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  1. B) Accuse the persecutor of another entirely different crime "FURTHERMORE," you say to the prosecutor, "I have photographic evidence that you yourself were in a tricycle gang in your youth, AND that you're harboring a vampire tricycle in your garage! What do you have to say about that, sir?" You're not sure if any of this is true, but through some sort of clairvoyance (perhaps granted by your association with your own vampire vehicle) it looks like you've hit the nail on the head. The prosecutor begins to blurt out excuses for himself and asks how you could possibly have figured it all out? Before you have the chance to answer, he pulls out a revolver, pointing it in your direction. His eyes are wild. A) Try to talk him down B) Try to pin it on Mark C) Remote start your vampire car D) Keep insulting him. "Pfft, a revolver? What is this, 1873?" E) Charge him. You're bulletproof. Probably.
  2. This is canon and no one can tell me otherwise. On the main topic though, I don't know if it would be a good choice, but I would really really like it anyway. I'd love to play Innes or L'arachel or Joshua mode and check out what they were up to at the beginning of the game, or see things from their perspective ala Hector Mode in FE7.
  3. Happy birthday! I haven't had a quarantine birthday yet BUT I did host a party on Discord since this whole thing started and it turned out surprisingly well. There's loads of fun party stuff you can do digitally if you're willing to get creative. Good luck and congratulations!!
  4. That's a real bummer, sorry to hear it. I've wondered how those tefl jobs/programs have been affected by COVID, and unsurprisingly, it sounds rough. Probably it's nice to at least be with someone though, and to be chillin in Japan. I remember being stunned by the scenery all the time.
  5. What are you up to over there, if I might ask? You wouldn't happen to be teaching English?
  6. My FE7 recommendation is to play it twice, since after you finish it the first time, you'll unlock Hector mode. It has some cool and exclusive characters, like Farina! If you like the animations in FE7, FE8 Sacred Stones is also in that style and is a good time. Anyway, hope you enjoy your time here, we're happy to have you 🙂
  7. That's what I did with mine too lol. I got a copy in Tokyo a few years back for super cheap plus a copy of New Mystery. Congratulations! Enjoy your monumental trophy.
  8. C) Continue the farce After all, you DO have a flying vampire car to aid in the ruse. You continue to twitch and shout as the police flood the scene and inspect the damage. "What have we got here Chief?" "Well Dave, it looks like we got ourselves a standard case of vampiric vehicular manslaughter, plus possession. The victim was justice. The weapon was three thousand pounds of steel." The Chief bends down to get a look at the bodies and shakes his head. "Bikers by the looks of 'em. I hate these guys." A) Completely forget what you were doing and tell the Chief how much you also hate people who ride bicycles. B) Get up, pretending to be disoriented, and ask Dave and Chief what happened. C) Try to sneak away to your flying vampire car. D) Look around for Mark, your ex-best friend.
  9. A) Make the coffee and decide what to do later After all this excitement, it's really time you had that cuppajoe. You finish making the coffee and take a sip, wishing you had a doughnut to go with it. Dammit Mark. Now you have time to think and make your decision. You ultimately decide to: A) Take Mark up on his offer B) Ignore the biker gang C) Plan to destroy the biker gang
  10. B) Awkwardly grab the present and shut the door in his face Mark might be your best friend, but he's still a biker. You thought the two of you had made a pact to never become one of those streetwise demons. He's broken that vow, not to mention he's destroyed your doughnut, and some long goofy present most certainly does not make up for it. You grab the present from him and shut the door in his face. Serves him right. Now it's time to: A) Finish making that cup of coffee B) Open the present C) Reconsider your friendship with Mark D) Reconsider your hatred of bikers E) Get your samba on
  11. Seconding Hollow Knight since it's just a beautiful platformer with stunning music and lots of investigation to get the story behind it. And on that note, I'll go ahead and also recommend Dark Souls (which I'd say Hollow Knight is kind of based on) for number 2. I've only played the first one but it's a blast and you kind of put the story together as you go. Lovely world and cool characters with the obvious caveat being that it's not easy. Any hey, you're basically just playing as a zombie already in that one, so if that's not enough zombie, what is?
  12. Hard to pick a single favorite book, but I really like Howl's Moving Castle. It just has such a nice narration style that's a lot of fun and pleasant to read. I'm also a fan of Great Expectations and The Count of Monte Cristo as far as classics go.
  13. Hell yeah! Here we go again! *** D) I really, really hate bikers It's been a tough life, and bikers only make it tougher. Riding those monstrosities in the sidewalk mowing down granny after granny, or causing traffic jams in the crowded New York streets, they are your garden variety metropolitan hell-raisers, and this time you've had enough. He brushed passed you and made you drop your very expensive gourmet doughnut and by God, he's going to pay. Just as you feel yourself falling behind, the bike slows to a stop. He begins to dismount, and you realize you are somewhere familiar. Where has he led you? A) The front door of your favorite coffee shop. B) Your apartment complex. C) A dingy alleyway where you sometimes like to crack open a cold one with the boys. D) The lavish estate of your hated mother-in-law. E) The not-so-lavish estate of your favorite professor.
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