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  1. haven't posted in a looooooooooooooong while but anyways... I'd rate Dimitri 9.5/10 mainly because of the Battalion Wrath + Battalion Vantage combo (this is based on Maddening Mode fyi). Most people covered all the stuff about his growths/arts/bases etc. so I will be ignoring that since it's redundant and I agree with mostly everything that's been brought up, except the really random point on Dimitri having a low Magic growth + poor Reason list which seems very irrelevant since you'd never really bring Dimitri into a magic class anyways. With that out of the way, I think Dimitri deserves a 9.5 rating because of how hard Battalion Wrath + Battalion Vantage can allow Dimitri to solo parts of the maps without too much effort. Dimitri is able to get A rank Authority around Remire (though I think I've seen people obtain it earlier by throwing him in the Lord class to increase Authority exp gain) and from then on, he really just needs a killer weapon and goes HAM on enemy phase. I don't think Death Blow is necessary on Dimitri (which is something I see brought up on how every physical unit needs Death Blow) because BW+BV Dimitri is an enemy phase unit and Death Blow requires said unit to initiate the battle. There's also another issue with Dimitri really needing chipped battalions in order to pull off the combo, which nullifies this strategy in Chapter 13 since he gets a new battalion and is footlocked in a terrain filled map. But, while chipping battalions is kind of annoying, I really didn't find it that big of an issue. Then there's of course the fact that Dimitri cannot be tutored for half of timeskip which gives you very little leeway to work with him since all of your planning needs to be done in White Clouds, but I found that he scales fine as long as he at least has BW + BV post timeskip. Personally, I did not find Dimitri absolutely needed Wyvern Lord in order to succeed (since most people have brought up his Axe Bane). I used Bow Knight Dimitri in this playthrough (Wyvern in Hard mode but looking at Mekkah's playthrough, WL Dimitri is putting in work in Maddening) and Bow Knight Dimitri still was very useful with BW + BV, and with Close Counter he didn't really need Retribution support which was an added bonus until the last chapter with the siege tome Gremories. The only maps Bow Knight/Paladin Dimitri struggled in was the Alliel chapter, Marianne and Bernie/Petra Paralogue due to terrain issues but, they were alleviated with stride/Warp/rescue. Wyvern Lord is still a better choice in the long run because of flight but, I don't think a BW + BV Dimitri in Bow Knight (or Paladin using Bows) is that bad of a choice to be ignored since it is easier to bring Dimitri through that line. Also with BW+BV build, Dimitri having lower Speed doesn't really matter if he's going to attack first with Vantage and more than likely one shot the enemy (fast enemies are usually Falcos/Assassins/Swordmasters which are all very squishy anyways). Also just a side note, don't really understand how Edelgard got dragged into this discussion, when both units aren't even playable in the same route. Comparing 2 units like say, Dorothea/Hubert makes sense because they are all available in the BE routes and you can actually compare their (dis)advantages. But, comparing 2 units that aren't even playable in the same route is kind of random since both their routes play out very differently (different maps, objectives, different amount of chapters) and you cannot directly compare how each unit would fare against each other and it becomes more or less speculation. Also Aymr being a good weapon is something that should be said to boost Edelgard's ranking, not to hamper Dimitri's lol.
  2. Idk if I'd even consider Bernadetta underrated just because there are some people that don't like her. Edelgard and Dimitri each have a hate fanbase that will follow you around like the plague and tell you otherwise if you say anything close to positive about them (y'all know who you are), but they are far from underrated. Bernadetta still gets lots of love and calling her underrated because people have expressed their dislike for her (her ratio of people that like her vs. dislike her is probably skewed very favorably to the like side) is a big stretch. Another character that rarely gets talked about I feel (like Annette), is Mercedes. She's probably known as a pacifist and while she does have that very innocent aura to her (her being a faithful woman and being a canon healer/bishop), her bluntness and straightforwardness to characters like Sylvain and Lorenz was a pleasant surprise, also her kinda lowkey guilt tripping Hilda unknowingly was funny (there's quite a few shy, innocent, devoted female healers in the series and they all act the same except a few like Serra, Lissa, Elise, Maribelle, and Malliesia come to mind), so it's nice to have Mercedes stand out among the crowd if you dig into her supports. Though I don't think she's that underrated character wise, personally think she's like kind of in between and gets talked about here and there but, I have had people discuss how they feel she's a doormat and a pushover.
