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  1. or look it up online for free, lol I didn't even know there was a previous thread. Couldn't you shut this thread down since there's evidence that the topic could potentially cause a flame war or whatever? I wouldn't want either event happening, I'm just simply curious. And that hypothetical sounds way too real to be hypothetical, haha. Hopefully your Thanksgiving dinner wasn't ruined because of it or anything.
  2. Just to throw my hat into the ring real quick, Garon literally instigated against Hoshido multiple times. Kidnapping Corrin is one of the first notable offenses, which came right after killing the King of Hoshido, funnily enough. He then used Corrin years later to send in a demon sword that killed his mom, which means that Garon killed both the King and Queen of Hoshido. I don't know what hate he has in his actions here besides being a goofily evil villain that 's evil just for the sake of it. As far as I know, he doesn't have any reasons to "hate" Hoshido besides them being a rival nation and wanting to expand his kingdom. Or maybe he's a racist, I dunno. Even if he was some kind of slime monster the whole time, that slime monster was a huge reason for how and why the story took place. Even if he's not the cause of everything bad happening, he's still responsible for a decent portion of bad things. Agents working with a greater power are just as responsible for their actions as that greater power is for giving the agents the authority to carry out those actions.
  3. That is absolutely true. If Trump gave himself plot armor against federal offenses, if still wouldn't protect him at the state or even local level, so it balances out.
  4. I don't really care how good or bad the story of Heroes is, I really enjoy watching how the story is unfolding, and how different things are connecting... or "connecting," as some might put it. I really love seeing these short movies come out, too. It reminds me of how long ago the Book II trailer came out, and how far we've come since then.
  5. I've actually been meaning to watch Violet Evergarden! I at least watched the first episode, and I really enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to watching the rest when I can set aside some time for it and actually engage with it. If you'd like some more recommendations: FMA 2003 - It doesn't sound like you've watched it yet (I could be wrong), but this is an easy recommend. If you have watched it, watch it again. Same world and characters, but it takes on a darker tone. I can't exactly pinpoint when it diverges into 2003-only content since it's more or less sprinkled throughout until it mostly becomes 2003-only content, but there are notable differences between Brotherhood and 2003 that you'll notice. we stan fma 2003 in this house Initial D - This is my favorite anime of all time, so I'm absolutely going to recommend it (I'm also biased, so keep that in mind, haha). It's a racing anime from the 90s, so it's gonna look a pretty dated, and it may not even be your cup of tea, but I wanted to go ahead and recommend it anyway. It also goes on for a few seasons (with a movie in between), so it does actually improve in quality over time (even though the quality is reminiscent of the era the individual seasons were released in, so don't judge it too hard if you give it a go, lol). Also, if you've ever heard of eurobeat, the genre of music comes in full force with this show. Cowboy Bebop - I've yet to fully complete this anime myself, but I've heard great things about it, so I'll recommend it here. Psycho-Pass - Another one of my personal favorites. I actually got into this one pretty recently, too. Anyway, it's a phenomenal anime that has it's share of action and psychological thrillers. It also may or may not be a deep dive into the human psyche in terms of its themes, so if that's what you're interested in, go into the deep end with this one. Death Parade - Already recommended this one, but I'll recommend it again. It's pretty short, only 12 episodes, but it tells the story it needs to tell, and I love it. Me and friend watched the whole thing together in a night and a morning a few years ago, so I'm pretty fond of this one. Great Pretender - It's on Netflix, so please watch it for your sake and for mine. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at, too. I personally like to describe this as "no u" the anime. Also, you can't go wrong with either sub or dub since both are really good. I watched the first three cases in dub, and the fourth case in sub, and both are soooooo good. This is a top tier anime for me. Kakegurui - I feel like this one is tad harder to recommend, but anyway, this is another one of those "no u" the anime sort of deals (also another anime that a friend recommended to me; I did fall out of watching it when it was on it's initial run, but I ended up coming back to it to finish up what's been released so far). It's a gambling anime that includes characters making some very interesting and detailed faces in closeups (mostly in the first season), and I live for it. It does have some, uh... provocative moments, so maybe watch this one of your own, lol (it's not sexually explicit or anything, but I at least want to warn you of it having some provocative material in select instances so you don't get in trouble or anything). Anyway, I don't wanna get too off track from the topic, but hopefully some of these will entice you into watching them, or at the very least checking them out!
  6. I was about to ask if pardons can be revoked, but I decided to do the research myself, and by research, I mean finding my answers on Quora. Anyway, from what I understand, pardons can't be revoked once they have been delivered to the recipient. There were instances in the past where pardons were "revoked," but they were never delivered to the recipients in the first place, so it was more like stopping a download halfway through, for an illustratable comparison. So, unless they're convicted again for something else, those that Trump has pardoned are free to go (despite Flynn literally pleading guilty, but I guess that's what the pardon is for, huh?). If you mean a preemptive pardon in preparation for such an event, then I wouldn't think so. A pardon is an active executable action (try saying that ten times fast), so it's not like an extra layer of armor that you can expend if you need to use it, or like having an extra life like in a video game, if that makes sense. Then again, a preemptive pardon in preparation has never been done before, as far as I know.
