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  1. It looks like you are forgetting to quote me, I asked you how my Icelandic was twice, and no response. Also feel free to post on my topics.

    1. Arcanite


      I PM people and translating wasnt convenient at the time

      Patience my child ~

  2. It looks like you keep on getting the curse. I wish that they would patch it.

    1. DisobeyedCargo


      Yeah it happens a lot, but it doesn't bother me all too much

  3. I just found the Activity Feed. I am going to make my first post here. 

    Before I heard of this site I used Miiverse (Now shut down:(:), GameFAQs (Which I am still active there with the same username as here.), and Wikipedia (I am anti vandal rollbacker there, I am also still active there.)


  4. Well it looks like you have been a victim of the double post glitch that has the same content.

    1. Nym


      Yea it's kinda annoying XD

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