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  1. There's some serious competition here! I don't know who to vote for!! D:
  2. I know it's very unlikely to happen, but I'm actually hoping for Eliwood (if he wins, please god let him win) to be a staff unit, since his mother is a bishop in-game. I just think it'd be cute... Honestly, though, if Eliwood wins, I will be happy no matter what. They could make his CYL alt just another sword cavalry with worse skills/stats than his normal self, and I would still be over the god damn moon. I did legitimately forget about staff, but, now that I think about it, how funny would it be if you could make Camilla do literally ANYTHING in the game... EXCEPT heal. Camilla can deal damage in literally Whatever Way You See Fit, but healing??? Not in her repertoire, sorry sweetie. That'd just be so funny to me. And, given the fact that Camilla already has an ungodly amount of alts, really all I look for in a new Camilla is something meme-worthy.
  3. I want Camilla to get a lance or a bow. Not because of actual legitimate reasons, but because she already has an alt of every other weapon type, and it would be hilarious if she got a CYL alt and a Legendary alt with a lance and a bow, and then ended up being the first character to wield every single weapon type/tome color in the game.
  4. I had... about as much trouble sticking to the prompt as I'd feared, haha. I ended up feeling like it wasn't "in media res" enough, so I cut the first part of the scene to make it In Media Res+, and the number of lines I cut because I thought they were too info-dumpy... is honestly unreal. I had fun writing it, though! And I'm mostly satisfied with the result, even if it is... extremely melodramatic, haha. Though, honestly, most of my writing is. Anyway, here we go. Title: Track of Time Fandom: FE7/Blazing Sword Word Count: ~4.5K
  5. I'm new here, but I think I'll give this one a shot. It's been way too long since I've written a proper in-media-res short story, since I over-explain everything, lol
  6. I was referring more to the amount of plot, rather than the length of the story. Like, FE6 and FE7 are pretty distinct stories with completely separate casts of characters, so it'd be kinda weird and jarring to make it all the way through FE7 and then suddenly stumble headfirst into FE6, a completely different plotline with completely different characters that takes place a full generation after the previous story, now with most of the old characters dead, off-screen, or not even referenced at all. It would be the same problem I have with the sloppy transition between Lyn Mode and Eliwood/Hector Mode, only to a much larger degree. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if both games were playable from the start -- as in, you could select a game from the start menu or something -- but, after beating FE7, it offered you a chance to start a new game in FE6 with all your pairings carried over. Or something similar. Lucius/Raven would definitely be a must-have. Bit of a weird one, but Guy/Rath would also fit nicely.
  7. I do like the idea of having FE7 and FE6 as one game, although that might be a bit too much game to put all in one package. Maybe, instead, there could be some feature where you could link your FE7 file upon starting up a new FE6 file, and it would make all your pairings "canon"? Also, if both FE6 and FE7 got remade, then I would really, really like to see Lyndis have a kid of her own. In fact, FE6, in general, could be tweaked in places so that it fits with FE7 a bit better. There were a couple places in FE7 where you could really feel them struggling to explain how all this leads to FE6, and it'd probably just amount to a bunch of minor, easy fixes. Plus, like I said, hopefully adding kids for Lyn and maybe other FE7 units without them? More supports would definitely be a huge plus. I'd particularly like to see more romance/paired ending options for the lords. (same sex couples would probably be asking too much but I would never in a million years say no to a Florina/Lyn S Support) Eliwood being a lance user from the start would be nice, although it's not too necessary. I definitely think Lyn should remain a sword user in the beginning, though. Lyn Mode is easy as hell, but I think it would be frustrating trying to navigate it with your main character being an archer. Actually, while most of FE7's story is perfectly fine the way it is, I think Lyn's story could definitely benefit from an overhaul. Make the tutorial skippable, make it more difficult in general, and possibly edit the timeline a bit so that it takes place right before Eliwood/Hector mode. That way, instead of having a brief and mostly meaningless cameo, Eliwood and Hector could show up a few times here and there to set up their story in the background, so the switch wouldn't feel as sudden and jarring, and Lyn Mode wouldn't feel as fruitless after completion. (But yeah, I really don't think Elibe remakes are all that likely, I just think it's fun to speculate about how they would work. It's really interesting to see how different fans imagine a possible remake.)
  8. Obviously, I doubt that the FE team is going to remake Blazing Sword -- certainly not anytime soon, if at all -- and, honestly, I'm fine with that. IMHO, despite being relatively old now (at least for video game standards), the GBA titles really hold up; they've aged beautifully. With that said, hypothetically, if there was a remake made, what do y'all think would be the best way to make it? Just update the graphics and leave the rest untouched? Overhaul the whole thing? Keep the combat system or update it to be more similar to later titles? etc. IDK, I just think it's really fun to talk about how older games could be improved by remakes, even if they've aged as well as FE7. Personally, I would keep the combat system relatively unchanged; maybe tweak a few things to be slightly more "modern", but overall leave it be. I certainly wouldn't say no to unlimited weapon uses, like in Fates, but that would require a lot of balancing. Same deal with most of the maps -- they're fine the way they are. As for the story, I would revamp the script a lot -- it always seemed a bit bland and emotionless to me, at least compared to other FE games -- but the overall plot is probably fine the way it is. Other than that, just update the graphics, streamline the support system, add a Casual mode plus Normal / Hard / Lunatic / Lunatic+, make the tutorial in Lyn's story skippable (and her story less boring in general), and it would be great. So those are my two cents. What would y'all change / leave the same?
  9. Hello all. My name's Rage, and I know that sounds exceedingly edgy, but I swear it's just an old nickname that stuck. My first game was Blazing Sword, and I was awful at it, so I didn't end up playing another until Awakening, which became my favorite. Only then did I go back and finally beat Blazing Sword. I'm an author (not professional, obviously, but I've been writing since I was a kid) and a wannabee artist, so I'll probably post some fanfiction or fanart at some point. I also like over-analyzing things. My favorite characters are... many and varied, but I like Lyndis, Henry, Lon'qu, and Olivia a lot. I don't currently have any of the other games, but I'm planning on buying more soon since I liked Awakening and Blazing Sword so much. My next one will probably either be Shadow Dragon or Fates (probably Birthright because I'm not great at the games, but either way I'd totally buy Revalations). I guess that's all there really is to say about me.
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