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  1. There was a blog post (that I can't find) that I stumbled upon a few years ago, and it proposed a rather interesting scenario: What if Sigurd could marry someone other than Deirdre? And how would Seliph be affected? This is going to be a pretty long post, so reader discretion is advised. For those unfamiliar with Genealogy of the Holy War, there is a mechanic similar to Awakening and Fates' S-Support mechanic (Support Conversations work differently in FE4, though). Characters that end their turns adjacent to each other will gain points toward a hidden Love stat, and once two characters reach 500 Love points, they will become Lovers. This mechanic is a pretty big part of the 1st generation of the game (but not required). I can't quite do the topic justice, so I'll link the Love Growth page on the main Serene's Forest site if you'd like to look further into it. Anyway, as per the game's mechanics and plot, it is impossible for Sigurd to marry anyone other than Deirdre. Essentially, it's because they are destined to be together or whatever. It's a similar situation to Quan and Ethlyn where they cannot marry anyone else because they are already married to each other (Sigurd is a slightly different case in that he isn't Lovers with anyone until Deirdre joins the army, but even then, he can't marry anyone except Deirdre). ...But what if Sigurd could marry someone else? How would Seliph turn out? Quick Disclaimer: I'm just one guy, and while I have more free time than I probably deserve, I'm only going to be looking at Seliph's growths, inheritable skills, and Holy Blood. Call me cheap if you want, but there's a lot of math involved with starting stats, and there are a ton of variables in calculating that (parent's level, respective stats, class bases, etc.), so I've opted to skip over it. Also, the growths that I've put will include Holy Blood Bonuses (you can check that here for reference), so the growths shown are (or at least should be) accurate. With that out of the way, let's get into it! ~ ~ ~ For reference, this is what Seliph normally inherits with Deirdre as his mother: The theoretical bachelorettes are Edain, Ayra, Lachesis, Silvia, Erinys, Tailtiu, and Brigid. I'm not including Ethlyn for what should be obvious reasons. The spoiler tags below include the growth rates, inherited skills, and Holy Blood. Note: Seliph always inherits Major Baldr Holy Blood and Pursuit from Sigurd, so all other Holy Blood and skills that he gets are entirely reliant on his mother. I've also separated the mothers into different spoiler tags so you can pick and choose at your leisure. They are in order of when they are recruited in the first generation; Edain first, then Ayra, so on and so forth. Let me know your thoughts and who you think makes the best mother for Seliph! I'll allow Deirdre as an option as well to keep it all fair. ~ ~ ~ Just for fun, I decided to calculate how Julia would turn out with Sigurd as her father (which is impossible in-game). ~ ~ ~ I hope you guys enjoyed this, and thanks for reading! Again, let me know your thoughts!
  2. I would go with Ophelia then. Kana gets a +8 magic mod and access to Dark Mage, which will definitely merge well due to a heavy focus on magic.
  3. What did you pick as their boon and bane? And what exactly do you want for Kana? (And which version are you playing?) I'd recommend using this inheritance planner if you're unsure what to do. This calculator here is also a really good resource. You can see what kinds of growth rates and modifiers each unit will have and in what class, so they're both really good. The calculator isn't as flashy as the inheritance planner, but it offers a bit more in terms of information. You can also see what kind of hair color the children will have with the planner, so I really like using it.
  4. Unova when I'm actually kinda excited for these! I do also like the art style since it reminds me of the Link's Awakening remake, which is a game that I've come to adore. I'm not completely sold on the DP remakes just yet, though. I'd like to get more information on mechanics of the game before buying it (will it have the Let's Go style of catching Pokémon like rumors have speculated, will it have Megas or Gigantamax, will it have Platinum's improvements, etc.), but it looks pretty decent so far.
  5. I first heard that in middle school, and I always thought it was a great quote honestly Sure thing! And that's actually not too bad an idea assuming (great timing for that word, lol) that you don't get strikes for it.
  6. I was pretty much only there to see Security Breach and Final Fantasy, but some of what they showed off (Death Loop and Yifu look really cool!) was a pleasant surprise. But yeah, I can totally agree with you about the Remake port. It's nice that you can get a "free" upgrade though (I put free in quotes because you still need to get a new console to upgrade, not to mention that the Yuffie content is paid DLC if you don't buy the port new). Personally, I'm gonna hold out until the whole of FF7 has been remade and so I can buy it in a bundle or complete edition or something.
  7. I don't if any of you guys watched the State of Play, but I thought it was pretty neat! What did you guys think of it? To give my own thoughts: Here's the stream if you would like to watch it.
  8. I didn't realize it was you that had posted the clip. My bad! I need to pay better attention, lol Anyway, that's awesome that you found it! It looks like it's Russian, and the title translates to "Once Upon a Time." The description about the cartoon translates to: I was thinking that this was gonna be some kind of cartoon conspiracy, but YouTube went ahead and found it for you. Yay for... copyright...?
  9. Quite frankly, I have literally no idea. It looks really cool though! It's certainly an interesting animation. There does seem to be a clash of time periods going on, though; I can't pinpoint when exactly this animation might be taking place in time. Is it happening in some kind of Arthurian era or is it some Chrono Trigger stuff going on? I think your best bet might be to ask somewhere on reddit (or anywhere this could potentially be solved). Anyone interested will either find it or die trying, and the former is far more probable if you ask me. I did notice that it was posted super recently (as in today), and I went ahead an left a comment asking some questions. Hopefully they can be answered with something substantial to help figure it out.
  10. I don't quite have much history with the character in the games, so probably not. If I knew him better, maybe. Cormag.
  11. I already have all of those units except Freyja, Dimitri, and Corrin, so I wouldn't mind a merge or skill fodder. I'd love for either Micaiah or Seiros to win (especially Seiros so I can fix the Def flaw that mine has), but wouldn't mind Lyn or Byleth. Edelgard is a great unit, but I don't need her. No matter what happens, these are all really solid units, so hopefully we can all get something great out of it! I also wanna mention that the only dudes in the Voting Gauntlet are Dimitri and Sothe (yes, Sothe is there, so he's now technically more popular than all other males).
  12. Definitely Lapras and Espeon! I love them to the ends of the earth and they're always super reliable for me.
  13. Nintendo flipped the world of Hyrule in Twilight Princess for the Wii version, and you can choose how you want the world to be in the HD version of TP (granted it's tied to Normal mode and Hero mode, but you get the idea). I can't imagine that it'd be too difficult to add the option to flip the world to cater to left-handers, especially since they had the time to port SS to Switch instead of working on BotW2 to begin with. I'm not left-handed, but damn do I feel the frustration. Even I'm frustrated about it. The control stick option is... something, I guess, but I don't think that it fixes the core issue. Also, while reading your post, I was reminded that Alm was made left-handed for Shadows of Valentia. Not too important, just a detail that I remembered that I felt was worth sharing.
  14. Hello, welcome to the forest! We hope that you enjoy it here! What's your favorite Pokémon?
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