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  1. Caspar - Wyvern Lord is the best class, Warmaster is an alternative but, fliers are just so good in the game. Only thing he really needs is a Speedwing (maybe a few Speed Carrots) to boost his low base Speed and then Wyvern Lord bases + the extra 10% Speed growth boost should carry him. Lysithea - Gremory easily, even in casual play. Just having 2 Warp uses is very beneficial and Thrysus + Dark Magic Range +1 should give her a ton of range to compensate her low Move (also Stride, Rescue, March Ring, training her Riding talent also alleviates the issue). Personally like giving her the March Ring to start, and then switching Thrysus when attacking, then switch back over to the March Ring. Leonie - Bow Knight is her best class (going the Cavalier -> Paladin -> Bow Knight route, while primarily using Bows in her intermediate/advanced classes), however she also makes a good Wyvern Lord and FalconKnight as well.
  2. New paralogues Allowing the player to swap out Itsuki (especially if the cast may include Maiko, Barry and Tiki as playable units) More variety in overworld enemy design (more than just a bunch of red/black Deatheaters floating around) and also in-battle enemies (not just recolors/upgrades of existing ones) 3rd tier classes, also maybe not having the class system be so linear (1 upgrade leans towards the offensive side which is almost always better, the other leans towards the defensive/supportive side) More variety in mirages/carnage forms (extending pass Archanaea Saga/Awakening, considering the OG trailer of TMS showed the original artwork of characters outside these 2 casts) tbh I kinda like the Japanese VA but, I wouldn't mind an English dub
  3. For characters that would side with Edelgard... Definitely Hubert - Edelgard's retainer/lapdog Dorothea - Grew up not liking the nobility system (though I can see her joining GD squad as well) Felix - Isn't a fan of Dimitri/Rodrigue in general, though his monastery dialogue in BE-E route shows some sort of remorse for defacting Sylvain - Doesn't like the crest system Manuela - Probably joins to protect her theater troop Depends on Byleth Bernadetta - Basically will follow wherever Byleth goes and will probably only listen to Byleth (I mean heck, she only agrees to go to Brigid with Petra only because Byleth recommended and asked her). Though also hates violence and she doesn't wanna leave the house Alois - More or less loyal to Jeralt and Byleth and has sworn to protect Byleth no matter where they go Shamir - A mercenary before a KoS, also seems to want to follow Byleth wherever they go Maybe Lysithea - Obviously she wants revenge against TWiSTD and doesn't like crests but, Empire was the one that brought House Ordelia under their jurisdiction and sent TWiSTD agents to keep them in check (which led to said experiments). In other routes, she also doesn't condone the violence caused by Edelgard as well and is more or less worried about whether her family gets dragged in. Ingrid - Also doesn't really like the crest system but, she feels that she has a sense of duty to be loyal to her house so she could stay in the Kingdom (seems hesitant in GD/BE/Church route for joining other causes) Petra - More or less a glorified hostage in order to ensure Brigid's loyalty, could see her staying only if Edelgard promises Brigid's safety Caspar - Has a justice-complex, probably doesn't want the war and also Edelgard's affiliation with Death Knight and TWiSTD that caused a lot of problems during Part 1. But, he sees Edelgard as some sort of hero. His dad is also pro-Edelgard. Lorenz - Count Gloucester regularly sides with the Empire (only rejoins Alliance in GD route but, still had suspicions of Claude so the trust isn't 100%) and Lorenz has been shown to put his father's and nobility's ideals above his own. Leonie - Joins as a mercenary post time-skip, though she could also not join since Edelgard is affiliated with the group that killed Jeralt Hanneman - Had bad times with his sister being abused by a noble and the crest + nobility system in general but, since he's a crest scholar and Edelgard's goal is to get rid of crests there is a bit of a disconnect Annette - Her uncle is forced to submit to the Faerghus dukedom, and her mother (who Annette is closer with) lives with said uncle. Would probably defect to the Empire in order to protect them Raphael - Could see him joining the Empire in order to ensure protection to his sister and grandfather and for the money (think his monastery dialogue mentioned he was a wandering knight iirc), though he also seems somewhat like a peace advocate Ashe - Is forced to join the Empire since Lonato's territory is under House Rowe, who are loyal to the empire. Though he is a peace advocate in a sense (could also want to get revenge on the church for Lonato/Christophe) Marianne - Will only join because Margrave Edmund is a coward and wants Marianne to join the Empire to improve his image, and Marianne has shown to not stand up for her own ideals (similar to Lorenz) No Ferdinand - Has always had a rivalry with Edelgard, doesn't appreciate having his house stripped of power because of her Linhardt - Peace advocate, probably won't appreciate the all-out war Edelgard wants to start. Also a crest scholar Ignatz - Another peace advocate Mercedes - Devout follower of the church, doesn't want to abolish the church like Edelgard (her reason to join the Empire in BE-E route is pretty weird honestly) Hilda - Loyal to Claude Dedue - Loyal to Dimitri Gilbert - Loyal to Dimitri Catherine - Loyal to Rhea Cyril - Loyal to Rhea Seteth - Loyal to Rhea (even if he doesn't see eye to eye on everything she does) Flayn - Follows Seteth
  4. Started with Blue Lions Favorite from BE is Petra (other faves are Linhardt and Bernadetta) just because she has a 2 really nice designs (student/war designs are 10/10) and her supports show her as kind of quirky which took me off guard. Also I'm so glad they didn't make her Rinkah 2.0 since I thought they were going to go that route when I first saw Petra's design. BL would have to Sylvain, Felix is a close second (also like the entire BL house as well). He's a womanizer but is kind of an unorthodox one based on his supports, also shows more than his womanizing side which is great. GD for me is surprisingly Hilda (Claude is a close 2nd, I also like Raphael and Marianne as well), because I thought I wouldn't like her. Great VA honestly, and she lowkey has a similar personality to mine (would rather not do work but, if I have to I will). For Church/other units, it's easily Seteth because he shows that he isn't a 1-note stern character. Basically I think I like every unit in the game except like Cyril and Gilbert honestly lol
  5. I think this is the part that I wanted to see the most, just because even though the game does tell you TWiSTD, I can't help really think how it might have been possible? Just because... Imperial army seems pretty exhausted (took pretty big losses in Arianrhord) Edelgard's time is limited (I feel that a lot of people who played BE-E thought Crests disappeared with Rhea's death / Byleth losing his crest and connection with Sothis, but endings with Sylvain + Byleth, Edelgard + Lysithea, Linhardt + Hanneman imply that crests exist for every other person) Rhea is dead (arguably a bigger threat to TWiSTD than Edelgard, considering the events in Church route) Dimitri is dead and Claude is dead/left (BL route kinda hinted that Dimitri also posed a problem to TWiSTD, though I feel that you'd have to play BE-E first to make the connection) Byleth lost his/her connection to Sothis (no more Divine Pulse) Didn't state this at all but, I'd assume there'd be anti-Empire sentiment in the existing Kingdom and Alliance which could also pose a problem Though the game says that it is more of a war within the shadows but still, can't really think about how Edelgard could've beaten TWiSTD with all of those problems at hand. But the game explicitly tells you it happened so, I guess that works out.
