfighter, only matching in skill with Sumeragi. she had been asked to teach his son and his people her ways, and she reluctantly agreed. She has currently taught 3 students, and finds Kaguya to be the most adept with the skill. She secretly hopes for the day to confront Kotaro and end his life, satisfying her revenge for what he did to her people. Mahiru- Pegasus Knight An easy-going, mischievous, and loud-mouthed Pegasus Knight. Mahiru often doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, and will often do so at any point she wishes. She has developed a close relationship with Takumi as not only his retainer, but as one of his few close friends. Dylan- ??? A young man of unknown origin. He seems to hold some close connection to Azura, and seems unfazed by her wicked plans as he stands by her. His intentions are unclear, and he seems to hold some power within him. As if he was human, but not human.... 7. Are any characters going to be cut? Yes. For the purposes of cutting extra, unneeded characters, I am planning on cutting Setsuna, Hinata, Oboro, Peri, Kagero, Felicia, Arthur, Lilith, Hans, and other characters. Pretty much in all, I hope that this story will take the actual world, war, and story of these character to a more life-like and gritty degree. Characters will not only have to overcome their own demons, but their inner demons as well. Regret, anguish, control, savagery, and, most of all….tolerance. And yeah, that was pretty much what I was thinking about this. Please comment down below on any suggestions or thoughts you had about these ideas. What you liked, disliked, all of it. I'm eager to get a discussion going. :)
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