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  1. If I still can't post tomorrow I'm getting a sub
  2. Actually this is just Kaif townmeta from what little I know, and RAD is confident so imma sheep him there. ##Vote: @Jester's Gestures Brief overview of why I didn't like him, I felt that his "conclusions" just didn't sound right? Like the one post I quoted where, "he was shooting down a possible TR on me", I didn't like because of the way that happened. It was like "RAD Why are you TRing Jordan here? FoS on you" which is pretty ???, given how he was like, TRing him a couple of pages before. I'll actually quote stuff tomorrow but I'm just going to go off what I remember of my case from the top of my head
  3. blegh, I'm really tired today and CBA to make content. I'll be back tomorrow with a proper case on Jester's Gesture's and more on RAD. Hopefully Bart posts meanwhile so I have something to work off re: his slot
  4. OK look, sometimes I'm just retarded, you're reading too deeply into me being dumb. weiner being scum makes me feel a bit better on jester, but not by that much. I still don't know who jester is, but there are people (looking at you fen) who will shade/bus teammates for weird reasons. Also the "agenda-driven" was me saying I didn't like how the post flowed, didn't feel like a conclusion and felt more of an objective to achieve. ##Vote: @Kaif it's between this and jester at this point, and jester sure as hell ain't getting any traction. I'm going to take my time, it's like 8v1 rn, there isn't much reason to hurry
  5. whoop got prodded
  6. 2) i have input on this but i want xnad’s response before i drop my own
  7. I made a response you square
  8. weinerboy > Jester's Gestures > Shinori = Bart > Kaif > RAD = Sully > Baldrick weinerboy is obvious. I scumread Jester's Gestures from yesterday, posts felt very agenda-driven, I don't feel like their progressions are natural and make me feel like they're trying to engineer something. Shinori and Bart because I have no clue on them and wouldn't mind them dying. Kaif might go above Shinori/Bart soon but for now they're riding off the Amy D1 towniness. RAD because they're playing into what I imagine town RAD to be doing. Will elaborate on this if needed. Sully is hard, I don't really want to have them as locktown but their content is strong and I see no reason for them to die. Baldrick because I'm trusting everyone's read on via and assuming he's town
  9. I think it's very fair to expect it when literally every other site I've played on does it, or at least pings you.
  10. 1. Being dumb doesn't make me scum, I shouldn't need to have to explain this. 2. I would expect to receive a "You have died" DM when I die. 3. I forgot Mafia get nightkills
  11. Something something Jester vote Claire or you're dying is all I see in the last 2 pages. Is there anything specific you want me to remember?
  12. Imma go reread supa
  13. ##Vote: @weinerboy @Baldrick No, I in fact do not remember what you said when you want to lynch Claire.
  14. Someone talk to me about the above post and Jester Gesture's, I feel like the game is focusing too much on the Dunn flip when it's already like, some time into Day 2
  15. In fact, many players in the game so far seems disconnected to what's really happening. It seems to just be people making their own bubbles of space and poking other people with their big cases. There's so little direct interaction, it makes me paranoid that there's a deep scum hiding somewhere engineering this "content" to be so interaction-less and mechanical. IDK if it's just me though, because it seems like RAD and maybe the weinerboy are actually trying to make real interaction and throw out gamestate ideas rather than case specific people/defend specific points.
  16. I would normally scumread this post, but this seems totally like something you'd do from what I've seen of you playing tbh. I recommend skimming through the whole game, although starting from EoD1 is ok if you really are lazy. It's only like, 20 pages of like 15 posts each? It's not that long.
  17. ##Vote: @Jester's Gestures This feels soooooo agenda-driven. In fact, I think their Day 2 has been reeking of nothing but agenda so far. I'm inclined to TR Sully here, they don't seem to gain anything from what they're doing rn if they're scum at all, same reasoning goes to RAD. Which puts Claire and Shinori quite far down my list, I wouldn't mind a wagon forming on one of them. I'm like, quite iffy on weinerboy because his recent posts just have a feel to them that makes me not want to believe he's scum, plus I agree with quite a bit of what they said, but they still have their Day 1 bringing down their look. There isn't enough content for associatives since Day 1 had so many people ignore each other so much, especially re: Dunn and the people they incriminated seems to be in their own bubble, their lack of spew is probably engineered as well which is :c
  18. If there was a busser, it'd either be Bart or Via tbh. Dunn's interactions with athena don't read as scumbuddies and I'm hesitant on calling Sully scum.
  19. I kinda agree but what do you think about Claire?
  20. wait hold up marth died. fuck I can't read. ##Vote: @Mitsuru Kirijo
  21. This post feels pretty off to me now.
  22. >Kaif subbed in for Amy Did not see that coming. Marth is absolutely never scum here, they never needed to push Dunn at that point. weinerboy's most recent post ticks me off for some reason, and yeah their voting patterns are a bit sus. I'll look at that later.
  23. Ew now I'm mentally checking off a list of everyone who calls me XBad. Also happy new years for everyone in my timezone A.K.A No One
  24. I explained in some post somewhere that I had to go to lunch for like 2 hours, was a aimless retard, plonked my vote somewhere and planned to move it when I came back from lunch. As for why it was on Claire, they were one of the 2 major talking points at the time and I already announced that I didn't want to lynch Bart so uh, they were the first name that came to mine. One day, many years from now, I'll come back and triumph over your sorry ass! It's not "agree" per se, more like, "whatever you said sounds good and I'm going to sheep what you're doing". IT'S A GOD DAMN JOKE ONE DAY I'LL BE A MASTER AT MAKING JOKES AND I WILL RAIN HELL ON YOU. Amy: Opened in trying to ease the game out of RVS, without really unnaturally trying to rush it like I've seen scum try to do. How do I explain, it was like they were trying to egg on something worth talking about, rather than reaching to make something look like it's worth talking about. Their follow-ups throughout the day has also been pretty good IMO, their logic always check out, which isn't really a townpoint but it makes them a lot more readable, and I feel like their posts try to gamesolve rather than push agenda. I can quote stuff if you want but I assume this is enough for you. My marth read is kinda like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't really know where to stand regarding that, I can see why he's scumread because his logic does give me a few question marks, but at the same time I think most of his recent posts are like, ranging between decent to good, so I'd like, put him as Town-ish pending further re-reading. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN
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