  6. Really for dancers you can just choose any weaker unit/units falling behind and call it a day, though I have tried/been told about some students that can be solid Dancers. Bernadetta - Honestly, I found her better as a magic user than a Bow Knight (which is what most people promote her into) after using both. Anyways, she has a pretty solid spell list (Thoron, Physic, Rescue) and also has a budding talent in Riding (for the Move +1 at A+ rank, honestly I find that once a Dancer unlocks their best spells, they should just focus all their instruction days on Riding since a high move Dancer is incredibly useful) which unlocks Pass (Pass helps with Warp/LTC shenanigans since she can just run through the enemy and dance a warped target). Her magic growth is low but, I found that her personal skill + Fiendish Blow allows her to deal pretty solid damage (coupled with the occasional Indech crest procs and her Speed growth being higher than most Mages) until she becomes a Dancer, and most enemies tend to have fairly low Res anyways (excluding Mages and Pegasus Knights). Her early game as a Monk is pretty bad because Blizzard is honestly not a good spell (sacrifice hit for crit, and crit is pretty unreliable early), but once she gets Thunder she became a lot better. Ignatz - Pretty mediocre unit overall but, that makes him a suitable Dancer candidate! His spell list is not as good as Bernadetta's (only good spells are Cutting Gale and Physic) but, he does have have a slightly higher Magic growth and a personal that helps alleviate his early game slightly. As mentioned, Blizzard is pretty bad but, Ignatz's personal skill increases the hit rate of it making his early game a lot more manageable (though he's stuck with it until he gets Fire through promotion). He also gets Seal Strength through his Reason budding talent and Rally Speed (D Authority, and Ignatz has a talent in Authority so it should be pretty quick for him to get it) which is also nice utility early on (and even has situational purposes once he becomes a Dancer). Marianne - She's a solid unit but, she also does make a pretty good dancer. She gets nice spells (Thoron, Cutting Gale, Physic, and maybe Silence) and has a talent in Riding as well for the +1 Move skill. I mean not much else to say other than that? Found her as a pretty solid Dancer overall, (I prefer not to recruit other units into my house as Dancers just because I like being able to raise the Riding skill from the get go), though you should probably recruit another dedicated healer (or just another Physic user) into GD if you plan on using Dancer Marianne.
  7. For me personally, I would rate Ignatz relatively low because he kind of overlaps with some of his house units, and generally doesn't have much separating himself from other units to be worth recruiting. Claude and Leonie are better archers overall since they have a reliable Str growth (Ignatz has a 35% Str Growth like the other house "canon" Archers), Shamir joins mid-part 1 and is pretty solid until late, late game, and other houses have units that can also pull off Bow Knight better (Felix, Bernadetta, Petra, Ferdinand, Dimitri) due to having that reliable Str growth but still retaining a solid Spd growth (in the case of Bernadetta, she has a 35% Str growth but her personal sorta helps late game once you have access to Brave Bows). I'd say critical hits are pretty reliable overall, with Killer Weapons+/Wo Dao+, characters as Warmasters (+20 crit) and Swordmasters (+10 crit). There are also some battalions that give at most +10 crit as well. Anyways, point is that it's very easy for any unit to reach a pretty high amount of crit rate (for me, might be different for other players). Also his personal skill would be better if Ignatz had access to Deadeye (which is a bow combat art that has a long range but has lower hit the farther the target is) and that getting hit rate is pretty easy by mastering the Archer class or with certain Battalions and supports. edit- as the below post mentioned, every unit in 3 houses is usable (except maybe like Gilbert who is kinda ehh). This is probably one of the few games where you can actually use units you like as characters (if you choose to do so) just because characters are generally the same unit wise.