  3. Cyril's lady Rhea obsession kinda makes sense considering he sees her as a mom and he's practically still a child (I mean he's like 13 at the start of the game so he got brought into the monastery when he was younger). People who say Cyril is just a crazed Lady Rhea fan and a 1-note character probably didn't view his supports which barely talk about Rhea (I think the only supports that talk about Rhea are with Seteth and Shamir I think, also in regards to Hubert/Edelgard's relationship people quickly love to point out his support with Ferdinand to show he's more than just a Lady Edelgard fan). He does have wasted potential since they could've talked a lot about his backstory within the story dialogue, especially in VW route but they didn't. Honestly, he's fine as a unit too since people are quick to dismiss him (specifically BL/VW Cyril), he joins early enough and it's really not hard to feed him kills in Hard mode (didn't use Cyril in Maddening so idk). Also nice he can reclass into 2 of the best classes in the game with his talents and his very early access to Point-Blank Volley is nice. Ignatz is honestly fine as a character, I know a lot of people who passionately hate him because of his design (I mean in the Korean FE3H poll he was like #2 most hated character in 3H iirc) and think he's ugly (he got the glow up at least). He's a bit boring for sure but his character is interesting and can apply to people irl where you have to decide between pursuing your passion or pursuing what other people want you to pursue. Ignatz as a unit is alright, has a lot of early utility and makes a pretty solid and accurate Archer which is nice. Hanneman isn't just a bootleg Dorothea, and I think he's better than her in Maddening mode (vice versa in Hard mode, though they are interchangeable honestly). His character is also very interesting character with his views on crests and nobility in general. His support with Manuela is also 10/10 and has a very cute ending too.
  4. Lyn - Probably the most boring lord in the entire series, not even sure what her purpose is in FE7 other than having Lyn Mode for a glorified tutorial (even then the plot of Lyn mode is so random, Lyn wants to talk to her long-lost grandfather but a bunch of people are trying to stop her and Count Caelin from meeting). She barely contributes in Eliwood/Hector mode outside the occasional bicker with Hector (which isn't even story relevant). She gets a lot of love which I find a bit strange since she's barely present in FE7 (and isn't even a great unit honestly, which quite a few people will argue against considering we had the whole Lyn vs. Marcus debate a while back, and I remember seeing a tier list than ranked her above Fiora/Heath/Farina) and feels like they just wanted to squeeze in Sacae representation somehow. Corrin/Kris - Both shoehorned protagonists in their respective games. Kris was dumb because they basically kept the story in Book 2 FE3 the same, just replaced some parts of the story with "Marth/Jagen did x/y/z" with "Kris did x/y/z" and then added the whole Katarina arc (which I did find sorta interesting tbf). Corrin is just dumb and gets bailed out by his "siblings" and Azura like 90% of the story, but yet the siblings still entrust Corrin with some pretty big decisions. Not to mention how the game goes out of its way to make everyone playable love Corrin (they really gotta make Takumi in CQ forgive Corrin, even though Takumi literally has 0 reason to do so) Bernadetta - Used to be neutral to her, but as I got to like CF route (used her twice prior in AM and SS) I found her progressively more annoying. Even in CF route where she does improve, she's basically the same person in my eyes (considering her supports are the exact same), she just comes out of her room a lot more often in the route. The amount of screaming and whining the character has in the supports annoys me, and the amount of "must protecc" posts makes me eye roll. Probably has the worst S support conversation in my eyes (Cyril you're safe) since any sort of character development she had with Byleth gets flushed down the drain (though TreeHouse is to blame for it since the Japanese one is vastly different). Azama - Basically the type of person that would annoy me irl, due to his nature on how he finds joy in getting under people's skin.
  5. 7 votes you can miss, as in if you miss a day you lose a vote. If there was a way to get 7 votes straight up then it'd be fine.
