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  1. Thank you! I fear making Yoshi shorter than he already is because it's possible that I'll shrink him so much that certain attack animations (like a cavelier's or a mercenary's, in which they do not make a full swing from top to bottom) go over him instead of hitting him. I'm not sure how to remedy that, or if I need to at all, but it's something I want to find a solution to before trying again. As for Palutena, I finished all of the animations for her (save for the dodging animation). Here's what it looks like: I also attempted to make Captain Falcon out of the Assassin: How do they look?
  2. So I was digging around and I found some old files on my computer of an incomplete attempt at creating a Palutena sprite from Serra of FE7. I decided I would go ahead and finish it. This was the result: Fortunately, Palutena is less of a hassle than Yoshi, because she's a human. I think she turned out pretty well, and I doubt she'll be hard to animate, too. She may just be the first custom character ready for Project FE X SSB! Feedback on both Palutena and Yoshi would be appreciated.
  3. So, I decided to work on another battle sprite, since the only way I can really learn is through practice. I tried making Yoshi out of Amelia from Sacred Stones, and it had... interesting results. The body looks kinda nice, but that head... yuck. I had to rip the head from the Yoshi's Island Yoshi because I had NO idea what I was doing. Better than nothing, but definitely not presentable. I clearly need to look into splicing, to help me understand how the shading works.
  4. I'm a newbie when it comes to spriting. I really want to learn, however, so I don't have to rely on lots of artists just to produce my current fan project. These are the map sprites and still battle image created for Toon Link: I really like the map sprites, but that battle sprite needs serious work. I used Eirika's map sprites and Lugh's battle sprites as bases. What do you think could be done to improve upon these?
  5. I recently attempted to create a map possibly to use in the game. This area is called Lake Fadinore, a lake conveniently shaped like a Triforce. The player can take one of two paths from the left side to the right; a longer but easier one, and a shorter but harder one. This is one of the earlier chapters, meaning you still don't have very many units at your disposal, so the shorter path is a bit of the risk. The player is bombarded by fliers and archers (who function more like the archers in Shadows of Valentia), on top of the soldiers already lining the path. While the upper path isn't as efficient, fewer ground enemies will be on the path and it will be easier to avoid the archers, leaving the Pegasus Knights as your main concern.
  6. Project FE X SSB (Currently planned to be named Fire Emblem: The Subspace Emissary) is a crossover game between the gameplay of Fire Emblem and the characters of the Super Smash Bros. series. It is planned to be a little over 30 chapters long, with the possibility of ten additional postgame maps. Every character in the series is intended to be a playable character, except for Dr. Mario, Young Link (due to redundancy), Solid Snake, Pac-Man, Cloud, and Bayonetta (due to those companies' strict policies on fanmade content. I don't want to anger the entire industry). The story has a similar setting, premise, and plotline to The Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, the plot has been heavily tuned up to provide a more engaging and effective story. The game follows two groups on their quest to fight back against an army comprised of fake copies of people, who later join together for the ultimate showdown against the one behind it all. The game's soundtrack will comprise of GBA rearrangements of tracks ranging from Smash Bros. originals or songs from the OSTs of one of the many series it hosts. Right now, though, the development of this fangame is at a bit of a standstill. Currently, the game is planned to be developed in FEXNA - not because it's a 'make game' button or anything, but because it uses a language similar to RPG Maker, something I'm very familiar with, speeding up the process somewhat. As of now, FEXNA is not going to be released anytime soon. That leaves only the things not needing FEXNA - sprite art, music, and possibly map design. I don't exactly have much experience with graphic design - this is probably the best I can do, and that was just a reskin. And while I can judge music pretty well, I know next to nothing about actually creating it. I'm probably going to have to wait a bit longer before actually beginning any kind of development, but I still wanted to share what I had in mind.
  7. Thank you both for the welcoming!
  8. LukerGamerz


    Let's see, what can I say about myself... If you recognize my profile image, that's because I once was a frequent user of the chaotic mess that was Miiverse. I have to thank that site for really helping me get comfortable with social media. I have a firey passion for writing and storytelling, along with a good ear for music. I wish I could say I'm also great with pixel art, but I'm not amazing in any way... I come up with far too many ideas for my own good, usually being dropped way too soon. Thankfully, two ideas of mine have really stuck, one of them being (surprise surprise) a Fire Emblem fangame. The second one is a fanfiction currently in the works, but I don't want to look like I'm advertising, so I won't go deeper into that... Anyway, I hope I'll be able to contribute to the site and share my ideas!
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