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  1. I h a v e b e e n s u m m o n e d . oh, and thank you for the compliment, i appreciate it 🙂 Yeah, Jugdral could have a lot of diverging points, and the Battle of Belhalla is probably the biggest contender for it, especially since there are plenty of ways it could turn out and lead to an alternate future. I think making an AU is really as easy as asking yourself, "What if?" Change one simple thing in a story, and explore the possibilities of what could happen from there, just like the butterfly effect. For example, in Three Hopes, instead of the students meeting Byleth, they meet Shez instead, an entirely different character that has no real history or connection to the Church like Byleth does (as far as I know; I'm still making my way through the game myself), which would lend itself to entirely different interactions, decisions, and outcomes to happen, as we can see in the game. Even from the first battle in the game, it can be inferred that in the Three Houses version of events, Byleth killed Shez then and there, whereas in Three Hopes, Shez survives their encounter with the Ashen Demon. That right there is most likely the diverging point. You can even see it with the Zelda timeline to an extent. Seeing as how OoT was already a diverging point thanks to the existence of the Child and Adult timelines, it wouldn't be too hard to create another point where instead of following the main events, we ask ourselves, "What if this happened instead?" (hence the existence of the downfall timeline, although that was probably more for the sake of fitting in certain games that didn't quite fit in the timelines of the other games). I'm not gonna get too in-depth, but here are some ideas for diverging points: Edain is rescued before being brought into Verdane (this one is early enough that it's probably the most feasible to break off into a new story rather than going too far into Gen 1) Kurth somehow doesn't get assassinated (what political repercussions would this have on Jugdral?) Deirdre somehow doesn't get kidnapped (how would this change Sigurd's path?) Sigurd doesn't get the Silver Sword from Arvis (that bastard!) Sigurd and co. survive Battle of Belhalla (easiest one to think of) I don't actually know how any of that could go from there, but those ideas are there!
  2. Man, that's messed up. All I can really think to say is how unfortunate it is that things have reached this state. It'd be awesome if everyone could be just a little more open-minded to see every side, but I know that's not how it works. I think sticking with your beliefs can be a good thing if those beliefs are just and right, unless your beliefs go too far, like... that. At the very least, I do feel as though I've learned a fair bit from this thread myself, despite all the ups and downs. And I appreciate the compliment, if that's what it was intended to be; I try to stay positive.
  3. Man... I wanna say something, and I've tried talking about it before, but it gets so hostile here and I'm bad at articulating my points and arguing, so I end up making myself look silly. However, I make myself look silly all the time everywhere else and I have no problem with it, so I really have nothing to lose. Live and learn! I've come to the conclusion that abortion is a topic that's a complete minefield of morals and emotions, and while I don't like it much at all, I can see and understand why it's necessary in some circumstances and desired in others. It's not my choice or anyone else's to decide for someone what to do with anything; I could give suggestions and advice, but it's ultimately up to an individual to decide what they want to do. You could view the recent Supreme Court decision as a way for women to make better informed decisions when it comes to sex and parenthood and all that, but it doesn't take into account that we just don't live in a perfect world (to put it nicely), and abortion can appear as a viable alternative compared to raising a child or putting them up for adoption if the parent(s) don't want the child or are unprepared for them. Some people don't want a living reminder of their trauma or decisions they've come to regret, either. Disregarding abortion for a moment, I think I might have mentioned bodily autonomy to some degree somewhere before, probably in this thread a long time ago. Basically, it's the right to make decisions about your own body, more or less. For instance, if someone needs an organ donation, no one can force you to give up the requested organ; if you want to donate, that's up to you. A better example can be found right on a driver's license, at least here in the USA. In the case of an accident where the driver passes away (which doesn't necessarily have to be the case, it's just an example), their organs can be recovered and donated if they've registered to be an organ donor; there will be a graphic somewhere on the license indicating that they're a donor, so @Sunwoo is entirely correct. Anyway, I think bodily autonomy is a fundamental human right, just as much as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all that. Abortion falls under that category, but the reason it gets so messy (from what I've seen and from what I understand) is because of some of the following issues: whether the mother wanted the child to exist in the first place or not whether it can be considered as taking a life or not/whether it's OK to terminate the pregnancy at what point can the child be considered "human"/when is it "alive" who should be prioritized if it reaches a point when both lives can't be saved and probably a bunch of other issues I can't think of It's very messy and gross, everyone disagrees, I don't like it, the Pope is Catholic, and... I think it really just boils down to what you choose to believe. There's no right or wrong answer to these questions. Abortion doesn't elicit the healthiest debates, but they're necessary. We all may not agree with what we have to say, but most of us here can at least agree that Bury the Light is unironically a fantastic song despite the memes... right? I think you're right, but challenging yourself with civil arguments against others from time to time is good for the brain and can help you form your own conclusions on certain matters if you really take the time to think about it, so it's not like there's nothing to gain here. It could also be a colossal waste of time, but I have the time for that.
