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  1. They are Bi so they are a threat to my harem. Yuri is the only one I would S support as Male Byleth, just ignore the voice and he is a girl.
  2. Yeah that was on the Bio. That's why it's one of the most important points of the debate. Whatever they planned for Monica, how does that change by Shez surviving. It could be that TWSITD have been watching over Shez but then they would have to be aware of Byleth. Her Bio can't come soon enough.
  3. Well Edelgard locks you out of Hilda, Catherine, Flayn and Rhea. Plus her chapter having back to back chapters like AM makes it hard to farm S supports. Send every dude to their deaths before the TS. Even recruited a few for their relics (Surprisingly Lorenz survives the game even if he dies pre skip just because he gets name dropped once by Seteth). They did nothing wrong but after hearing about Caspar and Hilda's support I decided to avoid getting cucked. I dunno. I never got why so many people fawn over him, mostly seems to be because he is brown, good looking and for a while thought to be gay. But really dont like his personality much, it's kinda boring. Also I dislike how he basically gets scott free off the game, meanwhile Dimitri and Edelgard die in other routes and the only time he dies the devs had to go out of their way and say its non canon. Like sure I know people are disappointed that his route was copy pasted but to me Claude looks like the devs favorite and that favoritism extents to his treatment (He'll even his aim is morally right so anyone getting in his way is objectively in the wrong). Sure you look out for Rhea but in AM is basically secondary to Dimitri's aim and isn't really mentioned much and in Claude's it's only so Claude can sate his curiosity and further his goal. Only in SS the main aim is Rhea herself and how much Flayn and Seteth are at the forefront. Maybe hate is an strong word but his route is really the only one I don't see replaying.
  4. I mean with all the changes they have made for this timeline I don't see the issue with them being added to the story.
  5. They don't have to be prominent. Like you can use Yuri as an spy from the church who can feed you info. Hapi has her background tied to Cornelia which could be used in the chapter you face her. Have Constance and her connection with that Lord from her paralogue or she being a magic researcher that can help. Balthus can be Holst's partner/lackey. Something simple really, no need to put them in the spotlight. We have yet to see Church Members so I wouldn't give up hope.
  6. I dont like Claude so SS is probably the best route after CF and AM. Plus I was able to do my harem run thanks to no Lord that I have to keep alive so to me it was worth it. Plus I like how it's basically a big family fighting to get a family member back.
  7. Never heard there was a consensus lol. Anyways the Bio of Shez says that they survived against Byleth and then they were honing their skills until they meet the Lords. I dont think they will develop in between that. However I have seen a theory saying that maybe Monica/Kronya sides with Shez regardless of route and maybe she being saved by them would allow that. I doubt it's Monica also because Edelgard in houses talks with Kronya and knows what happened to the original Monica so I can't see why Edelgard would stick with Monica but I can see why Kronya (I mean her kidnapping was a TWSITD thing and we know that more or less Edelgard let's them to their own devices so cant see her change that). Not to mention that Jeritza works for Edelgard, not TWSITD so Edelgard herself likely ordered her demise too for the sake of whatever TWSITD wanted).
  8. They don't. They get killed by Byleth one year before 3 Houses but they meets the Lords (And that's how Shez likely gets admitted to the academy) the same date that Byleth met the Lords. That's why there is the incognito of how that changes the original plan of killing Monica and that's why I say it's still Kronya. I can't see why Shez surviving changes her fate. Its not like the Aghartans knew of Byleth's existance so they probably don't know about Shez either. If their plan changes at all to me it would be Kronya being tasked to stick around, otherwise Monica graduated and for some reason returns.
  9. I mean Robin can romance the dude who drove Emmeryn to suicide and the dude who forced Yen Fai to fight their sister. Besides since this time Kronya did not kill her her (Assuming is the OG Monika) then I can see it happen. Specially if somehow Kronya can realize that she is disposable to Solon and Thales. Maybe do her like a combination of Peri and Jeritza.
  10. I dont think them doing some small nod to Monica's family holds as much as appealing to fans if this game is indeed a fanservice game. Jury is still out there on the golden path as well so it will depend a lot on what's the main aim of this game. If they can do something with both of them then even better.
  11. I do wonder how Shez survival would change whatever plans they had for Monica and what were the plans for her in the first place. Still Kronya's crest is very important because of the spell so unless they created her or experimented on her on short notice after Byleth started being an annoyance. Edelgard armor is mostly because there is no skip in Hopes (That's what she says Shez pushed her to act after all) so she doesn't lead Adestria as emperor like in Houses. But yeah we don't know why she not using Aymr, though she has Seiros blade on her inventory when you face her and she uses it in a cutscene so it's not strange for her using a sacred weapon. Guess it will depend how much fanservice heavy Hopes may attempt to be, if they decide to prioritize over some story bits I can see her being Kronya. If not I look forward what they do with Kronya instead.
  12. I mean I don't see how they add them as a group without crowding your roster. Maybe if the plot decides to team all houses but between paths themselves? I don't see it but could happen I guess.
  13. Definitely Kronya. Simply because Kronya's crest is important in the story and we know that they disguise themselves as other people rather than possessing their bodies. We know that they do crest transplants but they do it with humans, I don't think they do it themselves otherwise Solon and Thales would have Crests too. There is also Monica using a weapon that has an icon similar to the artificial Aghartan weapon. Plus Kronya has more fans than Monica so chances are they will do something with Kronya so they side with Shez.
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