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  1. fyi the files on this uploader were updated last year and may be useful
  2. nope some one would have to hack it in there are tl'ed pairing docs for some thou
  3. fyi Marth is The time to act(ds ver) and Ike is Eternal Bond. Alm and Celica are March to Deliverance and With Mila's Divine Protection
  4. Nate123

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    get a MSVCR71.dll put it in where FE4map is
  5. also archers in this game have range 1-5 and can counter
  6. Was looking and it and another fe8 hack have the same issues a spell editer on the uploader calmes to not work on no$cash might that be it FE8まほーv2+説明書 or could it be a patch in this archive ロード自作パッチ類 don't have a clue other wise
  7. That would be the same as just posting the rom.
  8. what unziper are you using Im using 7zip with no password needed
  9. dl link here for patch http://www.feshrine.net/thelastpromise/download/
  10. Your rom have a header? if not that might be it.
  11. soft patching a headered rom seams to work but hard patching falls
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