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  1. I don't expect to see much of anything I'd be too interested in, but I'll throw out a suggestion for something Castlevania as I desperately cling onto the sliver of hope that the animated series garners enough interest for that. Maybe a follow-up to last year's Transformers game announcement, though I kinda doubt it.
  2. Yeah, that's about what I expected. I really can't keep up with all these new metas anymore. Poison Strike upgrade looks nice, though.
  3. As this is a Fire Emblem forum, I'm inclined to go with that, but I'd feel remiss if I didn't say Team Fortress 2. Valve trolls us enough as it is, so it would be a courtesy to do so in kind... but there are also plenty of other people that already troll consistently for TF2, so I don't think it'll ever be necessary for me, lol.
  4. I think a lot of SoV's gameplay criticisms stem from it being almost faithful to a fault, which is about what I'd expect from a remake anyway. Yeah, they took infinite warp away from the player, but at least we have a new unit that can refresh once she hits level 14 depending on if you picked the right class for her! Oh, and the turnwheel! That's not a bad addition, imo, but I remember a lot of players making it out to be the death of classic FE. That's kinda how it is with some of the older titles; not everyone gets the chance to be as fleshed out as others, especially with a game (Gaiden) originally designed around the idea that not everyone is going to survive. SoV mitigates it that somewhat with GBA-style supports and other story/character additions, but I can see how it might not seem like enough given what Awakening and Fates offered in that regard. I don't think he's meant to be useless; he's only weak compared to the rest of Celica's army since by that point they'll more than capable without him. He can't exactly carve out a place for himself unless your units are weak or dead. He's almost a Gotoh, but not really. That's lowkey a trademark of the series. You can relate nearly every final boss to a dragon in some way, shape, or form. Not at all. I'd argue it's at least one of the best games in the series, but that may be my early 2000s bias showing. Frederick Fazbear?
  5. Ah, okay. Thank you for the explanation. That always bothered me, but now it bothers me less.
  6. This was probably one of the single greatest introductions I have ever read. Welcome to the forest! Old? This site is only about as old as Radiant Dawn, so it has it's driver's license!
  7. This is less what a move could have been and more of a personal gripe, but I never understood why you can't detonate Link's bomb rune when an opponent grabs it. It's probably a balancing thing to keep a fairly strong move from being even stronger, or maybe it's because the game recognizes held items as belonging to the player holding it (like Diddy Kong's banana), but it still bothers me. It's a remote bomb. I should be able to blow it up whenever I want. why is it that someone pressing A halfway across the stage to pick up something they should be avoiding completely negates one of my moves from working, it's dumb
  8. Well, I think I can safely say that Matt Mercer has a legitimate chance at a live-action Ganondorf seeing as how he's actually done it before.
  9. If I may offer another possible story to adapt (assuming they aren't making an original story, which they probably are), the Skyward Sword prequel manga might be doable, which could even make the movie a canon story within the timeline. I highly doubt they'd do something like that over a nostalgia fest, though.
  10. "Avi Arad" oh no, Link is gonna have a symbiote arc
  11. I wrote this the other day on a whim, and I thought it was somewhat comical. It's really short, but it's something.
  12. I believe they were only rumored to be distantly related to each other, which is where her connection to Dracula comes from in the games; she's (somehow) Dracula's niece (which could be explained as her being on Lisa's side of the family, which still wouldn't quite line up timeline-wise as Elizabeth was born in 1560 unless she's a great niece or something, but I digress). I'm not entirely sure about her in the show and whether she's supposed to be based on the original character and inherited Sekhmet's powers or, like Jotari mentioned, supposed to be Sekhmet herself. I lean more towards the former since that would be more in-line with the game's canon and real-life canon. That would be the most logical time period to go for next, especially since it's a popular one, too. Bloodlines/Portrait of Ruin might not be a bad place to go next either since they have Brauner and the Morris/Lecarde clans to explore. As for Annette and Richter, assuming they can build up their relationship in the next season beyond blushing at each other once, there really shouldn't be any issue with it. 200 years is a long time, so they could go either way, but I can't imagine they would change Julius' design too drastically to compensate. All they did with Juste was give him a beard and some aging, after all.
  13. From my understanding, Rondo and Symphony are probably the next easiest time periods behind CV3 to adapt since there's generally more to work with in terms of supporting characters, which Christopher and Simon just don't really have. Leon had Rinaldo and Sara, Trevor had Grant, Sypha, and Alucard, Juste had Maxim and Lydie, Richter had Maria (and later Alucard, to an extent), John had Eric, Jonathan had Charlotte (and Eric, technically), and Julius presumably had at least Yoko and Alucard. Christopher technically has his son Soleil, but he wouldn't really be available until at least the battle with Dracula at the end of Belmont's Revenge... and considering how Dracula's story ended in the original series, Christopher and Simon wouldn't really have any significance outside of killing Dracula, who is pretty much done as an antagonist as far as the show is concerned. To throw Christopher about half a bone, there are characters from the comic adaptation of The Adventure they could use. ~ I thought the show was alright, honestly. I went in with the expectation that it was obviously going to be very different from RoB, so I judged it based on what story it was trying to tell, which by itself was good enough. Dracula obviously wasn't there, so it was actually an interesting choice to pull in Elizabeth Bathory. It lines up timeline-wise, although I guess that means an adaptation of Bloodlines is off the table. Animation was a little off in some places, but excellent where it counted, although I don't think it'll ever quite live up to what they were able to do in the first series. A couple things that bother me... that deux ex machina Alucard was kinda wack. It's nice to see him again, but his introduction was a little forced, imo. It also kinda peeves me that Richter, who's supposed to be one of the strongest Belmonts up to that point in time, really couldn't do any damage to anyone despite having holy fire magic that he can imbue into the whip, which itself was about as effective as a wet pool noodle half the time. I get that the enemies are all-powerful vampire deities or whatever, but c'monnnnnnnn mannnnnn. It felt like Trevor was able to do so much more with that little bit of string. Despite that, with Season 2 in the works, I'm really looking forward to Richter getting the Vampire Killer/Morningstar whip as an upgrade. I get that Trevor literally threw it away at the end of the last series, but you can't tell me that it's just gone. There's no way someone doesn't have it somewhere.
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