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  1. Similar deal to my other post. My name is Jack Longman and I'm looking to kick off a Fire Emblem discussion article, pertaining to Heroes, which I will then use to shape a discussion article, using all the answers you guys provide and give me permission to use. The article goes by the series name "Let's Talk About..." and it's for my website Miketendo64, but I'm not sharing links because I don't want to self promote. As for the matter I wish to discuss in this post, now that Book II and Version 2.0.0 is out for Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile app has come a long way since it launched. It's got lots of new features, alternate modes like Tempest Trials, Voting Gauntlets, a Weapon Refinery and even a new story. In fact given all that has been added and the fact Fire Emblem Heroes has a new icon now, it does feel almost like a new game again and that's great since to me, it feels like a more refined release, but with all my progress carried over, but how do you guys feel about it? Does Heroes still feel the same way to you, or has Book II and Version 2.0.0 been the game changer you've been waiting for? Without further ado, Let's Talk About...Fire Emblem Heroes Book II (A Story Evolved or the Mobile Sequel that Remembers?)
  2. Good evening everyone, my name is Jack Longman and I was wondering if you might be interested in aiding me in a little something. You see, one of the things I do is run a Nintendo site, which I aim to do more Fire Emblem related discussion posts, which is where this noble forest comes into the equation. Provided it is okay, I would like to start a discussion here, for the fans of Fire Emblem to have their say, regarding a topic I wish to discuss before in a week's time, I round up all the answers I have your permission to share and post them as part of a Let's Talk About article that will be posted on Miketendo64. I would share links to previous articles and the site, but that could come across as self promotion, which isn't what I want to do in the slightest and if you don't want me sharing your answer, feel free to say so when responding. As for the matter I wish to discuss, well since this is the year that gave us the Royal siblings Sharena & Alfonse and Rowan & Lianna, the new heroes of Heroes and Warriors, should Intelligent Systems who had a hand in both games, have gone about creating a crossover event that would see characters from each game appear in the other? I'm not saying Rowan and Lianna need to be playable in FE Heroes, but they could have appeared as part of a Tempest Trial event, instead of just a FE Warriors launch event tie-in and nothing more, whereas in Warriors, Alfonse and Sharena could have appeared as characters during a Tempest Trials History Map that not only would give players more levels to play, but an effective cross promotion that not only benefits the games, but the new faces of Fire Emblem Warriors 2017. So without further ado, Let's Talk About...Fire Emblem (The 2017 Character Crossovers that Never Happened)
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