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  1. Metroidvania is a genre I've heard a lot, and after playing through games in both the Metroid and Castlevania series, it's a genre that I very much enjoy. I almost feel like there's a special kind of prestige that the genre has; a uniqueness that you can't find anywhere else. I'm also a sucker for racing games. It's a genre that I played a majority of growing up, and there are thrills that I never get tired of. Cars and racing have more or less always interested me, and most racing games that I play never disappoint.
  2. This is gonna bop bro, I'm ready. I haven't played these games, so I'd really like to see what they're like!
  3. where's leslie kyle cloud or bust bro, she kinda cute ngl
  4. This resource should help you out a bit: https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/miscellaneous/rankings/ Anyway, I believe that the game only tracks unit deaths and not lost castles. (You could also just use an emulator's save states to bypass all of that since it's not built into the game). I've checked a few places, and I haven't seen anything saying that a lost castle is tracked like player unit deaths, so I think you'll be fine if you reload a previous save. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  5. I finally finished F!Kana today! I've been stockpiling orbs for the Weekly Revival banner so I could go ahead and complete my first 5 Star exclusive unit. (I needed 4 merges, and I got them in about 100 orbs; Kana is one of my luckiest units to pull, for some reason). This is my 15th 5 Star +10 unit, so I'm very proud of her and myself, to say the least.
  6. Definitely the sweet pet, I don't really think it's a contest. My family used to have a cat named Toby; he was a black cat (which typically has a superstitious stigma attached to it, just like the number 13 or a broken mirror) with green eyes, and he passed away about 9 or 10 years ago if memory serves me correctly. Anyway, he was very docile but hilarious, and my parents agree that he was their favorite cat. My mom has a story when his tail caught on fire from getting a little too close to a candle, and there have been times where he would go into the refrigerator and be stuck in there for a while. When I was a kid, there was one time when he got outside through our backyard door and started chasing a neighbor's dog. You'd think it'd be the other way around, but no, it was a cat chasing a dog. I can't do him justice with how I explain things, but Toby was a damn good cat.
  7. Heat is a state of temperature most commonly associated with the time period of the year known as 'Summer,' as well as with areas like beaches, deserts, and tropical forests. It is also a state of being animals go through akin to what a human might consider 'horny.' I is for Intermediary.
  8. I'd never thought that Form seals would happen, but here we are! I'm actually kind of interested in that. Form stacking could be pretty fun.
  9. I think Pent can win? He would have to one-shot Surtr in the Player Phase, but with his base kit, he should be able to do that. Hopefully.
  10. Road 96 looks the most interesting to me. Maybe it's the idea of having so many possibilities in a single game that makes me excited. I'd expect it to be fairly replayable. I would also expect some kind of achievement where you get through all 148,268 routes. art of rally also reminds me of #DRIVE on the Google Play store.
  11. They have sort of done this, actually, but in reverse. Before we got Fallen Lyon, we got base Lyon. It was revealed in the Forging Bonds event that had those Fallen Heroes that base Lyon is actually from a time after Fallen Lyon. Technically, Lyon is sort of like a redeemed Fallen Lyon, if that makes sense. This is a side note, but I honestly really like the idea of Heroes who have fallen in a more literal sense (characters like Lyon and Sigurd who have actually already passed away by the time they were summoned, or are at least implied to have already passed away). I think it makes the whole idea of summoning characters a lot more interesting; we don't know from what point in their timeline they've been pulled from, so they could already be dead by the time we summon them (I don't really know how that works, but it sounds cool enough to me). Anyway, I do understand what you mean with the concept of redeemed villains as an idea for a banner, though! I'd definitely be interested in seeing something like that someday. Do you have any ideas for characters that could be included?
  12. That's probably what they would end up doing, I think. I'd love to see Fallen Leo become a reality. Those are all really good guesses. I'd honestly love to see the Deadlords. I also think it's strange that Medeus hasn't been added to the game at all yet.
  13. As others have mentioned, I think Chrom is a very likely candidate thanks to the Cipher card depicting him as Risen King Chrom. They've pulled Fallen Ike from Cipher (there was a joke I saw last year about how all the other units on last year's banner were canonical, but then Ike is just Cipher fanfiction), so I don't see why they couldn't do the same with Chrom. (He would most likely be a grounded Sword unit [so either infantry or armored]). Another character that I think they could also pull from Cipher is Leo. There is a Cipher card depicting him as King of Nohr, drunk on power (at least... that's what I think), wielding both Siegfried and Brynhildr. I think he could fit the bill for a Fallen Hero. Since the red category is already taken by Chrom, he would probably be a colorless tome unit. Those are the two that I think have a good probability of showing up, but that's just what I'm hoping for, personally. I know it's Fates and Awakening again, but I don't really mind it much. Hegemon Husk Edelgard is also a possibility especially since IS doesn't seem all that concerned with spoilers anymore. I also thought about Ninian showing up, too. Honestly, though, I would definitely expect Risen King Chrom to show up at the very least.
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