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  1. 26. Walk in to work... wearing only your underwear. 27. Pretend to be the boss and make the others leave.
  2. Ponder why he made false medical statements on me which is called Munchausen syndrome by proxy. I never had a heart attack.
  3. No I am not grateful for that and I have a quarter to call someone who cares. 2
  4. The United States is getting bland for me. So i'll be moving to Canada in the 2020s at the soonest. I would have more freedom in Canada. Yeah I will have to learn metric and I use British English which Canada has there will be kilometers instead of miles. I always wanted to be outside of the country. I will still be here even when I move there. 308
  5. I'm talking about the Canadian Air Force. I'm joining their Air Force. Maybe I could get citizenship there faster if I join the Canadian Air Force 306
  6. Hasn't just come back from a movie in a movie theatere.
  7. Flora, but I would tell her that those jokes are not good. Which character would you see eating Sharkfin Soup?
  8. 7/10 Is good, it makes me sing because it is so good.
  9. Sorry, but you are incorrect. Has Breath of The Wild.
  10. That is way better, I even say that when there is something is amiss, but it is like every other day I say it. 29,296
  11. That is way better, I even say that when there is something is amiss, but it is like every other day I say it. 29,296
  12. Why won't the fucking curse leave me alone?
  13. I have seen curse sandwiches before, it is a rare phenomena. Doesn't know that curse sandwiches happened before.
  14. Yeah the weapons breaking was terrible, I don't want to see it in the next one. On your first one it was only in Japan I thinked they dropped it in the west because if they didn't it would of been M rated. As for child units I would disagree, Fates made the child units feasible.
  15. Yeah, just wait until I move to the West Coast of Canada. Yes I will get citizenship there and forfeit my U.S. citizenship when I officially get my citizenship in Canada. 303
  16. Woah, watch that type of swearing, it is offensive to us Christians. 29,294
  17. I would refuse to go. What would you do if you had a Wii U?
  18. Got hit by the curse multiple times like my Big Bro @치퍼 존스 팬.
  19. Is correct. It is your turn now.
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