  7. Holy smokes, that is actually awesome. I kinda wanna play these games now, lol.
  8. Melissa is an absolute BOP, but Rewrite is easily my favorite of the openings. And strangely enough, I've never actually watched DBZ. Like, I've seen short slips here and there, but I was never really able to get into it. 8th grade was when I discovered FMA, and it was Freshman year of high school where I would actively listen to FMA's openings because I loved those songs. I'm also gonna leave a link to this remix because I really, really like it (spoilers for Conqueror of Shamballa, since the video uses clips from the movie). Also, if you look through the comments, you might be able to find a comment I left on the video 5 years ago, lol. I was obsessed with FMA for a good while, so Brotherhood was also my second anime (if you count 2003 and Brotherhood as separate anime, despite being the same series). I forget what other anime I watched after that time, but Death Parade is one that I do remember, and it's one that I highly recommend.
  9. I honestly love 2003 so much. FMA was the very first anime that I've ever seen, and I've watched both versions of the series, as well as both movies (and I've also read a large chunk of the manga, so hopefully that should establish my credibility, haha). Each version has their merits and flaws, but I can't help but adore 2003 for it's overall darker tone. While the artstyles are generally reminiscent of each other, I do actually the somewhat grittier look of 2003 (although that may just be because of when it was made, I dunno). To get into spoilers for the end of 2003, there are two things that I wanna mention: It's also one of the few anime where I would recommend the dub over the sub. I experienced the series through dub, so maybe I'm a tad biased, but it's still really good. Edit: Almost forgot, seeing how much Ed and Al have grown over the time-skip is one of my favorite things, which reminds me of a scrapped mechanic from Wind Waker where Link would have slowly grown over the course of the game; that honestly would have been such a cool feature, and I hope to see it implemented in a future Zelda game someday.
  10. Eirika solo run. Not Seth. Just Eirika (and Ephraim, too, I guess, but try to limit it to just Eirika).
  11. Just curious, have any of you guys accidentally posted a song twice? Not like double posting or anything, but posting the same song that you've shared before in the past. I definitely feel like I've done that, but I'm not entirely sure if I have. Anyway, here are the tunes:
  12. Typically, if I can get something that I can enjoy and justify buying, then that's all that really matters to me. I don't always take into consideration a company's business practices when I get a new game. I've bought and played Need for Speed 2015, Need for Speed Payback, and Dead Space, all published by EA, and I was able to get them for pretty cheap when they were on sale. I got the deluxe editions of the two Need for Speed games for $7.99 each (both being cheaper than the normal version on sale, too, I'm pretty sure), and Dead Space for $3.99 if I remember correctly. To me, those were practically steals. Of those 3 games, Payback was the only one that had optional in-game purchases. On another hand, there's also Sword and Shield. The music and characters absolutely bop, but I couldn't justify buying a game that has less content than it's predecessors, not to mention for a higher price. A total price of $90 dollars for both the game and DLC at full retail price isn't worth what's being offered by SwSh, at least to me. I wouldn't necessarily say that what Game Freak, The Pokémon Company, and/or Nintendo was doing concerning these games was a turnoff, it was just that I didn't want to get something that I didn't perceive as "worth it." Xenoblade Chronicles 2, on the other hand, is absolutely worth getting for $60 (or cheaper!), especially with the $30 DLC. You get extremely helpful in-game items, new quests, and a whole new prequel story to play through. You could easily spend over 100 hours playing these games because of how much content is packed into them. Anyway, thank you for reading my Xenoblade propaganda. Oh, but recent Pokémon stuff (GO, Bank/HOME or whatever it's called now, and Masters money stuff) is really scummy and greedy. I don't play or utilize these games, but I feel bad for those that do since they seem to really be cheated right now. Coaxing the consumer to spend money on a product that they never wanted to spend money on in the first place is bad news. I never liked Pokémon Bank/HOME to begin with, so what they're doing with the monetization bothers me a lot, and ensures that I'll never even get close to those "services." Apologies for the rant. Anyway, I think that this question is a very good question to ask, especially with the recent controversies surrounding Nintendo right now, and It's interesting to see what other people have to say as well. What Nintendo has been doing doesn't personally affect me all that much, if at all really, but I absolutely understand the frustration of others.
  13. I have a team of +10 units that I would consider my "best" units, so I guess they could technically be the units that I rely on the most (the team has Seliph, Cormag, Young Minerva, and Sothe). Even so, I use quite a few different units for different things, so I'm not always relying on a single unit for everything. I try to use every unit on a team to their fullest extent, and so I find it kinda hard to just rely on a single unit. When I'm not using that team, Legendary Edelgard and Legendary Seliph are typically my go-to units if they're on a team.
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