  4. I was the same way growing up. If I didn't like anything that was on, I'd go do something else. Except when Nickelodeon had those "Day of Play" things, then everyone was forced to either find something else to watch or actually go outside, so you didn't have much of a choice in the matter, lol. Honestly, nothing can really beat physical copies to me, so if there's a movie I'm interested in seeing, I pick up a DVD copy. I also feel better knowing that I could always go back and watch it again and again if I really wanted to without having to worry about paying for it every time I watched it.
  5. Back in the far gone days of the early 2000s, wee trikes such as myself grew up with good, old fashioned CRT televisions. As I grew older, flatscreens soon took over, and the ol' reliable CRT that I played my Wii on was replaced with a modern HD TV that has just that slight bit of input lag when I play video games on it. I remember watching the classic trio of Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network quite a bit when I was younger, but as I've gotten older, I've been far, far less inclined to watch anything on TV. If my parents have it on, it will usually have the news, Food Network, Lifetime, sports, or whatever else. I might glance at it, but I just don't sit down to watch "traditional" television anymore. I'd rather use the TV for something else, like video games. This leads me to my big question (as well as what the poll has): Do you watch "traditional" TV? Give as many details as you're willing to provide; I wanna know. Also, I can only fit so many questions into the poll, but I have a bonus question here: Do you prefer newer or older TV models? Do you like the sleek and ergonomic designs of OLED HD TVs? Or do you prefer the classic bulk and feel of CRTs? Do you like both? Or are TVs as a whole just a sick technological plague on the environment and our children's eyesight?
  6. Hey, don't worry about it too much, I didn't get around to writing much of anything either this time around. You're not alone! I did come up with a good idea for something to write, but it's completely unrelated to the prompt, so that'll have to be a passion project when I can really get around to it and hopefully submit if it actually fits a future prompt.
  7. Ooh, I very much enjoy Star Wars, so I'll share a bit of what I can. The music and production value for a majority of Star Wars media is always phenomenal, not to mention it's filled to the brim with so many interesting ideas and concepts. What's also great about that latter point is that new ideas can almost always be made, so Star Wars could never really run out of content ... but they always come back to Tatooine anyway, so eh Even though the sequel trilogy is lackluster in the story department, I find that everything else about it is well done (music, acting, etc.) The Force Unleashed, The Complete Saga, KotoR, and Fallen Order are some of the best Star Wars video games Speaking of TFU, I would love to see Starkiller come back in some capacity. He probably won't since he can be a pretty brutal character (so an instant no-no for Disney), but I can always hope he does someday I don't think I really have any other strong opinions. I know the series gets a lot of criticism, but I try to enjoy it (and anything else, for that matter) for what it is. I'm not really one to criticize anyway.
  8. Honestly, I think that would have been really cool. I think it makes sense for Link to be the physical age that he is since that can be attributed to being sealed away in the Shrine of Resurrection, so Sheikah magic is keeping him young... probably. As for Zelda, I assume it was the same deal; she was sealing herself away to keep Calamity Ganon contained (not to mention she has some power of the Triforce at her disposal, so that would probably have some impact in her aging), so she would have more or less been in a "stasis" just like Link, which is probably why she didn't physically age (oh, and so she can be used in the sequel or something). At the same time, she probably could have aged, too. There's precedent for characters aging during a time of being sealed away. Link in OoT ages 7 years in order to be able to properly wield the Master Sword (even though I bet he could have totally used it like the Great Fairy's Sword as a kid). Ganondorf in between OoT and WW/TP doesn't seem to age very much, but he at least grows a beard, so he must have aged at least a little bit. I would actually really like to see the dynamic between Link and Zelda if they had a significant age gap, like between a child/young-adult Link and an adult/older Zelda.
