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  1. Looks like the classic curse and curse sandwiches are a plenty in this thread at this time.
  2. I some recommendations for country music John Denver (the obvious choice), Alan Jackson, George Strait, George Jones, and Hank Williams. 54
  3. 134. Same as rule 133, except for Hoshidans who reclass into Nohrian classes. 135. Stop saying Flora's hair looks like a piece of lettuce, we know what she done the last time we said that...
  4. I would like them to reveal more info for Fire Emblem Switch, also I would like them to reveal a new Smash game or a port for Smash 4, the latter may wait until E3.
  5. My grandparents on my mother's side doesn't respect it, they only like classic country and gospel. They wouldn't like to see these days music as they call it garbage, and I agree with them. I may like country and gospel, I generally don't like Rock and Roll. I like Bob Kuban and the In Men's The Cheater and all of Johnny Hallyday's French Rock and Roll Music. 52
  6. No, it probably won't be accurate since the theme doesn't match Fire Emblem themes, for my point, you kill enemy soldiers and it doesn't revolve around the leaked theme. If we need more accurate details, we will need to wait until the next E3 event.
  7. I have met people of my generation, they listen to Rap, Rock, Heavy Metal, and Pop music. When I told those people that I listen to Gospel and Classic Country music like the following song, they call me a weirdo, but those genres of music they listen to is garbage, and I listen to my elders about music. 47
  8. Banned for making the typo, it is plane not pane, I am also one of those so called "grammar nazis."
  9. 236. Tear the toilet seats off the display toilets and smash them with your head while saying "I am going to break the world record of most toilet seats getting smashed with a head in one minute" 237. Tear open the candy bags and eat the candy while walking into the bathroom.
  10. Flora, yeah let's hope she doesn't crash the train... Which character would you find sleeping in the wilderness?
  11. Sigh while I count my blessings, I survived a heart attack yesterday, but it was bigger than the one that killed my father, the doctors said that it was a miracle I survived and they also said my heart functions like a heart of a 70 year old.
  12. He has the dates correct, he is using the British dates for example he would use 19/6/2018 instead of 6/19/2018, which you are familiar with, so the interview isn't going to last months.
  13. Banned for not having Flora as a badge.
  14. Hasn't listened to Glen Campbell's music.
  15. I'll do the the former, I'm also doing the latter for the hell of it. 51
  16. 122. Flora is not to light herself on fire, we don't want to pour water on her again to save her. 123. Felicia is not to do chores anymore, she shattered every expensive glass in the local restaurant. 124. Flora is not to complain about the heat in the hot springs or she will face serious prison time.
  17. My heart is giving me troubles, I feel a big heart attack around the corner. Wish me well, adios. 6
  18. You couldn't yesterday because I was having heart troubles. 49
  19. Yeah my big bro made all the drama, thus two mods came here seeing on how I was feeling. My heart did stop beating, but it wasn't as bad as he said. He exaggerates things when it comes to health, but not all the time. 2
  20. Where is your question? What would you do if you had a month off of work because your boss thinks you needed a long vacation?
  21. The joke is on you I use Flora for my answers these days. Flora, she will make it so cold that the students need expensive coats to keep warm. Which character would you see singing this song?
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