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  1. There is something wrong, or dont't? I can't understand how to become this amount of negative point, Caeldori is a child unit that is negativ, but she is not in the game. There were many characters voted 7 times, without becoming negative.
  2. Yes, I forgot Elice. So it could work with Marth too and we could learn more about his sister.
  3. This could work, without Marth. A magic using Ephraim is possible too and would be interesting.
  4. Marth and Ephraim are some of my favourite characters, this a reason why the results are very interesting for me and I hope that Ephraim would get a new version if Marth is the winner. It is really likely that Ephraim gets a new version like Erika, but we do not know how strong the influences of FE16 become in the next year of FEH.
  5. As the first lord he really deserves a spot more and I think IS would give him anyways a second version.
  6. Maybe, in my opinion are the three top males good choices, but I prefer Ephraim. I think that the splitting of the votes would become a big problem for Marth at the end. I can't wait to see the results, may Marth could strike back this would become bad for Ephraim and make many Marth fans happy. If this happens, I would be satisfied, both are good lords.
  7. That's true and I do not want to stop someone to vote for their heroes of choice. I am sorry, I missunderstand you. I thought you are just voting for her, because of the posts about Camilla.
  8. The 3DS games have got the majority of seasonal units, why do they need this. Erika has just one alternate version, Camilla has spring fest and new year.
  9. This is such a moment were I thought this nothing anymore like a "normal" Fire Emblem cutscene, but I think I have to accept this development, even if it becomes a shameful end in my opinion .
  10. Lords are again on the top, I think it is a good development. All of the top three males are interesting characters and Celicia for the females too, maybe Erika could strike back. Today I was again voting for Caeldori, I know it can't change much, but I hope that she could become added.
  11. Someone could create a Serenes Forest Cyl poll, but I think it would be difficult to do and only a small group of people would vote.
  12. Raven is a good hero, he has high speed and attack, with fury or life and death, he is able to KO many heroes.
  13. He is no normal or real dragon, Grima is a powerful dragonlike monstrosity, created by some experiments. He can only killed by himself and degneration is a kind of dying, I do not think that Grima can degnerate.
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