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  1. About a 9 or so. Do you think that a flat girl who laughs a lot literally laughed her ass off?
  2. I feel like I'm late to this, but I'll share what I'm playing. I'm going through Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology after putting it off for a while. I forgot how much fun the game was. I'm doing a normal run-through right now, but I plan on doing the Deadly difficulty setting later after I beat the game.
  3. Ridley for, well, space piracy. He already looks the worst out of the characters in the game anyway. (I don't mean that in a bad way, I absolutely love how disgusting he looks in Smash.) What do you think are the chances that an asteroid made of gold is actually fool's gold?
  4. They are the real-world Kirbies, but think more along the lines of original GameBoy Kirbies.... How long would you consider a hiatus?
  5. I haven't played too many entries in the series, but I'll share what I think in order from favorite to least favorite. Gaiden/Echoes: We wouldn't have gotten Echoes without Gaiden existing, and it's my favorite for that reason. Echoes is also the most fun I've had playing a Fire Emblem game. Genealogy of the Holy War: Has a really solid story, and Arvis is my favorite antagonist in the series. Also introduced a few series staples, like the weapon triangle. Also had quite a bit of fun with this one. Shadow Dragon/Path of Radiance: Haven't gotten too far in either of these, but they're both pretty good from what I've played so far. Blazing Sword: An easy entry point into the series, and a very solid game at that. Fates: I stand by the opinion that it has the best music and gameplay in the series, although the story I could care less for. Haven't played, so no concrete opinion yet: (New) Mystery of the Emblem, Thracia 776, Binding Blade, Sacred Stones (played a little bit, didn't get far), Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Three Houses
  6. Welcome! We hope you enjoy it here! I kinda have that same problem with PoR. How far into the game are you? I'm at Chapter 8.
  7. I tried making a giant F, but it wouldn't line up, so I'll just leave a simple F.
  8. I would love to see the Ghost Rider Hulu series with Gabriel Luna. I don't have Hulu, but I'll figure it out. I love the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider, but I'm lowkey hoping to see the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider show up again outside of his one brief appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That's just me though.
  9. Quotes like this make me laugh more than I should. I don't know what combination of words makes me laugh like that, but it's funny to me regardless. It's probably because I read it in an aggressive tone.
  10. Endgame has been out for a decent while now, and I had thought of asking people who their favorite Marvel character is, whether it be from comics, shows, movies, games, etc. With that said, which Marvel character do you like the most? For me, Ghost Rider is easily my favorite, with Iron Man following a close second. I would absolutely love to see Ghost Rider in an MCU film sometime.
  11. I can't blame them for wanting to live in a Barbie World, especially compared to where they... well, I'm sure you can figure it out. How much is Ten Carat Hill worth?
  12. He has no voice, for a dancing Eevee need not speak, but rather show you it's thoughts and feelings through the power of methodical movement. You're right on the mark, it was Joseph.
  13. Saw it just yesterday, and it was definitely worth it. I won't go into spoilers, but I thought that the ending of the movie was really neat, and it wasn't something that I would've expected. The music in the movie is actually really good, and the more 8-bit tunes in there were a treat. There were plenty of well-done jokes too, and Ryan Reynolds was phenomenal. I'll absolutely be buying this on DVD when it comes out, although the experience I had with my friends at the theater can't be replaced. I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get that promo pack of cards, but I wager that there will be a special edition of the DVD release that comes with them hopefully.
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