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  1. and I reached a weird point with my FGO account... I pretty much maxed / lvled skills of everyone I give a damn about. Now only waiting to grab Penth and Old sitting master then be done with FGO until 3rd annie! It is a weird feeling btw - 1018 proofs / 850 dusts / 730 chains / 200 bones and a bit over 100 fangs. The worst part? I know if something new fancies me I`ll be out of fangs in a blink
  2. I still remember rolling during Bryn banner, and NEVER getting him y.y Even Beowulf appeared couple times but never this blond beautifull lancer
  3. I just started openning my boxes... 100 done, 44k petals to go. I finally maxed every single servant I have, and got a nice stash of gold EXP on 2nd archive and on gift box. About the 4* ticket... FIONN is coming home finally!
  4. Sry no BroToki here... maybe I can help with something diff? so far, 25 boxes and 2 CE drops.. goal is 10/day so pretty good so far
  5. Hopefully with his soon to be arrival in NA land, that changes. Come home soon Old sitting master
  6. Depends heavily on what you have at your disposal, but personally I clear using Quetz + Ozy + supp (mainly another Ozy) And since this is my 2nd run, and I`ve rolled for Knights of Marines last year (got 2 mlb +4 regular), I just cast 2 charismas then proceed to facecard waves 1 and 2, then NP the eyeball. Sometimes I even toss NPs prior if the card distribution allow
  7. Oh I am aware of some of her looping capabilities. My question was more in the lines of how often / usefull is arts looping in general? Specially assuming 2x Skadi becames a thing from 3rd annie Still debating with myself if I should roll or not
  8. Hey guys I got a question for the ppl who plays on JP side of the ocean. How usefull is SurferMo? Does she get completely forget after Skadi release? Assume I have some quick units: Lancelot (np2); MHXA (2); Okita (2); and I will prob get a good number of Parvatis since I like her as a character Still worth to toss some rolls for Surfer?
  9. I am still waiting for they to patch Scathach 1st skill to 100% proc rate instead of 80%... I HATE 80% proc rate skills >< I would also tweak ALL the field skills somehow. or create ways to change terrain via Mystic code or maybe other units. How often can you field Summer Martha or JaguarMan? forests are such a rare bioma it is not even fun Hektor and Anne Mary (rider) should get some tweaks aswell. They both aged so badly Give Geronimo a 1st and 3rd skill. Right now, he has 1 usable skill + a usable NP Fix Kojiro`s 2nd skill. The removal of mental debuffs is completely useless. Seems like a start I would say
  10. Interesting convo you guys had! Learned something again 😄 Back to summer 1 on NA, God I have so many MEAT WARS CE hahaha
  11. This was the 2nd GSSR that I got double 5*s This time, Okita (np2 yay) and CuZilla (prob storage guardian). Sadly, neither are among the AoEs that I really wanted but Okita is a great upgrade 😄
  12. Man all I hope for a future Gudaguda is to somehow get mini-Nobus. Like ascension 1 - rifleman / asc 2 - tank / FA - Flying saucer It would be AWESOME!
  13. I can see why you think like that. This version of hers looks like a very young woman in my eyes, and not the fully grown pharaoh which she will be, at least that is hwo I personally see her
  14. Don`t let the naysayers corrupt you, Cleo is AMAZING! Being able to NPBB, spit some stars whenever you fancy, unreliable but strong atk up and CRAZY high np gain when her 2nd is active. Plus, she is gorgeous right? ❤️
  15. Sure! What is your IGN?
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