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  1. the mounted version of the lord knight have complete animations but in the map the sprite turns into a social kinght sprite when you move it, the master knights (male) have the same problem but turns into a troubadour and his bow animation is imcomplete the dismounted lord kinght uses the same sprite of leif the animation of master knight with finn and leif have the correct color palette, finn uses his blue palette with blue hair and leif his white palette with brown hair (more light than his normal sprite hair) but when they are dismounted only uses the leif palette pegasus rider, dragon rider, pegasus knight, dragon knight and the unused classes falcon kinght and dragon master have sword animations when they can't equip swords the dragon master bases are lower than dragon knight and falcon knight have prayer as a class skill
  2. I hacked thracia to check the unused content and i found that the class lord knight (the class of sigurd in Fe4) have an incomplete staff animation (this class can use staves when is dismounted) and cause a softlock when i tried to use a staff with that class the next images are the selection of the staff, leif using the staff with animation and leif using the staff without animation (looks like he is attacking) i wanted to make leif promote to master knight or lord knight at the end of chapter 18 (i don't know how to do that) but the animations are imcomplete and cause glitches and bugs
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