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  1. I already got this, but my problem is that she shows even her commanders no trust and it feels extremely wrong to lie to the ones who may saved your, just to go the easy way. In this way it is also indicated, that she lacks trust into her commanders, so that she believes that her former classmates aren't able to not see the priority in wiping of the kingdom. I am convinced she could persuade them, so that this incident wouldn't be necessary.
  2. As someone who likes Arvis is Edelgard at first a very interesting character, but she has one disturbing flaw in my opinion, she lies too much. In CF is this shown, where she is lying to all of her allies, except Hubert and Byleth. She seems to try to manipulate them and to not care about telling the truth. All of them have proven their loyalty and still she is not honest. This for me pretty bad and a heavy drawback, if she wouldn't be such a liar, she could one of my favorite characters.
  3. This was a hard choice voting category. I had to think carefully by my choice. I was tempted to vote for Kempf, Arvis, Hardin, Rudolf or Mustafa. I decided to wait a while, finally Arvis got my vote. I hope that they will do something odd tomorrow, I have no idea what they are planning.
  4. This Feh channel was fantastic, 40 summons are very fair for a free 5* unit! Also very interesting are the GHB revivals, I hope that we can get additional copies, if so I can certainly finish my Kempf +10 project. The CYL banner will be a "New Heroes" banner, if I recall correctly, this would mean that we could get 2 free copies of the CYL heroes... I plan to +10 Brave!Lysithea, 2 free copies would be very nice. I hope they will give us, two copies for free (the classic one and the 40th summon choice) there are certainly many people who are interested in 2 of the CYL winners, they would also benefit from this. All in all, was in this channel nothing to cry about, a free 5* unit is always nice and the next special heroes are looking interesting, since shadow dragon was my first Fire Emblem. I hope they will do something funny, like young Jagen or Wendell. The fates banner is a welcomed skip for me, so I can save more orbs (983 Orbs now).
  5. Pure favoritism is fitting what I mean. The reasons doesn't matter here why someone is voting for any character, this what I intended to tell in my second sentence.
  6. Favorite in terms of liking the character at all,. I think it is different for everyone, so I let it open.
  7. Thanks! Now you should be able to vote multiple choices on both sides.
  8. I am a bit curious about the popularity of the CYL winners and thought about who is the favorite one of the community, so I decided to start a little poll. Let’s see how the dice fall!
  9. I hope that they announce soon FEW2. FEW2 has potential to be even better than its predecessor, it could get a nice cast with three houses and take maybe more characters from older games. Characters like Ike, Sigurd and Eirika could be solid choices from older games, of course I hope we get more. With three houses huge success and how beloved its cast is by many people, I think FEW2 will be released in the nearer future. The lords of this game are so surprisingly popular that it would be a waste, to not reuse them in a spin off. In addition are in three houses other very popular characters like Lysithea, or Felix, using them would make the game even more successful. So FEW2 would look promising for me and the costs for producing it aren't that high, so it will be released sometime.
  10. I think after all the time, it will be Fates. My personally choice would be for this banner a Fallen Heroes one, I like the style of these heroes and that it is a mixed banner. But I hope that this banner will please the community, so that many Fans finally will get their favourites, after so long wait. I am satisfied with the game, for a long time now, so that I don't need a Fallen Heroes banner, or some sorts. As already mentioned, a Tellius one would be a fine choice.
  11. Lysithea will kill my orbs, after Rudolf hunted them. I already left 400 orbs on Rudolf and now are my 600 leftovers in danger. I don't know how many orbs I will safe, when brave Lysithea arrives. Lysithea's Hades Ω looks quite interesting, I would love to use special spiral with this tome, or ruptured sky. The other characters are not too interesting, some fodder potential is still given. May we are in luck and the flame emperor will serve as fodder.
  12. Happy birthday, to three houses best girl! I am proud of our proven girl, she did always fine.One time I suddenly let her learn to use sword in my NG maddening, she did well. I used her in every run and got all her weapons on S+ yesterday, to honor her. I am looking forward to get her brave version in heroes!
  13. I don't get why Lysi and Flayn should be lolis. I saw Flayn as interesting and foremost somehow of an odd way funny, she was something fresh, but not outstanding enough. I think three houses offers a lot of competition, three lords is rough and there are even more characters, that can eventually overshadow Flayn. I wouldn't count her as a loli. In think the most loli like character in three houses is Bernadetta, but even she is not really fitting this.
  14. Thats why it was unexpected for me, that she was so broken. I rarely saw so far any physical Lysithea that worked, except the one of Chaz Aria LLC. Her strength cap (35) is still enough to work in maddening with the rapier, if she has reached rank S+, which is an affordable task, thanks to her mastermind skill. You can reach with Cichols wyvern co. (+7atk&20% crit) and swordfaire (+5atk), the rapier (+9atk) and the strength (+35 atk) as a falcon knight (+1) 57 atk. As a Swordmaster 62 (class +2 and second swordfaire +5). Her low strength growth rate is not useful and only her high dexterity and solid speed made her useful as a critical hitting dodge tank, was funny to use, but quite useless a the beginning. In a class like fortress knight is it even harder to use Lysithea.
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