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  1. You know the funniest part about this is you basically described all of Naruto which is my personal favorite fictional story of all time. Particularly in the bolded portion because that’s just how Naruto beats a lot of his enemies bar Kakuzu. Cause a major theme in Naruto is the idea of understanding being able to overcome this endless cycle of hate. Naruto shows his foes that there is hope in this world of endless conflict using his unwavering ideals to connect with and understand others. In the world of shinobi everyone is a victim of war and understands pain well but it’s in sharing that pain that allows people to come together and give each other hope. All that aside, I do get that this trope can get tiring, like with everything, it all depends on execution but overall I feel this sort of trope is done well more often than not. Even in shows like fairy tail. I don’t think Fairy tail is amazing or anything but it’s far from bad and it handles that theme especially well. Well you should watch/read One Piece because it’s amazing and a masterpiece of storytelling. It’s my second favorite manga of all time for damn good reason. You should also give Naruto a shot as well. Both are amazing stories. It would appear you have been talk-no-jutsu’d and my work here is done
  2. I don’t have to imagine this because that’s exactly how 90% of the villains in One Piece are actually beaten. Like name one villain in One Piece that isn’t beaten in this fashion. Either Luffy or one of his crew shouts about friendship/determination which gives Luffy the final push he needs to finish the job. That’s like how almost every one piece villain goes down. That’s how Lucci went down, how Doflamingo went down, how Katakuri went down, how Eneru went down, I could go on but I think you get the point. Hell Kaido will probably be the same way considering how things are setting up. I’m not complaining of course because One Piece is a master piece of story telling but that’s just how it is. I’m just saying if you don’t think that’s how Luffy will beat Blackbeard or Sakazuki then you haven’t been paying attention to One Piece. It’s a little thing called themes maybe you heard of it because that’s just how themes work. You show it through how your characters win and the characters make that speech to make sure you understand the message. Like the thing you need to understand about fight scenes is that the winner and loser are not determined simply by who’s stronger. Anyone can write a fight scene where two people punch each other until the other falls over but it takes a bit of creativity to craft compelling characters that consistently conform to contradictory conduct. Katekuri didn’t lose to Luffy because luffy worked harder/was stronger no he lost because unlike Luffy he felt trapped by the obligations of his family where as Luffy isn’t and is able to trust in his family to be able to handle things without him. As another example of this here’s probably my favorite scene from the Naruto vs Sasuke part 2 fight As Naruto goes to form his rasengan all the hands of his friends and people he’s connected with help him form it showing that he has all these people supporting him. They all have faith in him and are helping him win this final fight. That rasengan is the culmination of all the bonds he’d forged up til now. He’s not alone anymore and it’s brilliant visual storytelling. It is a sort of “friendship laser” type deal but it works extremely well
  3. These past two years have been something else. With Quarantine having all us all locked away and devoid of human contact for long stretches of time, not to mention work and school eating at my free time, I’ve really begun to value the small bits of time I get to spend with my friends. As I get older and the less time I have to hang out with others, it’s become more and more clear just how important those connections are. I feel like friendship is just something we take for granted nowadays when in reality it’s one of the most complex thing humans are capable of. As corny as it sounds, the power of a bond between two people is something powerful and beautiful beyond words. It’s something that’s hard to describe but you know it when you see it. Really think about what a friendship truly is. Someone you met by complete happen stance is now someone you can rely on, you can laugh with, you can confide in and trust. Someone who can share your joy and your pain as if it was their own. That’s a beautiful thing to me and I don’t think we appreciate that sort of thing enough. It’s why I love how so many stories depict it in fiction by giving it a physical form in terms of a power boost. Because as corny as it sounds, bonds can give you strength. The knowledge that someone out there believes in you, has faith in you, and will always be by your side through thick and thin can give you the strength to push forward when otherwise you would’ve just given up. I dunno I personally just find that sort of message as an important one worth telling. It’s message everyone needs to hear at some point that you know you’re not alone.
  4. You know I feel like Luffy at the end of wholecake island where Sanji’s dad is asking “how can you like something like Sanji?” And Luffy just says “How come he’s just listing all your best qualities?” Cause like if a tsundere “takes it too far” I like that because it creates conflict in the story and I like conflict in my stories. Same goes for “desiring proof before opening up” that’s the whole reason tsunderes are so great because 1. It’s relatable and 2. It’s a trope that comes with its own built in character arc. To continue to reach out to someone who insists on pushing you away because you can’t bare to see them in anymore pain is the type of stories that I like because it shows that everyone is deserving of love and companionship. I dunno maybe it’s just my Narutard talking but I just love stories like that because no one deserves to bare that pain alone.
  5. What does this mean exactly? Cause no tsundere really does this if I’m interpreting it correctly. Yeah sure they’re still calling you an idiot but by that point it’s more of a nickname than anything derogatory. It’s like Sasuke calling Naruto “Loser” at the end of their fight. It’s a nickname as a way of showing endearment and respect born from familiarity. It’s the fact that they’re constantly abrasive is what makes the more rare dere moments all the more sweet. They may be calling you a moron but that’s not what they mean when they say that.
