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  1. GBA canto would be healthier for the game but I kind of want to see Tellius/Jugdral canto make a return just because i enjoy it even though it makes mounted units really overpowered
  2. they've been sucking gen 1's dick because they're probably preparing for another set of kanto remakes since FR/LG are the most outdated games without a remake currently even if they themselves are remakes.
  3. No. There's not many games similar to Fire Emblem and not many developers have actually made games like Fire Emblem before. I don't think any other company has the right experience with making that kind of game and other companies I'm sure would do Fire Emblem in a different way than IS to an extent. I'd rather stick with IS, I wouldn't trust another developer to actually make a good Fire Emblem game.
  4. i don't even like awakening that much but the term sucks, i'm sure someone could come up with something better than "awakening babies" that would mean basically the same thing
  5. PoR is the better of the two but they're both decent. I used to like RD better but upon replaying both I think PoR is the better game. PoR's plot isn't as good as Genealogy of the Holy War or Thracia 776 but it's pretty good. The gameplay is pretty enjoyable, although would be more enjoyable if you could fully turn off animations because even the map animations take way too long. RD's story is convoluted and relies too much on shit like blood contracts for plot convenience and really just is kind of a mess. The gameplay is pretty good and with how many units there are the game has decent replay value but some of the game just feels like a complete slog to get through, especially since you have to beat the game once before you unlock the ability to turn off animations entirely. I used to like it a lot better than I do now but after replaying it I felt the games issues a little bit more than I did the first time around. It's still a fun game and it's worth playing if you like Fire Emblem. Overall the gameplay is pretty solid. I'd recommend playing both of them if you enjoy Fire Emblem.
  6. reptilian people, mark zuckerberg seems to be the main villain but at the end of the game zuckerberg is defeated and it's revealed that george soros was the true leader of the reptilians and you have to defeat the reptilians to protect the world from the evils of science and technology. takes place some time between shadow dragon and awakening, explaining why technology didn't progress for 3000 years between the two games, because the reptilians controlling the world and creating alien technology were defeated
  7. absolutely, there haven't been any details about it yet and it's around the time that new pokemon games are usually announced right now so there probably won't be any details soon. it might get announced at E3 but if they announce it that late i highly doubt it'll be released later this year. plus with said pokemon game and smash competing with it, like others have said, nintendo probably won't want it competing with smash and pokemon especially since those games are almost for sure going to come out late this year and if the fire emblem game is released this year it will also probably be released towards the end of the year pretty close to the release of smash and pokemon. i'm betting on a spring 2019 release if anything.
  8. i mean irl if you're wearing armor, what's gonna hurt more? getting hit by a sword while wearing armor or being struck by lightning/hit by a massive fireball/getting hit by whatever the fuck dark magic is?
  9. some of them were okay but for the most part i'm not a fan of it. i think the problem was most prominent in fates though. why can't someone just be evil? the game would have been so much better that way instead of what they did with garon. i don't like lyon either and i think he would have been better if he had just lost it instead of being possessed by a demon king and that being his only reason. i might be missing something with lyon though since i've never actually finished a run where i went ephraim's route since i dropped the run where i went ephraim's route after beating the ephraim exclusive maps. on the other hand i think it was done a little bit better with julius because he was still just an evil piece of shit and they didn't just try to make it like the villain is possessed and isn't actually evil just for the sole purpose of having the villain not actually be evil. i liked hardin too because of how he ended up becoming possessed and because he was a more interesting character before and afterwards than garon or lyon. i think a lot of the time having a villain be possessed just takes away from the character when they could instead have the villain have real reasons to do what they're doing if they really want to make a villain who isn't truly evil.
  10. i think the one on the right is definitely either olivia or oboro, assuming this is a 3ds seasonal banner since i doubt they'd do two non 3ds seasonals in a row based on the history of seasonal banners
  11. i hate Kotaro, i never go out of my way to keep Saizo alive and he's such a pain in the ass to kill, at that point in the game he's always able to one round anyone on my team since he has a flame shuriken and i never really have reliable hit rates against him. the only unit for me that consistently works against kotaro is shura and even that can be risky. i also turtle that chapter pretty hard so it's a total pain in the ass if i have to reset
  12. Canas - That shaman from FE7 who was a cool dude and also did more against the final boss than any of the lords Gonzales - Just give him 4 secret books and he one shots everybody Shin - forever stat blessed Lewyn - Forseti Ulster - Destroys everyone with Ayra/Lex pairing until he falls off a little bit because he can't be a swordmaster Homer - just wants pussy Miledy - Best wyvern knight Mareeta - Shreds armies, never gets hit Makalov - Nice haircut Aran - Carries every dawn brigade chapter after he gets like 5 levels Ray - I remember that one time he got speed blessed, good times, still always solid Heath - the other best wyvern knight, carried with farina Dieck - cool guy Thany (Shanna) - best pegasus knight, name will always be Thany to me Farina - the other best pegasus knight, carried with heath I decided on no villains or lords because if I did villains I might have too many villains. Ishtar would be there otherwise
  13. berserk should never come back, restore should come back
  14. Studio Trigger, Studio Khara, and Production I.G. Studio Trigger may be a stretch but Production I.G. is actually feasible. They did work on PoR and RD and have worked on some other Nintendo franchises before. They were involved with Pokemon Origins and produced one of the Pokemon movies. They also did some promo videos(?) or something of the sort for Kid Icarus Uprising. I'm a big fan of their work on Psycho Pass. They also worked on some other recognizable anime such as AoT, End of Evangelion, and Guilty Crown. They even worked on Xenoblade Chronicles as well. It might be something pretty different but it would be welcome. I would also love the return of Studio Khara, I really liked their work on Echoes SoV
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