  6. Basically for this chapter, I found that the best way to take it on is to divide and conquer. I'd also recommend giving Azura or Elise a Strength Tonic + Iron Axe so they can trade it to Camilla, and send her over to Oboro since she can 1 round her + get the DracoShield. Camilla should then move towards the center and get the Dual Club from the village (or from whoever has it) to deal with Hinata as well since. Corrin should ideally be in the center (assuming he/she is a Nohr Princess) along with Niles (to deal with Sky Knights since they tend to flock the middle and handle the Balista). If you're struggling, I'd honestly think early promoting Silas isn't a bad if you don't plan on using him long term (Xander and a trained Sophie outclass him in the late game). I've never done this chapter with Paladin Jakob before but, I'd assume he would be a very good asset in the chapter since he can 1 shot enemies + can take them very well. I think I saw someone use a Defense + HP Tonic paired with Effie to deal with Archers on the right so they don't reach the Balista, but I had Silas with a Javelin + Effie paired up to deal with them too so Nyx can handle the Magic Orb (to chip the Ninjas and Oni on the left). Selena + Beruka can deal with the Oni (after Nyx has chipped them) in the left and visit that village. Keep in mind the Sky Knight reinforcements are usually coded to aim for the seize point, and will ignore any of your units (even if they are in kill range). The Sky Knights also deal like no damage (I think Azura can tank 2 hits from the Sky Knights), but you gotta watch out for the ones with Darting Blow since they will double. Not sure if that helps but that's what I did.
  7. random new 3H additions to the thread I hate the usage of buzzwords/phrases like "nuanced" or "morally-gray" when discussing 3H's plot. It just seems like another excuse to justify one character as good, and another as bad which defeats the purpose of using the terms to not see the characters as black/white. For example, if you like Edelgard and hate Rhea, it's almost always like "Edelgard is morally gray, Rhea is a murderer/tyrant" or if you like Dimitri and hate Edelgard it's "Dimitri is a nuanced character, Edelgard is 100% murderer/tyrant". Gets old really quickly and it's a claim I see sooooo often in the 3H subforum Dorothea isn't that good of a unit (unit not character), I frequently see her in the A or high B range in a lot of tier lists (and if she isn't that's usually the first point people argue over about). Meteor is cool but it's a luxury and the gambit boost/linked attack boost doesn't really make a difference to me and Physic is nice but she doesn't heal that much even with a Heal Staff (dual equip Magic + Heal staff and just switch between the 2) especially late game she heals around 20 ish HP. Not to mention she gets prone to get Magic screwed and really needs Warlock to really shine. Annette and Flayn are underrated as units, more so with Flayn imo.
  8. For me personally, it's just bringing up the family aspect is kinda lame because it's pretty much assumed that all (if not most) of the soldiers have a family, even if it's not Dimitri specifically, the KoS and the other Kingdom loyalists + BL students/allies have families. So to me it's just the "what's make you so special that you get to bring up the family aspect, when I'm sure the other fallen soldiers on both sides would've loved to be alive to reunite with their family". I would've been fine with Randolph if he just ended at calling Dimitri a monster and/or murderer and left it at that.
  9. that last part seems like a random personal attack, there's no need to assume whether or not she played or did not play the game because she just so happened to view Fodlan in a different light than you do. edit- Also re:Randolph, personally don't really like his character, moreso in AM. Ladislava is a better general just because she's honorable (she shows that she cares about her comrades with her interactions with Ferdinand if he's an enemy and still defends the bridge to her last). In AM, I see Randolph slowly starting to morph into a coward when he brings up the whole family excuse which makes me eye roll in a sense. What Dimitri did was wrong since torture was very unnecessary but, to me it was one of those "...really" moments. Randolph is obviously portrayed vastly different in CF when he fought against Catherine + Rhea's army but, since I did AM before CF my 1st impression of him stuck. Also it's kinda funny how Fleche managed to accomplish more in AM than Randolph did, considering Fleche was able to infiltrate the Kingdom army (I believe she was the one that took out Kingdom messengers to the Alliance but idr if it was explicitly said, which ended up causing Dimitri to have beef with the Alliance since he thought that was the Alliance's doing) and also she managed to take out Rodrigue. She's obviously more capable than Randolph portrays her as (her surviving till the end of CF also shows she is quite capable), so I'm curious as to why Randolph prevented her from going into the front lines.
