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  1. You can basically use any unit that you want. Corrin is probably the only unit that you'll want to use regardless of what other units you want to use. I find that hard mode is a good tutorial for lunatic; generally speaking your hard mode strategies will work, but they might need to be adapted a little bit because of the changes. You don't really need any specific skills for most units. Shurikenbreaker isn't even that important if you're willing to cheese chapter 25, and there are ways around it even if you do want to play it the 'intended' way. Just make sure to give Corrin as many goods skills as possible. Generally speaking Corrin wants as many damaging skills as she can get; the rest depends on how you build her. Otherwise I don't think that a large amount of planning is necessary, so I'll let someone else tackle the other questions.
  2. For the most part you can, yeah. There are a lot of scenarios where guard stance is the best option simply because it gives units the ability to clear multiple enemies on enemy phase instead of using a predominantly player phase strategy. I am not sure if only using guard stance would work, but it's certainly the most efficient option at least as often as not.
  3. If we use the strictest definition of the word useful then this is true, but it's also true of every other game in the series. It's similar if we take a loose interpretation of the word.
  4. Beruka can fly, so she doesn't need inflated stats to be useful. If many people forget her it's because they're trying to compare her directly to Camilla which is a mistake. You can still use Camilla and dump experience on other units. It might not be possible to milk all of the experience in a map that way, but it's not necessary to do that even if you want a full team. Anyway, this reads as personal grievances that you have with the game rather than any real issue that the game might have. I'll use this as an example. You think that it's a bad idea for units to have specialized roles. I would personally use FE7 and FE8 as examples of poor unit design because every unit has effectively the same role. They all want to be able to fight as many enemies as possible at 1-2 range. The units that do it better are generall the ones that have more movement.
  5. I'm not sure if this was mentioned previously, but it's important to be careful in chapter 8. It's possible to give Lyn extra experience by viewing the cutscene with the ballista multiple times, so Lyn could potentally level when she shouldn't. There are several other issues with the rng and emulators that could cause issues, but I am not the most knowledgable on this. I also haven't followed this guide. I found out about the ballista experience thing the hard way.
  6. This is the one thing I don't agree with from your post. Big maps aren't a problem in a vacuum to be sure, but the size of the maps in FE4 do exacerbate other flaws that the game already has.
  7. I have seen the word tedious used a few times, and I would use that word along with monotonous to describe the beginning of a hard mode difficulty in most cases instead of challenging. I don't find the predominant strategy of dogpiling on a small amount of enemy units to be very compelling, so I would rather enemy stats be toned down.
  8. Without LHM he is absolutely up there even if he's not in the running for the best unit. Some of the units mentioned are not in the running either; Priscilla, Pent, and Hector were mentioned, and they are much closer to Heath than to Marcus (not Hector, but you get the idea). As for your two criticisms of Heath... He definitely isn't going to compare to LHM Florina, but Florina struggles outside of a utility roll without it. Fiora needs something like 10 levels and a promotion just to match his starting bulk, and once he starts doubling his combat is better anyway. His join time is also actually fairly convenient since it's right before a desert map and a few defend maps if you're looking to feed him some levels.
  9. If you're really having troubles a Pure Water and a little time on Crazed Beast nets him a decent amount of kills. Alternatively Axereavers work on the left side of the map; there are a lot of easy options there. Heath is really good in general too. I'd give him a little less credit with LHM, but it's hard to go wrong with his physical bulk compared to the other fliers.
  10. I'm a little surprised that no one has mentioned Heath yet.
  11. In my opinion you have never beaten any Fire Emblem games because you don't like the concept of ironman runs.
  12. Backpacks are not a waste of a unit slot if that's what you're trying to imply. Having one unit perform 'well' is better than having two units performing 'alright' if the difference is being able to perform on enemy phase. It was difficult to get a good quote for the last part because your sentence went on for a lot longer than it should have. In any case, growths do matter, but everything else matters too. A unit with a poor start due to bad bases has to make up for this somehow to become a good unit. Jill isn't a perfect example, but she'll do in this instance. She does not start with great bases compared to some units, but investing in her pays off in a big way. She can solo a handful of chapters (3-6, 3-12, and she can do a lot of work in some of the endgame chapters) where no other unit can. It's just that often units with really poor bases are not as lucky as Jill. In Fates there aren't any units that have awful bases that clear chapters much more efficiently than units with good bases do. It doesn't help that those units generally have growths that help them keep up for the entire game too. I've talked about this before, but why does it matter if Kaze does something worse than another unit? I've explained it before, but maybe an example could work. Suppose we got another unit almost exactly like Camilla (we're going to assume that they join at the same time too) except their defense was one point higher at base. Would you then put Camilla 2 tiers below because there's another unit that's strictly better than her?
  13. The best dancer is usually the least useful unit otherwise by process of elimination, so it is only true to an extent. It also means that Caspar is not a bad choice as a dancer even if it applies to everyone.
  14. Alternatively he's a good option if you don't have any other units that you want to 'relegate' to the dancer role. I think that Caspar can be a decent fit in an in-house only run as an example; I don't use my dancer for much besides dancing anyway.
