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  1. *Destroys it with molten steel* *Pours milk on the next poster*
  2. Yes, many of them are made with a secret family recipe. What do you usually watch on TV?
  3. Flora, beat someone else to it. Which character would enjoy being on some beach?
  4. Ike what is he thinking?! Which character would you take to Israel?
  5. Saul had it is sad he stopped loving Elen today.
  6. Granted, but you get fat and get diabetes from all of that chocolate. I wish I could go to Mexico.
  7. I was there and they talk trash and had things that wasn't acceptable for people under 18, which is against their policies, I rarely go there, and I came here as a result. 288
  8. People would be singing this to you because they think you wasn't very tall and how they like tall things In an alternate universe where phones didn't exist...
  9. I really liked the bygone days of counting chat. 47
  10. Is more rare than caviar, and it costs $1,000 for a bowl of salad. In an alternate universe where there was one country in the world...
  11. *Reads the Bible and sing some hymns so I don't get affected* *Sends a Sharknado that got into lava at the next poster*
  12. Well I hope this year's hurricane season isn't as bad as last year's. Irma almost knocked out our power, Harvey was a disaster that was long overdue for Texas, and Maria crippled Puerto Rico. Those are what I call "The big three" of last year's hurricane season.
  13. You may need the weather that is hot like here in the southeast, but only if the Gulf Stream would go up to Scotland...
  14. I would like somebody from the Xenoblade series to babysit.
  15. Aye it is, but I think it won't be long before others follow us here. 45
  16. Yes it is a good idea to believe in myself. 43
  17. Who would deny the former singer John Denver? In fact it is a cropped version of this picture of that is the thumbnail of this song: Only with my sons, less creepy as I see it more and more.
  18. Yeah I feel your pain, she done it in my sleep and I was coming up with an idea when I woke up and found it locked like you said it is a load of bullshit since I go to that topic everyday. I bet you it was 282
  19. 216. Break all the fishing rods with a ton of strength. 217. Destroy every chair including the rocking chairs in the furniture section and afterwards sing this song:
  20. *You forgot to pull the pin* *Pulls the pin on the grenade I caught and tosses it at the next poster*
  21. Nope, I don't want some weird guy babysitting my (hypothetical) kids. Although I believe my Amiibos are like children for me though.
  22. Banned for understanding French.
  23. Well you won't understand what I'm fixing to say because it is in Icelandic. Þú getur ekki talað íslensku en þú talar frönsku. Þó ég vili tala um mig mest af tímanum og þú þarft þýðanda til að lesa þetta. You will need a translater to properly read that.
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