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  1. I'm going to get behind the pressure on EvanManMan to say I'd like to see something game-relevant from them too. Mackc2 feels town tonally from the responses to Makaze to their probing of Fenrir. Can't really see how Makaze scumreads him.
  2. This and the rest of your posts seem to be avoiding the topic of my alignment and just poking at everyone who has a read on me. Do you think I'm scum/town and why?
  3. I'm just going to ignore the Makaze and Fable thing because despite how Makaze wants their and Fable's posts to not be viewed as NAI, it literally is NAI in every sense and I don't see how you can pull meaning from something that's not supposed to have meaning.
  4. Firstly, I would like to clarify that I did have suspicions about athena_57 with that early interaction and my "what are you trying to pull?" post, but I felt like I was overthinking it after they said it was a joke. I have a lot to say about it now though. Mainly: Other people have addressed this point but I most certainly, was not in any way attempting to break off interaction. In fact, if anyone was trying to break off interaction, it was athena_57 with the "it's a joke". Regardless if it's a joke or not, which no longer matters, this "reasoning" you bring up on me is just factually wrong. Your reason for scumreading me is literally the reason athena_57 was townreading me, how do you view it as "good enough" for you not to suspect them? You seem a little too easily convinced. athena_57 just seems like they want to suck up to Bartozio, idk what to think about that. But Bartozio just has such huge leaps of logic here, I can't see him feasibly arrive at the conclusions he did with any normal flow of thinking. ##Vote @Bartozio
  5. Stating a fact isn't a cop out though. Saying you have a higher than random chance to roll opposing alignments because you were rolling opposing alignments before is a logical fallacy. Saying you have a lower than random chance to roll opposing alignments because you were rolling opposing alignments before is also logical fallacy. The laws of probability says that each individual roll is independent of one another, what are you trying to pull here? Also, you mentioned "a wealth of topics", this is just one topic and is pretty irrelevant to the game state on top of that.
  6. I mean this would be game-relevant stuff, but I don't think "tons" is an accurate amount of the game-relevant stuff before my post if you ask me. Maybe SB just hasn't gotten on yet? Maybe there is a wealth of topics, but I don't see any. Could you bring some up for me?
  7. You better be happy that I haven't transferred my No U memes to my computer yet!!!
  8. Bomb Moss#7787 Or you could find me on PS but discord is preferable
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