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  1. I like Caeldori as my second favourite FE character in the serie, the support conversations and her character at all are really good. For me is it fine to see how hard Caeldori is working to reach her goal, she is knowing she will never be able to reach the perfection, but she is still working at her. Aside from her perfection is she rounded out with some flaws making her just a kindful human.
  2. Maybe I am blinded by nostalgia and can't judge completely objective, but I wasn't getting bored to sleep. If this would happen, I would stop playing the game, I can really understand your point of view. I just had never the feeling that it was trial of monotony and I never felt languid by FE4.
  3. If you feel so, than you know what a trench war is and this is a real kind of war, what is not a too bad thing in a game in my opinion.
  4. The maps of FE4 and Conquest(Lunatic) were the best in my opinion, since both have the epic feeling of a true combat. I think that this is the best part of the maps of Genealogy, this is the moment were you truly have the feeling of the holy war. I have just to admit that the RNG can be really bad sometimes.
  5. My team would be: 1) Sigurd-The true lord and hero 2) Caeldori-The best character of Fates 3) Ike-our beloved radiant hero 4) Zelgius-or better known as the Black Knight 5) Ephraim -the new legendary hero 6) Nergal-he had just bad luck and became evil 7) Bantu -the underrated dragon 8) Erika - Ephraims friendly sister with some flaws 9) Raven-he is the anti-social lord 10) Marth-the classical lord 11) Camus-the proud and honorable cavalry captain 12) Hector-the powerful armored lord 13) Leif-the forgotten lord 14) Hardin-the coyote and emperor 15) Wendell-the old and wise healer
  6. Conquest wins on gameplay and Birthright has Caeldori and all in all the better characters. Revelation is for online gameplay the best one of the three games. The story of Fates was inferior compared to other FE's like FE4, so this point isn't important for me. My rating is: 1.Birthright, developed my second favourite character of the serie: Caeldori 2.Revelation, is in online gameplay the best choice and the Birthright characters are playable 3.Conquest, it has the best gameplay, but this isn't a big advantage, since the basic gameplay is still the same, the maps and enemy skills are just better.
  7. My first FE game was Fire Emblem Shadow dragon, I searched for a good tactic game. It was a really convincing game as a introduction to the serie and so it lead me to the older games.
  8. Ephraim is a really good choice as a legendary, I think the lords of Fire Emblem deserve to become a legend and Ephraim is one of my favourites, so it is perfect in my point of view.
  9. After 40 Orbs ,I got a neutral Hardin this is really good.
  10. It isn't a really good banner in my opinion, because there are alts, but we got after all Hardin.
  11. With magic boon is the nohr noble the better choice, because you can use tomes.
  12. I think Sigurd is the most interesting lord, he was the first true lord and was caught in a realistic and unkind situation as a lord.
  13. Fates is all in all a good game, it has some good characters and a fine gameplay, but the story is bad written.
  14. Sigurd with a tome, this would be funny. Caeldori, the weapon isn't important, but flying archer would be perfect.
  15. Genealogy of the Holy War is real, in the last chapter was my last hope for Areone.
  16. It should be possible with writing in Python, or other languages which works in game development. In my opinion is it a bit too much work just for changing the name. Or you search in the data, when it is already decrypted, I think there should be something.
  17. It is likely necessary, if you wanna change the name of your avatar, but it is possible, that you can do it with some tools, however I didn't used such things for Fire Emblem.
  18. Which one is the boon? With atk boon is there no issue, but atk bane could make some trouble. The growth rate is a bit too low if you have atk bane, than are str tonics important.
  19. If you think the atk is too low. You can use items for the atk, the Ninja is good enough for lunatic, but some bosses with high def are not easy to kill with this class. The main advantage is the range of 1-2 and the potential. With str or spd boon is the ninja very powerful and a fantastic unit for your playthrough.
  20. Just if you have not used a master seal in your class before. E.g. you are a paladin and use the friendship seal than you are a master ninja. If you are sky Knight and use you will be a ninja. Promoted classes stay promoted and the others stay unpromoted.
  21. No, it is not important which class Kaze is.
  22. Kozaki was really good and a suitable choice, but I would be really happy if we get Sata, he was the artist of Sigurd and Seliph in FE Heroes.
  23. The Yato needs just level E, so you can use it any time.
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