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  1. I just finished patched/restored version of the Wii U game. I didn't encounter any game-play slowdowns. Also general loading times felt somewhat similar to Switch version based on few Youtube clips. Of course in my case it run off the USB 2.0 stick and not disc. So for those who haven't played it yet Wii U patched version is indeed viable option.
  2. While real time combat elements might indeed ruin core FE experience I would not mind them expanding more on 3d game play elements. Switch is a lot more powerful 3d platform after all. Since dungeons in FE:Echoes were so well received I'm sure they bring them back. Movement in villages and castles in between episodes were in 2D in Echoes. Would be cool to do that actually in 3D environment. Perhaps even introduce exploration element to down and villages. Follow voices behind doors or threes and so on... Also how about combining fog of war and 3D line of sight scouting feature during battles. 2D map is covered with fog of war but you still could see in 3D mode farther. You can spot distant villages and castles or maybe even dust clouds produced by moving units. Also line of sight would be obviously completely different for ground troops compared to Pegasus knights. Maybe even introduce new skills or items so scouting unit can zoom in on distant objects. Then we can play around with obscuring game play elements like magic smoke screens or event invisibility spells by enemy mages. Number of FE games have used coming and going rain and snowfall game mechanics for slowing down movement. Would be cool to actually see incoming wall of rain from distance. Last but not least I wonder if they will utilise HD rumble feature in "waifu petting segments"? If so then it will be real time game play for sure
  3. When you forget to bring your own lock picker character... So I found out it hard way that you can't finish chapter if you use one of the keys found on this level at center treasury room. In fact I was forced to play this ch 2,5 times. At first I got careless and Harken killed Lyn. Second time I played it fully trough and realized at the very end that I can't open all doors. Ant to add to the insult this ch sports snowing which slows your movement quite a bit. I wonder if it's the only FE game where you can block completely your progress? So far I have finished Path of Radiance, Awakening, Fates, Shadows of Valentia without facing this kind of problems. Maybe I have been just lucky.
  4. Yeah I guess home region e-shop VC purchase is max for average FE fan. Anything beyond that is too much hassle and involves substantial spending.
  5. How do you handle FE retro gaming with clear conscience without owning original system and cartridge? I'm new to Fire Emblem franchise. Started with Path Of Radiance this February and became a fan. I bought 3ds only because of Fire Emblem. Buying 3DS era titles isn't complicated. I have bought and played so far Awakening, SoV, FE:Birthright. FE:Conquest is in my todo list. But if we talking about DS, GBA era games things are more tricky. I don't want to pirate. I would gladly give Intelligent Systems some of my hard earned money. Used ebay games will not grant developer any money. Luckily I own WiiU. Nintendo is selling there 1 DS and 2 GBA virutal console games. So I bought all 3. However I wanted to play DS game on handheld device so I bought Shadow Dragon cartridge only off the ebay. When it arrived while it worked it clearly felt like bootleg version. Sadly I found out about r4 cartridges after my purchase. I'm perfectly fine buying virtual console game on one platform and playing it with "digital copy" on another platform. For example I recently found out that with "modified" 3DS CFW I can play FE GBA games just fine. Fantastic! Nintendo games needs to be played on Nintendo system. Thanks to this forum I also discovered fan translation world. Sadly there are no easy ways to buy those games on virtual console in the west. For sure I would like to play SNES FE4 and DS FE12. One way to go is to buy another SoV copy in my local shop. SoV price should cover sum wise cost of both of those retro games in 2017. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this subject.
  6. ...well not that long time lurker compared FE franchise history. I'm long time PC gamer so all fancy console stuff have went past me. About year ago I saw Fates gameplay on IGN and plot about two families intrigued me. But it wasn't enough make me buy 3DS. When free heroes came out I liked gameplay aspect, but story was kind of disappointment. So I decided to test the waters with Dolphin powered Path Of Radiance... ...fast forward 11 months and as you can see FE stuff is piling up. By now I have experienced Path Of Radiance, Awakening, SoV, Birthright, Warriors and now playing Blazing Sword
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