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  1. I work in a candle store so we sell this kind of stuff and I never thought I’d be talking about it on here lol. I like my diffuser personally. It’s a good bang for your buck since it’s reusable and you just buy the oils that you like. I also have a mini diffuser that activates when you plug it into a USB port. I teach online courses late at night/early mornings and I have a nice lemon essential oil that helps perk me up when I’ve been going for a while.
  2. No, but are we gonna sit around and wait until it does? 😉
  3. Normally I’m terrible at guessing anything in terms of Easter eggs or hints towards future content, but I saw something that piqued my interest and thought I might as well put it out there. The song “The Archsage Athos” was released to the music hall. I thought it was a unusually specific choice, but maybe it was put there so that it’s present for his reveal trailer? Does anyone know if all music used for trailers is present in the game prior to release? I’d be pretty happy if so. FE7 was my first game and still is one of my favourites and I’ve been hoping for Athos’ arrival for a while. I’m thinking he’ll be a red tome with a special version of Forblaze. Although I could be totally wrong and IS could pull another Altina and give us Elimine with Aureola or Roland with yet another Durandal version.
  4. Not necessarily a Christmas themed banner, but I’ve had this idea of a winter activities banner. So far it’s a ski bunny Lyn (using ski poles as sword), Snow Angel serra (Green ice tome), snowman tome Erk (blue tome) and I guess an undecided colourless to round it out? i know we have enough Lyn alts but I’ve had this idea for a while now and I’m just terrible at posting lol
  5. Nothing really gets me super excited here except for Yarne’s Galeforce and Cynthia in general. Only thing is I’m used to seeing her with blue hair and they’ll probably give her brown
  6. The one thing that comes to mind for me is that I need to complete my Hoshido sibling set. I have Ryoma, Takumi, and Sakura at 5*. Hinoka has eluded me for ages.
  7. My whole issue is what the validation process for all this is. I mean anyone can say that they are or are not hearing voices. I mean it’s how Sanaki got away with it. Just curious to think how many false apostles there could have been.
  8. Chapter 5 has gone live! Fe High Chapter 5.docx
  9. Chapter 4 yo, FE High Chapter 4.docx
  10. Wheeeeeee its Chapter 3 FE High Chapter 3.docx
  11. Chapter 2, just for you :) FE High Chapter 2.docx
  12. Hey all, I've been working on this fan fiction for a while, and by for a while I mean that I started it a long time ago and then life got busy so I stopped and because I stopped, I lost motivation. So now we're here. Hope to get back into writing and hoping some of you beautiful people can poke me hard enough to make me keep writing. Basically the premise of the story is an alternate universe take on the world (but moreso the characters) of Awakening. I feel like the absurd elements of Awakening's cast would fit really well into a cheesy high school dromedy. So that's what I did (read: tried to do) I've gotten a couple chapters and a half done and would love some feedback. I also post it on Fanfiction.net when it goes up so if you prefer to follow it there, that works as well. Side note: Yes, I know Virion is out of character. He'll get better but his being a tool is a tool for me to form his clique. FE High Chapter 1.docx
  13. Hey there everyone! My name is Lucas and I've been around Serenes Forest for a while, typically just using it as a resource for the games, as well as a resource for finding other Fire Emblem related content, but now I figure is as good a time as any to start trying to be a part of the community in some way, shape, or form. As for a little bit about me, I'm a 24 year old Canadian currently living in the U.K. trying to give my career a kick start and have a little fun while I'm here. As for my Fire Emblem experience, I'm by no means a total expert in the intricacies of the games, but I enjoy them nonetheless and I'd say I'm at least somewhat tactically savvy. My first Fire Emblem game was FE7 from back in middle school, which still remains my favourite installment to date. Not to say I haven't enjoyed the others. I also really like the Tellius games and Echoes. And Heroes, for a different kind of gameplay. I like to challenge myself with different kinds of challenges, but usually ones that get me to use characters that I wouldn't normally use or leave out ones that I would. I'm not one to jump straight into Lunatic mode. Maybe one day lol. I also like to write and have an Awakening fanfiction on the go which I've kind of lost a bit of motivation to continue but hopefully posting on the appropriate forum for that will spark my creative juices again. Look out for it. Hope to hear from some of you on here soon. Lucas
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