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  1. Anyone who likes a good war story with great characters, political intrigue and player choice owe themselves to play it. Its 25 years old but no game comes close to it. Also Dimitri reminds me of Denam which is why i like him.
  2. You should tty the following games: Der Langrisser. It has a whooping 4 routes who have their own missions and characters. The default path is Light which is typical chosen hero story. At some point you can instead join the Empire, then you can betray the empire and try to establish your own rule, then you can either side with the demons or continue your power trip making it so the heroes of Light, the demons and the empire your enemies. Langrisser 4. It has 3 paths. The normal path branches early into independant or siding with a kingdom path (Here there are 2 exclusive characters for each path). If you side with the kingdom down the line you can join the Demons in the Chaos Path. Tactics Ogre Lets us Cling Togueter. Here you can choose between Chaos and Law path, down the line you can switch to neutral or keep in the path you choose and some changes based on your choices. Devil Survivor 1&2 These are more straightforward but your party does change based on your actions and the path taken. You really should try those. Anyways i hope is fake, seems too edgy for me. Dont like it implies that all the effort you likely put into building your characters will go to waste for the sake of just pulling cheap deaths.
  3. 1 it is if your only reason for wanting it is anything derived from the desire to be get inclusivity points or its something imposed on the creator to fill a polical quota. The fact that Female Byleth exists and most of the complains comes from people complaining how she is sexier than the male one shows that. 2 Those places hates avatar, hates S supports and constantly complain about the newer games. They dont represent the consumer base. When i talk about the internet i mean mainly game forums, which hates popular characters since its mostly visited by disgrunted old fans of the series. 3 Maybe but if the creator wants every female to be conventionally good looking they should be allowed to, in this case Female Byleth design is fine as she is good looking like they wanted. Maybe but there is a reason why most banners are usually female in heroes, females gets the most fan art and hell we have 3 house leaders and Edelgard has been by far the most advertised one while Dimitri and Claude are mostly sidelined. And its not only males, again cosplayers and fan artists usually go for the most conventionally good looking characters, which are usually female.
  4. Yeah you are right. Its tiring to read people dissing her design saying thats what not what female players want when she is designed for the japanese people (Including women) who dont really care about the political side and if the data that says that there is a considerable female fanabse then those females also helps characters like Camilla become popular (That data only included the japanese i believe). Its sometimes surprising to find western fanart of Byleth without a political agenda but when it does its nice.
  5. Females do the most actually. Thats why artists and cosplayers usually choose the attractive characters to draw and cosplay respectively. And no most criticism has come from the internet which does not has any correlation with the real world (Female Byleth is basically like Camilla where the internet hates her but in actuality she is pretty popular), Byleth already has lots of fanart that arent about changing her design and in Japan even among females female characters being conventionally good looking is desirable as they dont really put their political beliefs into it like the west do. Females wants the characters to be appealing, not to send a political message. Its time to put down this myth that females only like politically correct female designs, there is a reason why most mangaband doujin artists are female and their designs are always good looking barring some exceptions.
  6. Well silent protagonists are basically the first form of avatars to exists as their reason for being silent is always related to them being representations of the player. Kazuma Kaneko, Juji Horii, Shigero Miyamoto, Gabe Newell, have all mentioned this reason as to why the protagonists have to be silent. Their role is that of player vesel, if we go by story your choices not mattering and if we pair it with them being silent by projecting our personalities then the choices only being used to define your character's personality is one of the definitions of an avatar.
  7. They are both avatars. Both approachs are used to let the player have some semblance of role in the story. You might not consider them avatars but they are textbook definition of one. I would rather they attempt it rather than not, in the end how much the self insert character works will depend on whats your preference in a game. There is a reason why most protagonist are bland and are defined basically by kind and strong sense of justice.
  8. I dont mind. I prefer it to the character i like being stuck in a crappy class or the unit is inferior to others of their class or you have many of his class already. I like that here most likely their character will not be defined by their class ( Like Sophie or Zerchel/Cherche).
  9. Thats how it is usually and has worked well so far. Its funny if indeed ATLUS had an influence in 3 Houses as #FE failed to capture ATLUS atmosphere while a mainline FE manages to.
  10. With dialogue choices. As the user above mentioned its usually the character talking at a point the character will ask for your imput. Its usually how that works as it how it works in Growlanser series barring 2. We already have images of Byleth being asked questions by both Edelgard and Caspar.
  11. Thats like a one liner. Its like Mario who can say a lot of phrases like Mamma Mia or Persona 2 Tatsuya who can say a lot of things when conversing with demons. Im saying dont expect him/her to drive a conversation.
  12. I cant think of any Silent Protagonist who doesnt talk in some scenes and does in others, the only times i have seen that is in time travel stories or a change in PoV (Like in Dragon Quest V where when you play as a kid your older self talks and when you become an adult its the younger self who talks). If it happens in here that would be a first.
  13. Silent Protagonists can have grunts or one liners in battle. They dont talk in that part. And yeah but i would wait a little since other sources says Beleth/Belese.
  14. I enjoyed all the previous avatars (I like Corrin, i think im not alone given their popularity in Japan) so Byleth being a silent protag is just a new take on it which i appreciate. I love silent protagonists the most since im a huge fan of ATLUS games so to me Byleth is probably one of my favorite avatars yet. One of the things i like about them is that it allows the rest of the cast to get the spotlight, most protagonists in japanese media are usually the most boring of the cast and people usually only remember them because they get the most screentime and being the protagonist, FE is not exception, so Byleth beibg silent will give the house leaders a better chance to shine. As long as Byleth is silent im sure i will like them, Adol Christin doesnt get too much choices but him being silent is enough for me to like him. On the other hand Growlanser Wayfarer of Time Crevaniel gets lots of choices that let me decide his personality (Even his status portrait will change based on the personality he develops) so really there is no way for IS to fuck it up for me.
  15. If they have S supports i doubt it, otherwise it has a chance but none of them look particularly that kind of character.
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