  8. I would be fine with a spin off if They don't force the 3 lords down our throats like they did with the Fates Royals in their spin-off games. I mean IS was beating a dead horse when Fates Royals got a lot of representation in spin-off games and it just kept going (though Chrom/Robin/Lucina also got similar treatment to the Fates Royals in spin-off games) They actually balance out representation between the 3 lords (or the 3 houses) instead of focusing just on Black Eagles/Edelgard (though I would not be surprised if Edelgard is the only lord from 3 Houses that will make it to Smash in the future)
  9. No, I don't think Edelgard was responsible for Jeralt's death. If anything, I feel that Monica/Kronya is more or less clingy to Edelgard to keep her in check, just because if Edelgard does something out of line to TWiSTD goal's then Kronya can easily like kill a bunch of students or do something just as bad, which would end up causing more trouble for Edelgard in the long run. I feel that Edelgard is more or less a puppet of TWSiTD, it's just in BE-E route she is actively trying to turn the tables against them (considering she has Byleth who is a pretty big resource for her).
  10. Mechanics I Liked Silent Protagonist - Byleth is cool, he isn't annoying like Corrin and Kris where it feels like they are forcing their way into everything (the writing in FE12 honestly feels like they replaced any text that says "Marth did x/y/z" with "Kris did x/y/z"). Byleth still has a lot of impact but at least they aren't an input hoe like Corrin or Kris. Durability System - Pretty fair way to deal with durability, still having the "permanent" weapons but it isn't the monstrosity of Fates where there were drawbacks to every single weapon which was kind of annoying. Battalions - Wish they were more impactful out of Gambits but, I do quite like the mechanic. Mechanics I Didn't Like / Wish They Were Tweaked Slightly Divine Pulse - Getting over 10 charges of Divine Pulse is pretty ridiculous honestly. Divine Pulse drastically reduces the difficulty and the "risk vs. reward" aspect of the game due to the amount of 2nd chances you get. For example, in older FE's without Divine Pulse you really have to weigh out your options carefully (for example, your unit risked dying if you miss the 70% hit but, they will end up getting exp to level up, which is a gamble I will not do in older games but will 100% do in this game), and just having all of these 2nd chances makes players be a lot more reckless. Honestly, I think Divine Pulse should've been reduced to 3 charges, and just stayed at 3 throughout the entire game. Honestly, I feel like I've used Divine Pulse to rig crits/dodges or turn back bad level ups than like the actual intended purpose lol. Class Progression - Very awkward for certain classes since there are just a lot of classes missing for a smoother progression. For example, FalconKnights have an awkward transition since you either have to stay a Pegasus Knight until 30, or go to Wyvern Rider / Paladin / Swordmaster which is still a very awkward transition. Dark Knight also faces the same awkward progression since there aren't any Riding classes for mages before Master Classes. Class Balancing - Likewise, there aren't too many risks vs. rewards for certain classes which makes class balance quite skewed. Wyvern Lords being one of the biggest ones because normally, Wyvern Lords focus on Str/Def/Hp (as opposed to FalconKnights that focus on Spd/Res/Lck), but in this game Wyvern Lords still have access to a lot of speed (boosted Speed growth and bases) and Avoid (all fliers have access to Alert Stance+) which doesn't give too much incentive to go to FalconKnight unless the unit has a weakness in Axes. Likewise Great Knights also face similar problems on the flipside because they don't have anything going for them (they lose terrain resistance in exchange for 2 faire skills). However, due to the steep requirements of a Great Knight, it's unlikely that the unit will have high proficiency in both Lances and Axes. Weapon Proficiency - Certain classes get increased proficiency on certain weapons/skills (Assassin gets increased proficiency in Bows and Swords, so it makes leveling those skills easier), likewise I think classes should get decreased proficiency on other weapons to sort of balance them out? (Idk how to describe it) Monastery - Loved the Monastery pre-timeskip since it makes sense since the plot is still very school-centric. However, post-timeskip it feels like a drag and it honestly doesn't make much story sense (oh we have a war going on but let's still have classes for an entire month before we move out).
  11. Someone told me about how you should level Riding to A+ on Dancers and Gremories (after they unlocked all their useful Faith skills) for +1 Move, especially if they have a talent for Riding on characters like Marianne. Also leveling Armor to C+ (or C idr) on Wyvern Lords or Paladins (any Lance/Axe wielding class really) for the Weight -3 skill.
  12. I'm not sure if you just skipped through a lot of the dialogue or just spammed A in Blue Lions route because the route was pretty explicit on what was going on with Dimitri?
  13. I'm not sure if you just skipped through a lot of the dialogue or just spammed A in Blue Lions route because the route was pretty explicit on what was going on with Dimitri?
  14. I believe the person you replied to was insulted about the current male gay s supports, and not really the lack of availability of them. Anyways... Even as an outsider, I can see why this would be insulting. For me, it seems that the M-M S Supports were just added into the game for the sake of having them available, as opposed to adding them with any sort of intention. Its kind of a cop out to say "we have these LGBT options for our characters but, all that gets thrown out the window in the end since they end up just being straight again." Also who thought it was a good idea to have a man who has a wife and child (the wife still alive, revealed in Gilbert/Annette's paralogue) to be one of the S supports (let alone one of the gay support options). Idk even to me, the F-F supports just seem like they were there to have the Waifu options for players that wanted to go F!Byleth, due to the rift between the gay and lesbian options (mainly focusing on Linhardt/Alois/Gilbert vs.Edelgard/Dorothea/Mercedes, Rhea and Sothis make sense but that's a whole different story)since all 3 F-F options are the most popular units in the game (Mercedes I feel like is one of the more popular non-BE characters) while the M-M options feel like they were chosen from like a random number generator since they don't really make sense to me. Edit- actually I guess I can kinda understand Alois since Alois is more or less loyal to Byleth (doesn't help that Byleth just married a random woman in their paired ending). However, I do feel that Linhardt being a gay option was intentional (not because he's a student).
