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  1. I remember the one time I took Mordecai to endgame he got all caps. It was great.
  2. I usually give it to Sothe or Micaiah, sometimes just ignore it until part 3.
  3. In Radiant Dawn, when Naesala lifts Leanne and Nealuchi into the air to stop Skirmir from killing them, he accidentally drops them and they die.
  4. Here's an idea. The senate still threaten Daein, but not with a blood pact. Instead, they threaten to reveal Pelleas' secret (that he's not actually Ashnard's lost son). Pelleas would agree since well, he's easily threatened and manipulated. If the truth came out Daein would fall into chaos. And thus, Micaiah would still have to fight.
  5. So, a thought popped into my head. Was Greil's death against the Black Knight planned? Why exactly the BK wanted to kill Greil wasn't really explained in Radiant Dawn. The explanation given was that he wanted to test his strength against Greil, his former teacher. But this doesn't really make sense, for two reasons: firstly, Zelgius trained under Greil. So surely he must have fought him countless times? Even if it were in training. And secondly, all he wanted was to test his strength, so why would he need to kill Greil for this? He could just have easily asked Greil for a friendly match, like Mia does with Ike. Especially considering he idolised him, doesn't make sense. The point has been brought up many times that technically Titania should have taken command of the Greil mercenaries after Greil's death, as she's second in command. And Greil accepting the challenge from the Black Knight, knowing the consequences if he lost, right before the war breaks out, and leaving his 17 year old son in charge of a band of mercenaries who he has no idea to lead? Seems odd. Not to mention, he started preparing Ike not long before the fateful duel. Now, Greil had reason not to want to be around during the war with Daein, considering he would have been recognised as a former rider of Daein. Having Ike command the mercenaries would have made sense, as he wouldn't have been recognised. Also, Greil would have wanted to prepare Ike. Rewatching the cutscene, the fight looks very forced, almost like Greil knows he'll lose. And considering he knows Zelgius, he could have had the whole thing planned out, preparing Ike just in case anything happened with the medallion. Greil ensured Ike constantly has a goal to work towards and a reason to keep training. In Radiant Dawn we learn that Sephiran had nothing to do with Greil's death, so he wouldn't know anything about any other plans. And Zelgius didn't really have much reason to tell Ike, he'd got over it by that point and it would just overcomplicate things. Apologies if I didn't explain it too well. But that's my theory. Thoughts?
  6. Nailah Vs Tibarn boss quote from Radiant Dawn, of course.
  7. "Hot" and "Pelleas" are two words that should not be used in the same sentence.
  8. Right then @Hecatia Lapislazuli your turn
  9. Lord: Ike Cavalier - Astrid Mage - Callil Myrmidon - Lucia Fighter - Largo Soldier - Devdan Knight - Gatrie Archer - Rolf Thief - Volke Pegasus Knight - Marcia Staffbot - Mist Wyvern Rider - Haar Beast - Mordecai Bird - Baesala Dragon - Nasir Heron - Reyson
  10. Right so it's been a while since the last pick. Idk if I should enforce the rule I've seen in a bunch of other draft of "you have 24 hours to pick a character"
  11. Paying full price for the "Sonic Forces special edition" then learning it was a scam, there is no special edition, and the game is readily available for $10 in pretty much every video game store.
  12. For me, my favorite characters 1 per gender for each standard class: Saber = Navarre/Lucia Lancer = Certainly not Devdan/Nephenee Archer = Leonardo/Astrid Rider = Sigrun/Gerome Caster = Sanaki/Soren Assassin = Heather/Volke Berserker = Nolan/Anna Ruler = Naesala/Nailah Heather says hello. Also Kagero/Nina I suppose, if you count them.
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