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  1. @kinana caeldori w/ hoshidan unity and nohrian trust @Hivolteng hinata w/ renewal @nyakumi takumi w/ grisly wound, hoshidan unity, draconic hex, and dragon fang @DarkDefeater setsuna w/ breaker skills fe code: 10898-41344-71638-85692 B)
  2. Anyone have Axefaire (and Bowfaire) on Avatar / Corrin? For some reason I can't find those anywhere. :( Would be very appreciated... Also! @daisy jane and @Greatmaningrey, I put up Azama with Bowbreaker, Vantage, Pavise, Counter, and Axebreaker :D
  3. Ahh, that's a really good point - avoid fielding my units altogether. I was hoping there'd be a way for me to do this with my own characters, but I guess not :( Why does Ghostly Gold give out exp, anyways?! Agh... I asked this question on Reddit, and someone suggested the possibility of going to a high ranking castle, winning the online battle, and recruiting one of the max level units. Seems like I'll have to go that route. (Will check out when I get home...) It's a good fix, but I'm still a bit sad / unsatisfied .__. Though once I make enough ca$h, I'll do what you suggested...and buy / use my einherjar units from my previous game :)
  4. I really enjoy collecting skills, and when I was playing Conquest I would leisurely take my time in between chapters by 1. playing Ghostly Gold, 2. making lots of cash, and 3. collecting a ton of skills. Not even to use them, just for fun.However, in Birthright, I’ve realized that Ghostly Gold gives you EXP, which is an issue because I don’t want to be super over-leveled for the actual story - I just want the cash :( For me, collecting skills & playing the DLC was a nice / slightly mindless way to pass the time, and I’m really missing that now.Is there any way I can get gold in Birthright without EXP? The best I can think of is Lilith, or waiting till I get all my characters to level 20 and then playing Ghostly Gold a million times before master sealing them. It’s just kind of lame because I actually have less cash than in Conquest :/Any simple solutions that I’m just not thinking of? Would be very appreciated!!!
  5. hyo_hyo

    Hullo! o/

    All right, cool! Thank you so much for letting me know (´ ▽ ` )
  6. I try to update my castle every few weeks, usually centered around a theme :) Current Castle Name: LUCK Skills♪ Castle Code: 10898-41344-71638-85692 Resources: Crystal, Cabbage Path: Conquest Current Skills: Avatar: Luck +4, Future Sight, Rally Luck, Profiteer, Salvage Blow Beruka: Hoshidan Unity, Lifetaker, Lethality, Life and Death, Death Blow Dwyer: Hoshidan Unity, Tomefaire, Amaterasu, Replicate, Death Blow Kaze: Nobility, Salvage Blow, Future Sight, Miracle, Lucky Seven Niles: Hoshidan Unity, Future Sight, Nobility, Profiteer, Certain Blow Odin: Hoshidan Unity, Salvage Blow, Future Sight, Profiteer, Rally Luck Ophelia: Profiteer, Rally Luck, Live to Serve, Spendthrift, Life and Death Peri: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Certain Blow, Death Blow Velouria: Nobility, Lucky Seven, Voice of Peace, Certain Blow, Death Blow Xander: Miracle, Future Sight, Salvage Blow, Hoshidan Unity, Nobility I've got...a lot...of skills, so will try to contribute to the skill request in future *_* take my card!
  7. hyo_hyo

    Hullo! o/

    Thank you!! Yeah, it's pretty cool to see that there's actually a real community here, even beyond the games :) By the way, is there an unspoken rule around emoticons for these types of forums? I feel like, in my cursory explorations, I haven't seen people use them too much >_> Just an interesting thing that I observed...
  8. hyo_hyo

    Hullo! o/

    Yo! Thought I should say hello before diving in. I picked up FE Fates around 8 months ago, so was very excited to find this community! I also want to play the other FE games at some point (have already played Awakening), so thought this would be a good place to start. I've collected a fair number of skills, and so am eager to share (especially before I finally start Birthright!), so feel free to add me (´ ▽ ` )ノ
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