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  1. A flying Loptyr would be strong as Grima, but we don't know if Loptyr can fly, so Grima would be the most powerful dragon.
  2. Marth, he is one of my favourite characters, because he is the classic Fire Emblem lord.
  3. It make senses, but not really much and it would be a nightmare if they travel to the next Fire Emblem. She is just based on her, but developed in a much better way in her supports than Cordelia, in my opinion. I played FE about 1000 hours, so I should know this, but I think if we want debate this, is this the wrong topic.
  4. I am serious, why should the Awakening trio made sense? There was just a DLC, nothing what I could count as a good way to introduce them. Caeldori was similiar to her father Subaki, so she make sense, her name is just a bad idea. Rhajat and Asugi...I have really no idea . If Caeldori had receive a original name and colour design, she would be not a "clone".
  5. I think they were no real clones, some people call them clones, but it was still better than the awakening trio, in my opinion. These "clones" were not only copy and paste, they were different enough. This is the big problem of them, 2nd gen characters can not become the same character developement like 1st gen characters, nevertheless Caeldori is my favourite of Fates. In my opinion was the way of FE4 the best for 2nd gen characters.
  6. This is true, with warp is medeus on lunatic easy too, but all in all it is my favourite final chapter.
  7. RD's final is just one chapter with 5 parts, I think it counts.
  8. Warriors is a kind of Fire Emblen, I think you can say this.
  9. -the weaponsystem of Fates -fanservice -the awakening trio
  10. It was important, but not the last chapter. I do not think that this count.
  11. My favourite is the final of FE11, the music and the look of the map fit very well and Medeus did a good job as the final boss, way better than Anankos.
  12. FE 11 preparation theme is really good, but Conquest's is a bit better.
  13. I never played FE1, but I played Shadow Dragon (FE11) and enjoyed it. I do not know how different FE1 from FE11 is, I guess FE1 is really quite good game, but I do not suspect that FE1 is worth to be played after FE11.
  14. Master ninja Caeldori in FE14 (258 BST, with statues).
  15. In my opinion is Sigurd the best lord and the worst lord Alm.
  16. FE7:Nergal FE13:Yen´fay FE14:Caeldori
  17. The theme of Isaach Army, it reminds me at the chapter Light Inheritors.
  18. Why should my opinion be out of curiosity? It is true, Caeldori is based on Cordelia, but she do not have such a stupid crush. That is why I think that Caeldori is the better one. Camilla is just a kind of person which I do not like. She is just popular, because she has big breasts.
  19. I hate Camilla and in my opinion is Caeldori a much better character than Cordelia. There is one more thing: PoR is better than Radiant Dawn, I know Ike was in Radiant Dawn better written than in PoR, but all in all was the story the better one.
  20. I like many of the PoR characters (e.g. Ike and the Black Knight), but FE7 has all in all the better cast ( e.g. Hector, Eliwood,Jaffar).
  21. I think every FE is a good game , my favourite is FE4, the story was very interesting. FE14 had some good characters,in my opinion (e.g. Caeldori, Leo...), but I have to admit that the plot and story telling were very poor.
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