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  1. Kliff: Just so boring... Faye: Ew...Annoying brat Delthea: Same as above Clair: I just can’t stand that type of character Fernand/Berkut/Rinea: Useless I ADORE Rinea’s design, but she literally is an acessory, Berkut is a boring selfish villain, and I only liked Fernand’s last moment, but by that point it was too late for me to like him. His memory shards moments were cute tho.
  2. So guys, Is this game any good for you? I’m really considering the idea of getting it, but some genuines opinions from people that have the game are always well accepted! :)
  3. Hi guys, I’m Emanuele, I’m 21 and I’m an Italian boy. First of all, as you can see, since I’m from Italy, english isn’t exactly my strong point so maybe I’ll mess up sometimes but I’m giving my all for you guys, and I’ll try to expose my thoughts and ideas in a language that isn’t mine (also I’m doing this hard mode, that is not using any translators or dictionary, I’m really into improving my english skills by my own strenghts) Feel free to correct me guys If I do mistakes, I beg you! But hey, this is a Fire Emblem forum, I guess I went a bit off topic eheh! My passion for Fire Emblem started with Gaiden, then I really didn’t care about videogames in general, finally my passion came back thanks to Smash and Awakening. Oh, and blue haired babes rules! I really have a soft spot for those ones. Caeda, Eirika, Ninian, Lucina, Azura...Aah! I want all of them to be my wives! Recently, I started to replay some Fe games and here I am! I felt the urge to discuss with other people over the series and yes, I signed up here. So...Take care of me! See you guys, I’m confident we’ll have fun together! :))
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