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  1. I always thought Stahl was goofy and charming.
  2. I was genuinely taken by surprise by the Hyrule Warriors announcement. Haha. I said not to long ago it was unlikely it was going to be ported and now it's coming in the spring. I am a little disappointed we didn't get anything on FE Switch. I kind of have the feeling they're not done yet though.. or maybe it's just hopeful thinking. Haha.
  3. That's impressive, my friend! Congrats!!
  4. I didn't know that was a little nod to his growth rate. That's kind of neat! And I usually play on easier difficulties. Haha. No classic modes either-- I feel like I would end up with a one man army. Haha.
  5. Is it really? I didn't know that actually! Haha, I was just quoting his MVP quote. It doesn't surprise me that Frederick slayed a dragon though. With a little help from Liana.. He's always been pretty tough. I remember the one time in awakening he fell. I learned to keep that boy far from mages. Also sorry about the double post guys.
  6. Ryoma sounded like he deserved that MVP as much as Robin did. Haha. Guys, you can't sit back and watch your ally fight and also end up getting mvp. There's something wrong there. That's to funny though.. and the little comment at the end is just the cherry on the cake, really rubbing it into the wounds. Haha. I would like to see Chrom call Lissa delicate after that. She really would show him who was delicate if he did and then he would never hear the end of it with the shepherds. Lissa is pretty handy in that game though. She kicks butt and she is also a healer. I use her quite a bit.
  7. You guys all have great stories, this thread has me laughing! So has this happened to any of you? I was in a timed onslaught and using Chrom and Robin paired up, Chrom was the character I was using and killed nearly 3000 foes and the only time I used Robin was in the team-up attack which I used against the heroes. Chrom got his cutscene at the end but when it came to MVP it ended up Robin got it and he even topped it off with It's nice to be recognized. Robin just stole Chrom's spotlight. Haha. Also I am glad more people with me had trouble trickling down Cordelia's health. If you go in there with the wrong weapon or bowless, you very much regret it. And Kudos to you people going through the game on classic. If I did that I would only have Robin and Takumi left. Haha!
  8. Share your favorite or just some memorable runs you had in Fire Emblem Warriors. Like, yesterday I was stuck in Arena fighting Cordelia for 20 mins. It was my fault for not switching my weapons but it was still.. ugh. All I could hear was the Benny Hill tune play in my head as Robin and Frederick tried their best to take her down. Her health kept regenerating as much damage they dealt.. it was pretty frustrating after a while. Haha. Takumi was probably laughing away somewhere because he would have dealt with her in one hit. Tell you your stories.
  9. romchrom


    Those disclaimers save their tails though. Some people are dumb enough to try.. I know a few of those people. I am not one! I like to stay safe. Haha. As for missions, I can remember specifics but I had trouble with some of the later history modes.. Especially when it involved something I really wanted. The game was just like, Nah, you can try a few more times, Loser. Haha. As for my FEW characters, I would have to say Azura grew on me fast and I use Robin quite a bit.. And Takumi.. And Frederick, Lissa, and Elise. How about you?
  10. Haha! I usually give them out as gifts for birthdays or whatever occasion. Unless I've opened them and wasn't really interested. In that case if you want Harvest Moon: A New Beginning I'm pretty disinterested in that one. Haha.
  11. I always have a handful of games that are either unbeaten or still sealed. One day maybe you will pick it up and play or maybe just ask yourself when am i going to play this? and give it to a friend. I've done both anyway. Haha. But if you ever get the urge to play them, at least they're there.
  12. romchrom


    I have started Blazing Blade.. Blazing sword.. but I have only played the games after Awakening. Also is Stella Glow any good? I've had my eye on that game. Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario Odyssey have been keeping me busy lately. And I know better than to try anything I see on MythBusters. They have a lot of explosions and I can't even handle a balloon popping ten feet away from me. Haha.
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