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  1. Is there anything suspicious going on with you? Generally racing games and licensed games, with my favorite of the bunch being Need for Speed: Carbon and maybe Toy Story 3, both of which were for PC.
  2. I changed my L!Seliph from +Spd to +Atk, and I've never been happier! It feels so much better having him with +Atk, not gonna lie. As for units I'd like to change IVs for in the future, I'm considering making either my Julia +Spd, or my Cormag +Spd or +Res. Kronya with +Def or +Atk is also an idea.
  3. Petrine is one of Daein's Four Riders during The Mad King's War. She first appears as part of the Daein force that pursues the Greil Mercenaries during their flight to Gallia with Princess Elincia. Petrine wields the Flame Lance, a unique weapon that uses Magic for attack power instead of Strength. She can be used in the Path of Radiance Trial Maps after the game is beaten seven times. (Totally not taken from the wiki) She is a lance cavalry unit that was released in Fire Emblem Heroes on September 19th, 2020. She comes with the Flame Lance, Atk/Spd Push 3, and Threaten Atk/Def 2. At +2 merged, which is the maximum merges she can get until she's available to summon with Heroic Grails, she has 44 HP, 37 ATK, 39 SPD, 31 DEF, and 24 RES. With the Flame Lance, she gains an additional 16 ATK and 3 SPD, bringing the total up to 53 ATK and 42 SPD. Hopefully that gives an idea of who she is. Anyway, I already gave her Distant Counter. Should I +10 Petrine?
  4. A miserable little pile of funnies! Your profile picture is gorgeous, but I can see how the eyes would be giving "the eyes." However, I'm not exactly sure what "the eyes" are myself, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Should I give Distant Counter to Petrine?
  5. I'm not too terribly familiar with gambling games, but I'll share my thoughts. If it's for a video game that's purely for fun, and you can do it however many times you want, I think it's fine. Poker Night at the Inventory is a good example (I think, I've never actually played the game). As far as I know, just purchasing the game is all you need to do to play it. There's no in-game fees to gamble with or double your earnings or any BS like that. Just a simple, for-fun gambling game. Something like that is fine. Gambling as a side attraction in a video game is fine, too. Something like Pazaak in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a good example. It's an optional thing to do, and it doesn't really intrude on the game in any way, besides a very brief introduction scene on the first planet to let you know about it. If you lose, you can always reload a save and try again. As for games with optional in-app purchases related to making gambles, I think it's only really bad if it's to the point where it would make a game pay-to-win or heavily targets those who fall prey to bad spending habits. For instance, in Heroes, you can use the orbs that you earn in the game to summon just fine, and occasionally get 5-star units on a good summon. To me, buying orbs boils down to whether or not I have the patience to wait for more orbs to try summoning again, or just really wanting to get a unit as soon as possible. As far as Heroes goes, it's rewarding to take the time to build up a unit from scratch and refine them to be their very best. I don't see how it's fun or practical to summon 11 copies of a unit and essentially empty out your wallet like that. TL;DR, don't gamble, kids. To add onto this, I think it might help to have a "daily/weekly/monthly spending limit" in a game to stop people from spending so much in a single day if they do spend a lot, assuming that in-game currency is purchasable. If it's in-game currency that can't be purchased, then I would want some way to somehow grind it up, kinda like how you can grind for core crystals in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that way the only thing people would be spending is their free-time.
  6. My first real exposure to anime (and manga) was through Fullmetal Alchemist back in 8th grade. I think I had somehow found some of the episodes of Brotherhood and 2003 on YouTube back when those were still up. A friend of mine had also shown me some really cool anime, too, namely Kill La Kill (which I haven't finished), Death Parade, and Kakegurui. Of course, Pokemon was also a show that I had known about, but I never actively watched it nor kept up with it, so I wouldn't really count that as the first exposure that really hooked me into the medium.
  7. What is your favorite name? I am fairly untalkative in real life, actually. I attribute that to being kinda shy and not really having much to say in most situations. With my friends and people I know, I have no issues with voicing myself, but around people I don't know or just in public, I'm definitely more on the reserved side.
  8. I haven't played the game past the timeskip in a while, so I don't remember, but I wanna say, I think you do get another reward.
  9. Oh, whoops! Thanks for catching that. Alright, I'll go with Anna.
  10. It's very neat to see all of the different letters here! Thank you for sharing this! Now I wonder... what would be the optimal birthday to choose at the beginning of the game to get the best rewards from each later as early as possible (pre and post timeskip)? Would it just be the day the timeskip starts?
  11. My boy Finn for male, and then Marianne for female (Blutgang rise up).
  12. What would you want your dream car to be? The first FE game that I tried out was, probably unsurprisingly, FE7. I played it on an emulator, but I've never actually played it the whole way through. The first FE game that I've actually completed was FE4.
  13. If One Piece was something that came out recently with not much too it yet, I would consider it. HOWEVER, it's flippin' huge, and unfortunately it's not something I see myself getting into due the absurd length of it. It's been around for so many years, not to mention that it's still ongoing, so by the time I would theoretically "catch up," I'd have to watch another thousand episodes that had come out when I had started before I'm actually caught up to it. Not dissing One Piece in any way, I'm sure it's fantastic, but there's only so much time that I have to dedicate to my interests. I'd rather spend time watching something with a foreseeable end to it on the horizon that I can reach. Maybe it's because I feel that I'm way too late to start, which is how I feel concerning My Hero Academia, which already has a fifth season on it's way.
  14. Theatre would probably be my favorite class by a long shot. I started it Sophomore year, and went up to Theatre 3 in Senior year. I remember our teacher telling us in Theatre 1 that, by the end of the year, we would be more outgoing and confident. She was so confident about that, she said it was a guarantee. Lo and behold, by the end of Sophomore year, I found myself a lot less shy than I had been, and more willing to interact with others in meaningful ways (and actually make eye contact). I also made quite a few friends in that class, too, and a lot of them stuck around with me until Theatre 3. I owe a lot to that class, as well as the teacher and students in there, too, or else I probably wouldn't have really recognized a lot of things about myself. Definitely the most helpful class in terms of growing as a person. After that, I'd say CIS (Computer Information Systems) from Freshman year is my second favorite as I met my best friend in that class, who also helped my grow a ton as a person. Dang, you right. Okay, I'll pose a question for each of you then. @twilitfalchion Who/what would you consider to be the ideal protagonist in a story? @Randoman What would you say is your favorite TV show/Anime? If neither appeal to you, what medium that you enjoy the most features your favorite story/documentary/etc.?
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