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  1. Mine might not get done unfortunately. I’ll certainly try but there are other things I wanna be writing too atm. Who knows with adhd anything is possible
  2. this I agree with and to that notion a story can be anything. A story/support isn't bad because it doesn't pander to you're particular set of tastes. I hate it when people criticize writing this way because it comes off as extremely entitled to me. Like just because the story isn't what you wanted it to be that doesn't make it bad
  3. Well that’s because Alm and Celica are a couple and Roy is Eliwood’s son so there’s more to the connection than just taking the weapon from them. Lysithea doesn’t really have much of a connection to Catherine as far as I can tell so...
  4. you know what I just really like shounen power up moments those are great
  5. “I want to prove that I can be a splendid ninja as well even if I can’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu! I want to prove it to the whole world!” I love Rock Lee. One of the best characters of early Naruto and living breathing proof that hard work can beat out natural talent. Gaara vs Lee is still by and large one of the best fights in the series.
  6. I never said their hypocrisy was a bad thing because like you said that hypocrisy is acknowledged by the narrative and corrected which is why they are able to win the day. On the topic of Byleth. Their “arc” fits into this as well because their whole thing is about learning about how to express their emotions properly which they learn to do by the end of white clouds thanks to the bond they have with their students. In a way Byleth uses what they learned through that arc to help their students do the same. They learn to be true to themselves and be open to others
  7. Itachi was truly a genius wasn't he? A true shinobi in every respect. but yeah I agree with what's said here. then again honestly, I've drawn a lot of Naruto parallels with 3H cause Edelgard's goals are very similiar to Sasuke's by the end of the series. They both want to reform a system they view as flawed because it's those flaws that has allowed for the suffering for both themselves and the world at large. They both realize they blood they have to spill but they'll do it anyway for the sake of making the world a better place. Regardless, I've been chewing on 3H's story for a while now and honestly the biggest thematic through line I can find is what Edelgard says at the end of CF where she says "When humanity stands strong and people reach out to one another, there is no need for gods" or something to that effect which is interesting because it's very similar to what Claude says at the end of Verdant Wind where in he states: "Yet we have the strength to scale the walls between us. To reach out our hands in friendship so that we can open up our true hearts to one another" What's interesting about these statements is that it kinda makes them hypocrits in a way. Because both of them refused to reach out to each other and show their true intentions until the war happened and that's why the war happened. The same can be said of Rhea and Dimitri. Every major character in this game hides some kind of secret or rather they never their true selves or true intentions. Hell the whole reason Edelgard hates the church is because Rhea is lying to everyone about herself and the world's history. Dimitri's whole arc centers around him being to true himself and learning to fight for what he believes in not the belief of others. In Azure Moon he even tries to reach out to Edelgard but she's stubborn and doesn't reciprocate. She refuses to reach out therefore she loses the thematic conflict. That's something to chew on anyway
  8. so basically combine the support system with the 'reverse arcana' system in personas 3 and 4. That's actually not a bad idea like if you say something the character doesn't like then you won't gain support bonus's with them you reconcile. I like that idea
  9. Look it’s clear you and me are never gonna agree on this but I feel I need to clarify my stance. I have nothing against you or anyone else for having an opinion. My problem is in how you try to justify it by presenting personal opinions as an objective argumentative claim. Is it different? Sure but that doesn’t make it bad which is how I keep interpreting your words. It’s fine to not like it but when you start saying shit like “Oh FE is just a dating sim” or it’s “too anime” that’s when my blood starts to boil because those(especially the ladder) aren’t even arguments. They’re just solely subjective opinions that mean nothing in the way of objective criticism. You don’t like it? fine more power to you but why do you have to belittle it just to justify your own subjective tastes? What angered me most with @Wraith specifically was that he kept on saying shit like “oh anime is so kiddy and juvenile” and if there’s one thing I despise more than anything is when you actively belittle something for very stupid and arbitrary reasons like “it isn’t mature enough” cause that just reeks of pretentiousness to me. Critique is one thing but actively tearing something down like that just to justify personal taste as objective makes me angry. I apologize if I misconstrued your words too much in all of this. I simply do not like it when people make that “too anime” argument because of just how dumb that argument is. like you keep making the point that these two games are different. But to what end? What’s the overall point you’re trying to make there? Yeah they’re different and? is it bad? Good? Or are you just making an observation? cause with the way you’re wording it implies you think it’s a bad thing to which I strongly disagree. I can definitely see how these tropes can annoy some people but honestly that just comes with the territory of supports. Not every character can get development in the main story which is why supports are a thing in the first place and working to get those supports to learn more about the characters is part of the fun imo
