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  1. The most obvious pairings that shows she gets over it are her supports with Robin and Gregor(Robin especially if you play the summer scramble dlc where they have special dialogue). The end of Severa’s paralogue kinda implies it as well.
  2. I wouldn’t mind playing as Grima. I mean we have Robin but like come on. I need my fell dragon girl.
  3. Yeah but that’s not the game’s fault. It’s not right to objectively criticize a game based on very personal experiences like that
  4. I think because it’s funny to see such a cute little girl transform into this hulking beast of death and destruction. Just a thought. This is true
  5. But manakete evolution can't be influenced by gods because they are the gods! So how does it work? Get on it Lockstin!
  6. So uhhh question, is it okay if my entry has extremely mild incestious undertones? It's nothing explicit obviously but I kinda lean into some trashy "little sister" light novel tropes. The most of it is the main character calling his sister cute and the use of "onii-chan" as it were.
  7. Serious question but why do they have breasts? All those things are are giant lumps of fat used to create and store milk for newborn offspring so do manaketes breastfreed? are they mammals or reptiles? Are they born in dragon form or human form? do they lay eggs? these are very serious questions I've been thinking about recently
  8. I like to headcanon that Severa had no idea what to name her kid and was put on the spot so she just threw her mother's name in a metaphorical blender and came up with that. Headcanons aside, how else would you make an anagram of Cordelia's name while also making it sound eastern inspired. It's tough
  9. It’s not necessarily that I hate her name but I don’t like how Severa and Cordelia’s names were changed during localization. Cause their original names (Serena and Tiamo) when put together mean love and peace in Italian(I think) which is really sweet and something unfortunately lost in the English version of the games. On the topic of name changes, I don’t like how Kamui was changed to Corrin in English but they kept the name Kana. Which is strange because when put together with Corrin’s jp name Kamui, it’s a reference to Kana Kamuy. An ancient ainu god of lightning that takes the form of a dragon and that’s a cool reference. Kamui itself is the generic suffix/prefix(I don’t remember which it is) which means “power of the gods” for said gods in Ainu myth.
  10. I would absolutely love to see that if only because the forging bonds conversations would be absolutely hilarious!
  11. I believe the odds of a sequel are quite high though I don’t see it happening for a while seeing as koei tecmo seem to have been busy on other projects these past couple of years(Altier, 3H, P5S, etc) though I would not be surprised if one is announced either sometime this year or next year.
  12. I actually agree with most of what’s said here. Fates’s flaws feel more so the result of a lot of developer in fighting and they had no idea what they really wanted to focus on. I’ll defend Fates’s story and characters to my dying breath but even I can admit the game feels like a confused mess at times. Camilla is by far the best example of what I mean. Do they want to write an actually deep, complex, and nuanced character or wank material? Choose one please because both aspects of her character detract from each other. They don’t mix and only serve to hurt her character overall.
  13. I honestly don’t know what the fuck this entry I’m writing is right now. This is what happens when you watch too much anime folks
  14. For me basically take awakening and 3H’s character writing, the game mechanics and design philosophy of fates, children units from awakening and fates, the bonus exp system from echoes, and SoV quality voice acting. Then throw all that into a pot with a simple linear yet effective story and that’s about all I could really ask for
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