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  1. Sorry to get your hopes up but now that you had the idea, you have to make it a thing unless it's already a thing lol I suppose that's true with Demons/Personas. Early game usually has 1-2 weaknesses and 0-2 resistances. As you approach late-game, they usually have 1/0 weaknesses (sometimes learns a resist/null/absorb/repel to counteract) and multiple resistances. Usually it's the opposing weak to fire resist to ice, but sometimes it is off the normal with resist to Light+Dark. Having a wider variety of elements i think would make them more unique. I suppose I can change the chart to be more of a "Possible Weaknesses/Resists" rather than exact to make them feel a bit unique in that aspect. Although to be fair, in more recent games like Persona 5, we just fuse like crazy to choose inherited skills that we want on a particular Demon/Persona (either their favorites or just strongest ones depending on their preference of how they play) and usually level them up in a way to get the stats they want on it. But yea I suppose my post is more on the brainstorming/rough draft phase. I'll have to make some changes to make it less complicated. A lot of different types of attacks/elements can make it confusing but then again I personally like being able to choose from a large variety. Who knows, if i can refine it enough, I can use it make a Persona/SMT DnD RP with some friends. I'm sorry for not posting in the right spot :( I think i had multiple tabs open with different areas i thought they could go in and I couldn't really decide xD Thanks for moving it for me <3
  2. Hello everyone I'm new so I hope I posted this in the right area. My apologies if it's formatted weird. So I got bored and decided to combine a bunch of SMT/Persona Elements into a possible chart. Let me know if certain things need more clarification or balancing. There are A LOT of elements so instead of the usual 8 Slots, I think increasing the slots by at least 2 would be an interesting balance. (10 Skill Slots) An Entity can be one or a combination of Main Types and/or Sub Types Main Types - Melee, Magic, Force, Blast, Bless, Curse, Almighty Sub Types - Wind, Earth, Water, Elec, Ice, Fire, Psychokinesis, Nuclear Main Types Magic/Melee are weak to each other Sub Types Wind/Earth/Water/Elec/Ice/Fire hit 4 weaknesses but have 4 weaknesses (Low Cost) Main Types Force/Blast are weak to each other and their corresponding Sub Types (Low Cost) Main Types Bless/Curse are weak to only each other (Medium Cost) Sub Types Psychokinesis/Nuclear are weak to each other and can get Technical (Medium Cost) Main Type Almighty has no weaknesses but does normal damage (High Cost) Type Element Spell Name Weaknesses Resist/Null/Absorb/Repel Category:Force Melee Force Physical Atks/Skills Magic Force Zan Melee/Magic Blast Melee/Magic Force Magic Psychokinesis (Psy) Frei Magic Wind Garu Bufu Zio Agi Tera Garu Aqua Magic Earth Tera/Magna Garu Zio Aqua Agi Bufu Tera Magic Water Aqua Bufu Zio Agi Tera Garu Aqua Category:Blast Melee Blast Gun Atks/Skills Magic Blast ??? Melee/Magic Force Melee/Magic Blast Magic Nuclear (Frei) Psy Magic Lightning (Zio) Bufu Garu Aqua Tera Zio Agi Magic Ice/Cold (Bufu) Garu Zio Aqua Agi Bufu Tera Magic Fire/Heat (Agi) Bufu Garu Aqua Tera Zio Agi Category:Bless Special Bless Kouha Curse Bless Special Bless Hama Curse Bless Category:Curse Special Curse Eiha Bless Curse Special Curse Mudo Bless Curse Category:Almighty (Normal Damage. Melee Skills use STR and Megido skills use MAG) Special Almighty (Melee) Skill No weaknesses ??? Special Almighty (Magic) Megido No weaknesses ??? Other Main Types Melee Weak to Magic(Any/All Combo) Resist/Null/Absorb/Repel Melee Magic Weak to Melee(Phys/Gun or Both) Resist/Null/Absorb/Repel Magic Opposing Elements + Reason Wind <-> Ice Wind can Break Ice. Ice can Block Wind. Ice <-> Fire Ice can Extinguish Fire. Fire can Melt Ice. Fire <-> Wind Fire can be amplified by Wind. Wind can Smother Fire. Wind <-> Earth Winds can Erode Earth. Earth(Metal) can Block Strong Winds. Elec <-> Ice Electricity Conducts in Ice(Water). Ice(Water) can Short Circuit Electricity. Water <-> Ice (Hot) Water can Melt Ice. Ice(Cold) can Freeze Water. Water <-> Elec Water can Short Circuit Electricity. Electricity Conducts in Water. Water <-> Fire Water can Extinguish Fire. Fire(Heat) can Evaporate Water. Elec <-> Earth Electricity Conducts in Earth(Metal). Earth can Ground Electricity. Fire <-> Earth Fire can Melt Earth(Metal). Earth can Extinguish/Smother Fire. Earth <-> Water Earth can Absorb Water. Water can Erode Earth(Metal). Wind <-> Elec Unexplained atm but its a Persona commonality Psy <-> Frei Opposites Force <-> Blast Opposites Curse <-> Bless Opposites Keep in mind, Earths relation to Metal, Fires relation to Heat, and Ices relation to Cold. Technicals - x2 Damage but no extra turn (Added Ailments to Wind/Earth/Water for Psy Technicals) Frei gains Blast Technical For: Psy gains Force Technical For: Fire causes Burn Wind causes Confuse Ice causes Freeze Earth causes Rage Elec causes Shock Water causes Brainwash (bad pun i know) Weakness/Resist/Null/Absorb/Repel conditions change if an Entity has 2+ Types First Type has Priority over Second Type for Skill Learning/Resistances/Etc. Second Type can cancel First Type Weakness but can give weaknesses. For Skill Learning. Examples of Multiple Types (Some combinations are alot better than others) Type 1 Type 2 Weaknesses Resist/Nul/Absorb/Rpl Neutral Melee Fire Ice,Wind,Water,Earth Melee,Fire,Elec Magic Earth Phys,Garu,Zio,Agi,Aqua Earth,Ice,Psy,Frei Bless/Curse Dark Ice Light,Agi,Garu,Aqua,Zio Dark,Ice,Earth Wind Elec Ice,Earth Wind,Elec Fire/Water Blast Psy Wind,Earth,Water Elec,Fire,Ice Frei Melee Magic Magic Melee Special Magic Melee Melee Magic Special Force Elec Ice Elec Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Blast Psy Water,Wind,Earth Psy Fire/Ice/Elec/Frei Force Blast None None All Magic Blast Melee Zio,Bufu,Agi,Psy,Frei Bless/Curse/Aqua/Garu/Tera Type 1 Type 2 Weakness Resist/Nul/Absorb/Rpl Neutral Almighty Fire No Weakness The Rest Ice,Wind,Water,Earth Almighty Force No weakness The Rest Ice,Fire,Elec Almighty Psy No weakness The Rest Frei Almighty Light No weakness The Rest Dark Almighty Magic No weakness Magic Melee Almighty Melee No weakness Melee Magic Special Combination (Almighty has no weaknesses. Special Entities such as Bosses) Possible Super-Boss Combination (Psy/Frei/Light/Dark are too OP for normal)
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