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  1. As but an onlooker uninvolved in the project, I apologize if I am overstepping my boundaries or "backseat driving". Nonetheless, I would like to suggest revisions to the English script regarding the "clergy", if you will, of Khadein. While scrolling through the Japanese scripts of FE11 and FE12, it came to my attention that there are quite a few different ranks within Khadein's hierarchy. Again, I must apologize if this is all old news to the translation team. Unfortunately, Shadow Dragon's official localization already muddles things. In Japan, Miloah, Gotoh's discipline, bears the title "大司教", the word for archbishops in Catholicism. (As an aside, Rhea's class, Archbishop, is actually "大司教" in Japanese.) In Shadow Dragon's English releases (as well as in Heroes), Linde's father is addressed as "Pontifex Miloah". This choice seems all well and good; pontifices were high-ranking priests in the state religion of ancient Rome. The problem is that Wendell, a comparatively humble "司祭" (priest/Bishop class) during the War of Shadows, also refers to himself as a pontifex in the English script. As this is the official localization, there's nothing to be done about it. I suppose it should also be mentioned that Wendell's FE11 character ending does not actually name the hieratic position he goes on to assume in Japanese. It merely states that he rose to the top of the hierarchy of mages. Now onto New Mystery of the Emblem and my suggestions. Two new ranks in the hierarchy are revealed by name: "高司祭" and "最高司祭". "高司祭" is a term that, to my knowledge, does not appear outside of FE3/FE12 and does not seem to have a direct English translation. It refers to the order of mages (presumably) directly below Khadein's leader in rank. In the standing FE12 translation, this has been rendered as "pontifex", which results in three separate ranks having been translated as such. To be fair, "高司祭" actually is Wendell's epithet for his Book 1 character ending in FE3, but this detail is changed in FE11. In any case, my suggestions for "高司祭" are "high priest", "high bishop", or even "high pontifex". "最高司祭", roughly "supreme priest", is the name of the position Wendell rises to between games, the very same held by Gharnef during the War of Shadows. ("Dark Pontifex" is just the localization of Gharnef's stock epithet "魔王", not his official position at the top of Khadein's hierarchy.) Currently, "最高司祭" is rendered as "Archmage" in the FE12 fan translation. However, this title interestingly appears in another Fire Emblem game: Awakening. Here, it is the title Validar addresses the possessed Future Robin with when introducing him to Chrom and friends. It was localized into English as "hierophant". Alternatively, if the translation team wishes to maintain a "pontifical" naming scheme, the aforementioned title could be translated as "supreme pontifex", derived from one of the names of the Roman Catholic pope ("supreme pontiff"). With all this said, I would like to demonstrate the rough idea for a revised passage from Chapter 10 of New Mystery of the Emblem using my suggestions.
  2. Up until recently, I was under the impression that each unit could have one A Support, one B Support, and one C Support at the max. Now in Chapter 22, I was informed that five Support conversations was the limit. The problem is that I want Roy and Lilina to reach A-rank but they're stuck at B, as Roy also has a B Support with Marcus and a C Support with Wolt. What I want to do is input cheats so that Roy's Support with Marcus is down to C-rank and his Support with Lilina is at A-rank, with the conversation ready to be viewed. However, I was still confused after reading a list of codes for the game. Can anyone here more savvy in this area tell me what exact codes I need to input in order to accomplish this? I am emulating the game on mGBA.
  3. I sympathize with you there; I can't stand snow because winter often overstays its welcome, where I live. Silesse is pretty low on the list for me, but I do like Lewyn's story there
  4. The Jugdral saga is by far my favorite couple of games in the Fire Emblem franchise, thanks in no small part to the politics between the various nations and houses on the continent. In my opinion, Shouzou Kaga and company effectively painted a rich setting (at least, within the confines of the SNES), with each region having a distinct feel to it. That all being said, what are your favorite and least favorite Jugdrali states? I would have to say that my favorite state is Thracia proper because of how fleshed out it is, as well as its territorial conflict. FE5 particularly raises a magnifying glass on the Thracian peninsula, delving into several towns and villages that were first introduced in the game's predecessor. One of the most notable features of the region would be its rugged mountains and dreary wastelands, sharply contrasting with the bountiful fields of the northern Manster District. It is this agricultural gap that sparks tensions between the two states, as we witness in the Jugdral saga. Meanwhile, my least favorite state (if we are not counting Yied) would probably be either Verdane or Agustria. This is by no means to say that either country is disinteresting. Nonetheless, I find myself more engrossed in the more geographically exotic locations as opposed to the par-for-the-course grasslands and forests.
  5. I accidentally posted this in the wrong section, so I am reposting here (and having the old one deleted). So, I am aware of three Fire Emblem servers on Discord: Of course, the Serenes Forest server: https://discord.gg/nwdUGrD The r/fireemblem server: https://discord.gg/0oiErpwGKkn1shA3 And the server working on the Project Exile translation patch for FE5: https://discord.gg/YDgZpbY Are there any other major servers I should be aware of?
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhat recently. If I recall correctly, bookofholsety gave a rough estimate some months ago that the updated translation patch for Genealogy of the Holy War would be completed by the end of this year. I understand that real life can get in the way of fan projects such as these, especially college and work. Nonetheless, has anyone heard any recent news from him or others involved on the patch?
  7. Hello!! I am new here, too! How do you make a new topic?
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