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  1. I think that IS doesn't kill any student inevitable, if a kill of a playable one happens, then in the way of Kaze. Nowadays with the developments in romance options, is killing an playable character after time skip risky, that's why IS doesn't seem to do it.
  2. In my opinion, we will have after the skip the students of our house and the recruited ones. Additionally to them, we will get some persons of the army from the chosen house. Later in the game we will recruit different people, which have their own reasons to fight for us. The cast would be at the end around 35, I guess.
  3. I am choosing the Black Eagles, it seems not to be much space for recruiting so far, so I think 2 would be likely. Blue Lions: Felix, maybe Ashe if 3 students are possible Golden Deers: Lysithea
  4. If this is the case, than I should really support Micaiah, maybe it is her last chance to win CYL.
  5. So far I was again just voting for Caeldori(like last time), but today I was using the random hero option and Nichol was the lucky one. I'm not sure, if I should choose Micaiah next time, since she has realistic chances to win.
  6. If Caeldori is already in the game: 1.Marth 2.Micaiah 3.Marth 4.Micaiah 5.Sigurd 6.Micaiah/Eirika/Marth 7.Micaiah/Eirika/Marth The vote six and seven are dependent by the interim results.
  7. Since every alt is a possible lost slot for a new character, we will have to wait longer to get new ones. This frustrating, if you are waiting for your favourite characters. Staying positive is well, but not easy...
  8. I hope that they don't throw an Ike alt into the Radiant Dawn banner, there are too many characters which should become into the game.
  9. This is the worst banner, I hope that such a accident don't happen again 3 alts is too much, Fates has more characters that could be added, like Caeldori, Sumeragi or Rinkah. Well, this can't be serious....And why Fates again, if they just wanna throw alts? There are not much Ike alts and he is the famoust character.
  10. 1.Caeldori 1.Beast Units 2.Demotion of some 5stars 3.A new game mode for multiplayer I think this would help to resolve some skillfodder problems.
  11. Birthright:Caeldori Conquest: No one Revelation:Caeldori In conquest I didn't see a reason to force any S-Supports and in the lunatic runs, was it more important too keep my units at live.
  12. I hope that the next banner is hoshido, so I could finally get Caeldori. Maybe is the voting gauntlet nohrian dusk vs. hoshidian dawn.
  13. I hope that Caeldori will get finally in to the game, there are not many other characters in Fates for me left, maybe Sumeragi as GHB.
  14. @Jotari Caeldori is my most wanted character, after getting Sigurd introduced.
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