  10. You misunderstood my point. I never said it wasn’t a bad thing. Awakening’s lack of world is bad thing make no mistake. My overall point in the matter is that every support doesn’t have to have world building in it. Just because the supports with the plegian mages don’t result in learning more about Plegia like you wanted/expected it to that doesn’t make it a bad support. It just means that’s not what the writers wanted focus on. I mean you can be disappointed and all but it isn’t bad writing because it isn’t what you wanted it to be and that’s my point. Like it isn’t bad writing for not being tailored to your specific tastes
  11. And this right here highlights my main problem with your argument. You’re acting as if this is a bad thing when it’s not. At least not necessarily. I’ll agree awakening has poor world building but at the end of the day my philosophy is why criticize something for not being something that it never intended to be. If Henry and tharja’s supports don’t wanna talk plegia they don’t have to. You wouldn’t criticize a sitcom for not having enough action or explosions would you? No that’s dumb. And that there is my point. I mean I ain’t gonna knock opinions cause you are perfectly entitled to that. I’m just saying people need to stop criticizing things for what they’re not or what you want it to be rather than what it is. It depends honestly. A lot of anime tropes in general are pretty in your face(especially female archetypes considering how many of them are fetishized) so in generally doesn’t me. I’m more concerned is if there’s anything beyond the surface like if there’s actual nuance and depth beyond the surface level trope.
  12. I’m not saying comparisons are entirely meaningless because you can compare things and have it mean something. I compare Tobin and Ferdinand all the time because I feel Ferdinand is basically Tobin but better because the former actually has depth while the latter doesn’t. What I mean when I say Comparison is meaningless is that I feel it’s pointless to compare Grima to Arvis. One is a pure evil villain the other is a sympathetic morally gray one. Whichever you prefer is based on personal taste but comparing the two is ultimately meaningless because the roles they serve in their respective narratives are distinctly different even if they are both villains. The message the protagonist is supposed to take from their defeat is different because the stories they’re a part are different. It’s pointless to argue that Arvis is a better villain because he‘s sympathetic because Grima was never intended to be sympathetic. He’s not written that way so to criticize him for not being like arvis is completely pointless. There’s nothing wrong with “safe” or unambitious writing if the story or character does not set out to be anything more than that. If that’s all they wanted to write, then I’m not gonna criticize any further.
  13. What made me angry about your initial post is 1. You used ONE character to judge the entirety of the cast in awakening which is like me saying 3H has a boring cast solely because annette is boring and that bothers me. 2. Bold: this also irritates me a lot. It’s the phrasing of it cause here it certainly sounds like “anime bad”. I honest to god do not see where your or @Wraith’s argument is really coming from here. Like okay the tropes are a little more in your face, so what? That’s a bad thing because? I don’t get why that’s a bad thing. Locking development behind supports has been a problem with FE since its inception with the exception of maybe the tellius series. Awakening isn’t even all that bad about it. Most “gimmicks” of a character are integrated well and are used well to help better develop the characters. A lot of the “gimmicks” aren’t even that reinforced only being brought up once or twice in a support at most. I also dislike complaining about “gimmicks” in general cause what is a character “gimmick” if not just a prominent character trait. Sure it can be more prominent than other traits and can be a bit annoying at times but overall so long as there is more to the character, it doesn’t bother me personally. I personally like character “gimmicks” cause it at least makes the character memorable to me(for better or for worse) unlike some 3H and SoV characters(Annette, Ingrid, and like half SoV’s cast). Again, I find complaining about that sort of thing pointless because it doesn’t really get at the heart of the issue nor is it really an objective critique because you may feel the characters are overly gimmicky but I certainly don’t. I’m not saying awakening and fates character writing is perfect cause there are certainly a few stinkers but I honestly do not see how your argument holds any water. Cause so what if I can easily identify the trope being used? Dies that make the trope bad? No, no it doesn’t and that’s what your argument sounds like to me. There are better ways to criticize the writing of a character without resorting to “gimmick bad therefore character bad”. It’s fine to simply not like tropes but come on.
