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  1. Man, Book III came and went so quickly! I was very surprised to see this in the news feed in-game. Also, it reminded me that we STILL haven't gotten OG Veronica.
  2. I remember seeing a comment or something mentioning the similarities between these two songs somewhere else before, although I don't remember where I saw it (I think somewhere on YouTube?). Okay, I found a comment (I don't think it's the same one I saw originally) by a user named Qwernst on this video. I also saw quite a few comments on various videos mentioning how In the Name of Bern sounds similar to Vs. Ridley from the Metroid series.
  3. The user's fists are imbued with the power of demonic energy, capable of defeating foes in a single blow. BONUS EFFECT: allows for making some killer red velvet cupcakes. Inertia Drift
  4. I've seen many complaints and concerns surrounding these games, and I have a feeling GF will release revamped versions similar to Ultra S/M next year, if not a remake of Gen 4. I'm on the fence on whether I should get them or not.... Between the two, Shield is the better version to me. Galarian Ponyta and Tyranitar are excellent exclusives that are too good to pass up. I would at least like to give this game a chance before writing it off. If it's not too great, perhaps it's time to say goodbye to Pokémon. Growing up sucks, dude.
  5. User can transfer HP to nearby allies. HP regenerates over time for both user and allies when in nearby proximity. Wind Lasso
  6. I'm no good at sentiments, but I send my regards to you, your friend, and his family. Stay strong, kiddo.
  7. I've never heard of rhubarb. What is rhubarb?
  8. Two Moons. I already have a copy of Sun, so if I have two Moons, I can give one copy to a friend. WYR trees grow super fast or food grow super fast?
  9. If you breathe correctly and unleash your power, you can make your presence known to those around you in a large radius and command respect from everyone present. Plasma Destruction
  10. Units that have skills that scale off of their speed stat (e.g. Sothis and her Sirius special skill) can work well with Darting Blow 4. It also works great with Ephraim's refine + windsweep build. However, it's moreso a novelty skill. Swift Sparrow 3 is a far better option if you have it, since you get +6 attack for the trade-off of 2 less speed on initiation. Life and Death and Fury are also affordable options that are tried and true. Alm also has Null Follow Up and Odd Attack Wave, which are fantastic skills. As others have pointed it, you can inherit Darting Blow 3 from other units, and then inherit NFU and DB4 for maximum inheritance efficiency, as well. However, Alm's base kit is pretty good, too. Darting Blow 4 can always be replaced by another skill should you desire to change it. Considering how many Alms you were able to summon, I would recommend merging. Oh, and he's a pair-up legendary hero. Can't forget that.
  11. I've had chicken pot pie without the pot or the pie. Does that count? Have you ever had chicken pot pie without the pot or the pie?
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