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  1. +1 to Kirie Super nice seller, cards were well packaged. As always a pleasure doing business with the serenesforest members!
  2. A friend of mine is looking for B09-97SR Jill. Edit 1: If it wasn't obvious, we both live in germany
  3. +1 laCruel Great communitcation, cards arrived safely and in perfect condition!
  4. +1 jiayejoe Really helpful and friendly user, great packaging!
  5. Hey, played Cipher with some friends via Tabletop Simulator Mods in the last years, but we decided to get ourselves some real Decks and have some matches when we meet up in august, so since I want to buy my cards directly instead of getting booster boxes I think here is my best bet to get some of them. (I'm from Germany btw and currently only use Paypal) Here's the list of cards I'm currently looking for for a Leif "Budget" Deck: Leif B10-003HN 01/01 Leif B10-002R 04/04 Amid B12-091HN 04/04 Bridget B06-041N 04/04 Bridget B06-040R 04/04 Ced B08-90N 04/04 Ced B10-046R 04/04 Eyvel B10-009R 02/02 Fee B08-069N 02/02 Fee B08-068R 04/04 Linoan B15-094N 04/04 Linoan B15-093R 04/04 Valjean B10-049HN 04/04 Any help, advice or offer is appreciated, thanks for reading! Edit: added the total amount of cards I bought Edit 2: same as above Edit 3: same as above, finally got all cards!
  6. Hey guys,just made this account for asking this here. So a friend of mine asked me if it would be possible to get the 3D models of the Fire Emblem Awakening and/or Fates characters (He wants to use them to create a mod),as he doesn't have much to do with 3DS hacking etc. As I messed around with pokemon X (creating a randomizer),I were able to open the 3D models with ohana3DS,so I thought "It shoudn't be that hard to do that in awakening or fates!",but I was so wrong. I managed to dump the romfs.bin from both games and extracted them with "ctrtool",but 1. Don't know where models would be located 2. Don't know how to open .lz files // change .lz files into a diffrent file format,so I could open them. I came across the datamining post of the user VincentASM ,but couldn't really find anything that would help me with that,so any little information about messing around with those files would be appreciated! :)
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