  10. There are definitely worse fathers in the game (Count Varley, Gilbert, Margrave Edmund, Margrave Gautier), considering Rodrigue seems like he made some what of an effort to raise Felix (I mean he didn't have financial troubles from the looks of it, went to school, still tries to interact with him, etc.) they just have a clash in ideologies. Obviously Rodrigue isn't perfect with how he handles knighthood and Glenn's death which made an impact on Felix. Rodrigue also makes some sort of effort to reconcile with Felix at least (as opposed to like Gilbert running around and hiding from Annette until she forces him to talk), even if his methods aren't the best. He's insensitive, but far from like the worst father in the series. Anyways RE:Randolph, it's interesting how he gets portrayed quite differently in AM (as opposed to CF) as a coward more or less (even bringing up the "I have a family" excuse when Dimitri was talking about torturing him, ignoring the soldier casualties on the opposing side that have families that he may or may not have slain).
  11. Seeing people but their reasons makes me wanna do it to uwu FE4 - 7 Great story, pretty decent cast overall. Gameplay isn't necessarily bad, it's just extremely tedious (especially in the gen 1 maps) due to bad terrain and such, there's definitely an emphasis on mounted emblem being the best way to play the game (which imo, is a bad thing because it doesn't encourage diversity) due to how obnoxiously large each map is. I like the concept of each chapter having the player seize various castles/points and having different groups of spread out (think chapter 7), final map is also quite fun. FE5 - 9 One of my favorite games, I like that it is possible to make any unit work due to scrolls being very useful and there isn't too much of an emphasis on mounted emblem due to the variety of map design with indoor/outdoor (and a mixture of them) maps. I like the inclusion of defend and escape maps and, the escape manster arc is probably one of my favorite story inclusions in all of FE. Cast is pretty weak personality wise outside the main characters and bigger minor characters (Linoan, Asvel, Sara, etc.) weakest aspect gameplay wise imo is how incredibly easy it is to warp skip the late game maps (which are all pretty hard, especially chapter 22) due to the random influx of warp staves (which are staves that players should use sparingly). Overall, very solid game. FE6 - 6 Not bad, I just find it very boring. Story is pretty good, has a lot of obnoxiously frustrating maps, with Sacae being kinda cancer with all the dodgy units (also Chapter 20x Sacae/B is probably the worst map in the game). Cast is also very boring despite the inclusion of support conversations. I like the difficulty of the game but, it's still pretty boring. FE7 - 6 Prefer the story of FE7 over FE6 but, it's still ok. Gameplay is aight and the cast is pretty strong overall except for like how they shoehorned Lyn into the game since she doesn't contribute much outside her story arc (which is still very random). FE8 - 8 Pretty basic overall. Nothing really wrong with the game honestly, the cast is solid, the gameplay/map design is pretty good, it's just really undertuned in terms of difficulty. Story to me is kind of generic but, it still works. FE9 - 8 One of my more favorite stories despite it being sorta cliche in a way. Tellius has a pretty strong cast overall and the gameplay is the weakest aspect of the game imo due to the emphasis on mounted emblem and the map design supports this in every way. Weak map design overall just because you can send a boosted unit (Jill, Marcia, Titania usually) and they'll just solo a pack of enemies during enemy phase which isn't a good thing imo. BEXP is a great mechanic since there's an incentive on playing fast and allows you to catch up units falling behind if necessary. Replayability isn't that good because there's only a handful of units that are really good, but the game is easy enough where you can use pretty much everyone. FE10 - 10 My favorite FE game to date. One of my favorite mechanics is the divided army (and stories) just because I enjoy using a wide variety of units, and this divided army concept allows me to do so which is nice. I like that you can face off old allies which gives a bittersweet feeling to the game. Map design is also pretty weak (same problems as PoR as you can send in someone to solo a pack of enemies) but, I like the variety of maps that doesn't emphasize mounted emblem. Another