  15. You're under the assumption that my argument is predicated on numbers showing that Jakob is a lot better than another unit, so you're still missing the point. I don't think that I ever directly compared Jakob to anyone else; you're the one who cares about that. If Jakob functions as a good unit early on in the game without having to spend too much time training him then he should be credited for that. It doesn't matter if Silas can perform the same role or that Camilla might do a specific job much better as long as Jakob can do something well. The important thing to take away from my message is to evaluate Jakob for what he is capable of doing. It doesn't matter at what point in the game it is, and it's not as if Jakob is completely useless later on in the game. This is simply not true. You might find that the game gets progressively more difficult or something like that, but that's because of the self-imposed restrictions you place on yourself. I generally find that Fire Emblem tends to get easier as I get more tools to complete the game. More specifically in the case of Conquest though most chapters later on in the game can be cheesed without much effort.
  16. Refer to the last thing I said in my last post as it applies here too. You're either ignoring what I said earlier or missing the point. It does not matter if Jakob is useless later on in the game, so it would be disingenuous to compare his performance to other units then. If you want to discredit his early game contributions you would have to establish that using him is detrimental in the long term. I know that you're trying to be pedantic, but it doesn't actually matter if I add that line to either one of my sentences.
  17. In some maps dismounting and taking damage from terrain probably also works if you really need to hit 1HP.
  18. She makes a good Falcon Knight too, but just about everyone makes a good flier. It really depends on what units you're willing to handicap in order to have access to some gambits and utility spells.
  19. His early game contributions are not less valuable just because he doesn't contribute that much later on in the game. It's going to be a waste of time for me to go through everything, but for every single thing that you listed there are other options that exist, and many of your solutions are not the most efficient ones anyway. It does not matter if his utility is superfluous or not. What is important is if he contributes to a more efficient and/or consistent clear. Your responses to these questions that you made for yourself are telling. You've admitted your inability to find strategies that don't necessitate using 10 units and and an unwillingness to use certain strategies. This might make Jakob bad for your specific situation, but that does not make him a bad unit in a more capable strategist's hands.
  20. If you're going to use Bernadetta you might want to try out Vengeance. It's one of her strongest skills; she can one shot quite a few enemies with it provided you keep her at low HP and out of range of enemies.
  21. I'm not so sure that Jakob first should be assumed with ideal play. He is better than Felicia, but there's always the possibility that with 'ideal play' male Corrin's Friendship Seal options are better or that Jakob does not matter. I'm not sure why you're trying to turn Jakob's early game into a negative. It doesn't matter if he's necessary or not; that does not make him any worse as a unit. If he helps on the first playthrough why can he not help in subsequent playthroughs? It's not as if using him as a crutch early on in the game will hurt other units that much in the long term.
  22. I tend to save the difficult paralogues that can't be cheesed for later on in part 1, so I have not personally had this experience. I find that the normal chapter maps are tame by comparison; all of the usual tools have been enough to finish without needing many dedicated dodge tanks. I've used Ferdinand and Dimitri, but it takes a lot of time to make their dodge tanking reliable, and I still wouldn't be comfortable pulling in too many more enemies than I could with a unit that tanks an enemy or two. The Petra/Bernie paralogue is a map that spreads resources thin, but it is manageable without a dodge tank. Having a unit with high charm and/or accurucay boosting skills along with the 2x4 gambit helps a lot on that map. If I remember correctly the only tough spot comes after getting in range of the fake escape tile though, so most of the resources can be saved for that. I don't have a lot of experience with the Edelgard paralogue because it's a defeat boss paralogue, and naturally I would rather just cheese it to get the goodies and move on.
  23. It's rare for this particular scenario to be the case for reasons listed above. It might help for a handful of enemies on a map, but other solutions will always exist too, and there are many more skills that are always going to be useful compared to Weight -3. With good gambit usage and management it's rare that a unit has to take on more than one enemy at a time, and at worst if no unit can deal with enemies Impregnable Wall works as I mentioned earlier. Enemies move in groups, so luring a single enemy is usually sufficient.
  24. Weight -3 is not very useful. Speed +2 is basically always more useful, and instances where weight -3 would help are limited anyway. Units are often using combat arts or can kill with lighter weapons, and doubling thresholds are spread apart between class types, so it limits the usefulness of the skill further. It doesn't help that there isn't any reason to train in Heavy Armour much anyway given that the skill and class choices aren't good.
  25. In a pinch Impregnable Wall works, but everyone being one rounded is a bit of an exaggeration. Dodge tanks and units with high defense can lure some enemies, but it's probably not a good idea for a unit to take on a lot of enemies on enemy phase unless they're built specifically for that purpose. A lot of the work is done on player phase; you want to make sure that your units can not be countered by making sure that enemies are dead or otherwise incapacitated. I would have suggested you play NG instead of NG+ in that case. You can still purchase some weapon ranks and professor levels I'd imagine, but if you are familiar with the mechanics and battalions in general Maddening is not that hard. It's also fairly easy to get a high professor rank early on even though it's tedious.
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