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  1. 6 minutes ago, Marcus Aurelius said:

    Yes, I'm also not fond of the songs my generation enjoys, I listen to good old country songs from before the 2000s but not many people know them. I like this one, it is probably my favourite, my late father was the one who first showed it to me



    I like listening to John Denver's music and a fan of him thus my screen name and avatar. My sister's father showed me his music My favourite song was this one by you guessed it, John Denver:



  2. 1 hour ago, Marcus Aurelius said:

    Well, you clearly don't know what good music is, I only listen to the classics they are my favourites and the modern music my generation listens to is garbage, this song is places 4th on my list of favourites yes I am using British English: 



    I don't listen to songs that my generation listens to either. The latest song I like listening is from 2005. I like listening to Hank Williams' somg Hey, Good Lookin' it is one of my favourites, I also use British English despite living in the States. 



  3. 2 hours ago, anniec8711 said:

    Quit bashing other people's music.  Otherwise you'll get this thread closed like the religion thread :lol:


    I doubt it here's a song that some people would hate because it has the word damn in it. I love it.


    Speaking of this topic almost getting locked., back in December, me and two mods were in an argument and one of them threatened to lock it. But I doubt it will get locked on the music stuff I stirred up. 


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