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  1. I definitely foresee a parity fest come part 4. So many choices... How would you feel about having Dawnlight available for Micaiah in 4-3? You could have Naesala give it to her in the base convo they have and seeing as how they talk about her heron heritage, thematically it's a nice idea. Though it may be too OP a weapon at that stage (despite her loosing AS thanks to its 20wt). What's your plan for the laguz royals? Will they be more stat-wise more balanced, or more extreme compared to their non-royal counterparts? Can't wait to see my girl Nailah tear up the battlefield again.
  2. Oooouu ‘action’ and ‘reprisal’ scroll look neat! Hello gamble, carreau Miccy (also holy hell her tier 3 promo bonuses). Just to be sure, each scroll allows one choice of any of the skills that fall under that category? How many are available in the current patch? YES! Updated OG post is back. Noticed Creiddylad has a appropriate name change and stat adjustment. Will this still be obtained following great grandpa Seph’s defeat or earlier? Gosh the complete game is going to be awesome when it’s done.
  3. Has feedback been that three dragons made the map too difficult? I never had an issue with dealing with them given that they come one-by-one, you almost never face two at a time. You have enough tools at your disposals to take them down (and steal that red gem from dragon #3).
  4. Dayumm this hack just keep getting more and more interesting. I've played through the current Part 1 so many times, I welcome these changes. Micaiah's been slightly reworked again huh? I guess now she hits just as hard, and more accurately. Any chance of raising her speed growth ever so much (say 45%)? Also 100 capacity for Chaos Incarnate, LOVE! Is this iteration of Rafiel going to be your more tanky, less movement variant?
  5. Canto Calill is such a nice surprise. She's going to be an offensive powerhouse (albeit inaccurate and weighed down by most "el" tomes and above). Since she has to obtain meteor as a drop, what weapons does she come with? Having the WTA against Ludveck is sweet. Honestly, all the magic users are enjoyable due to their uniqueness compared to vanilla RD. Agreed! Truly one of the highlight maps of Radiant Dawn (so many maps in this game are good). Dunal is doing such a fantastatic job at this hack. My excitement for this next update is pretty huge
  6. Can’t wait for the next update to play beyond 2-2. 2-E sounds as though it will be even more epic (and much tougher) than the original. Curious to see how Calill plays. She’s been been one of me favourite characters since PoR. Hoping she retains her ‘speedy mage’ status.
  7. Dunal, did you remove the magic WTA to avoid it being OP? I quite liked the change-was feedback that it made magic users too difficult to deal with?
  8. Oooh Micaiah gets aurora- sounds like fun. Love it. Could be even nicer if she was given Mantle when Yune blesses everyone before 4–E-3. How will her speed work now with reduced growth? Do you have her now only doubling occasionally, but often not getting doubled herself? Perhaps having her with low/avg skill/spd but high def ala Ilyana 2.0 on the frontlines alongside high mag/luck/def/res to be a real tank but not too overpowered due to lower spd. Does she gain inspire at tier 2? Sanaki looks very interesting. High dmg but risky on frontlines. Love the support from rally.
  9. So it seems like 4-E-5 will be the most difficult map. That's good, I like your idea. Will you make Micaiah immune to the Aura's Aurora? Figures if she's Yune and can't be hurt by Ashera, that would make sense. Though might be a little OP. Also you could make it so she can wield Judge, but that sounds too out of character for both Miccy and Yune.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up Dunal. 1-Makes sense. I found her mag/spd caps to start lagging around end of part 1. 1-E felt like she wasn’t doing much at all. Her adjusted spd seems like she’ll still avoid being doubled by most at least. 2-Defs noticed Thani not making a huge difference around late part 1. I like how you plan to buff it. Will you give her Creiddylad in part 4 3/4- Sounds like Miccy will be a massive hard-hitter. Do you plan on having her as the late game offensive powerhouse you initally proposed and does she still get some sweet promo bonuses? I like the revised Micaiah. Keen to see how she plays out.
  11. Dunal, that’s quite a change to Micaiah. She seems closer to her vanilla self than the new speedier version you had. What was the feedback you were getting that brought on these changes? How will this change her performance/ what do you have in mind for her? Losing staves seems detrimental for the DB in part 3, but I suppose the Anima access means effective dmg vs. laguz.
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