  6. Because people are dumb and don’t understand how comparison work
  7. You guys really are just a bunch of cowards. The appeal of a tsundere is in that contrast from tsun to dere. If the tsundere is calling you the stupidest man on earth then you’re doing something right. On the topic of Noelle though one thing I find adorable about her is the nickname she gives to Asta(“Bakasta” in Japanese while it’s “Dorksta” in the viz translation). I just find it cute. It’s that kind of development of familiarity that you don’t quite get with other character types. Then again I just like abrasive characters in general
  8. Not really because that is the literal definition of the term. The only reason the words otaku and nerd aren’t quite synonymous is because of the cultural implications associated with each one. A “nerd on steroids” as you call them is more akin to what you would call a hikkikamori or neet because they are actual shut ins which is what hikkikamori translates to. An Otaku is more akin to an obsessive comic book collector or movie buff. Someone who owns every piece of star wars merchandise, DVD, VHS, comic, etc. and could recite the entirety of the lore to you with 100% accuracy that’s the equivalent of what an Otaku is over here. It’s not like most Otaku aren’t well adjusted. A lot of them hold stable jobs and have families. Again, the creator of Nekopara has a husband with 2 kids. On your kid icarus point there could be a number of reasons for the lack of extreme pandering the most prominent is the age rating and the fact that it’s on a Nintendo system. You can only get away with so much. There is also the target demographic to consider. Is it for a shounen audience? Or a seinen one? Which again dictates what you can get away with. You also have localization to consider which leads into my next point. Kid icarus is very self-aware and self-referential a staple in a lot otaku media nowadays. A lot of that humor could’ve been lost in translation for example you can’t convince me they didn’t outright call Viridi a tsundere in the Japanese script. Tsundere as a term does not translate at all into English so treehouse might’ve decided to change the script of that portion entirely. Though again this is mostly speculative because the audience they were aiming may not understand what that word means. For a similar FE example, in the hot springs scramble dlc Morgan says that boys these days are into “girls who are tough on the outside but sweet on the inside” which is essentially what a tsundere is which makes me wonder if Morgan actually outright called Severa a “tsundere” in the original Japanese script and 8-4 just decided to translate it in the way they did. The whole “Saturday morning cartoon” vibe you described could’ve just been a result of localization and knowing treehouse it likely was. True but that’s not gonna stop the developers from implementing those things, now is it? Well unless of course they receive immense backlash for it like they did for the petting minigame in fates.
  9. Is it I was under the impression that it was at least a harem series but I stand corrected
  10. I mean so does the creator of nekopara(though in her case it’s a husband) and if you know what nekopara is well that fact may be a little surprising. She’s also a prominent member a pretty popular doujin group and she’s married with like 2 kids. The mangaka of “To Rent A Girlfriend” is married and that’s like an ecchi harem series. I’m just saying. I mean still doesn’t change the fact that they’re nerds. Also Maeda’s favorite female character in awakening is Tharja so that kind of explains a lot as to the kinds of things he likes. Also keep in mind the director of both 3H and SoV also drew bunny Loki in feh arguably the most horny design in that game. But they aren’t doing that. To some degree they are, but to reduce these characters down to “shallow waifu bait” says more about you than the work in question. Regardless, you can’t create art without being a fan of art and it’s clear to me that these developers watch a lot of anime or read a lot of manga/light novels which is why you see so many common tropes of those things found in their games. I mean the fact that every FE game has an Ojou in it kind of speaks for itself. Also I remember hearing Kaga himself was inspired by the likes of Gundam. And you cannot convince me that Ike wasn’t at least somewhat inspired by Guts. The influence is apparent and even Miyazaki himself has stated that there are too many otaku in the industry. I’m just saying the fact that these tropes exist at all in these games shouldn’t come as a surprise honestly. What I mean to say is that because these games are made in Japan you shouldn’t be surprised they want to pander to Japanese audiences nor should they be looked down upon because of it.
  11. You know how autistic people can hyper fixate on something to the point where they become complete experts in that subject like being able to memorize all the roads in california or more relatably be able to recite almost every fact about a specific animal, tv show, or video game. Stuff like that.
  12. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here because you’re kind of preaching to the choir. When did I ever imply that it isn’t okay for other perspectives to exist? I never did. Quite the opposite in fact. My point is the exact same as yours in that we shouldn’t be dismissive of other perspectives especially the ones involving how the work was created in the first place. Again, keep in mind these games are made by Japanese nerds for Japanese nerds and that context shouldn’t be ignored or disrespected. Whether you like it or not that’s a matter of personal preference but that’s a fact that cannot be denied and it’s important to keep that context in mind when criticizing it. Because at the end of the day we’re analyzing the work of a foreign country which needs to be looked at through the lens of that country’s cultural beliefs and values because those are inevitable influences on that work. I’m not saying that the Japanese perspective is the only perspective but it is an important when trying to understand a piece of art that comes from Japan.
  13. Technically no there isn’t because an Otaku is defined as a person with an unhealthy obsession with something on the level of autistic special interests. It’s basically Japan’s word for nerd, geek, basement dweller, whatever. There’s a lot of overlap between those special interests mind you which leads to overlap of different otaku communities like for example idol otaku are likely gonna be pretty big anime fans as well. Even so, do you really think Sakurai isn’t Otaku? The man is the one who helped design Palutena’s modern design and also fought against not being able to put panty shots in smash. I’m just saying. Also nier doesn’t have those tropes because Yoko Taro didn’t want to put them there. It’s as simple as that. The FE dev team clearly did tho. Yeah but it’s still speculative. Sure, there’s enough evidence there to make the argument but what I don’t like about it is the general dismissiveness of the argument as if that’s the only reason those things were put into the game. It could’ve been but there could also be another reason and I don’t think we should dismiss the possibility of those reasons without trying to find them first. Maybe there is a deeper meaning to it all and you’re just not seeing it that is totally possible. True, but you also have to remember that at its core Fire Emblem is still a Japanese game developed by Japanese nerds. The fact that they play into a lot of tropes found in other Japanese media even ones made specifically for Otaku is an inevitability. Especially because the majority people playing these games are other Japanese nerds. You don’t have to like it but that’s just how it works. I just don’t like people being dismissive of that context to bolster some kind of weird ethnocentric moral highground.
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