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  1. Woah, really? That's so cool! I'll have to check it out, then. Thank you for the heads up. I remember getting a LoZ hat there a long time ago, and I still have that hat. I don't go to Hot Topic often (I used to love going in to see what was there when I was a kid, though), but from my experiences, they usually have some pretty cool licensed merchandise.
  2. I figure that if the lines are worded in a way that tone of voice could change meaning or attitude, then that could work to fit with each character's personality. So for example, Arvis can be pretty harsh compared to Julia, and it wouldn't make sense for Julia to say "I sentence you to death." (That can be saved for Julius.) Let's use "For a better world" as an example. The way Arvis says it (in Heroes) conveys how he wants his ambitions realized. That's how I hear it, at least. Having Julia say the same thing, but perhaps in a more confident tone of voice rather than Arvis' tone, would help to convey how she wants the world to be a better place, which would fit better with her character. Of course... Arvis is already the predestined father for Julia, but applying the logic used in the examples for other fathers and children, it should work.
  3. In Awakening and Fates, certain characters shared critical quotes with each other, most notably between the parents and their respective children in Awakening and between the lords and their retainers in Fates, although some other lines are shared between characters that aren't necessarily associated with each other. I always thought that this was a very neat thing, and the other day, I thought, "If FE4 gets a remake, should have shared critical quotes between the parents and children?" My immediate answer to this was "YES!" However, I had an idea that might be a little complicated, but hear me out. Since you can pair almost any character together in the first generation, what if, depending on the father, the kids also had a quote from the father? A quote shared with the mother is inevitable, but let's say that Finn was the father of Febail and Patty, for example. If Finn's quote was (let's use one his Heroes quotes) "I'll never back down!" then Febail and Patty would also have this quote in reference to Finn. But if they have a different father, like Chulainn for example, then they would have one of Chulainn's quotes. So every kid would have a quote that references their father (and mother, but that would be a given), and with the amount of different possible fathers, that would mean that there would be many different possible critical quotes. So what do you guys think? Does it make sense? Or would it be too complicated?
  4. Aren't the crusaders' descendants from FE4/5 (with major holy blood and the respective holy weapon) considered one-man-armies? I think that would definitely place Sigurd and Seliph quite highly. (They also get access to mounts, and while Byleth can also get a mount, if we're going by default final class and respective weapon, I think Sigurd and Seliph have quite the edge over Byleth, because horse emblem.) Jokes aside, I think Byleth would rank fairly high considering their time-rewind power and ability to wield the strongest of the heroes' relics. Although.... I have to wonder, would Radiant Dawn endgame Ike have divine-effectiveness against Byleth, similarly to how Marth with Falchion has dragon-effectiveness against Corrin? I don't think we're pitting anyone against each other in a fight, but it was something that came to mind. (I haven't played Radiant Dawn, but I know Ike kills a goddess at the end of the game).
  5. Sweet, thanks for the heads up! It's awesome that Altena was added. I hope she's the demoted unit so that I can get her to +10.
  6. Yes, hello, I haven't been on here in a while, but that's besides the point. I have exciting news to share! For those who don't know, Mother 4 was a fan-game sequel/continuation of the Mother/Earthbound series that has been in development for a VERY long time. However, it was decided to rebrand the game to avoid Nintendo shutting the project down, similar to AM2R and various Pokémon fan games. Anyway, a teaser was just released! The game is essentially an indie game now, but it will still be Mother 4 in our hearts. I have no affiliation with the dev team, but as someone who's been anticipating the game for years now, I felt the need to share.
  7. It' been a while since I first posted a thread asking who you thought had the "best art" (as well as the "worst art," but I'm only looking for positivity here). With the plethora of new heroes that have been added into the game since then, there's also a plethora of new artwork! As with the last thread, it's moreso "what's your personal preference" rather than objectivity, but feel free to answer how you want. Also, please explain why you believe your chosen character's art is the best!.. or at least why it's appealing to the eye! With that in mind, who has the "best" art? I still stand by Sigurd having amazing art. It remains faithful to the character's original art for Genealogy of the Holy War, while also adding a nice splash of modern paint. I've also grown to love Legendary Marth's art as well. Not only was it a long awaited alternate for the Hero-King, but the art really drives home why Marth is such a legendary figure in the franchise. As for newer characters, I feel that Edelgard arguably has the best art in the game. All of the colors mesh together, and every pose strikes as 'regal.' (Also, her attack animations are awesome! Especially when she activates Aether). Honorable mentions to Sothis for having a whole throne with her art, Dimitri's special activation art for having gorgeous lighting, and Legendary Leif for being Leif. (As of this thread being made, Altina is the most recent addition.)
  8. Grow furniture. It'd be best to sell it off to not only give people furniture that they might need, but also gain a decent profit (assuming the money that grows on trees is $1). WYR see it rain in the desert or snow in the ocean?
  9. No emotional skills. WYR wield a lightsaber while having no force abilities or wield a blaster while having force abilities?
  10. If they aren't being properly supervised, then it could very well count. As @Johann mentioned, it only affects monetized channels, so unless you were making money off of that video, you should be fine. Also, if you're the only one with a link to the video and it's unavailable to view, I doubt that the FTC, if anyone, will find it or see it at all. I hope that eases your worries a bit.
  11. Ahem, I mean... Maybe? If Nintendo doesn't take them down. (I answered a different one originally. Whoops) If both the Earth and the human body are both 70% water, does that mean the human body is it's own earth?
  12. Can't wait to name that animal after a soup. WYR walk like a penguin wherever you go or drive like a grandma?
  13. Oof, I meant the former. Thank you for catching that. I initially put this in General, if I recall correctly. I think the fact that this situation could affect the entire internet (including this website, most likely) is worth making it a serious discussion. YouTube Kids was created for a reason, and yet both parties (parents and YouTube themselves) seem to disregard it's existence entirely in favor of what is (understandably) considered the easier version to use, that being, of course, YouTube Main.
  14. Hello everyone. I would just like to take the time to help spread awareness about something that you may or may not have heard about. I feel that this video by Garrett Williamson does a great job of explaining the situation, so if you have the time, please watch it. If you'd rather not watch it, I'll do my best to briefly explain. YouTube was caught violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and was fined by the FTC. Measures are being taken in order to comply with it. However, the way they're going about it will negatively affect all of the creators on the platform. Videos will either have to be marked 'made for kids' or 'not made for kids.' Marking a video as the former option will drastically reduce any revenue or income that a creator could have made, as well as essentially unlisting the video from searches, limiting advertisements that might show up, lowering views, etc. Incorrectly marking a video (should it be deemed marked incorrectly by everyone's favorite machine, the algorithm) may make a creator liable to be fined up to $42,530 per video by the FTC. My biggest worry about this whole situation is the amount of people it's going to affect, namely the content creators. Many people could essentially be put out of a job that they enjoy, and viewers may have to migrate to other platforms, such as... *shudder* television. It's difficult for me to explain, but I encourage everyone reading to look into this and help make a difference. There is a change.org petition that is available to sign, and the description of it explains this whole situation way better than I ever could. In the spoiler tab below is a twitter post by change.org that also has a link to the petition. I hope that things turn out okay. I don't want all of the Three Houses and Fire Emblem memes on YouTube to disappear. Thank you for your time. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the situation.
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