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  1. Is both or neither a valid answer? I've been pretty sporadic in activity, which is probably why you think this. listen here you piece of shit there was a one hour gap between those posts and YOU KNOW it was fucking 4 in the morning for me at the time. I... wasn't serious about it? I was making a joke/threatening RAD to give me a pass. Are you the kind of person who scumreads anything you can't townread? Because that's the feeling you give off wrt your weinerboy read rn, "They don't make me townread them, so they're a scumread". There isn't really a "should" when it comes to reasoning your reads imo. Bart's recent posts are pretty okay, in both reasoning and in intention, and I don't really see too much of your "he's doing nothing but defend himself" problem you claim to exist. I actually am going to read marth more in detail because I don't understand anything about the wagon. I prefer when people post pretty posts with their thoughts rather than having to sift through stuff and actually read x.x
  2. Why am I the likely scum not pushing you? And why do you think all the wolves would try to get involved with you, as opposed to just not caring, dropping some statements on you, and going after someone else, who several people this game has done? Mind telling everyone why I'm locktown? Also who are you and why have you played with me before >.>
  3. give me like, 3 hours tops
  4. skimming shows me im being scumread for trying to make a joke. I'll deal with that later
  5. I'm also finally getting access to a PC in a few hours so I can actually start making big posts (tm)
  6. RAD you of all peoppe should know my timezone issues being not posting when everyone else is. BBL
  7. What about Sully's scumread on you?
  8. Ah so one of those guys. I see.
  9. Because my reason to vote RAD stopped existing upon realizing the existence of page 5? As for why I voted Claire, IDK, I didn't really have a reason, and was pretty aimless around that time.
  10. Marth, I'd say presenting a counterargument provides enough of a thinking point to push things forward without neccesarily bringing new input, but eh, I guess I get your point here. What do you think about the wagoners on you?
  11. Why is via locktown?
  12. Marth, I did come to conclusion, was a pretty firm "he's town" iirc? Well if I forgot to say it here you go. Well I have been told and I have observed that my towngames are all several times shittier than my scumgames :P
  13. BTW a very easy way to see if RAD is scum is to see if he reads me wrong. Guy has 100% accuracy on my alignment as Town. weinerboy, so is there a problem with people approaching the Bart slot slowly with a long stick rather than just "taking the straightforward approach"?
  14. On top of that, it's also understandable as Town, to try to push content into the thread. In Training, he did stuff like push me for a random post I made early, like what he appears to be doing with Claire. I think his wagon rn is sufficient pressure for now.
  15. Why does SF not allow quotes within quotes? This feels like the most scripted response ever. "Put your vote where your mouth is" is like the most passive aggressive way of taking a stab at someone and the timing he did it at was like ??? Like he saw who posted in between, "yo what do you think of this guy" Seems to act like Claire is just scum. I don't like preflip associations. The thing is that while all this stuff he's doing is questionable, I can't put it into a scun perspective and so it remains at the zone of "hmmmmmm", which is like, a little below null and a little above "maybe this is possible scum", i.e I'll let the slot solve itself.
  16. ok gimme a sec quoting on mobile is not fun
  17. I hate names that end with 'S' because it ends up like, do I use Ampharos' posts, or like, Ampharoses posts, or like, posts from Ampharos and it's like dksbfjslfuckingenglishnfkekshdue. Walrein was a much better name :c Anyways, I think their recent posts are townie. I can get behind their RADicate read. ##Vote: @RADicate He solves himself if he's Town pretty sure.
  18. I think it's because Bart is the only thing we have to talk about and both factions are hopping at the opportunity to do something. It isn't a bad thing for all of us to be on the same discussion as long as the day isn't too clogged by it, which it defo isn't. In a vacuum, Bart does make me go :thinking: but they did that in Training too and they were Town so I don't neccesarily see him as scum for his actions. There's more than enough pressure on him anyways.
  19. I'm going to assume you can read my posts through the typoes so im not going to EBWOP
  20. Saw this and felt the need to asl.why do you think that makes him a good vote? Marth just feels like he's being really hedgy while trying to avoid giving off the impression of going after LHF. Refa picking at Bart and Amph for stuff that feels minor is like... There's nothing wrong there, I just... don't feel comfortable about it? IDK how to explain. ##Vote: @Mitsuru Kirijo Gonna put my vote there while I go eat.
  21. oh duck I skipped like most of page 5 ##Unvote
  22. Thank god this game doesn't have MU bs where people span 1000 posts evert 24 hours. Seems like MS and SF people are cooler than those mean MU-ers :c My only meta on most of the guys here is fron Training so uh, I won't have much reads from that front. No one teally pings me as Town so far, except maybe Ampharos. I was reading back a bit while posting this and realized I for some reason have missed Marth entirely and am now going to read their posts.
  23. I don't see Bart as scum here, weirdass progressions are better than no progressions tbh. ##Vote: @RADicate Popped in with little meaningful content, shitposted a bit, left. I don't really remember RAD's meta but the fact that we were already out of RVS and that he had the opportunity to chat with one of the few contested slots at the time bugs me.
  24. fuck idk how sf works
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