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  1. I did many unorthodox builds in my later NG maddening runs, my favourite is swordmaster/falcon knight Lysithea.
  2. I have done every route on NG maddening. I did AM, SS and CF two times on NG maddening, to do them with some alternative builds. I consider to do another run in future, but for now I am finished with three houses.
  3. I hope that we don't get a staff or magic brave Lysithea. I wouldn't mind axe or lance, but sword would be my preferred weapon for her. No matter what weapon she gets, I will +10 her of course.
  4. Agreed, there weren't much good characters in shadow dragon (though I still miss old mages, like Wendell and Boah). In three houses are only 36 playable characters, I suspect. Compared to predecessors is this a fairly small cast, so they weren't that much better than the older games, of course the average quality in three houses not too bad.
  5. I think that Fire Emblem three houses is overrated. The story is just okay , but in comparison to the one of FE4 is the latter superior. The characters are not as deep as they often are considered, look at Raphael, in some years are folks like him easy forgotten, this fate seems to have already met Ignatz. Considering the small roster, is this weak, when I look at Shadow Dragon, or Radiant Dawn, were we had way more characters and they still had some solid persons, is this no improvement. The difficulty is too low and there are not enough options for setting the difficulty in this game. The jump between hard and maddening is too huge, but even maddening isn't an interesting challenge, since it is just stat boosting and can be easy handled with dodge units, or in AM with wrath Dimitri. Compared to Conquest Lunatic, is maddening boring. Sadly we didn't got anything to solve this problem, the DLCs seems to be only poor and a waste of my money, the Ashen wolves are presumably another case of children of fates DLCs. So the chances to get a new difficulty, or maps like Apotheosis are low. The new gameplay feels just not really neat. I don't think that the game is a bad one, but it is not perfect.
  6. 1.Brave Lysithea 2.Wendell 3.Yen'fay 4.Medeus 5.Ferdinand 6.Shadow Dragon! Lorenz 7.Malledus 8.Sumeragi 9.Bastian 10.Felix 11.Renning 12.Marcus 13.Boah 14.Athos 15.Nergal 16.Frey 17.Conomor 18.Emperor Arvis 19.Hannibal 20.Moulder Lysithea is luckily guaranteed, but folks like Wendell won't be likely, as it seems.
  7. I voted for her, to get brave Lysithea. Considering that she actually won, I think there were many with the same intention, since the midterms were revealed, it was clear that she had a good spot to get in the game. I don't now exactly how many were voting to get her simply in the game, but I think Bernadetta and the other 3H characters missing in the game, had all a huge part of their votes, because they are not in yet.
  8. I would be glad, if they would do it. IS could release one banner for the top 3 females and one for the males. So I would perhaps get Lysithea and Eirika, for the latter I voted in CYL2&3 always on my private browser.
  9. Lysithea needs every help she can get to stay on 2nd, please consider this by your decision.
  10. Sometimes is it possible to vote with this, but it will have no effect. I did it just today and after voting for "day 6" there was just nothing changed. Perhaps you can change in this way your vote for the current day? I voted with this method for Lysithea, so it was not possible to see if it has any effect.
  11. I have seen that this always happens, when I had voted on my Macbook and then looked on my battle ballot on my smartphone.
  12. Brave Lysithea lets go! The first time that someone I voted for is scoring so high. I am glad! Too bad that I now can't vote for Malledus and other forgotten characters.
  13. Interesting, so Marth could have a chance to hit the 2nd place in the male division. Perhaps I have to vote for him, I hope that the midterm results are soon released, now I can't stop voting for Lysithea, in the hope that she get a relevant placement.
  14. Ferdinand, I like him, because he is Ferdinand von Aegir. Serious now, his skill is nice to have. Lysithea, always fun to use and has a good taste, sweets for the future! Hanneman, his Paralogue has the rapier and he is very easy to get, just ask him.
  15. My choice is made for today, but I am curious how the midterm results will be. There are so many nice characters not in the game, it plagues me to not vote for them. Perhaps the midterms are changing my mind.
  16. Poor Sigurd seems not popular enough to win now, so I think I will vote for Lysithea, she has a fair chance to win in CYL and is my favourite Three Houses female. Perhaps, I will give some votes to characters not in the game yet, like Dheginsea, Wendell, Nergal, Bryce and so on.
  17. I regret that I bought the season pass, I had hope that we would get a new path. In this mode, I can't even use my units or use the potential of the game, it just feels like a cheap version of the core game...Some maps with interesting conditions, or something like apotheosis would be better, than some new characters and a few maps, were I have to use always the same units. May we get the infernal mode, after all the free updates were better than the paid content.
  18. I hope that they don't use the DLC characters in the next banner, they should be added after the three houses are in the game, but I fear that they wanna use FEH to promote the DLC. On the other hand is it a waste, since these characters are unknown compared to the core members. I would be more motivated to spend money for characters I actually care about and such new ones aren't so appealing, outside of their design.
  19. Jup. Late game generals are no problem, if you use the Rapier as her sword, 35 strength are enough to kill them with this weapon very fast, heck Cornelias map was an easy solo run. I love the way you can make everyone everything in this game, I know its not "the best" way and in something like Lunatic+ would it be trash, but maddening isn't so hard. Triangle attack is just fun to use, soul blade and the dancer combat art are far better to use, it wasn't my point to say that it is something good to use, I thought it is something funny and fitting the topic, since I used this in some maddening NG runs, I did now more than 8 different runs in maddening NG, I've played the game now more than 1000 hours, so I thought about new ways to play it.
  20. We just had two banners of Three Houses so far. The next one should be released during this month or the next one, I guess. I think the next banner of Three Houses could be a regular banner, or multiple banners with each house represented (it is unlikely. but possible) Here is my idea for the next banner: 1.Dorothea/Ferdinand 2.Felix/Sylvain 3.Lysithea/Marianne 4.Hanneman*/Flayn ,maybe another Golden Deer or Blue Lion *Hanneman would be released as a 3*-4* unit, in this case.
  21. This was the order I played the game and I didn't regret it, I liked in SS Seteth as lord. For beginners I would recommend VW since it was very easy, but on the other hand is CF story wise the best to play first.
  22. An very interesting build for Lysithea, I will try it in future. In my 4 NG maddening runs was Lysithea my enemy phase tank, for the late game. She was used to be a swordmaster or a falcon knight, with sword avoid +20.. I used in my runs always a strict plan were the students had to reach skill level at a certain chapter, Lysithea got her S+ in sword during chapter 6, with the help of the priests in mock battles. With the help of her mastermind skill is she also able to learn the needed skill levels in lance, armor, axe and flying fast. For these skills are the old missions useful, given by Seteth, Felix and the knights, so that the enemies are not able to hurt her, if she has gotten the armored knight class. Her strength is a weakness, but with some help is she useful enough to one hit Edelgard on Gronder Field in maddening BL. Lysithea excels with solid speed and high dexterity, so that she can still be efficient in combat, her defense can be easily pushed with the fortress knight class boost. Charm can be with the help of tea times managed. In the end are there more powerful characters for this role, but I like it to use uncommon builds in maddening.
  23. I played every route once, except crimson flower which I played twice. Every time recruited: Lysithea, Felix and Ferdinand Lysithea and Felix were already on my to do list before the game was released and Ferdinand was after that also an favourite of mine. Noteworthy: Hanneman, Raphael, Petra and Annette
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