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  1. I'll go ahead of give two headcanons, one for Fire Emblem: And one for The Legend of Zelda:
  2. Yoooo, props for remembering that this thread exists. I think it was pretty much a given that he was gonna lose, just a matter of when the case was gonna close up. Either way, it's not gonna stop Jones from selling whatever books he's got cooking up. Free speech is great and all, but there's a fine line when it comes to stuff like that. Common sense would say to choose your words wisely... not that Jones ever did, but yaknowwwww
  3. I'm sure the game could use more dudes (where is Boyd), but as it stands, it's a game made to make money, so they're going to use the best possible tactics to ensure they can make the highest profit possible, even if those practices are inherently predatory. I've never really had many issues with male vs. female representation all that much since I enjoy building units more than anything else in the game, but maybe that's just me. Nah, she just straight up told us she would never join us in Book I, which is why OG!Veronica has never been playable. There are still her variants to summon, so technically it's not false advertising. Technically.
  4. Chris Pratt as Mario Ahem, anyway, I would say that was a pretty solid direct. Castlevania Gameboy Advance Collection was true (and I'm excited!), the first 3D Kirby since Air Ride (if you count that), Age of Calamity DLC (FINALLY), and various other things that have already been mentioned. Bayonetta 3 had me thinking it was either Astral Chain 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in the first half (it had the Xenoblade font in the subtitles, too, fr).
  5. Unless you're actively looking to sabotage the children as units, Awakening is very flexible in how you can build units. I would suggest taking a look at the resource page for Awakening on Serene's Forest; there are also pages to see the max stats and growth rates for every unit there, too (and skills!). I would highly recommend checking it out. Otherwise, there's not much else I can do except shill for Chrom and Olivia. Same; I also choose them for the hair color, too. Donnel is fantastic for anyone, really. He can pass down the skill Aptitude, which boosts all growth rates by 20%.
  6. Anything about Fire Emblem or Xenoblade would satisfy me, but I really hope X either gets a port or a sequel. The last Smash DLC character will probably be announced, too, so that's something to get excited for. I've also heard rumors about a Castlevania Gameboy Advance Collection, which would be so dope. Oh, and The Great Ace Attorney might make an appearance, too. Beyond that and Metroid, there really isn't a whole lot else I can think of to look out for.
  7. World's End Club? This one should be easy: Spirit Biker
  8. Glad you're feeling better! I hope whatever you were going through wasn't too bad. I noticed that the percentages went up for both Reps and Dems, although Dems had the more noticeable increase. Independent voting was the one that went down; I can more or less gather why, but I'm still curious about it.
  9. Ah, okay. That's the kind of chart I was thinking of, but I wanted to be sure. Ok, next step: Where did you find the original image? If you don't remember, do you at least remember which characters? If worse comes to worse, we can make our own chart.
  10. Game of Thrones! Next: Complete Alloy Thaumaturge.
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