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  1. Guess what! I got the laguz classes in the game! Cat, tiger, lion, hawk (working on eagle) would you like to see?
  2. it worked but only for named units (not generic), so that's problem one, problem two is i'd rather know of a way to loop the cycle, then having to put the convert line text in turn and enemy turn change txt. i read that it could be more prone to bugs plus the tediousness of it
  3. btw would there be a fe8 make for the lex? i'm not cut out for it but fe8 is a good gba fe game
  4. basically by red i mean red faction team(enemy) but controlled by the player. example, assign say one specific character that is a lord class, set it as an enemy unit, and in the level editor mark it as playable as it is possible to make a player (blue team) unit ai controlled. so he can interact with the enemy but can attack the player(blue unit) and cannot pass a blue (like an enemy) (hope that made sense) alternatively, i would wonder if this would be at all possible to attempt in the level editor this neat little trick makes it so that control (blue unit) changes to who's army the turn is this is to the end that i may have a multiplayer battle experience with my brother. and i'm ganna try to get the monsters from fe8 into the game so he can have them for an army against army of men
  5. Could the unitlevel.txt be used to make a red unit player controlled?
  6. Isaiah Daniel

    Various Maps

    would you be willing to try to recreate the fire emblem field from super smash brawl?
  7. how do you know that the enemy troop limit is 999? did you actually go and spawn that many enemies? could you try out and see how many allies (green units) you could spawn? man isn't perfect after all and info is over looked, or forgotten to be added on occasion (for anything), that would include things like this but if you prefer not to, no biggy
  8. is it a demo limitation? or something? because i couldn't load more then like 30 allies but the weird part is, i am able to copy and paste a bit past 30 for the enemy (haven't tried going to the absolute limit) do you know what the differences between the demo and the full? i'd get the full, but like 60$ for the full thing? just 8 /
  9. thank you for the reply. somehow i managed not to noticed that you replied sooner. but anyway, i found a way better program/engine that is better anyway. it actually has the best graphics/visuals (which is the gba style, of course) and i have gotten some assistance from 2 people on some tips and tricks on how to use it (for a better fe experience) like for example, one of them being kind about it, took up my request to help me implement the direct command (from path of radiance) that i may have better over all control of my (green army). little context, i never like to use more then one blue unit, i am that unique fire emblem player. but anyway, to give my (green unit) army commands while not holding each and everyone by the hand to control is my style of battle.
  10. get that penalty crud off of me, i didn't know it was moth(s) old.

    i was just wondering about the map to be shared as png that i saw

  11. Isaiah Daniel


    does anyone have super fexp?
  12. i guess that was just too much words for you. i keep forgetting that i'm in a world dominated by simple people and children in understanding. forgive me
  13. like i said, i'm not a hacker and no coder either. and now that i know about the engine, lex-talionis, i don't even care about fexna. if it was ganna be out, should have been out by now. , i have no desire for this.understand my context. i was thinking that this was made from rpgmaker xp, and there was not a lot of content on there to begin with(fexp was the custom game for it that was open source) so for me to get what i was after was vary hard. not to mention it was more code based and hard, there was no fe tutorial on it either. that's why i was inquiring of a better base fe that i thought was made by rpgmaker xp (this mod) then fexp i did not go for for febuilder (though it was easier to use) because the limitation on the green units (20 max at a time on the field), had it not that limitation, i would probably not be here now. but the gba is a little thing. question, while we're on the topic of modding/hacking/coding, are you ganna protest all of the super smash brawl mods that are out there? what about project m? all of those are public and tournaments are even held for project m. instead of giving me a bad time for ignorantly asking for recouces from here for what i had (fexp + rpgmaker xp) for personal use only, how about go after the big time modders/hackers that are going worldwide with their alterations of what another did? O, here's another good one, what about all the star wars battlefront 2 mods? (the 2005, aka, the good one), look up swbf2 2005/classic mods, and you will see many different sorts. would you be willing to wager that the makers of swbf2 classic did not think that this would happen when they first made and released their game? by any chance have you seen the clone wars? (cartoon or the animated show) they didn't put any of that in their game. how about the 7-9 era (which is not worthy of being called star wars), there is mod called "a new frontier". as bad as the last 3 movies were, this was a great mod, much detail and effort was put in for the fans. and the last 3 movies were not even in development when bf2 2005 came out
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