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  1. Crystal because of the day/night system on that game. i'm so amazed in it since i was a child. :)
  2. Red: Charmander Crystal: Totodile Leafgreen: Venusaur Emerald: Torchic Pearl: Piplup White: Oshawott White 2: Tepig Y: Frokie Omega Ruby: Torchic Sun: Rowlet Ultra Moon/Sun: Rowlet
  3. well SMT 4 and SMT4:A since those are the only one that i played. :)
  4. Any of you would recommend me a mmorpg game this 2019? :)
  5. Probably 90's boy band like nysnc :)
  6. I did followed the instruction correctly but why my discord still hasn't been verified yet?
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