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  1. Hello, yes, welcome! I had the idea to make a thread dedicated to interpreting music and the meanings of songs, and thought that it would be a fun way to see how people analyze different types of music and genres and songs and what-have-you. (This is also lowkey General Music Thread #3, but shhhhhh). A huge reason why I wanted to start this thread was because I had found a song called Chemicals by Rosemary Fairweather, and after listening to it more than a few times (I tend to listen to one song on repeat for hours, even days on end) and looking at the lyrics, I was thinking about what the song was trying to say. If I have this right, I think it's about addiction and trying to overcome it while at the same time trying to keep hidden the fact that the singer had an addiction in the first place. The title of the song is a fairly big giveaway. The word 'chemicals' can be a very broad term, and could refer to alcohol, drugs, or even dopamine (a chemical that the body produces that often rewards the body for partaking in what it may find pleasurable, like eating chocolate, for example), all of which the body can become addicted to through excessive exposure. As for why I think the singer is trying to overcome it and keep it hidden, the chorus goes... She knows what the 'chemicals' are, and is trying to rid it from herself, but at the same time, it will always be there since they've already had their effect on her life. As for keeping it hidden, in the second halves of Verses 1 and 2... ...the singer asks how she can find a song to sing that can allow her to open up about her feelings, yet at the same time keeping what she had gone through a secret. Anyway that's just my analysis of the song! I don't think it's incredibly detailed, but hopefully that should give you a general idea and a decent example of how to interpret a song. I would be very excited to hear what you guys have to share about songs that you've interpreted and analyzed, or maybe even wish to share your thoughts on! Feel free to share whatever song you wish to interpret the meaning of, and your interpretation doesn't need to be as long as mine. Even a simple, "I think this song is about X," is completely fine. I hope this thread provides a fine opportunity for you guys to exercise your analysis skills. (It sure as seashells would help me; college is sorta kicking my butt with online classes.) I may or may not share some other songs that I'd like to take a look at... wait, no... give a listen! I think [Don't Fear] The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult will be next on my list. Oh, and if you guys want to add to others' analyses, please do so (as long as you are respectful of others' opinions)!
  2. That is truly the most valuable asset a person can have. In a world filled with uncertainty and negative happenings, being kind to others is the freshest breath of air. Reciprocating and being reciprocal to kindness forms a win-win situation, and helps each party grow. I think that being kind to others even when you've been beaten down by negativity is hard to do, but rewarding in the long run. The saying "Treat others the way you want to be treated" always holds true. I absolutely second this.
  3. While I don't dislike daytime, I vastly prefer nighttime. I believe there are also certain places in the world that are perpetually shrouded in night during certain times of the year, so if you really wanted to, you could move to those places. There's Tromsø, Norway for example. (Of course... it won't always be nighttime... but it'll stay that way for at least a decent chunk of the year.)
  4. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give my two cents about the most recent update, and the music in the Book IV Midpoint movie absolutely slaps. The units are also pretty cool. I'm going for Anna (I got pity-broken by Sumia today, though. RIP), although Mirabilis is also really good, but it's another sword flier, and sharing a color with Say'ri, hmmm. I wish you all the best of luck on your summons. I'm interested to see how Book IV will turn out in the end!
  5. I've gotten back into TF2 lately, and I was rewatching the Mann VS. Machine trailer for the game, and it got me thinking how much I love that trailer. To me, it's a pretty iconic trailer. Maybe not as iconic as others, but that leads me to ask you guys: What are your favorite video game trailers? What are iconic video game trailers that you think more people should see? Favorite iconic video game trailers? The list goes on. I already mentioned it, but here's my favorite.
  6. Fire Emblem Awakening was planned to be the last game in the series, but then it ended up being super popular, so you could say that it awakened new players to the series.

  7. It would absolutely stellar to have FE avatars on Switch! However, like @Yexin, I probably wouldn't be changing my avatar anytime soon. Kass is too precious.
  8. It's a crime that it's not in the game. I can understand that it may be spoilers, but so is Apex of the World (but even then, Apex is a remixed version of Fodlan Winds, so probably less spoiler-y than God Shattering Star, which is an entirely different composition). On the topic of music, One Winged Angel (and many more FF7 tracks, for that matter).
  9. It's been a while since I read Gen 1 of the manga, but that's a really neat detail! It makes you wonder if the other Major Holy Blood holders bear markings as well. (It also opens a whole can of worms concerning crests, since crests were based on the Holy Blood mechanics of FE4.)
  10. I managed to pull a -HP +RES L!Edelgard on my second summon on the banner this morning, so that's awesome. Immediately after that, I pulled a -ATK +SPD Nagi, so I gave Distant Counter and Special Fighter to L!Edelgard.
  11. In Heroes, Sigurd is married to Panne. (Or rather... their voice actors are!)
  12. Azura and Libra after seeing the update notification and not getting refines for the millionth time in a row

    Best Kid Sad GIFs | Gfycat

  13. Haha, sure thing! Before Abraham Lincoln was elected, there were only two presidents that did not own slaves. They were John Adams and John Quincy Adams.
  14. It would honestly be so sweet and heartwarming if Sigurd and Seliph were a Duo Hero. (The thought of a Duo Legendary Hero just occurred to me, and I feel that would be immensely broken). They could even pull what they did with the Whitewing Sisters and include Deirdre as a third character that's part of the "Duo" Hero. As for class, I would expect Cavalry or Infantry with Virtuous Tyrfing or something like that to parallel Julia if Seliph was a Legendary. As a Duo Hero, I'm not sure what Seliph would wield. I like @Humanoid's idea of a blue or green dagger cavalry.
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