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  1. In any case since it is my win this time and I’ve been in a shounen mood recently(One Piece is really fuckin good guys) my prompt for you all is to write a fight scene between two characters. No monsters, no faceless mooks, no mindless beasts, none of that. It has to be a fight between two actual characters. Other than that one condition go nuts
  2. I mean could do that but edgy tsundere boy with an inferiority complex like come on!
  3. Basically almost anything composed by Yasuharu Takanashi or Yuki Kajira. God I absolutely love Takanashi’s work on Naruto shippuden and Fairy Tail. He’s really good at really building up hype with a lot of his scores or creating a more slow depressing melody. A couple of my favorites: As for Yuki Kajira, her compositions just have a certain grandness to them that’s hard to replicate. Her work on Madoka Magica is just breath takingly beautiful in how she truly is able to really bring out the tragedy of that show with her compositions. From the mystical Sis puella magica to the inspiring yet somber and tragic decretum, the soundtrack really helps bring the emotions of this show to life in ways that’s hard to describe with words alone.
  4. Pretty much this. Like it feels like the VA is trying way too hard to go for that “anime mom/big sister” character which is what Mercedes is but it feels like she’s trying too hard to sound like that to the point where it just kinda sounds sarcastic. Also as a Danganronpa fan all I hear out of her mouth is Tsumugi and fuck Tsumugi so yeah.
  5. Anti-maskers don’t deserve rights. That was a funny parody.
  6. Banned because Gawr Gurais adorable
  7. Did you? I guess I didn’t notice. Apologies for that. It’s been quiet around here lately.
  8. Dude if I can get Lissa to level 4 or 5 before chapter 6 on Lunatic without any grinding then maybe you’re maybe you’re doing something wrong(or you’re getting rng screwed). Awakening does give you the tools to deal with it’s bullshit. I should know I’ve played through Lunatic several times. I know how this game works. Yeah awakening spams ranged enemies at you so work around it. You don’t have to pair up your units you know you can separate at the cost of a turn in order to create a mini barricade. Take advantage of the weapon triangle for dodge tanking because a lot of the of the early enemies use axes so units like Stahl, Robin, and Chrom make for effective effective shields. You could also try giving bronze swords to Frederick and Sully for this exact purpose. Also use your Jaegan. Frederick is really useful for the early game because he can easily take out strong immediate threats. Look at Enemy ranges to determine how far they can actually reach. There are plenty of options available to you. You just have to use them
  9. This is the thing Fates fixed about it actually. Basically how it works in fates is that you have two stances. Guard and assist(I think that’s the term). Instead of RNG determining whether or not a unit helps attack or guard their pair up partner it’s instead determined by how they’re positioned. If two units are simply next two each other, The second unit will do a second weaker attack(I believe it’s 1/3 the damage they would normally do) after the primary unit’s first attack. The damage is displayed as “primary attack damage + secondary attack damage”. When actually paired up it’s a little different. The partner will not assist in attacking but instead will help defend against other pair up attacks and as the two attack and are attacked a little shield meter will build up under their health. Once filled out, the support partner will guard the primary unit from any and all damage from a single attack. Again it’s no longer determined by rng. Fates handles it a lot better. Dude if you don’t know how to keep your healers safe then I’m sorry you’re just kinda bad at the game. I’ve beaten this multiple times on lunatic and not once have I had a problem with keeping my healers safe. I don’t know what to tell you man. The X button exists for a reason so use it
  10. I actually see Mist getting more of a Nifl or Fairy resplendent
  11. This is why pair up is much better in fates. It basically removes 90% of the RNG involved and actually uses it in a way that better incentives strategy. I love awakening lord almighty does it have issues in the gameplay department.
  12. Banned because the pokemon adventures manga is amazing and more people need to read it
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