  14. Same honestly. The fan service in Fire Emblem is fairly tame all things considered. It’s a little more noticeable in fates but even then
  15. and that’s another stop comparing characters like this it does nothing. Every character is different with their own unique struggles and backstories. Comparing them to say one is better than the other like that is pointless to me it doesn’t take into account how different they truly are. Like Yeah Ricken is a trope played straight but does that make him any less of a good character? No. Miriel I’ll admit is a bad character because she’s very one dimensional and doesn’t deviate at all from that one singular trait. Ricken is a good character because we see how his backstory and struggles affect his personality, interactions with other characters, motivations, so on and so forth. Sure he’s a trope but it’s executed competently as far as I can tell. I may not personally care for it but I can appreciate competent writing when I see it. Again, we can argue about the execution of these tropes all you want. I just hate it when people say a character is nothing more than a trope and leave it at that because that’s not an argument more so than it is a statement of fact.
  16. We can argue about the execution of these tropes all goddamn day but my point is that just because the trope is there that doesn’t make it inherently bad. God I absolutely DESPISE the “too anime” argument cause what the fuck does it even mean?! It’s such a broad statement that ultimately means absolutely nothing and goes no where. Like yeah anime tropes, I’m not gonna argue that they’re there and easy to spot but does that make them inherently bad?! No, no it doesn’t and it infuriates me when people even remotely imply that it does. Seriously if you honestly think pointing the fact that a trope exists as a legitimate criticism against something. I’m sorry but that is one way for me to never take you seriously because tropes are inevitable so for the love of god stop complaining that they exist. Now if you wanna criticize the execution of the trope fine but please be able to back up your argument with more than just “well I don’t like this trope so it’s bad” because that is a completely subjective argument. I’m sorry for the rant but this shit just irritate me. Oh I love supports where it’s literally just small talk between characters without any deeper insight, depth, or nuance where we learn literally nothing about any of the characters. I’m sorry but most of the supports in SoV are not good. They’re just so boring and lack anything that even remotely resembles what can be considered good writing.
  17. Oh no anime tropes in a Japanese fantasy video game series?! Who would’ve ever guessed?! I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself but if you think Fire Emblem has never been anime you my good sir are deluding yourself.
  18. I will always stand by the opinion that Fernand and Berkut are good characters but terrible villains.
  19. I doubt Robin would be that different. The largest difference is that he’d be a lot less trusting and far more cynical. A little more closed off if you will. He’d also be a lot less naive and friendly. Other than that though, everything else about his character remains the same(love of books, a knack for strategy, terrible chef, bad handwriting, etc.) honestly I peg original timeline Robin as an introvert
  20. Thing is though I doubt Robin even knew much about his true heritage cause it is stated that his mom took him from his crib and he likely lived a mostly sheltered life in hiding. I doubt his mother ever wanted to tell him that he was supposed to be a vessel for some kind of evil dragon god. She likely never told him. As to how Chrom and Robin wound up together well it could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps Robin was just sort of wandering and wound up there when bandits attacked. He defended himself. Chrom saw his talent and decided to recruit him. That’s all baseless speculation but it’s a possibility
  21. I’ve barely started mine cause I’ve got midterms. Maybe I can get some done this weekend though
  22. Personally I just don’t think Corrin should be able to marry any of their siblings. I wouldn’t call it an outright contradiction but it certainly muddles the familial trust theme the game has going. Fates’s fanservice really is too much at times. As for the original awakening timeline, well it isn’t too far of a stretch they simply met under similar circumstances only this time Robin isn’t sleeping on the floor. The reason for why Robin joined Chrom in the first place is certainly up for debate but I suppose it wouldn’t be too Farfetch’d to say that he bumped into them by sheer coincidence one day and was roped into the shepherds by Chrom’s insistence. Seeing as how in awakening they met shortly after Grima’s failed possession, it isn’t too far of a stretch to say Robin was already nearby when it happened. What is he was doing or why he was there is another debate entirely though.
  23. Kuudere dragon waifu. They gotta make bank somehow
  24. I hear bondage in particular sticks out with Erza and Lucy not being able to move through an arc without getting captured and tied up, or at least wrapped up by combat restraints. Oh that isn’t even the worst of it. There’s an entire scene where Erza is “tortured” by a demon with a sort of dominatrix aesthetic, whip and all. Erza is chained up and naked and I swear every panel is drawn like a hentai doujin. There’s also a tentacle monster. Like Mashima if you want to draw porn just draw porn. A lot of us would be very happy if you did but I digress. If you wanna see for yourself it’s chapter 364 of the manga(it’s somewhat censored in the anime)
  25. I wouldn’t call them filler as they do serve a very significant purpose in the story(Hans and Iago are more what I would call “filler” villains) which is to act as foils to Alm and Clive respectively. They’re great characters some of the best in SoV but the conflict they create is rendered completely meaningless by Alm which means as villains they just don’t work.
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