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  1. I got it on normal mode using Faye as a Gold Knight, make sure that you promote once she makes it to level 20, it takes a ton of grinding in the Thieve's Shrine, but when you go into battle use Clair to bait Slayde. Then get rid of the enemies in the path to Desaix except Slayde. Once Desaix is at low HP choke off his route to the healing tiles and spam Armour Breaker.
  2. I listen to some Elvis Presley and continue playing Fire Emblem Fates.
  3. They probably main Tiki in Fire Emblem Warriors.
  4. I would stay in my bed, but play Fire Emblem Fates and listen to Alan Jackson music.
  5. I have been playing Hyrule Warriors recently.
  6. I would be like "What is in my bed?" And then I would run and play some Fates.
  7. 308, may listen to some Alan Jackson music if this reaches 310.
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