weak aspect is that the game guts some unit's availability (Tormod, Geoffrey, Elincia, Pelleas, Muarim, Vika, etc.) for whatever reason which I don't like. But I still really enjoy the game and I can generally play it without complaining about the weaker aspects of the game. FE11 - 5.5 Same reasons as FE6, I like the difficulty but the game is just so boring. Like FE9 in a way, there's only a handful of units that are worth using, only difference is that FE11 is a lot harder than FE9 which gives you little reason to use anyone besides like Caeda, Lena, Abel (idt Cain is worth using outside drafts imo), Wolf/Sedgar, Jagen, Wendell, Barst, etc. Cast is incredibly boring since the game focuses on Marth, Caeda and Jagen and the majority of the characters just lack substance. Pretty traditional FE game overall, and I do think it's a better model for future FEs but, doesn't change that this game is boring to me (also the graphics are really ugly too). FE12 - 7 Story is 10x worse than FE11's just because they basically took FE3 Book 2 and replaced some of the words that say "Marth/Jagen" with "Kris" (or w/e you named your avatar) and basically shoehorned an unneeded avatar into the game. I prefer the gameplay a lot because of the map variety and that there's a lot of units that are worth using (and I like that you get quite a lot of really amazing units early on). Solid game gameplay wise, but the story is just very bad. Cast also got more fleshed out but, the supports are still really generic and bland. FE13 - 4 Hot mess of broken things in the game (Galeforce, unlimited Rescues, spotpass, Nosferatu, Rally skills). Gameplay is very frustrating, especially on Lunatic early on. Lunatic+ is just a wtf game mode that feels like they took an easy route on making the game harder (like did anyone test Lunatic+ out before releasing it? It's just obnoxiously difficult for no reason). Cast is pretty boring or bad but, has some pretty great characters overall. Not really sure about the whole waifu marriage thing but, child customization is kinda fun tbh. Birthright - 1 No... I get it's supposed to be easy but like... it's just waaaaaay too easy with the lack of enemy skills (outside boss units), decreased overall stats (especially Speed since Nohr classes tend to have less speed but more bulk), and also the added addition of grinding. Story is better because it makes sense that Corrin goes against Nohr, which is much better than CQ/Revs but it's still not good. Also don't really need to speak about Corrin because... that's someone elses post. Conquest - 6 Story is really bad because Corrin joining Nohr and invading Hoshido for a chair (well throne) makes no sense. Gameplay however, there's some really well designed maps in Conquest (specifcally Chapter 9, 10, 12, and 16) among other terrible maps (Chapter 11, 17, 20). Lunatic Conquest is fun, as the added enemy skills (and weapon variety) forces you to be creative with strategies. Cast is better than BR but still weak in comparison to other casts in the series. Revelations - 4 Story is also incredibly bad, since the first half is a scavenger hunt for the royals (and other playable units in BR/CQ) and the 2nd half is incredibly rushed (and randomly drawn out in terms of the interactions with Arete). Favorite part is child customization, considering you have access to both BR/CQ units and armories available. Every map has a gimmick which is very annoying to deal with (and very unnecessary imo). FE15 - 6.5 Kind of a forgettable game imo but, I quite like the cast and the voice acting of the game is exquisite. Map design is terrible honestly with how bare and open almost every single map is on Alm's side, and how obnoxious the terrain is on Celica's side (boat maps, deserts, swamps). However, post game Thabes is pretty fun overall and Grima being there was a surprise at least. FE16 - 7 Favorite cast to date, I like how most of the characters feel unique (against other characters within the game, not the series) and yet they are fleshed out pretty well fore the most part. Gameplay is incredibly repetitive (BEs play the same part 1 for both CF/SS in terms of dialogue/events (all routes have the same gameplay), AM/SS/VW play a very similar part 2, except AM branches off at some point and SS doesn't have Gronder). Monastery is fun in the first play through in part 1, then gets tedious and doesn't make sense in part 2. Overall, pretty fun but gets really old really quick.
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