  15. The complaints don't focus BE-E Route Gameplay at all, they mostly focus on how much IS pushed Edelgard/Black Eagles compared to the other houses. From what I've noticed Edelgard is the only bi lord even though Dimitri/Claude show around the same amount of affection for Byleth (I seriously doubt that IS changed the conversations between the lords and Byleth depending on the gender of Byleth) Edelgard's VA voiced the announcement trailer and I guess was the first to interact with Byleth in the regard, Edelgard has more screentime than Dimitri/Claude in trailers and generally has more appearances in promotion compared to these 2 (also adding that Black Eagles was the first house to be revealed, followed by the other 2 houses), and the main theme of the game is titled "The Maiden of Hresvelg" Black Eagles have 2 endings (though it makes sense why they would have 2 separate endings compared to other routes) so there's going to be doubled usage of Black Eagles students The game uses Black Eagles screenshots as the tutorial/filler images in the loading screen (honestly it isn't a big of a deal to me since I usually ignore those but, it is a detail) So if your favorite house was BL/GD, I can understand why people who like those houses would be a disappointed/frustrated at how the promotion and other more cosmetic aspects of the game were handled. Also based on what I've personally seen on comments on Twitter/YouTube there's a lot of people that started with Black Eagles like to shit on the other houses for whatever reason (especially on Dimitri/Rhea specifically, I've seen comments asking players who went BL why they would side with a psychopath and proceeded to go off on that tangent), and obviously that will rile people up). Also, a lot of reviewers tend to start with Black Eagles as well which expands the influence of the Black Eagles (obviously IS can't do anything about it) to people who want to know whether the game is worth or nah. The VAs like to fool around with other VAs from other houses (in regards to house/character popularity) on social media but, the general public seems to take it seriously or to heart which will lead to people also getting riled up. Also spoiler alert for BL/GD/Church Route I found her route to be the most rushed overall, wished they actually showed us what happens next with TWSiTD instead of flat out telling us the problem gets magically resolved. Though I don't really have a negative opinion of any of the students (except like Cyril ig but he's not a student), so I don't really have a house I'm attached to 100%.
  16. More updates! Forums have been down so it encompasses a few days of playing. Finished up Ephraim Route in this update! Chapter 12B - Landing at Taizel No map shopping in this chapter which is unfortunate but, I still can manage this chapter with what I have. Ephraim/Kyle/Tana takes the bridge to the left of the boat, while everyone else takes the bridge to the right. Tana promotes into a Wyvern Knight while Kyle/Ephraim move towards the town and to clear a path. Colm/Joshua deal with the Fighters/Pirates on the boat to the right of the map, Tana deals with the Gargoyles, and Dozla/Ross/Artur deal with the incoming Cavaliers and Shamans. Once the enemies that came onto the bridge have been taken out, everyone moves forward to the town area. Tana recruits Ewan by visiting the village and takes his Dracoshield to use during the next turn. Artur takes out the Shaman with the Guiding Ring to promote into a Bishop during the next turn and everyone moves closer to the boss. Ewan takes all of Joshua's items and Joshua baits Marisa in, then Ewan recruits her on the following turn. Artur then takes down the Cyclops boss with a crit and ends the chapter. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 18.31 36 16 19 16 14 11 09 08 A Lances Ross Pirate 10/17.31 33 20 13 16 16 12 01 10 A Axes Secret Book x 2 Colm Rogue 13/3.39 29 10 11 16 11 08 05 07 B Swords Artur Bishop 17/3.03 27 15 17 14 07 08 20 07 A Light | C Staves Joshua Swordmaster 15/4.55 41 14 20 21 15 11 05 09 S Swords Kyle Paladin 11/3.83 35 14 10 11 08 13 03 12 C Swords | A Lances Speedwing Tana Wyvern Kn. 10/1.56 34 10 14 20 12 10 10 09 B Lances Dracoshield L'arachel Troubadour 4.51 18 07 06 10 12 05 09 05 D Staves Dozla Berserker --/1.51 43 16 11 09 04 11 06 16 B Axes Chapter 13B - Fluorspar's Oath In this chapter, I finally unlock my last unit being Tethys (not having a dancer for this long makes this pretty difficult). Anyways, I split my team into 2, Tana and Artur rendezvous with Gerik/Tethys, Ross crosses into the 2nd ring and takes out the Archers and Cavaliers, while everyone else makes their way down the left path. Tana holds the first chokepoint on the right, while Ephraim holds the checkpoints on the bridge to the 2nd ring. As the Pegasus Knight reinforcements spawn in, and Selena begins to attack with Bolting. Kyle and Joshua move towards the western village, while Ephraim and Dozla make their way towards Selena. Tana flies in to take down the Troubadour with the Sleep Staff and gains the Energy Ring to use next turn, while Kyle and Joshua deal with the enemies near the western village. Selena uses up her Bolting tome, only landing 3 out of 5 hits, and Ross saves the rightmost village and receives a Talisman. Joshua visits the western village while everyone moves towards Selena while taking out the enemies in the way. Ephraim weakens Selena, allowing Tana to pick up the kill to end the chapter. