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  1. I've got two. The first is Master Knight. This isn't a new class, I just wanna see it again. My actual idea: Brawlvalier (that name could use some work). It's exactly what you would expect it to be; A brawler on a horse. It's a Tier 3 class with it's main weapon being the gauntlets, but instead of the rider fighting, it's the horse that fights. The horse would be wearing special hooves designed for kicking (although if you dismount, then the gauntlets would transition to the rider, so durability is shared between the two). Truly horse and rider as one. Lances can be the secondary weapon as per typical cavalier classes. Stat Stuff that I have no idea how to balance: Growth Bonuses: +20% HP, +20% STR, 0% MAG, +5% SKL, +15% DEF, 0% RES +5% SPD, +5% LCK, +3 Points in Brawling, +1 in Lances. Promotion Bonuses: +2-3 HP, STR, DEF, +1-2 SKL, LCK I'd give it 7 to 8 MV. EDIT: I think Charger could work for the class name.
  2. The Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda series is stronger than Nayru's Love and Palutena's Reflection Barrier.
  3. I voted for the Black Knight.
  4. You can technically charge it anywhere as long as you're holding down and do the input. The improved version is great for aerial combo finishers once you get the hang of it. You should only have to hold it for a second or so.
  5. Heh, now I can call it Munster cheese. The country is Munster, and Ced is the cheese. I always find localization vs. fan translations very interesting. Sometimes they're completely different, and sometimes they're exactly the same. However, in this case, it's a very minor difference. I've got to wonder, though... where in the WORLD did they get Meath from?
  6. The biggest takeaways from this for me were that Mythic Baldr is a possibility, and my boy Sothe is considered a Lord now. Other than that, this was a pleasant surprise! Very cute.
  7. FE6. WYR know what the next Fire Emblem game will be or what the next Fire Emblem remake will be?
  8. Barring Ultimate itself... Xenoblade Chronicles 2: REX AND PYRA, PLEASE Three Houses: Jeritza Super Mario Odyssey: the dinosaur
  9. Marth Eliwood is easily my favorite winner out of the bunch. It was awesome to finally have him join Lyn and Hector, and he's an absolutely fantastic unit in Heroes with amazing art. For the Women's Division, I would have to go with Veronica. I found it really cool that we were able to vote in a character that wasn't previously playable, and she's still one of the best healers in the game.
  10. I'd say go for it if you aren't planning on making anyone else a dancer. Dancing utility is pretty much a must-have in every Fire Emblem game.
  11. When you realize that you can reply to any (or perhaps rather most) of these posts with "interesting maneuver"
  12. Sigurd is the best unit in the series There are too many dragons for final bosses (I've considered making up arguments for how every final boss is a dragon, but it's kinda tough for characters like Veld) There are too many sword infantry units in Heroes, and the new ones that get added end up outclassing old ones due to powercreep It was very refreshing to have a Bow Lord for once with Claude (I've personally always wanted a Bow Lord. No, gaining bow use upon promotion doesn't count ALM) There is no "best game" in the series
  13. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but the Fire Emblem wiki states under the inheritance page: I would assume that this would include broken weapons as well since it would technically fall into the category of 'all items' and they can still be used (except staves). To answer your question, the Valkyrie staff should be able to pass onto the next generation, even if it's broken. To be safe, I would either get it repaired or make an extra save before it was broken/before the timeskip.
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