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  1. Since the game hasn't been specified, I'll be funny and rank them all in their respective appearances. In Fates, I would say Camilla is better at the virtue of her earlier availability in both paths she's playable in and her being a flier (not to mention how good of a unit she is regardless of whether she's a flier or not; it's just the icing on the cake). She's also one of the best moms in the game, which Xander literally can't compete with. In Warriors, Camilla outclasses Xander again. Like in Fates, she's available a lot earlier and she's also a flier, meaning she can go over chasms. Also has a really strong moveset and specials that can wipe the floor with enemies in seconds (in my experiences, at least). Xander is also really good, too, but Camilla's advantages as a flier give her the edge. In Heroes, I would rank each appearance as follows: I put a lot more time into this than I reasonably should have, but I like making unnecessary analyses about Fire Emblem.
  2. My current picture is of Anri; this particular image which I got off of his wiki page is from one of Nyna's Cipher cards. I liked it a lot, so I went with it.
  3. It could go either way, but I figured he'd probably be a Mythic since that's typically delegated for characters in the series who haven't been playable in their respective games/are only mentioned or shown in lore, not to mention there's precedent for antagonists being Mythic heroes (namely Duma and, to an extent, Seiros... Not a whole lot of precedent, but precedent nonetheless).
  4. I don't know how well it would work, but you could try Office Lens on your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.). It's meant to scan papers, so it takes a photo and crops it to fit the margins for you, which you can then turn into a PDF or whatever else. I've used it a lot for school, and I've taken pictures of drawings (which were for school, but drawings nonetheless) with it, and it's worked fairly well for me. There are also tools in the app you can use to edit the image to brighten it up or change the filter. I don't know about smoothing, though. This probably goes without saying, but the quality of the image is going to be dependent on your mobile device's camera, so if you've got the latest iPhone, then it'll probably come out really nice. Otherwise, if you've got a phone with a meh camera, then the picture is gonna come out meh.
  5. I'll throw Xane out there. He'd be an alt of his Halloween version, as well as a permanent pool unit, so therefore a non-seasonal alt. I'd like to see how his main gimmicks translate over to Heroes beyond stat copying. They could make his attack animation throwing away his dragonstone at the enemy if he hasn't copied another unit for a turn, lol Gray, Tobin, Kliff, and Faye might be neat to see in promoted forms. I think their "canon" classes are Mercenary, Archer, Mage, and Pegasus Knight/Cleric (in that order), if I recall correctly. Emperor Arvis is a pretty obvious pick. I really hope he gets a Mythic someday, although you could make the argument that it's seasonal to an extent since it's a rare unit. I think a younger Greil/Gawain in his prime might be neat to see. Make him a duo unit with Elena or something.
  6. That's a good point about the pearl, I could've fleshed that out a bit more. It could be a fake or the thief had more in his bag, but only had time to make one of them into a ring to sell for more. I'll leave that up to reader interpretation. Maybe he's actually a really bad thief! I can certainly see why the twist ending doesn't quite work out. It was kind of a spur of the moment idea, and I didn't want to make it super long, so I rolled with what I came up with. Honestly, I really wanted to use the title I came up with. I have ideas to make the story longer and not a crime drama, but didn't think a longer story would work as well for the purposes of this thread. ~ Anyway, I'm looking forward to what's in store for this next prompt and it's entries. Good luck guys!
  7. I'll vote Medeus since I'm pretty sure he's one of the last main antagonists left to be added, although I have a feeling he won't be added until close to the end of the game's main story, if not any sooner. Other than Medeus, I'd really want to see Boyd. Oscar and Rolf are in, so I don't see why Boyd can't join in, too. Oh, uh... @Jotari. gime Boyd plz thanc
  8. Thank you for the feedback! My class is over now, actually, but it's appreciated regardless. And don't worry about being nit-picky; I wouldn't have noticed the problems you mentioned if you didn't point them out. Honestly, I can only dream of being able to actually give a good critique or good feedback for any kind creative outlet like acting or writing or what have you, so keep yelling as loud as you can!
  9. Lyre is the most unique of the bunch, imo. Reginn and F√°fnir are similar to their base forms, just in different weapon classes. Dagr is basically Pirate Hinoka with a different duo skill. Also, new tempest trials has Fury as the final sacred seal reward And THAT MEANS FURY 10 IS A REALITY BOYS, WOOHOO
  10. I don't celebrate the holidays, but I do celebrate Christmas, so Merry Christmas!
  11. Even though he has to compete with other units that get holy weapons far earlier than he does, Tyrfing is still one of the strongest holy weapons in the game after Naga, especially when it comes to fighting Julius, which is when Seliph would be at his strongest point as a unit. I get that Seliph doesn't start off as strong as Sigurd does, but that doesn't mean he can't reach or surpass his father.
  12. Sigurd is a unit that immediately comes to mind. He's a mounted pre-promote available from the start in a game where mounted classes dominate, not to mention he gets one of the strongest weapons in the game, if not the series, in the last chapter he's available in. Until then, he gets the Silver Sword in the Prologue, which is powerful enough in it's own right and should carry him until he picks up Tyrfing. He's also one of the few units in the series that can solo his campaign, if I recall correctly. I believe that Seth (The Sacred Stones) and Ike (Path of Radiance) are two other units that can solo their respective campaigns as well. If there are any others, I can't think of them at the moment. The only real problems I can think of with Sigurd are that he gets Tyrfing so late and the fact that he's simultaneously the best and worst Jagen in the series. He starts off extremely strong, but falls off extremely hard about halfway through the game. Anyway, I would also argue that Seliph, Sigurd's son, is just as strong, if not stronger, than Sigurd once he's trained up. The way I see it, he's a Sigurd that you get to build up. He doesn't start off pre-promoted like his father, BUT he does inherit anything that Sigurd had on his person at the end of Generation 1 (besides Tyrfing), so the Silver Sword and any rings that Sigurd picked up would be passed down to Seliph, which would give him a major advantage in getting him up to speed if you plan it right. Once Seliph is able to promote, he's easily the best unit in your army and essentially Sigurd 2.0. The only thing that makes Seliph not as good as Sigurd right out of the gate is that he starts out as an infantry unit. Robin (and by extension, Morgan) is also a strong contender (as well as Corrin + Kana [and Byleth, to an extent]) since you can more or less build them however you want to, so even if they aren't necessarily the best, they're at least the most versatile units in the series.
  13. but it totally is they're perfect for each other you can't tell me otherwise screw gameplay, i'm here for the l o r e ~ Y'know, speaking of Chrom's pairings, why tf is Cordelia not one of them? I never understood that.
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