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 19.19 37 17 20 16 14 11 09 08 A Lances Ross Pirate 10/18.66 33 20 13 16 17 12 01 10 A Axes Secret Book x 2 Colm Rogue 13/4.24 30 10 12 17 12 09 06 07 B Swords Artur Bishop 17/5.54 29 16 18 14 07 08 22 07 S Light | C Staves Joshua Swordmaster 15/5.15 42 15 21 21 15 11 06 09 S Swords Kyle Paladin 11/4.64 36 14 10 11 08 13 04 12 B Swords | A Lances Speedwing Tana Wyvern Kn. 10/3.53 34 13 14 22 14 10 10 09 A Lances Dracoshield | Energy Ring L'arachel Troubadour 5.21 18 07 06 11 13 05 09 05 C Staves Dozla Berserker --/1.96 43 16 11 09 04 11 06 16 B Axes Tethys Dancer 2.12 19 01 02 12 13 06 05 05 Goddess Icon Chapter 14B - Father and Son In battle preps, Tethys uses the Goddess Icon she came with during the previous chapter and the Ephraim uses the Talisman. To start the chapter off, Ephraim/Kyle/Artur/Colm take the right side of the map, while everyone takes on the left side. Rennac shows up and Ross handles the Knights guarding one of the chest rooms while Colm trails behind, Tana/Dozla deal with the incoming Mercenary/Fighter units. On the right side, Kyle deals with the incoming Soldiers while Dozla deals with the Fighters. Tana/Dozla holds the reinforcements coming from the left corridor, while Ephraim/Kyle hold the reinforcements on the right corridor. Kyle/Tana take out the Longbow Archers in the hidden corridors, while Ross/Colm deal with the Shamans in the chest room. Joshua opens the left door and the influx of status staves from the Druids/Bishops start to come, on the next turn Ephraim opens the right door and deals with the incoming enemies. L'arachel recruits Rennac and Dozla/Tana deal with the Mage reinforcements on the left, while Ephraim/Artur deal with the Shaman reinforcements on the right. Kyle makes his way to the upper-left chest, Colm finishes looting the bottom chest room, and Joshua opens the door to the throne room. Meanwhile, Rennac goes shopping in the secret shop, mainly for weapons, Phsyic staves and another Ocean Seal for Ross. As everyone enters the throne room, more Shaman/Mage/Priest reinforcements spawn which were easily taken out. Ephraim weakens Vigarde, and Joshua secures the last hit to allow Ephraim to seize the throne. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 20 37 18 20 16 14 12 12 08 A Lances Talisman Ross Pirate 10/19.57 34 20 13 16 18 13 02 10 A Axes Secret Book x 2 Colm Rogue 13/4.78 30 10 12 17 12 09 06 07 B Swords Artur Bishop 17/6.83 29 17 19 14 08 08 22 07 S Light | C Staves Joshua Swordmaster 15/6.99 43 15 22 22 16 11 06 09 S Swords Kyle Paladin 11/6.07 38 15 11 13 08 13 04 12 B Swords | A Lances Speedwing Tana Wyvern Kn. 10/5.06 35 15 15 24 16 10 12 09 S Lances Dracoshield | Energy Ring L'arachel Troubadour 7.79 18 07 07 11 14 05 10 05 B Staves Dozla Berserker --/2.74 44 16 11 10 05 11 06 16 B Axes Tethys Dancer 3.62 20 01 03 13 14 06 06 05 Goddess Icon
  17. Really should've not been lazy and restarted a few chapters, since my earlier mistakes are really starting to bite my in the butt qq. Chapter 9B - Fort Rigwald Wew so this is the beginning of Ephraim route, and I'm already feeling the regrets. Remember when I said it isn't too bad that I didn't save all the villages in Chapter 5? I forgot that you actually get a Guiding Ring if you save all the villages sooo, now I'm going to have to deal with Sleep Staff without having anyone that can use Restore... this should be fun. Anyways, I early promoted Kyle into a Paladin since that will hopefully make this chapter more manageable. Everyone rushes into the fort, making sure to stay out of range of the Priest with the Sleep Staff while Tana just chills in her cell. Colm baits the Sleep Staff, while Kyle ferries Ephraim up ahead with the other units trailing behind and avoiding the Sleep Staff range. Ephraim holds the southern choke point before the fort to bait in the Cavalier/Soldier units, though Kyle does get put to sleep, while Artur waits by the stairs for the Shaman reinforcements. Joshua opens the door to the fort, with Ephraim and Ross holding the entrance. No one moves forward until Amelia moves close enough for Ephraim to recruit her, and Ross/Kyle/Artur deal with the enemies hiding behind walls with their ranged weapons. I gave Kyle Amelia's Speedwing, Ross and Kyle act as the front line with to deal with the incoming Mage/Cavalier enemy units (thanks to Pure Waters they are able to tank everyone pretty well). Joshua is able to bait out the final Priest's Sleep Staff and moves north with Kyle and Colm to secure the chests and rescue Tana, with everyone else moving towards the throne room. Ross and Ephraim deal with the Cavaliers and Cavalier reinforcements near the throne room, while Kyle deals with the Cavalier reinforcements near the chests. Tana gets rescued and helps deal with the Cavaliers, while Kyle/Joshua regroup to move onwards to the throne room, Colm remains on chest duty until the chapter ends. Ephraim baits in the Mercenary/Shaman, during the next few turns Joshua/Artur/Ross work together to chip the boss, with Joshua picking up the last hit. Finally, Ephraim seizes the throne to end the chapter. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 15.52 33 15 16 15 13 11 07 08 A Lances Ross Pirate 10/14.43 31 18 09 15 13 11 01 10 A Axes Secret Book Colm Rogue 13/1.00 27 10 11 14 10 08 04 07 C Swords Artur Monk 15.29 23 12 13 12 06 03 14 06 C Light Joshua Myrmidon 15.19 33 10 19 20 13 07 03 08 B Swords Kyle Paladin 11/1.96 33 13 10 11 08 12 03 12 C Swords | B Lances Speedwing Tana Pegasus Kn. 5.31 21 07 10 14 09 06 07 05 D Lances Chapter 10B - Turning Traitor First of all, I done goofed and promoted the wrong unit in the previous chapter. I always forget that Ocean Seals are used to promote Pirates as well, and it isn't the Hero's Crest sooo, gonna have to wait until Chapter 14 for another one. Needed to really organize my team's inventories since they were really all over the place last chapter, and I gave the Angelic Robe to Tana. Everyone rushes forward while Tana saves the village and picks off a few weakened enemies, also didn't realize the sailboats were ocean Balistas which was pretty cool. Kyle rescues Ephraim and ferries him to block the chokepoint with the Pirates and everyone moves to join Duessel. Tana recruits Cormag and Kyle rescues her out of the way, while everyone kind of huddles in that little corner, with Ephraim/Colm holding the Pirates, and Ross/Kyle holding the Eastern entrance to that corner. Joshua saves the village and receives the Hero Crest to promotes to a Swordmaster during the next turn. Ephraim recruits Duessel and Kyle/Colm clear out the Pirates, while Joshua/Ross deal with the Mercenaries and incoming Cavalier reinforcements. On the last turn, Tana defeats the western Fleet for the Secret Book, while Ross/Joshua/Colm/Ephraim/Kyle take turns to hold the chokepoint. Wasn't able to take out the boss but, we still survived in the end. Since we saved all the allied Cavaliers, I also got the Knight's Crest but I won't be needing it so I will be selling it. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 16.25 34 15 17 16 13 11 08 08 A Lances Ross Pirate 10/15.15 32 18 10 15 14 11 01 10 A Axes Secret Book Colm Rogue 13/1.53 27 10 11 14 10 08 04 07 C Swords Artur Monk 15.80 23 12 13 12 06 03 14 06 B Light Joshua Swordmaster 15/1.50 38 12 19 20 13 09 04 09 S Swords Kyle Paladin 11/2.95 34 14 10 11 08 13 03 12 C Swords | B Lances Speedwing Tana Pegasus Kn. 6.94 29 07 11 14 09 06 07 05 D Lances Chapter 11B - The Phantom Ship Battle preps were pretty simple, I gave the Secret Book to Ross and updated everyone's inventories. Anyways, onto the infamous chapter of FE8, and with my previous mess ups (promoting Colm instead of Ross, not saving all the villages so I can promote Artur into a Bishop, not feeding Tana enough) this should be fun! Alright to start off I moved Tana to the top part of the map to deal with the Mogalls (after consuming a Pure Water), while everyone else deals with the Gargolyes. Once the ghost ship docks against ours, Kyle/Ephraim hold the first 2 chokepoints with Artur/Colm, while Joshua holds the bottom one with Ross. During the next turn, everyone moves closer to the phantom ship and holds the chokepoints on the bridges. L'arachel/Dozla arrive and they help take out some of the Gargoyles/Mogalls as well. The boss Deathgoyle soon arrives and after a few turns of dodge tanking and praying (had to restart the chapter like 4-5 times because of this part), Joshua takes down the Deathgoyle and Ephraim makes his way over to L'arachel's ship, while everyone else defends against the last few reinforcements. Ephraim recruits L'arachel, while she recruits Dozla to round out my draft squad, then everyone else takes down the last few enemies to end the chapter. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 17.32 35 16 18 16 13 11 08 08 A Lances Ross Pirate 10/16.37 32 19 12 16 15 11 01 10 A Axes Secret Book x 2 Colm Rogue 13/2.58 28 10 11 15 11 08 04 07 C Swords Artur Monk 16.60 23 13 13 12 06 03 15 06 B Light Joshua Swordmaster 15/3.73 40 14 19 21 14 10 05 09 S Swords Kyle Paladin 11/3.42 35 14 10 11 08 13 03 12 C Swords | B Lances Speedwing Tana Pegasus Kn. 9.64 31 08 13 17 11 07 09 05 C Lances L'arachel Troubadour 3.00 18 06 06 10 12 05 08 05 D Staves Dozla Berserker --/1.00 43 16 11 09 04 11 06 16 B Axes
  18. Sorry for double posting but, I played a bit more of my draft later in the day! So far things have been going well, I will be going Ephraim route in this route (I know OP wanted everyone to play the same route to standardize recruits) but, I've already played Eirika mode quite a few times and wanted to switch it up. Chapter 6 - Victims of War Eirika/Joshua/Artur/Ross make their way to forward to deal with the enemies by hiding within the trees while Colm moves down to save the village. After Colm saves the village, he goes and regroups with everybody else. Quite a tough situation here since the Cavaliers from the east have moved towards us, as reinforcements spawned in. Very tedious situation where I had to restart a few times but, Joshua/Colm managed to dodge tank a lot of the hits from the Cavaliers which helped tremendously. However, soon after I cleared out most of the Cavaliers, the Baels spawned in to attack the villagers so Eirika and Ross move north towards the boss. After Ross/Eirika clear out the majority of the enemies towards the North and Joshua/Artur/Colm clear out enemies in the South, every heads towards the boss. Since everyone bar Eirika was either pretty low or just out of range from the boss, she ends up picking up the kill. Unfortunately, I couldn't save 2 of the citizens that were trapped soooo... no Orion's Bolt for me (not that I care anyways uwu). Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 14.87 24 07 14 17 10 12 06 05 A Swords Dracoshield Ross Pirate 10/7.12 27 12 07 11 13 08 00 10 C Axes Secret Book Colm Thief 9.80 23 08 09 13 09 04 02 06 D Swords Artur Monk 7.94 21 07 08 09 04 03 08 06 D Light Joshua Myrmidon 8.16 27 08 14 14 10 05 02 08 C Swords Chapter 7 - Waterside Renvall Everyone moves forward towards the castle, while Ross goes up the river to start taking out enemies on the left side of the map. In this chapter, I want to try and get Colm/Joshua (specifically Joshua) as many levels as they can get so Eirika will be focusing on weakening enemies for now. Ross takes the Mage and Fighter near the empty Balista, while Eirika is in position to bait in the 2 Mercenaries and Mage (the one with the Energy Ring) on the eastern part of the map. Colm steals the Energy Ring (not sure who to give it to, most likely it'll be Eirika) and is able to dodge tank the Mercenary and Balista attacks. Joshua moves up to deal with the Balista while everyone moves towards the castle. Eirika weakens the boss with her Rapier, allowing Artur to secure the last hit. On the final turn, Eirika seizes the throne and we move on. Lot of good levels up from Artur and Joshua which is very nice since they can now hold their own (hopefully). Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 15.36 25 07 14 18 11 12 06 05 A Swords Dracoshield | Energy Ring Ross Pirate 10/9.56 29 13 08 12 13 09 00 10 B Axes Secret Book Colm Thief 10.85 24 08 09 13 09 05 02 06 D Swords Artur Monk 9.82 21 09 09 10 04 03 10 06 D Light Joshua Myrmidon 8.16 29 10 17 17 12 06 02 08 B Swords Chapter 8 - It's A Trap! In this chapter we'll finally get reunited with Ephraim and his squad which is very nice for me (since I'll be getting more bulkier units with Kyle/Ephraim added on now) so I won't have to rely on Colm/Joshua to dodge tank. Anyways, Ross moves up to take out the Soldiers/Knights, with everyone else backing him up to deal with the Archer/Mercenary/Myrmidon in the other room. Colm/Eirika move west to group with Ephraim, while the other 4 move north to deal with the room full of Knights. Forde/Kyle rescue Ephraim/Colm and kept going through the left side of the map with Eirika trailing behind, while the other Artur/Ross cleared out the room with Knights. Ross picks up the Angelic Robe from the chest with a Chest Key I got in a previous chapter, while Ephraim/Eirika/Colm/Forde move forward with Eirika taking out the Cavalier reinforcements. Ross/Artur/Joshua clear the enemies in the throne room area, while Kyle/Eirika break the wall with Ephraim/Colm dealing with the enemies in that area so Colm can safely reach the chests. Artur/Kyle bait the last 2 Mages in the throne room, while everyone follows behind and Forde rescue drops Ephraim. Ephraim easily takes down the boss, and Eirika seizes the throne. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 16.87 26 09 14 18 11 12 06 05 A Swords Dracoshield | Energy Ring Ephraim Lord 12.28 31 13 15 13 12 09 07 08 B Lances Ross Pirate 10/12.06 30 16 09 13 13 10 01 10 B Axes Secret Book Colm Thief 11.22 24 08 10 14 09 06 02 06 C Swords Artur Monk 13.09 22 11 11 11 05 03 13 06 C Light Joshua Myrmidon 12.78 30 10 18 18 12 06 02 08 B Swords Kyle Cavalier 11.30 31 12 09 08 08 10 02 08 D Swords | C Lances
  19. I keep forgetting to check my turn count before I finish the chapter sooo... Ima just remove all the turncounts I've posted so far lol Chapter 3 - Bandits of Borgo Since there's a lot of walls in this chapter, I'm going to take advantage of them to level Ross up with his Hatchet. Chapter starts out really well, Ross gets a much needed Spd level, Neimi/Eirika/Seth move up towards the northern part of the map. On the next turn, Neimi recruits Colm and Seth rescues Eirika up and Colm drops her off. Eirika/Colm move towards the 2 rooms in the South and take out the Brigands in there, while Ross kind of chills before the next room and Seth moves down to ferry Eirika/Colm to Ross. Colm opens the door that leads to the throne, and Eirika holds that chokepoint with Ross backing her up. Eirika/Ross charge into the room to take out the Archer and Brigand, and Seth has to take one of the Brigands out or else Ross would've been in trouble since I doubt he could live 2 battles. Onto the boss room, Eirika holds the chokepoint to bait in the Mercenary so and takes him out. Eirika/Colm/Ross work together to beat the boss and Colm gets the last hit (I plan on using Colm as a battle unit anyways), then Eirika seizes the throne. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 8.36 20 07 11 13 09 07 04 05 C Swords Ross Journeyman 5.91 17 07 02 05 10 03 00 08 E Axes Colm Thief 4.25 20 05 05 10 08 03 02 06 E Swords Chapter 4 - Ancient Horrors Finally we get to choose our deployment squad but, Seth is banned from now on which is bittersweet. Anyways, I receive the 4th unit of this draft being Artur early on in the chapter. Little bit worried since Eirika is probably my "tankiest" unit until Ross promotes sooooo yeaaa... Ross/Colm dealt with the mobs on the west side, while Eirika/Artur dealt with the mobs on the east side while also saving the village. Eirika/Artur helped weaken enemies for Ross/Colm to finish them off. First part was a bit tricky since I had to sort of spam Vulneraries to keep my squad healthy while baiting enemies in but, eventually we cleared out the top part of the map. Artur and Colm went to the left side to rescue the village with Lute, while Ross and Eirika dealt with the mobs near the boss. Eirika baits the boss while Colm saves the village and recruits Lute as the reinforcements arrived. Next turn, Ross takes down the boss (while also reaching Level 10 for promotion) and Colm/Artur/Eirika move north to take out the reinforcements to end the chapter. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 10.12 23 07 13 14 09 08 05 05 B Swords Ross Journeyman 10 22 08 03 06 12 04 00 08 D Axes Colm Thief 6.02 20 07 07 10 09 03 02 06 D Swords Artur Monk 4.53 20 06 06 08 03 03 08 06 E Light Chapter 5 - The Empire's Reach In this chapter I get Joshua which is nice (though I really could use someone tanky at this point), also Ross promotes into a Pirate at the beginning of the chapter. Ross holds the 2nd chokepoint to bait in the Fighter/Archer, Artur is used to bait in the soldier in the rightmost chokepoint, and Eirika is positioned to aggro the Turn 2 Brigand reinforcements. Natasha goes and rescues the village and gives the Draco Shield to Eirika a while later. After the majority of the enemies within the town have been taken out, Ross goes to rescues the eastern village while Eirika/Colm deal with the Brigands with Natasha/Artur trailing behind. Eirika baits Joshua, bringing him closer for Natasha to recruit him. Unfortunately, the Brigands destroyed the Northern-most village (though it just had a Torch so it wasn't too bad). Everyone bar Colm (who goes to save another village for the Secret Book which I gave to Ross) move towards the boss. Eirika takes out the boss with a critical hit from her Rapier, even though I wanted her to weaken it for Joshua/Artur and finishes the chapter. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 12.59 23 07 14 15 10 12 05 05 B Swords Dracoshield Ross Pirate 10/3.07 25 11 06 08 13 05 00 10 C Axes Secret Book Colm Thief 7.83 22 08 07 11 09 03 02 06 D Swords Artur Monk 6.40 21 07 07 09 04 03 08 06 D Light Joshua Myrmidon 6.16 25 08 13 14 08 05 02 08 C Swords Chapter 5x - Unbroken Heart Switching over to Ephraim mode, since I drafted Kyle, I will try to limit my Orson/Forde usage during this chapter. Kyle and Ephraim make their way up the left path while Orson secures the chests in the deployment area. After obtaining the Killer Lance, Orson regroups with the rest of the squad as Kyle and Ephraim continue to clear out the enemies in the way. Once everyone reaches the area near the throne room, Ephraim switches to the Javelin to bait in the Monks/Shamans in the room while Kyle/Orson move ahead. In the throne room, Ephraim/Kyle bait the enemies in and are able to take them all out with the help of some Vulnerary spam. Orson weakens the boss with an Iron Sword, while Kyle finishes him off. Ephraim and Forde take all of Orson's stuff before the throne gets seized. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Ephraim Lord 8.73 27 11 12 12 11 07 04 08 C Lances Kyle Cavalier 9.34 29 11 09 08 08 10 01 10 D Axes | C Lances
  20. Just a preface, I know this is a casual run but for me, it feels weird not adding the turn count so I'll be adding it to all my updates. Though I'm definitely not going to bother LTC (I usually never do with drafts anyways) soooo yeah... Anyways, Prologue - The Fall of Renais Hopefully I won't be using Seth too much (if anything he'll just be a meatshield to bait in enemies) in the chapters he's force-deployed in. I move Eirika into the choke point and she crits the 1st Fighter, and dodges a hit from the 2nd Fighter, Seth just kind of trailed behind her. Eirika stays in the choke point and heals herself and baits O'Neill in. Eirika takes out O'Neill in 3 turns just because she can't take more than 2 hits and, I didn't want to risk her dying Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 2.77 17 04 09 09 06 03 02 05 E Swords Chapter 1 - Escape! This chapter I did have to use Seth or else we'd have been here forever. Had Seth take out a few Soldiers so they wouldn't aggro onto Franz and Gilliam, Eirika mainly stayed near the mountains and I just had to hope she'd dodge the attacks from the Fighters (which she does). Eirika gets a lucky Str level up which allowed her to 2HKO the Fighters. After the Fighters were gone I had Franz give Eirika his Iron Sword to conserve Rapier usage. Seth takes accidentally takes out the boss (wanted him to weaken him for Eirika but, he landed a crit unfortunately). Eirika gets another Str level up after taking out the last soldier; lastly, didn't bother with the reinforcements, I just had Eirika seize the castle. Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 4.14 17 06 10 10 06 04 02 05 D Swords Chapter 2 - The Protected Obviously on the 1st turn, Vanessa rescued Ross and then on the 2nd turn Seth drops him off for Eirika to recruit him. Not sure if undrafted units can rescue villages but, I assumed it's a no so Eirika and Seth spent time rescuing the northern villages, while I had Ross heal himself up with a Vulnerary. Eirika and Ross move towards the South-Western villages while Seth trails behind to handle the reinforcement Brigands above the South-Western village. Eirika weakens enemies for Ross with the Iron Sword but, it never really worked out since Ross missed a lot. Ross/Eirika work together to take out the boss, with Eirika getting the last hit (Ross also got a nice level up getting Str/Spd in the process). Meanwhile, Seth saves the last village while Ross and Eirika move to back up Garcia in the East side of the map. Seth rescues Garcia out of the way, allowing Eirika to take out the Archer and to aggro the last Brigand. On the final turn, Eirika wraps the chapter up by taking out the last Brigand and gains a nearly perfect level up and a rank up in swords! Unit Class Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con WEXP Stat Boosters Eirika Lord 6.24 20 07 11 11 08 05 03 05 C Swords Ross Journeyman 2.87 17 06 02 04 08 03 00 08 E Axes That's all for today (or tonight specifically) will continue playing this weekend maybe! I think I should've tried to feed Ross more but, I should be able to feed him a lot of kills (or at least hits) in Chapter 3.
  21. It'd probably be better to go Rennac but, I'll go with the heroine of justice L'arachel. Also Duessel got sniped from me ;w; @Fuzzlekins only one char left but I'll tag just in case
  22. Oml I got sniped after qq, I'll pick Joshua then @Fuzzlekins
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