  9. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this reddit post yet. It gives a little more info, if anyone is interested. As with any leak, take this all with a finely grained molecule of salt. Anyway, can't wait to see how Lilith's son/daughter (you can't tell me it's not; just look at the hair colors) turns out as a protagonist. I hope they're just full dragon mode.
  10. what an absolute madlad I was thinking of doing it myself, but I was like, "Nahhhhh."
  11. Oh boy, HOLY BLOOD, I love talking about it. I'll leave how it works in the spoiler tag if anyone wants to read that. Story-wise, holy blood is more or less a remnant of events prior to the game. It was bequeathed to 12 crusaders by magic dragons alongside holy weapons for them to use to essentially turn them into one-man armies capable of standing toe to toe with Loptous. After their success, they were revered as heroes and rose up to the ranks of nobles and royalty, and their Holy Blood was passed down. Most individuals with Major Holy Blood that we know of are typically the most direct descendants of those original crusaders; for example, Sigurd and Seliph are direct descendants of Baldr, and are more or less just as strong, if not stronger, than their ancestor (I should mention, that doesn't mean Sigurd's sister Ethlyn or her children aren't direct descendants of Baldr, but the connection isn't as strong as it is with Sigurd and Seliph). There are also individuals with Holy Blood that aren't royalty (like Chulainn). Otherwise, it doesn't play as big a role as you might think in the story (with exceptions). Gameplay-wise, Minor HB gives a nice boost to a unit's growth rates and ups the HB's respective weapon rank by one, which you can review here if you'd like. Major HB doubles those growth rates, boosts a weapon rank to its max level, and allows a unit to use their respective HB's holy weapon. As for Crests, they're inherited completely at random; an individual with a Major/Minor/No Crest could have a child with a Major or Minor Crest, or no Crest at all. It's all luck, pretty much. A long dormant Crest that everyone thought went extinct could suddenly reappear one day, for instance. If it was Holy Blood, it would continue to manifest in each descendant from generation to generation until it stops being passed down, which would ultimately make it die out. Basically, Crests can disappear and come back generations later, whereas Holy Blood will always be passed down and manifest to some capacity. It's made pretty obvious in Three Houses, but people that have Crests typically hold the power and are put onto ridiculously high pedestals by almost everyone around them. Sylvain and his brother Miklan are probably the best example of how Crests negatively affect the people who inherit them (or don't). I'm sure something akin to all of that happens in Jugdral with Holy Blood, but it's pretty much never brought up. The closest thing I can think of would be Seliph being the rightful successor as the King of Grannvale, but that has more to do with his lineage on his mother's side than it does Holy Blood, honestly. To be honest, I don't know as much about Crests gameplay-wise as I do Holy Blood, so I'll link this GameFAQs thread to help answer your question. Like FE4 and Holy Blood, Major Crests give stronger bonuses than Minor Crests do, but that's about it. Story-wise, Major and Minor Crests don't really have much of a difference besides one manifests stronger than the other.
  12. That's a good point. For fans of the series, it's a continuation of the prior seasons, but for newcomers, it's a nice point to get into it without any prior commitment.
  13. I can already tell Richter is gonna have a fantastic design, being a cross between Trevor and Sypha with his outfit being a mish-mash of Dracula X Chronicles and Symphony of the Night. I'm interested to see how Maria and possibly Annette will look, too. Also, I honestly see no reason why it wouldn't be Season 5. It's still the same show made by the same people, just with a subtitle added to differentiate it from the prior seasons. It'll happen within the show's canon most likely, and take inspiration from the time period Richter was alive in and the games he appeared in. As for potential antagonists, Shaft is a big contender. He was the one who brought Dracula back in Rondo of Blood and brainwashed Richter in SotN as an evil spirit, so he could totally do that and make Alucard come back, which could allow for an adaptation of RoB and SotN to take place. If they do decide to bring Dracula back, one way I can think of for that and the Belmonts prior to Richter making a cameo... That's just one idea to bring Dracula back while also bringing it in line with the games to an extent. I doubt that's what will happen considering how shafted Hector was, but it'd be neat. Regardless, I really want to see how Season 4 leads up to Nocturne/Season 5.
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