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  1. Hey, where's a good place to start with John Denver (or country music as a whole)?

  2. I was pissed that there wasn't any details for it, but it will most likely be revealed at E3 later this year.
  3. Yeah my own counting thread has little activity, it me and my brother and occasionally Miracle-Flora, i'll let you join my clan if you go to my counting thread. 18
  4. 152. Rule 151 Is null and void due to it violating Nohr's constitution.
  5. Incorrect true Fire Emblem Fans like Flora or Felicia.
  6. I like listening to John Denver's music and a fan of him thus my screen name and avatar. My sister's father showed me his music My favourite song was this one by you guessed it, John Denver: 68
  7. Flora, she would like the following song and burst into tears Which character would you take on a pontoon boat on the Intercoastal Waterway.
  8. I don't listen to songs that my generation listens to either. The latest song I like listening is from 2005. I like listening to Hank Williams' somg Hey, Good Lookin' it is one of my favourites, I also use British English despite living in the States. 66
  9. It would, but if she goes to Don't Count the Mods out thread, then we have a 50/50 chance of her coming here. ,14
  10. Yes it is, at least it could be a stepping stone to my own counting thread Count to 2018. 12
  11. Looks like people are turning into me when comes to answers. Anyways that is obvious, Flora. Which character would you see drinking beer from a mason jar?
  12. Should know it was created by my late father and how it works is a secret, that he wanted only me, him and my big brother to hold it.
  13. Looks like you created competition with the Don't Count the Mods out thread, now it is a thread that is getting popular fast. 53
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