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  1. It's probably going to be Cucked Emblem again like Fates was...
  2. Yeah..... That's still no where near enough for me to buy it. No older characters outside SD, Lyn and Celica = no buy.
  3. Except if you watch the vid I posted in my original thread, it clearly explains that NoA is sending localizers to Japan, telling them what's okay to put in the game and what isn't okay. Apparently it's apart of NoA's newer policies. And keep in mind, Treehouse's employee's reputation. As for the JPN culture thing, even if it was removed from the game, guess what, no one but video game and anime fans are gonna buy these games. So, it's pointless and a waste of money to even try and appeal to these feminists and soy boys. Well, watch the vid I posted in my thread and then do a quick google search and you'll see that I'm right. I wasn't talking about FE Echoes for Fates though, I was talking about FE Switch and how it'll be watered down compared to the older games. Keep in mind, NoA's newer policies for JRPGs getting localized is still rather new (that is to say, sending Treehouse employees to Japan just to tell devs what they can or can't do) so FE Echoes wasn't affected. As for Pokemon, need I remind you that the game corner is no longer in the games because of TPCi's shitty policies? Fuck trying to appeal to the mainstream and SJWs, Nintendo should only appeal to fans like those against censorship of art.
  4. I started that threat to point out that Treehouse is going to tell Intelligent Systems what they can and can't do to the new Fire Emblem. For all we know, FE Switch is going to be a kiddie watered down version of what we had previously. As for the Pokemon thing, I'm saying the newer Pokemon games are much lower in quality, partly due to the Pokemon Company International has been medeling with the development with newer Pokemon games and making them watered down. Company interference is never a good thing and it certainly isn't a good thing here.
  5. So, calling out the censorship of art is somehow toxic to you? Ha, good luck out in the real world! lmao
  6. You might wanna educate yourself. Keep in mind Treehouse's track record
  7. I don't want to see Treehouse touching this game in the same way they touched Xenoblade 2 or how TPCi touched newer Pokemon games.
  8. Okay, now that I'm back from class for the day, I can finally explain shit. And yet, the people going to JPN, telling Monolith and IS what they can and can't do, are members of Treehouse, the localization company filled with SJWs, soy boys, beta males, feminists, tumblr users, etc. I played through Xenoblade 2, and it just didn't click with me as much as the first game did, and I think Treehouse's meddling is why. Yes, and the older episodes are more often than not, considered to be FAR superior to what they are now. Company meddling = awful quality/cheapening of the brand. Except that Xenoblade was never meant for kids, it's meant for young adults. Pokemon, Yokai Watch, etc I can understand americanizing, but Xenoblade, FE, etc? No, I can't get behind that. Besides, people like myself want to experience what the Devs intended, but with Treehouse touching EVERY VERSION OF THE GAME, I can never see what their vision was really like. Also, these tumblr snow flakes don't even play these games, so why even bother trying to appeal to them? ....I'm not even going to bother, you've drank too much kool aid hun. How are you okay with a developer's vision being censored? No, this is about how Treehouse is meddling in these newer JRPGs. The point of this topic is to show that Treehouse is up to their meddling again, except now it's even worse. Remember the games that were censored in 2016 because of them? It does, considering Treehouse localized Fates, and now they butchered Xenoblade 2. For all we know, they're going to butcher FE Switch. Except he's not really happy. The Japanese are known to be really polite and aren't very likely to speak out about this thing. Besides, for JPN devs, it's either have their game changed in the west, or not released at all. In this case, Monolith was forced to even changed the JPN version too. In other words, Treehouse is bullying Nintendo Co. LTD.
  9. How about Treehouse NOT touching the game like they did Xenoblade 2
  10. ToxicDuck


    Hello everyone, as you can see, I just made an account on this forum! I'm mainly on this forum to chat with others, have FUN, and maybe make some new friends over the thing we like (that is to say, FE). I look forward to chatting with you all!
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