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  1. Those are crazy good news, so glad you're investing more in this project, can't wait to find time to test that level editor ! 8D
  2. Hi all ! I'm a tacticals and fire emblem aficionado, enthusiast about drawing, casually making pixelart ans more generaly creating stuff including small games. Learned about emulation a few weeks ago, so I'll probably give a try to the bunch of rom hacks that are hanging on this site, and likely try to sprite some more custom gba FE in order to make a lil' fire emblem-like thingy when a certain engine will come out one day. What's more to say, a quarter of century old, living in the land of baguettes and croissans, so my english might be potato sometimes.
  3. Even with only the field animations this game seems to be a blast ! Although for now I'm stuck with what seems to be a nasty bug : at the end of the first chapter, when the last soldier unit drops its vulnerary, the game instantly crash. Don't have the time to screenshot the debug screen, it closes in less than a second. Repeated the try twice, always the same result and it starts back at the prep menu.
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