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  1. True words. I think the banner will be released before the game is out, so it can be promoted.
  2. I hope for some new heroes too or some seasonal heroes from the other FEs. Maybe Valentine's Sigurd, Caeda or even Marth.
  3. I understand your point view, but Hinata was more important for FE14 story, than e.g. Shura or any children of Fates. Soleil was more popular than Caeldori, but I do like Caeldori more too. Reinhard surprised me too, he is now very popular, only for his strength I guess.
  4. In the next month we will see some new heroes, the theme could be Valentines day. Who would be on the banner? I hope that Caeldori made it in, but I think this is not really presumable. Maybe another Camilla or Lucina? Predictions: Awakening : Tharja, Lucina, Lissa, Chrom, Cordelia, hardly likely Sumia Fates:Camilla, Elise, Sakura, Azura, Xander What do you think about the upcoming banner?
  5. Maybe they will make three brave heroes, because it would be unfair to kick the other second place character out.
  6. It is not important, because Ike has enough Fans? What should the people say, who voted for Ike? If IS want to change the rules, they had it already, before the event starts, but they didn't changed the rules.
  7. If we change it now, it is not fair for people who voted Ike last time. We should use rules of CYL1, so it is fair for everyone and I think it is wrong to change the rules during the event.
  8. Of course, I mean, look at Finn and the White Wings. But even so, I'm focusing on Marth because out of all of them, he has the highest chance to place well, plus he's the one I feel the most strongly about, But again, the split is basically a punishment, IS should know this. It should not become changed, Ike has won and was splitted, so Marth has to do this too, if he want win this time.
  9. Every character, who appeared in different games has to be splitted, just Marth is high. Camus is splitted too, Marth is just a splitted lord in this case.
  10. Ike was splitted too and won last time, if Marth is strong he will win. I know it is not fair, but do you really think that they care about it? I do not think that IS care about this, they splitted Marth.
  11. They don't care about this, last time Marth was splitted and now again.
  12. I guess, that the jp fandom would change a lot, but they can't bring Marth to the top 2 of males. I am afraid that Tharja or Camilla could destroy the dream of cyl Erika and Ephraim. Ephraim is my hope for the male division, he can beat Chrom and Marth.
  13. That is true, he died for his ideals, this was very special on Sigurd. My other favourite is Caeldori, I liker her character and support conversations. She works a lot for being perfect and is not too perfect, she is a hardworking and kindful person, but she can be strict if someone do not respect the orders of the army.
  14. I was suprised too, maybe it would become the time were fanservice favourites (e.g. Camilla) lose. Erika and Celica could become the top 2, instead of Camilla and Tharja, I hope that this happen.
  15. Ephraim could win this time. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKTZJ_W_ns2d9Xbp79tvieKx-u7sQCqqbpB3p4Vr1GZ4mnPQ/viewanalytics
  16. I prefer Caeldori and the other characters, which I would vote are Nergal and Yen'fay, both are far away from the top 100. I do not vote for already added characters, like Sigurd or Ephraim.
  17. Brave Ephraim would be really suprising, because there are Chrom and Robin. I hope that he can win this time. but I do not vote for him , because he is already in the game.
  18. This would be very cool and something complete new ,we also could become some new landscapes in this country too.
  19. This month we become more new heroes. I think it will be a banner of Thracia 776 with Leif, but it can be something different, maybe a Awakening banner.
  20. I know, this is what I think, that's why I mentioned the undead army and his sheer power, for his political power. He simply rules with fear, if someone is still alive.
  21. So we have Loptyr without wings in the canon, and we don't know if he is able to fly. With this abilities is Grima more powerful than Loptyr, that is true. With his might he is able to reach political goals, he can simple terrorize the hole world and there is his undead army and the grimleal, this has convinced me, I think Grima would be more powerful.
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