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  1. Name: WaRiUr (Yes it's capitaized that way) ID: 1098388054 Leader: Siegbert
  2. Just a question to maybe encourage discussion: With the new Heavy Blade Seal, do you think Siegebrt is better than B!Roy, worse, or mostly equal? At this point, I'd say he performs slightly better, as every single Red is putting him into Desperation range, but he also dies to less blues, while being able to run SS4 on his Heavy Blade, and having the option of a non-Galeforce build.
  3. NOTE: Apart from the below, the guide is great. I think it's pretty well done. It's just 1p problem I have with it. Okay serious question: Why is Blarblade there? It's not a good idea. Like, I can personally understand meme builds that are useful, but Reinhardt is the worst blade cavalry in the game, you even say it yourself. Not to mention that the build is only even useful due to how broken Blarblade is, he doesn't have exclusivity bonus like Leo and Cecilia, and his increased attack is matched by Cecilia anyways, who also has more speed. A lot of the time, Dire Thunder has more performance than Blarblade because he has a positional advantage with Dire Thunder, whereas Blarblade forces him into an uncomfortable deathball. L&D Reinhardt also doesn't even break 28 Neutral speed, while we have chaarcters like Arvis and Leo who are declared horrible Blade users(Not horrible units, just bad at being broken)... and Arvis has 31 speed, which is somehow too low, while Rein only reaches that with a LAD speed boon. oh boy. If anything, there should be a BlarOwl+ baiting build. It's not useful, but it has a niche that is best fulfilled by Reinhardt vs. Olwen and Ursula, so it has that going for it. I'd suggest either CC with +Def forge, or DD3 with +Res forge. He at least makes sense while doing that since it fits the statline perfectly: High attack, mediocre defenses, lolspeed.
  4. NOTE: I will post the builds at a later time. for now, I have stats and a long description. Siegbert: Future King Siegbert has managed to extract himself from his Father's shadow and stand on his own 4 legs, trading away the defensive, Distant Counter Siegfriedfor an offensive, Swift Sparrow 2 Dark Greatsword. Compared to his father Xander has slightly lower defense and Resistance, and significantly reduced health, but slightly increases his Attack and shoots his speed through the roof, being the fastest cavalier to date. His massive power lets him break through and kill nearly every Red unit lacking Wary Fighter, whereas a special proc from Draconic Aura or Dragon Fang let him bust through a significant portion of blue units. With Swift Sparrow 2 in his A slot, he reaches 58/43 Atk/Spd offenses at neutral, allowing him to double any unit with less than 38 base speed. Most importantly however, he is mounted, capable of initating with the range of an infantry mage/archer to improve his offensive niche, and grabbing Hone Cavalry for a mind-blowing 64/49 initiation offense, allowing him to kill just about anyone who isn't wielding Swordbreaker/Wary Fighter, or an incredibly bulky blue. He pays for it however with painfully mediocre HP for a melee unit, and an utterly destructive resistance stat, with only Fredrick's 14 losing to his 15. His mediocre health may let him easily activate Desperation, but his awful Res results in a magic user needing a mere 34 magic to 2HKO him, or 43 for Green mages, a stat every single optimized magic tome reaches. This makes it dangerous for him to rest in the range of any Blade-Tome user when in Desperation range, and the range of Blue Mages, Blue and even Red Dragons are simply off limits to him at all times as he can never reliably take hits from any of them except an unbuffed Blarblade Odin, and he cannot kill either Adult nor Young Tiki on initiation without dying to Quick Riposte. Siegbert is only summonable at 5-stars. However, he has a boosted BST that brings his stats to the level of a lower-BST Infantry unit. Similarly to Sigurd, this gives him a boost in Arena, as he has both that and an exclusive weapon to boost his weighting to that of any usual legendary infantry such as Lucina or Seliph. Overall Pros/Cons Base Kit Builds (Heavily WIP) Legend Bold = Reccomended for build Italics = Distinctly Suboptimal yet possible for build Underlined Bold = Necessary for build Desperate Move (General Offense) Usage: General-Use, Deadly Initiator (Aim to initiate combat, risking life for more likely kills), Endurance(Becomes significantly more capable of killing as time goes on) Our Other Boy (Galeforce Offense) Usage: Arena Offense(Excelling either at point score or at killing meta units) , Safe Initiator (Aim to initiate combat, surviving the fallout almost assuredly alive), Penny Pincher (Budget Offense) Usage: Extremely Cheap (3-4* inherits only, <= 3 inherited units) Deadly Initiator (Aim to initiate combat, risking life for more likely kills)
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