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  1. I admire that youre trying to simplify the decision making process, but some details are worth looking into and shouldnt be over simplified. Your pokemon referance was almost spot on. Heres why it doesnt quite apply here- pokemon keeps producing games that are largely the same, its true. However, they never take features away. They only add them. Little by little, but its always at least half a step forward. Lets say they remake gen 1 games into an updated 3ds version. That games gonna have multiplayer. Doesnt matter if the original didnt have multiplayer. I guess what gets me is that features are being purposefully left out just for the sake of being as mirrored as possible to the original. Oh, and im not defending pokemon at this point. Despite what i said above, i stopped buying after ORAS. They change things they shouldnt change while things stay the same that really shouldnt. However, the bottom line is that if you can convince me echoes has replay value, id buy it. Ive already listed a dozen things that were pulling me away from this game. Im not wasting $30 on something ill play through once and then the only thing left to do is restart- even if the first round is enjoyable. If anyone really wants to sell me on this game: list a bunch of things that the game urges you to do after initial completion. Things such as NG+ from dark souls for example.
  2. -Multiple complaints on the LACK of replay value -No multiplayer, no customization, barely any player interaction -Rehash of an older game with practically nothing new introduced I would agree that the game looks beautiful. Overall, maybe you'd play for the art. Maybe youd play for the amazing plot/story this game has. But other than that? Seems like people finish the game and tend to not come back for more. In its defense, I heard you can make decisions in-game that affect the way the plot turns out later down the line. Go ahead someone, tell me that last bit isnt true (as if we need more negatives) lmao The bit above about how the actual gameplay and strategic elements are fun is valid.....EXCEPT, doesnt every FE game have that? I guess what I'm trying to say is: What does this FE game have that the previous two DONT? Also, im not trying to offend anyone. Im just making observations without having played the game. My word holds less weight. Still, these are honest observations
  3. As if there werent enough nails in the coffin, echoes doesnt even have a multiplayer to compare? Why did people buy this again?
  4. Wow, im getting a lot of people commenting on the lack of replay value of echoes. Another reason i shall not buy At first i didnt buy it because, being a remake, i figured they might purposefully leave out many newer features like waifu wars and mycastle. Lack of custom avatar as well. I like the feeling of accomplishing something as myself. When i beat the game on lunatic, i want to hear “Drew saved the world!” and not “Alm saved the world!” Like bitch, Alm isnt the one behind the DS working that strategy magic. Its also fun online seeing different avatar personalities/looks. I could imagine echoes multiplayer just looking like 2 identical MUs fighting against eachother all the time. Theres no sense of “im playing against someone with a different personality and way of playing the game. This person probably chose a different boon/bane than me. Lets see who does it better”
  5. Well I hope so, that would be extremely cool ? Oh, and i can see you under visit castle>friends and have already visited you btw! And np, bond at your convenience
  6. It says “Make sure your friend also adds your FC.” Mine should be in the OP Once you add me we should be able to see eachother in the friends tab under “visit castles” in-game Oh, and ive seen people online with generic units that have the hooded man portrait. However, these units also had the sprite/combat/map view model to go with it. Is that part hacked or do hooded-bond units actually have the sprite too?
  7. @SoulWeaver Ah thanks for reminding me about that! Yeah, I used to play constantly, stopped for like 6 months, and am currently starting completely fresh. Took me about a whole day to remember some very important things like: You can visit the same persons castle an infinite amount of times in a single day as long as you visit 30 other castles in between each visit. Also, im US based. Thanks so much to @Umbers for providing everything I asked for! i just completely aired-out and forgot the significance of region /: sucks we cant play together man Oh, and Im adding your FC right now @SoulWeaver. Im not sure if you need to “accept” my req or if you just get instantly added to my friends list, we’ll see i guess
  8. I still remember the absolute horror i felt when they took down original DS servers. I could no longer communicate online via Gen 4 Pokemon games. The horror would be 10x if they do it to 3ds and fates soon. Thanks for the nightmares, NSSKG ALSO lets not forget the main point of this thread: If youre active on fates and are looking for bond units or just some active friends, paste your Friend Code here!
  9. Do you remember regularly visiting someones castle named Drew? I usually named my castle “Anor Londo” kinda weird im running into a Rezzy out of everyone here
  10. Thanks for the info Emerson! I guess my point in making this new thread was to protect myself from adding a bunch of people who no longer play fates or 3ds in general. However, i’ll look into that thread you linked
  11. Hello everyone! I was just wondering how many still prefer Fates over Echoes, or how many of you at least play Fates on a regular basis. I used to be an avid player- but not once have I had an active friends list on my 3ds (i have one registered friend), let alone a decent group of people actively visiting my castle and exchanging recources with me on Fates in particular. Keep in mind having people on your friends list allows you to see them separately from other fates players by choosing to visit their castle via friends list. I will give my friend code as well as my castle address. (Maybe you only need my friend code) After you add me, feel free to post yours here so everyone else on this post can exchange info! Friend Code (add this and see if it puts my castle in your friends tab): 3025-0593-7620 If that doesnt allow you to see my castle for some reason, heres my castle address: 09990-39058-67245-10383 It would also be nice if we could try to create as many bond units as possible. Also, i started a new conquest save and im on ch. 8. However, im no newbie at FE. Feel free to add!
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