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  1. Wouldn't mind a cosmetic reward of some sort, that way the relative power of the respective units in-game wouldn't come into it. Hopefully something better than a generic jpg wallpaper like they've been doing though. 😛 Maybe something like a home screen theme, an accessory, or even alternative art like Resplendent heroes but without the stat boost.
  2. I still use the green Dragonflowers anyway if for no other reason than to make the forced armour quests easier. (That said, I tend to forget the mechanic exists for a while, then spend every single Dragonflower I have in one fell swoop. I also tend to forget that Ally Supports are a thing, and some of my most frequently used units either have a hopelessly outdated one or lack one altogether.)
  3. No problems with the line-up because there are no losers in the banner for me. The heroes I already have (Alm, Azura, Leif) are ones I'd be happy to get merges for, and the ones I don't, well it'll be a new unit. Yes, even Edelgard - I don't buy the argument that being in the regular pool makes her any more common than the legendary/mythic heroes, all five of them in this VG. Only the seasonals are relevant for that argument. In the end I'll just go with whichever team my sister picks because I'm not all that invested in who wins.
  4. Last ticket on FE7 gave me a Nils, first and last result from the banner. Took a while to spend them because I'm living hand to mouth with orbs at the moment. +Def -HP is probably the worst possible nature but eh, like 80% of my dancers he was probably not going to see use anyway.
  5. Silly me didn't realise until now that the Rokkr have Dazzling Staff. No wonder my enemy phase autobattle team was doing horribly. In order to reach 300k points total I had to take over and do it manually for like the first time since the first time this event launched, using as per the above suggestion, both regular Eliwood and Brave Roy.
  6. Mined out the Book 3 Xenologue orbs finally just so I could get the Double Seasonal banner freebie round out of the way. Had intended to just open everything except red, but I'm in an indifferent waste-all-the-orbs mode at the moment so I ended up opening two reds as well. Summer Helbindi, +Res -Def. What a guy. Still, probably more useful than Sigrun so hey. Back to zero orbs with two tickets for the FE7 banner remaining, should be plenty of time to save up the orbs to snipe on those now that the Legendary is whatever.
  7. Yeah, it's getting trickier, I even lost one of the gateways on my first attempt. Not that I put all that much effort into it, I only score 740-odd and field no Mythics. T14 at the moment, should go up one unless there's a late rush.
  8. Just as well Laegjarn is here instead of the Legendary banner, means I'm not drawn to pulling on either banner - a good thing as I currently have 3 orbs. If she was on the Legendary banner I might have ended up grabbing a bunch of story, CC, Blessed Garden orbs, etc, but not anymore. Going to lie low until the Golden Week and/or mass demotion update.
  9. Haven't documented my pulls lately because I'm barely invested in the game at the moment. Just frittering away my orbs on 8% pulls for whatever in preparation for a period of reduced activity. However I did pick up two Brave Ikes in three full circles of the CYL1 Hero Fest, which is probably my first above-average banner so far over the entire anniversary celebrations. I've got my Aether dragons all done so I guess I may as well use these ones? Aside from the free neutral one for F2P shenanigans I've got +Def and now +Atk and +Res, hmm.
  10. Was finding it hard not to end up with Lewyn getting every opening kill on every map. Fortunately Quan just managed to pick up Distant Ward so I now have an alternate opening to maps and can balance out the skills a bit better. Still haven't used any recharges mind you, so level 22 only.
  11. Client-side transmogrification could be a solution. Keeps people pulling (and more importantly, spending) but allows them to apply the new powercreeped hotness to their old favourites instead of having it locked to the new, potentially obscure unit they care nothing for. And with the Resplendent Heroes system, the framework is already in place. Someone who owns Resplendent Lyn can freely switch between her new and old looks. So why not just let someone switch her looks to Athena's instead if they wanted to? (Anyone else playing against you in Arena modes would just see default Lyn of course)
  12. 10 BST equalling a 1 point increase in arena score is entirely accurate.
  13. Prfs have always shown up about that fast to me. Haven't started this event yet though because I forgot (been playing a lot less for a couple weeks now). EDIT: Just did my three battles for the day. Battle 1, Mysteltainn[special]. Battle 2, Divine Tyrfine. Battle 3, Forseti.
  14. Both the removal of Book 1 5* exclusives and the demotion of book 2 4-5* units were announced in the April FEH Channel. https://gamepress.gg/feheroes/feh-channel-apr-4-2019-overview
  15. I read it as John Goodman for a second, now there's another deep voice. 😉 I should like Fiora by the rule of eldest-of-three which has held for just about every FE game. But not really, I guess every rule has an exception, even if I do love deep voices. I was so looking forward to the horrific blue pitybreaker pool to be purged in April, but it looks like the Book 4 blue pitybreaker pool will again be the worst. Shouldn't be surprised I guess as long as the fantasy keeps propagating the swords are sexy nonsense. At any rate, will just open the blues and greys on the first round and that'll do me.
  16. Funny after talking about the highest merged 5* earlier today... kept going on the CYL2 banner after the tickets were gone to break the pity rate and I get my fifth Veronica, so she joins Legendary Ephraim on +4. Eir and F Grima are on +3, no one else above +2, which seems below average but that's how I spend my orbs I guess.
  17. I must have missed the month where copies of Edelgard were being handed out like candy, judging by most of the comments here. 😮
  18. From a selfish perspective, I'm happy with the final list. Edelgard might not be a particularly desirable unit, but for me no less desirable than the units in the few slots directly below her. From the 9th through to 20th places the only ones I'd rather have are Duo Ephraim and maybe F F Corrin. Of the other finalists, I already have Leif, Azura and Alm but wouldn't mind getting merges for any of them. The others would be new to me. I consider this a no-loss scenario unlike last year's event which was 50% loss (Lyn and Duma) and where I indeed lost.
  19. My highest merged 5-star exclusive is still Legendary Ephraim at +4 and he came about entirely by accident. >.>
  20. Since the 19th of November. https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/New_Heroes:_Guardians_of_Peace
  21. Practicality triumphs over art once again. Skills not final, but as you can see, he doesn't have the SP for it. You can see from his HM how much I've used him since I capped out his HM back in the heady HM farming days of 2018. Lucky 13th +10 unit for me. The 14th will likely come from either Kronya, Klein or Cordelia, unless I get really lucky and somehow manage to get two copies of Ares before 2021. Or if there's an amazing new refine in the next couple of months. Or if I manage to pull eight Altenas or ten Tethyses.
  22. Yeah, Legendary Leif is that unit for me, the only unit released last year with any big impact on how I play. So I figured I'd go for some merges for him since prior to this month he was +1 with a Res boon. Well, now he's +2 with a Res boon, the one copy I managed to summon coming with the even worse Spd boon. Not saying there weren't decent consolation prizes in there of course - statistically there had to have been - but eliminating bad banes from F Byleth and Caineghis, both rarely used units, just isn't all that impactful. (There was also a -Atk Lif, a -Atk Legendary Eliwood, and a -Atk Brave Eliwood out of that bunch of orbs. Figures.)
  23. 3768 wasn't enough for another crown as I'd suspected. However it is notable in being the first time in the history of the game where I've maintained T20 instead of going either up or down, so a new experience I guess?
  24. First week of my scaled back commitments where I just do 5 battles for the entire week and not one more. Got to T23 instead of potentially going T24. I'll take that tradeoff any day.
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