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  1. I made a new video Its a meme but like it has another character from the thing I'm making Also I was going to credit the artist for all the actual art but like (Don't worry she let me post this screenshot here is another screenshot for proof) Also more about the joke game: My irl friend group did not progress much, we had school and we were kind of lazy 😛 Here is Dorime Dog:
  2. I honestly don't know why I made such a creature. I name it "Eg Tahnos" So the reason why i made this is because i was making a joke fire emblem hack featuring me and my friends and I decided, "hey what if I added Eirika and Ephraim, but they are generic to the roof, stats and everything?" So I started to make the portrait. Before starting, I thought, "But what if they looked stupidly funny with stick figure body, eyes far apart, and a tiny smile?" after making a little of it, i noticed that even with the cape, i didn't have enough colors (duh). So I randomly thought for some reason, "lets make the infinity gauntlet have 12 colors in it". After some editing i remembered that thanos had the chin thing too, so i made that, and the glove had 11 colors. I know its amazing. JK lol. (also that girl in the background? I'll tell who that is... after i finish the whole thing that might never actually happen.)
  3. I didn't see anyone ask so i must ask, how do you MAKE a ups patch? so yeah.
  4. so... do you still have the problem or are you good now?
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